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I refuse to believe that humanity is dead. But I get fresh proofs everyday.

A thread of 21 inhuman facts about 21 days of war in Artsakh. And how the world is silent.

#StopAzerbaijaniAggression #SanctionTurkey #RecognizeArtsakh
1. 3 weeks ago, during a global pandemic, 105 years after the Armenian Genocide, Armenia, a country of 3m people, of which 150k lived peacefully in Artsakh for centuries, was attacked by Azerbaijan (10m) with full support of Turkey (82m). The world is silent.
2. Turkey managed the offensives and deployed thousands of Syrian terrorists here just for this blitzkrieg. It also supports the air strikes with F-16 and suicide drones. The world is silent.

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After almost seven years of knowing the truth, y'all have no idea how much it infuriates me to see western pundits – often Jewish – very occasionally have a little bleat about "Nazis in Ukraine". 🤬
Yea. There are Nazis in Ukraine. Where they are not literally Jewish, they are poverty-stricken militant knuckle-draggers, formed into "Punisher" battalions founded, financed, trained (ex-IDF) and armed by Jews, supported by the Chief Rabbi, and the Chabad Lubavitch global cabal. ImageImageImageImage
I often wonder if I should just tweet pictures, since it seems most people can't be bothered to read, much less think. ImageImageImageImage
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@felipeneto é prova viva do mal causado pela falta de leitura neste país. Ele acredita que só se pode endossar uma posição política através dessa dicotomia Dir/Esq ou Bolsonaro X Anti-Bolsonarismo. O último exemplo, quando se meteu a falar de um país, culturalmente rico+
historicamente apaixonante e geopoliticamente complexo que é a #Ucrânia prova isso. O seu atual presidente, eleito com folga, @ZelenskyyUa (Volodymyr Zelensky), é um desses líderes (que, com sorte, ainda poderemos ter no Brasil), capaz de desagradar extremistas de ambos os lados+
Após o país sair da posição de república da extinta #URSS, oscilou politicamente entre forças pró-russas e ocidentais (apoiadoras da União Europeia). Seu ex-presidente, #ViktorYushchenko, p.ex., foi um dos líderes da #RevoluçãoLaranja, em 2004, que o tirou da órbita russa. +
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[THREAD] on #Western #XRW #foreignfighters in #Ukraine war as @FightExtremism publishes my report on the issue 2day. Main Q: what it takes to become such a fighter? Who are they? Here I will summarise the main findings for your convenience. Link:… 1/ Image
2/ I began researching this back in 2014 – when I saw this clip with #France #foreignfighters on #DNR #LNR side of the war in #Ukraine. I was surprised, to say the least.… Image
3/ As it turns out, a few hundred #Western ers with #XRW convictions travelled to fight in #Ukraine on EITHER side. Many had known each other from before the #war in #Ukraine.  Below is a map of the main mobilisations for the war. Note the scale of the #Russia n for BOTH SIDES. Image
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🇪🇸 En #España se suspendió el partido entre El Rayo Vallecano y el Albacete, después de que la hinchada local le haya gritado nazi al jugador ucraniano del Albacete, Roman Zozulia. Es la primera vez que se suspende un partido por insultos en España. ImageImageImageImage
@ApuntesdeRabona @Relatoresconvos @libermanmartin @emipinsonok @MartinSouto @VarskySports @PolloVignolo @futbol_rebelde @FlavioAzzaro @AtaqueFutbolero Recordemos que el jugador había sido contratado por el @RayoVallecano en el 2017, pero luego del repudio y la presión de la hinchada por su orientación nazi, el club terminó decidiendo prescindir de sus servicios. "Zozulya not welcome" decía las pancartas de los hinchas. ImageImageImageImage
@ApuntesdeRabona @Relatoresconvos @libermanmartin @emipinsonok @MartinSouto @VarskySports @PolloVignolo @futbol_rebelde @FlavioAzzaro @AtaqueFutbolero @RayoVallecano @EngancheSup @LibroPelota @futboltrotters @DiganmeRingo @wolffquique @GuidoBercovich @ale_fabbri @LaReimers @rialjorge Ahora ¿por qué lo tratan de #nazi a #zozulya?
Hay varios motivos👇

