So by now most of you know that FB and Twit stock both tanked over 20% in the last few days, but many of you may not understand why. This article is the 'public' reason- but this is NOT reality.…
You see- FB and Twit are government funded projects. The founding of FB coincides with the termination of the Pentagon program called 'LifeLog'- which was set up to link all of us together through contacts, family and friends. Population map.…
3) The Life Log project was killed on February 4, 2004. Facebook was founded on February 4, 2004. In June of 2004, FB received its first investment from PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel.
4) Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal, but also founder of a company called Palantir- a data analytics company, founded in 2003- A year BEFORE FB.
5) Palantir was funded by a Silicon Valley venture capital company called In-Q-Tel. In-Q-Tel began life as a company called Peleus and was founded by Norm Augustine on September 29, 1999.
6) In-Q-Tel is NOT from Silicon Valley, that is just where they invest all their money. In-Q-Tel is actually an American not-for-profit venture capital firm based in Arlington, Virginia. Not for profit ehh. How can you be a non-profit and venture capital company simultaneously?
7) Norm Augustine was the former CEO of Lockheed Martin- Major Defense contractor.
8) In-Q-Tel co-founder, Gilman Louie, Video game designer. Also designed and developed the Falcon F-16 flight simulator, as well as being the person who licensed Tetris, one of the world’s most popular video games, from its developers in the Soviet Union.
9) Gilman Louie was the first CEO of In-Q-Tel. Here is how he described In-Q-Tel's mission: "In-Q-Tel’s mission is to identify and invest in companies developing cutting-edge technologies that serve United States national security interests." National Security ehh.
10) Why would In-Q-Tel be a 'non-profit' venture capital company who specializes in national security interests? Because they are ClA of course!
11) Origins of In-Q-Tel can be traced to Dr. Ruth A. David, who headed the Central Intelligence Agency Directorate of Science & Technology in the 1990s and promoted the importance of rapidly advancing information technology for the CIA.
12) Some of you are going "just because there are ties, does NOT mean In-Q-Tel is ClA". I love it when I can hear your thoughts-…
13) Recap- In-Q-Tel (ClA) founded in 1999 as a non-profit to invest in tech start-ups in Silicon Valley- how better to be on the cutting edge of tech and force these tech companies to share their information- you literally OWN them .....
14) ... One of the tech companies you fund is Palantir (2003), which is on the cutting edge of data analysis- founded by Thiel (who has enough $ to fund his own start-up). Pentagon kills the Life Log program, which was aimed at connecting the population through data mapping.....
15)... Same day Life Log is killed, Facebook is founded and it's first MAJOR investor is Peter Thiel, founder of Palantir. Are you following along so far? Can you connect the dots? Stay with me here....
16) The gov't convinced us all to give them ALL of our data voluntarily, because collecting it through Life Log would be overreaching and bad optics. Have you downloaded your FB data file and looked at it? SCARY- keep in mind, this is just what they are willing to show the public
18) Now that you know the background, you can understand more easily what is actually taking place with FB and Twit.
19) When you look at what #Qanon has said, suddenly it all makes sense. You can see why they are NOT afraid of losing accounts of the shadow banned users, because the ClA has been propping them up since the beginning. Political ARM. Look at drop 877.
20) Not worried about the loss in revenue because they are backstopped by the circus (clowns+) IQT-Palantir. The deep state has funded these 'social media' companies in order to control the narrative by silencing the opposition.
21) Now let's look at what that control looks like. In the beginning it was to control our data. Gather intel on EVERYONE- Piece together our lives, our family members, our friend, our jobs, our schools, what we like, read, etc. They know everything about us.
22) So you have never been on Facebook ehh- so you are NOT worried? Ever played 20 questions? How does population mapping work? How many of your family, friends, coworkers, etc have to be on FB in order for them to know all of your connections?
23) Do you carry a smartphone? The ClA has you covered! Just go start digging into Vault 7 in WikiLeaks-……
24) So, we are ALL affected by this. YOU SHOULD CARE! You ALL should care. Do you have the FB app on your phone? Do you know it listens to you 24/7 even if your phone is locked? Hundred of YT videos and documentations of this- search it if you do not believe me. Look at drop 1337
25) What is metadata? What is Building 8? What is DARPA? How does your phone know where you are going when you get in the car? How do advertisers know what you have been talking about with your spouse/friends? RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF!
26) Once 'they' mapped all of our data and connections, they wanted to control what was being said. Look at what started happening circa 2008, voices of conservatives were what we call today- shadow banned. CONTROL THE NARRATIVE.
27) We are still feeling the effects of this today- MORE than ever! Read this article:…
28) And the conservative 'big boys' are not the only ones who have been censored. If you are a conservative voice, you are being censored in some way, shape or form. But, you all already know this, so I digress.
29) So now you all know the history and background on how the ClA has used social media to know everything about us, how the deep state has used that data to control our voice on these platforms and now you are about to learn why their stock is tanking.
30) What happens once the public is made aware of the privacy abuses that FB and Twit have perpetrated against ALL people worldwide? What do you think the response will be once EVERYONE know the truth about them?
31) The data collection, the censorship of certain voices, the control of information for the purposes of steering elections? How will people respond? How will you respond? How will other country's people/governments respond?
32) Up to this point, 'they' have not cared whether or not you get pissed and leave because they still had the ClA backstop funding and knew that they would not be outed for selling all of your data (that is how they make money) because the gov't green lighted ALL of it.
33) Now they are having to answer for selling our data, which will shut that down as long as the pressure is kept high. The clowns/(deep state) are distancing themselves because they too are under the microscope and fighting for their lives as well.
34) They are starting to have to answer for 'illegal campaign contributions' through indirect assistance to the candidates they help through the censorship of the opposing candidate. ELECTION FRAUD.
35) They are losing every revenue stream they have and every control they built. So when all of that is gone, how do they make money/survive? THEY DON'T- They collapse under the weight of their illegal activities.
36) They will be fined greatly (some have already been announced), BILLIONS of $$$. The investors will go away (what we began to witness this week). With no revenue streams, a destroyed reputation, mass exodus of users, and HUGE financial liabilities, Investors have no upside.
37) And we have not even gotten to the SEC violations for insider trading, which as Martha Stewart found out the hard way, has MAJOR teeth. That will also be hitting the hierarchy in the coming weeks.
38) So you see the crash of FB and Twit have very little to do with lower new users and declining revenues directly. It has everything to do with them being exposed as an arm of the deep state and @POTUS cutting the strings of their puppet masters.
39) I have been focused on doing more educational/informational twitter threads and if you have enjoyed what I have been doing- Make sure you share it with your friends. The more that see and share- the more we will make a difference! #WWG1WGA #MAGA
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