A thread on African Countries if they were human and in a high school..

Ladies and Gentlemen shall we?
SOUTH AFRICA: This is that rich kid that has white Father and black mother. Rich and spoiled and always gets away with things in school cause of who they is
SWAZILAND: Pretty chubby chick who has had the biggest crush on south Africa but is too afraid to say, knows everything about SA and would do anything for them. Also shy and plays Netball
LESOTHO: very short and temperamental. Is quiet but when provoked can say 10,000 things in a minute. She comes from a royal family and everyone in school knows but try's to play her cool
MOZAMBIQUE: always speaking Portuguese. Quite dark, no one really hears what they say! Team captain of the basket ball team and shows off that they live by the lake side and their dad is an ambassador
BOTSWANA: she has the biggest ass in school. Netball team captain. Light skin and confuses all the guys with how she rolls her tongue. Twerk champion and has 3000 followers on Instagram
Zimbabwe: has a High top fade like @mreazi and is always arguing with teachers. On the school football team and likes Angola, everyone knows but thinks we dont. Dad just recently resigned as school principal
ZAMBIA:Zimbabwes older step-brother. Always bragging that he's slept with the most girls in school but we all know he's a Virgin.On the school football team and brags about the time he scored the winning goal in Inter-Continent High school games. His girlfriend is cheating on him
NAMIBIA: very quiet and reserved. Is South Africa's cousin and most people think they are siblings. Smart and fast swimmer always competing with Zimbabwe. Abit of a Tomboy and on the school event planning committee
D.R CONGO: Always blinged out with fake Jewelry. Wears SUPER bright red shoes and his dad is a pastor but He's the number 1 thief in school! Not so smart but can move their waste when dancing. Slept with one of the teachers and lives on a farm
MALAWI: Thin kid. Want to be cool but he just funny looking once tried to fight Zimbabwe but got knocked out! Always smells like fish. On the basketball team and hangs out with Mozambique. Father is Science teacher with funny accent
TANZANIA: dull rich kid! Hangs out with SA but is always getting punished. His sister Angola is dating SA. Always showing off what he has. Where he went. Drives himself to school and always bottom 5 in they class.
Is dating BOTSWANA
ANGOLA: one of the popular girls in school. Has an accent to die for, light skin. Father is black but mum is white. Wears short skirts and has Big boobs! She's smarter than people think and only fails to piss off her parents! Nick name is Dimoil when she's rapping
KENYA: very dark and tall and has piercings all over their body. Claims their uncle was principal at United States High. Also on basketball team and the greatest drunker. Is DATING Madagascar and is thinking of marrying her in future but he low key has a crush On Ethiopia
MADAGASCAR: mean girl who's dating Kenya but also sleeping with Tanzania. Her house is so far away from school she needs a pontoon. Her nudes once circled around school but still people don't really know who she is
MAURITIUS: a Pretty short girl. Half the school has slept with her. Can dance and is funny. Has a lisp and lives alone in a big house cause her parents are rarely around! Always hosting parties cause of the big pool at home
ETHIOPIA: One of the prettiest girls in school together with her best friend Eritrea. Comes from a rich family and is low key ND shy. Bad English but she always gets away with things cause of how good she looks. Her dad once slapped her during school Assembly
RWANDA: dark smart kid. Parents run the school store room for Uniform and. P.E attire and the like. Once built a bomb in the chemistry lab for D.R Congo because he stole his sneakers. No one knows why they have an American accent
BURUNDI: mighty fine ass. Cousins with Rwanda and Also a song bird. Cracks dry jokes but niggas laugh because that's what leads to having to grab her ass! She once lost a bet and run around school in her underwear
UGANDA: parents run the school tuck shop! Is very talkative and Bald
Always on Facebook in the school Computer lab dming girls from Asia High but no one replies. Smells like boiled eggs and is ALWAYS ASKING ETHIOPIA OUT
CHAD: has a big head, very low key everyone calls him Megamind. Has an. American accent cause of his name but has never been anywhere outside school! Everyone copies from him during exams even though he doesn't do well. Dated Eritrea for was week cause she made him write her test
CAMEROON: VERY DARK and scary, always getting into fights or joining them! Is protective over his sister Benin even though everyone know she a hoe. Anyway he also is the school weed plug and has died his hair blonde on one side
ERITREA: Prettiest girl in school. Really blonde. Like really blonde! Has been in high school for 10 years and people wonder if she'll every graduate.
