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"If belonging to a social group yields an essential survival advantage, cooperative breeding may evolve. This is shown in our study using computer simulations." -- Irene Garcia Ruiz…
Monkeypox is a new global threat. African scientists know what the world is up against | Science…
#monkeypox, #AfricanOutbreak, #ScientificStudies
Is 'stare decisis' dead? How the Supreme Court view of precedent is evolving - ABC News…
#SCOTUS, #StareDecisis, #ConstitutionalRight, #OverturnPrecedent
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1. There's nothing revolutionary about incarcerating children
2. Why use the image of a Black boy to advertise prisons for children?
3. The colonial co-option of Youth Justice & Revolution is disrespectful
4. Paying prisoners in branded ‘Oasis Dollars’?! #secureschoolsareprisons
Youth Justice should mean abolishing the conditions that lead to imprisonment, such as isolation booths, exclusion, racism, ableism & poverty, not fast-tracking the school to prison pipeline.

We want this pipeline to be abolished, not extended. #endtheschooltoprisonpipeline
Children shouldn't be imprisoned. They need access to education that is fit for purpose & centres on their needs & experiences, not on a white, dominant, capitalist culture that sees our children as a commodity. We cannot let this happen. Humanise our children #antiracisted
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One day, when Americans r paying war crime reparations to #Iraq, I want you to remember this 2018 @tferriss interview with @jockowillink, fmr @USNavy officer.…

[Photo is from Iraq & USA's 173rd Airborne Brigade, NOT of #JockoWillink. #USAmilitary] Image
Screenshots are copied from the ones posted on Jocko Willink's Twitter page. He has yet to respond.

The hilarity of mentioning prisons in the interview will soon become obvious... Image

Willink continues defending the military industrial complex. Does he realize General Eisenhower himself is the one who popularized the term as a warning? Image
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#WeThePeople are in big, horrible and #YUGE trouble because of #BadPlanning. I want to tell you a story - a modern day #parable.

Two cattle rustlers working on an #InsideJob to steal veal, decided to test their newfound Sharps Buffalo Rifle.
The young rustlers' Sharps 1874 Buffalo Rifle test worked just fine - dropping one of the wealthy land-owning rancher's grazing steer dead with a single bullet of such tremendous caliber - "it blowed a hole in him you that could throw a cat through."
However, the folly of the rife-testing young and impatient American cattle rustlers became immediately apparent when a hair-raising #helicopter versus #car chase exciting ensued.
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America spends more on its prison system than it does on our K-12 public school system. Let that sink in a minute. Here are some facts, figures and my thoughts about how the #PrisonIndustrialComplex is robbing our public education system, our children and our community.
Over the past three decades, state and local government expenditures on prisons and jails have increased about three times as fast as spending on elementary and secondary education.
At the postsecondary level, it is even worse. From 1990 to 2013, state and local spending on corrections rose by 89 percent while state and local appropriations for higher education remained unchanged.
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I finally forced myself to watch @ava’s #13th on @netflix. I know I am massively tardy to the party, but racial documentaries are hard for me. It was, of course, devastating, so I’m glad I’m grading at home today so I can process, seethe, mourn & completely avoid wypipo.
My first reaction was “Fuck, this [the systemic oppression of black people & destruction of black lives] is never going to end. Not until we upend every last piece of the existing systems.” Then I sat overwhelmed & crying bc the earth/humanity may not last long enough for that.
And let’s be clear, I read The New Jim Crow years ago (which is why I felt like I didn’t *need* to watch 13th), but watching the documentary tie these legacies to images/audio of #NotMyPresident brought it home in a new way emotionally for me rather than just intellectually.
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Wow, that last #thread really took off. Let’s try another. I want to think with folks about how we can talk about #SurvivingRKelly outside the logic of the prison industrial complex.
Many of the people who responded to my last thread engaged in carceral logics saying some variation on “his ass should rot in jail” if not calls for his death. Are there other ways we can imagine justice, accountability and healing?
Prison abolitionist Mariame Kaba has said, as ppl raised w/ carceral logics it’s hard for us to imagine or desire alternatives. The #prisonindustrialcomplex has limited how we think about justice—even though other nations do things differently.
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Thank you @EricFlackTV @wusa9 @charlesallen for confirming what we’ve been saying for years. @ChiefNewsham @DCPoliceDept @DCPoliceUnion @USAO_DC @SafeDC @MayorBowser are #GUILTY

#StopMPD #StopFOP #NoNewMPD #DivestFromPolice #DisarmThePolice
#BlackLivesMatter #BrownLivesMatter
# of people killed by police in 2018: 264
Police officer isn’t in the top 10 most dangerous jobs.
Roofer: 4x more dangerous
Sanitation worker: 3.5x
Truck driver: 1.8x…

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