Empezamos con una foto que subió en 2015 en su twitter posando con una imagen de Stepán Bandera, icono de la ultraderecha nacionalista y colaboracionista nazi, artífice del genocidio de más de 10 mil polacos. ImageImage
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#Italy's police operation on far-right militants in the north; an impressive amount of weapons has been seized, even an air-to-air (?) missile!
A #ForzaNuova member has been arrested.
Police is investigating on a network of people who fought in #Ukraine, #Donbass.
UPDATE: Police says Fabio Del Bergiolo (#ForzaNuova member) has been arrested after been tapped; he was trying to sell the missile for €470'000 to a "foreign government official".
UPDATE: #ForzaNuova says no party members have been arrested, the one linked to them (who once was a party candidate for the 2001 Senate election) is not anymore an associate for years according to Lombardia's coordinator Salvatore Ferrara.
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In light of #MH17 accusations today, I'd like to remind you of a forgotten - but very relevant - story from the Bosnian War. (THREAD)
On September 3, 1992, an Italian G-222 turboprop plane, supplying humanitarian aid to Sarajevo, was shot down between Kiseljak and Konjic. This was territory controlled by Bosnian Croats, and there were local media reports of militia boasting they did it.
But because this did not fit the Narrative, the incident was blamed on Bosnian Serb aircraft, and the UN passed Resolution 781, creating a no-fly zone over Bosnia.
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Wrote this for Kyiv Post about #Ukraine's new language law, how it is viewed in #Donbas #Donbass and tangled history of Russian and Ukrainian languages in region. THREAD…
2/ With language law, we need to look at both rights/preferences of modern Donbas Ukrainians and question of historical justice. The two don't overlap perfectly. Case for state promotion of Ukrainian after decades of coercive Soviet language policy is strong
3/ Aggressive promotion of Ukrainian in Donbas per "indiginization" policy and mild thaws in language policy in late Soviet period do not compensate for national terror and destruction of Ukrainian rural life w/collectivization, famine or late Soviet marginilization of language
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JUST IN: #Ukraine's President elect @VoZelenskiy (via his facebook) to #Putin's "passports initiative":
"I don't recommend #Russia/n authorities to waste time trying to lure UKR citizens with RUS passports. Ukrainians understand what a RUS passport means. Its holders can be...1/" Image
"...arrested for peasceful protests,they got no right to free & competitive elections,can basically forget about natural rights & freedoms.[#Moscow] shouldn't expect many Ukrainians would want to be "new oil" into which RUS authorities would want to turn their own people... 2/"
Ukrainians free people in free & independent country & shouldn't be talked to in the language of threats, military & economic pressure. This isn't the best way to ensure ceasefire & unlock #Minsk process .I once again emphasis that I'm ready for talks,exchange of prisoners 3/"
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JUST IN: #Putin authorizes amendments to the law that ease the procedure of obtaining #Russia/n citizenship for people of #Ukraine's Donbass & Luhansk (DNR & LNR). #Kremlin decides not to wait for @VoZelenskiy's moves on the East & moves to create its own realities on the ground
Should be noted, however, the new rules apply to holders of so called LDNR passports (Luhansk-Donetsk People's Republics) whereas in DNR, out of 2.3 million people only about 170K residents have such passports. So while the move is vital politically, the immediate fallout modest
#Putin on passports for DNR & LNR: We don't seek to create problems to new authorities in #Ukraine but we can no longer put up with the situation when people living in #Donbass & #Luhansk are stripped of any civil rights, it's too much.
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Domenica sera, salvo sorprese (che in un paese cangiante come l' #Ucraina sono sempre possibili) Kiev saluterà il suo sesto presidente eletto: il comico Volodymir #Zelenskj, che ha costruito il suo successo sulle campagne anti corruzione.
2 Chi è #Zelensky? Dietro la sua fortuna politica si staglia la figura del proprietario del "Canale 1+1" la piattaforma per cui l' attore ha girato "servitore del popolo", la serie TV che l'ha lanciato sulla scena politica: l' oligarca Igor #Kolomoisky
3 Chi segue le vicende ucraine conosce bene Kolomoisky: si tratta dell' ex proprietario della maggiore banca del paese #Privatbank, che nel 2014, con il #Maidan, si associò al golpe ottenendo l' investitura a governatore della strategica città #Dnepropetrovsk.
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New KMIS #Poll : 51% of residents of #Ukraine support and 38% oppose giving autonomy for the separatist-controlled part of #donbas if this would be needed to end the war and resolve this #conflict peacefully. #Donbass…
New KMIS #Poll : 54% of residents of Ukraine oppose blocking of #Russian TV channels in #Ukraine, while 32% support such political #Censorship. Similarly, 60% oppose ban on many performers and films from #Russia, while 28% support such political ban.…
The KMIS poll shows that views of most Ukrainians on these issues are more liberal and democratic than views of most Ukrainian politicians and many intellectuals, who publicly claim to support democracy, freedom, and European values but in fact act in the opposite way.
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@Partisangirl The preponderance of evidence is overwhelming, summarized in detail here. The #KerchStrait Crisis' was planned provocation - just look at the results...… #Russia #Ukraine #Crimea #Kerch #Donbass #G20Argentina
"This is perhaps the most telling piece of evidence: on Tuesday, 27 November 2018, the NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, will be will meet with the Chairman of the Parliament of Ukraine (Verkhovna Rada), H.E. Mr. Andriy Parubiy at NATO Headquarters"
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UNINTENTIONAL COINCIDENCE? New #Donbass leader vows to integrate with #Russia -@FortRussNews…
Russian MP Kalashnikov: Time to stop chasing illusions and recognize DPR and LPR @FortRussNews…
MAJOR! Is the US and Canada about to INVADE Donbass? @FortRussNews…
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Life and death of a hero, Aleksandr Zakharchenko @FortRussNews…
Zakharchenko assassination presents a new reality in the Donbass @FortRussNews…
#Ukraine to launch offensive against #Donbass with Zakharchenko death @FortRussNews…
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.@washingtonpost made gross mistake (or #fakenews?) citing Amb Antonov on the referendum issue. At the @ValdaiClub talk WP referring to Antonov said "#Ukrainian issue was discussed”(not "#Donbass referendum" issue), adding"not all details shld be revealed"…
This mistake (or, again, was it intentional #fakenews frill?) set a line of reports that "#Russia reveals..." which is not the case. The info was allegedly LEAKED by two Rus diplomats to @business…
The proposal on #Donbass appears to have indeed been made by #Putin,the info was not supposed to be disclosed until #Trump discussed it with his team. One may not like the proposal itself, but that it's now disclosed is bad for solution of the issue,courtesy of presidential talks
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