Nickname founding mother and her father works for Asia High (Indian) but her mum is black
EGYPT: oldest in school,nickname Genesis! Only at Africa high because parents couldn't afford to take them to MIDDLE EAST HIGH. Parents are archaeologists so is always coming to School with weird things. Is the goal keeper on the school football team
ALGERIA: also with us cause parents couldn't afford to take them to MIDDLE EAST HIGH. always insulting in Arabic. Parents own a shawarma joint. Smells like onion and has bad breath, has taken a bath in 2 weeks (rumors say)
NIGERIA: talkative chap. Best friends with Ghana they are so close they sound the same. Won last year's Talent show and keeps bragging about it. Wealthy and always buying the girls pies and hotdogs from the tuckshop during break
GHANA: isn't as talkative as NIGERIA but they are best friends. Has strict parents and is a talented singer, but not rich! That's why Nigeria won the talent show. Everyone knows they share a father but no one wil say it (maybe south Africa) cause they get angry
CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: the most reserved in School. No one really knows where they stay or who their friends are. Average student who was once expelled for getting high during exams
SUDAN: always talking to themselves. Has two personalities, no one knows which one you'll get on the day! Likes wearing sandals to school, together with Nigeria and thinks Egypt is their friend but that's not the case really
CONGO BRAZZAVILLE: Not related to D.R Congo, just live on the same street. Rumors in school are that they actually share a father but won't admit. Has deep French accent and claims he's a king in his village
GABON: one of the shortest in school. Also reserved and related to Angola. Brags about how their parents helped host the Inter-House (country) football tournament. Is a striker on school team
SOMALIA: Hates that everyone mistakes her for Ethiopia. Her brothers are always at school gate waiting to harass anyone who passes there! Once knocked out Eritrea in a fight. Always sleeping over at people's houses
LIBYA: Was once a show off but things changed when their father died. Now they just low key and depressed, get angry when Yoh try to help them and always smelling of oil cause they work at the family garage 4 times a week
NIGER: Nigeria's brother. Low-key unlike their sibling. Likes to chill with Cameron and Ivory Coast. Doesn't play any sport and is always getting high during lunch.
MOROCCO: left the school to Join the elite Catholic school High School Du Europe.. Came BACK a week later because the school realized their aptitude test results were not legit. Is now always grumpy and speaks with a Spanish accent now. Says we should call them "JUAN MOROQUEZ"
SENEGAL: captain of the wrestling team. But also plays football, has a crush on Liberia but has never had the guts to ask her out. Dad is a rally driver and let's everyone in school know that
TOGO: slim and tall. Always plays weird music in the school halls. Also on school football team. Is part of Nigeria and Ghana's crew but he is more like their Minion
LIBERIA: is at school because Parents got jobs here. Used to be at United States High and has a deep American accent and says we should pronounce her name as Ly-Bee-REEYA Yeah and no one listens. Is a diva and has her own @YouTube channel
SIERRA LEONE: gets teased about His name Sierra and always tells people to call Him Leon. Is related to Liberia but also has a crush On her. Part of swimming team and his mum is school secretary
TUNISIA: That kid who always comes to school but doesn’t enter class. You see him at break and knocking off times. likes to take off his shirt at PE and says he's Lebanese
SEYCHELLES: That small kid at school. Light in complexion with long Hair, always swearing at people for talking to them in Minion language. Nickname Bob and is also on school swimming team
CAPE VERDE:That introvert weird kid doesn’t talk much but surprises anyways with the marks he gets. Is a school prefect and Writes homework for Gambia and Guinea Bissau
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