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🔥Así hacen sentir culpables a los enfermos terminales de cáncer: ABOMINABLE 😱🥵 (casi para que se suiciden) en grupos de MMS, que abrazan todas las maguferías y timos, como Biodecoficación ❌

1/16 "Sácate esa idea de la cabeza, te estás condenando"👎

#pseudociencia #mms #cds
2/16 Pregunta: "Tengo cáncer de ambas mamas, metastásico y ya deshauciada por los médicos. Es un cáncer agresivo. ¿Cuál sería la dosis para mí?

Respuesta: "Es emocional, tú puedes crear todo incluso tu propia muerte".

(La culpabiliza de su cáncer 👉😭 👈)
3/16 "El origen del cáncer de pecho es por manoseo de algún mayor en tu niñez".

(Qué tendrá en su mente 💭 el que la aconseja🤔)
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HILO DE TERROR:😱Esto es lo que hacen consumidores de MMS/CDS Dióxido de cloro con sus hijos😭

Recomiendan a un niño de 4 años hiperactivo enemas de desinfectante (dióxido de cloro) por el ano. Hasta indican de q lado acostarlo para metérselo

#mms #cds #dioxidodecloro #COVID19
1/2 Quiere corregir los berrinches de su hijo de 6 años dándole dióxido de cloro.
2/2 Le dicen que "nada de ir a un psicólogo" y que a lo mejor Bill Gates es el culpable de su mal comportamiento.
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🔥SUPERHILO: 153 CASOS DE EFECTOS ADVERSOS🚑(30 tipos distintos) del MMS/CDS-Dióxido de cloro observados en tres grupos de facebook y en un trimestre.

Casi todos tomaron la dosis correcta✅y lo elaboraron por sí mismos. Tengo los enlaces.

#mms #cds #cds2020 #covid19 #COVIDー19
Este hilo no pretende ser un estudio científico ni una estadística. Es una muestra de testimonios de efectos adversos que normalmente son difíciles de ver. Proceden de tres grupos de facebook durante tres meses, pero hay cientos de grupos, así que podrían haber muchos más casos.
Antes de los 153, una selección de 4 efectos adversos (se respeta la privavidad, sin apellidos ni foto de perfil):


-Visita al hospital por taquicardia

-Sangrado al orinar

*No me paga nadie, por si alguien piensa mal. Con la cuarentena tengo mucho tiempo.
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@ajaishukla (Business Standard) is 96% WRONG & is just a Front Face of #China Lobby/Proxy/#AntiIndia Syndicate...
12 Points to Prove The Subverses of Subversion :
1. His Assertions :
* GOVERNMENT Briefings : Untrue...
* LAC shifted...…
* LAC shifted several Kilometers Westwards...
* No Disengagement at ...

That too, when, #Chinese Challenge & Conflict still Not Over - Matter of National Security...
2. His all Points are from #Chinese Deep State...
* #Chinese intruded 2.4 Kms...
* Entire Buffer Zone will be set up in #Indian Territory...
* #Chinese refusing to vacate #Indian Territory...
* #Indian Troops pushed back...

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ABRO HILO. Esto es lo que pasa cuando los consumidores del MMS/CDS se someten a pruebas y se encuentran con la realidad:

1/8 Cáncer de vejiga e infección bacteriana.

#dioxidodecloro #MMS #CDS #COVIDー19 #coronavirus
2/8 Pese a ser un cáncer en fase avanzada, no le dan quimioterapia ni radioterapia.
3/8 Y encima, a pesar de sufrir a diario mucho dolor por haber tomado grandes dosis de CDS (22 ml diarios) le recomiendan que se lo aplique por intravenoso.
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(1/6) @PMOIndia @DefenceMinIndia #CDS, @adgpi @indiannavy @IAF_MCC Chinese aggression; Way ahead:-
*Credible response be planned and executed ruthlessly earliest to build confidence, not only amongst defence forces but the people of India.
(2/6) *We the citizens of India need to take pledge that we will not repeat not use Chinese goods.
*Govt must not repeat not have any trade with China, how so ever important it may be. We will eat GRASS but not use any facility created with Chinese goods/technology.
(3/6) *Reschedule raising of Mountain Strike Corps immediately to be operational earliest not later than six months.
* Ensure sanctity of Line of Actual Control (LAC)is maintained
* Increase ears and eyes along the LAC to build real time actionable intelligence.
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(1/n) @PMOIndia @DefenceMinIndia #CDS, @adgpi
@IAF_MCC @indiannavy

Following suggsstions are made for the improvements in medical care to the veterans and their dependants:-

(a)All Military Hospitals be asked to provide medical care to veterans and their families.
(2/n) (b) Proposed 13 Veterans Hospitals be established across the Country on the lines of UK, USA earliest to eliminate dependency on empanelled Hospitals.

(c)ECHS needs improvements:-
(i)Sufficient funds be made available to MD ECHS in the beginning of the
(3/n) financial years to Service dependency of 46 lakhs through 427 Clinics and over 1000 Empanelled Hospitals.
(ii)The requirement of this financial year is approx Rs 7000 Crs against which less than Rs 5000/Crs have been alloted. Bills of empanelled Hospitals pending
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1.) @PMOIndia, @DefenceMinIndia. #CDS @adgpi, @IAF_MCC, @indiannavy #DGAFMS, #MDECHS Provision of medical treatment to defence veterans & their dependants. The terms & conditions of service provide for medical cover to all ranks Veterans & their dependants which includes veteran
2.) himself, Parents and children (unmarried daughter and son till he ages of 25 years). This service was being efficiently and effectively organized and provided for in military Hospitals till ECHS came into being. Even for ECHS the dependency remained the same as above.
3.) However, due to nonpayment of Hospitals Bills to the empanelled Hospitals ex-Servicemen and their dependants are being refused, medical treatment causing serious hardships. A JCO was admitted in Medanta hospital Gurgaon and unfortunately he passed away.
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"Anything on the surface can be picked up by satellites & knocked off by missiles".

#CDS disses Indian Maritime Doctrine espoused in great detail in 2009. All because of a #coronavirus.

Why am I not surprised?
The acquisition process is already a veritable minefield w/o acerbic comments like "unrealistic GSQRs" coming fm #CDS. Bandying fig like 70% GSQR compliance sets a miserably low bar. PSU/DPSU & babus will laugh their way to the bank. I wonder which constituency CDS represents
Here's a report which has the 188-page Indian Maritime Doctrine (IMD) linked. Imagine the U-turn enforced upon such elaborate policy directives by the CDS. Did misinformed ppl write this document signed by then naval chief Adm Sureesh Mehta?…
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Press conference by #CDS Gen Bipin Rawat and three Service Chiefs at 6pm today is about thanking the #COVID2019 warriors from armed forces.
#thread On May 03 there are some special activities the nation will witness from all the three Services. @IAF_MCC to conduct flypast from Srinagar to Trivandrum and another from Dibrugarh, Assam to Kutch, Gujarat: CDS Gen Rawat #COVID2019
IAF helicopters will also be showering petals on hospitals across the country which are involved in the fight against COVID-19: Gen Rawat #COVID2019 #May03
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#Thread #CDS #TheatreCommands Peninsular command should start taking shape by end next year and theatre commands by 2022, Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat said on Monday in an interaction with media @the_hindu
Army’s Northen & Western borders to be converted into 2-5 theatres with Jammu has Kashmir being a separate theatre command: Grn Rawat #CDS
Security of peninsular India should be the responsibility of one Commander. Can we integrate the Eastern & Western Naval commands into peninsular command. We will be issuing study directives for Peninsular Command by Mar 31: Gen Rawat “Indian Ocean Region is one entity” #IOR
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#CDS Proposal to Raise Age to 58. if military was police and police was military world over nations will not spend trillion of Dollars to maintain separate & young mil. War fighting is as much physical as Olympics, risk taking, mental robustness, skill and elitism.
Cutting edge has to be young & risk taking. Don't commit mistake to treat mil as govt department. if war fighting was so simple US, Russia, Israel & China would have Police & govt departments doubling up as soldiers. It takes yrs of experience to make a soldier deliver in war
False equivalence will be costly for India. keep mil as mil and treat it as sword arm if India want to arrive at global stage as regional or rising power.
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New Year Day : 2020 & Ahead...
My Resolutions & Narrative, on #Indian National Security as a Soldier & Citizen : 10 Points !
1. #POK will be Integrated Back. Restore Our Sovereignity & Territorial Integrity upto Pamir Knot.
2. Shape Strategic Environment for #Pakistan to Verifiably & Irreversibly drop Kashmir, Proxy & Terror Cards.
3. Roll back #Terrorism, Terror Modules & Network from #India by ProActive & PreEmtive Actions.
4. Enhance Strategic Communication & Environment with #China for Convergence & Collaboration on Global Issues & Resolve #Border Issue and #China to scrap #China #Pakistan Economic Corridor through #POK.
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A brief look at General #BipinRawat, India's first #ChiefOfDefenceStaff #CDS

General Bipin Rawat, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, YSM, SM, VSM, ADC, who has been named as the first Chief of Defence Staff of the country, has had an illustrious and long career as an officer of the Indian Army.
General #BipinRawat #CDS took over as the 27th Chief of Army Staff about three years ago on December 31, 2016. Before being appointed as the Army chief, Gen Rawat was tenanting the appointment of the Vice Chief of Army Staff (VCOAS) of the Indian Army from September 01, 2016.
General #BipinRawat is an alumnus of St. Edward School, Shimla, & the NDA, Khadakwasla. He was commissioned in the 5th Battalion of the Eleven Gorkha Rifles in December 1978, from IMA, Ddn, where he was awarded the ‘Sword of Honour’.
@Ramesh_BJP @adgpi @vanitajain21 @Hamara_Desh
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In yet another indication the government is all set to announce the name of the country’s first-ever chief of defence staff #CDS, a pre-scheduled ceremony for the ceremonial transfer of the baton of chairman of chiefs of staff committee was deferred at the last minute on Friday.
Outgoing Army chief General Bipin Rawat, who completes his three-year tenure on December 31, was supposed to hand over the baton to Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh at the ceremony on Friday. “But it has been deferred to December 31,” said an official.
CoSC comprises the Army, Navy and IAF chiefs, with the senior-most of them acting as the ``rotational’’ chairman till he retires. But with the Cabinet approving the CDS post & its charter on Dec 24, General Rawat is widely considered to be the frontrunner for the position.
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@regynadeserto Anche #NandoIoppolo lo diceva... e guarda caso, anche lui è scomparso prematuramente per cause derivanti chissà da cosa.🤨​​⭕️“L'ULTIMO MESSAGGIO DI NANDO #IOPPOLO🇮🇹” ⚡️Ascoltare con attenzione ⚡️
@regynadeserto #NandoIoppolo #Rip✨🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣
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Sista Kimba
Book of Mormon
Secret Text
Just Believe

Hiya Uganda!
U have a
lovely mud hut.
If u just put down the gun,
oh, I'll leave."

Mormon Drug #Missions
Mexico #SinaloaDrugCartel
Mormon polygamists

*Plural Marriage
Drug Cartels

Church of Later-day Saints
w their *American God,
distancing themselves from
#fundamentalist/polygamist groups
split from Mormon church
who have navigated life
amid #DrugWar
in northern Mexico.

Utah <> Mexico…
Long unaffiliated w
mainstream church,
#polygamist Mormon
communities put down stakes
in N. Mexico
originated in late 1880s,
when # of families moved
2 #Chihuahua + #Sonora.

Incl Miles Park Romney,
great-grandfather of
Senator #MittRomney,
Republican|GOP of #Utah
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Top sources on #IndianArmy commanders conference: Special focus on Make in India. Army Design Bureau has made make a presentation of indigenous equipment including counter drone solutions and load ferrying drone that can work on high altitude areas.
...Also, software defined radios making interception difficult (more secured), #AI based solutions in change detection for predictive analysis, electro optical devices, loitre ammunition (Israeli) for targeted attacks. Continued...
Top military sources on #IndianArmy commanders conference: Comprehensive perimeter security solutions, high altitude clothing etc. As many as 40 vendors were present there. @adgpi @SpokespersonMoD
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Getiri (ve götürü:) fonksiyonu, nakit (spot) ürünlerden farklı (ve kaldıraçlı) olabilen; bilanço dışında gösterilen; dayanak varlık(lar)dan türeyen, riskleri azaltabilen veya katlayabilen finansal sözleşmelere #türev ürün denir.
Statik tanımları sevmediğimi bilirsiniz. Gerektiği kadarını cümlede kullanmak iyidir deyip, koyun pazarlığına girişelim.

Kurbana çok var ama ben köyüne gidip pazarcıdan bir kuzu beğendim. Kendim büyüteceğim. Hemen 800 TL verdim, araca yükledim = #SPOT, nakit işlem

Bakacak yerim yok. Gelecek kurban bayramında beğendiğim o kuzu büyüyünce alacağım; kilosu 30 TL'den anlaştık= #FORWARD, vadeli işlem

Kuzu hastalanabilir, riske etmek istemedim. Bayramda herhangi bir koyun alacağım. 32 TL/kg dedi, ok'ledim = #FUTURE, forward'ın standart versiyonu
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#Thread on new features and updates announced in release notes of #MSDyn365 Oct'18:…. This is an excellent longread. Thread is just #TLDR for #CE specific/related features

#PowerApps #CDS #Flow #USD #Sales #FieldService #USD #Portals #AzureML
Starting with #MSDyn365 #Sales updates:
1. Playbooks: Think of it as Barney Stinson's playbook. Basically set of "automated repeatable sales activities" that help in winning opportunities. Looks like it'll be a set of activities which could be assigned to users
2. #MSDyn365 #Sales will feature deeper integration with LinkedIn, including capability to send InMail and adding LinkedIn related step in Business Process Flows

3. Out of the box @MicrosoftTeams integration
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