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#EdTech | From #BYJU’S to #Unacademy – competition in India’s fast-rising online education sector - by @sanchdash

@unacademy @BYJUS @vedantu_learn #Eruditus…
The opportunity in Indian #EdTech is huge and the top edtech startups are all vying for the same pie. In 2020 alone, India’s edtech startups have raised over $1.5 billion which is just as much as the startups had raised in the past five years put together.

According to a Redseer report, India’s #EdTech startups had raised $1.6 billion between 2014-2019. Here's a look at the valuations of India's fast-rising #onlinelearning sector.

@BYJUS @unacademy @vedantu_learn #Eruditus
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Day 7: Parliament #MonsoonSession2020 Updates

#RajyaSabha assembled, Papers laid

Important issues raised during Zero Hour:

-Bihar #floods
-Change exam date of #NET exam
-10,000 prisoners increased in Bihar since #COVID19 due to non-functioning of local #Courts ; no #bail Image
Presently #RajyaSabha is discussing the #AgricultureBills of 2020:

-Farmers' Produce Trade & Commerce Bill
-Farmers (Empowerment & Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Bill, 2020

[Both passed by Lok Sabha. Read full story👇]…
#AgricultureBills :

-4 amendments moved to refer #ContractFarming Bill to Select Committee

MPs argue that the Bill shall:

-end Minimum Support Price #MSP
-open doors for big #corporations to enter farm sector
-gradually end Govt regulation ImageImageImage
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A key understanding of the tax structure, which operates in Nigeria is quite important to ensure tax compliance.

What are the taxes applicable to startups in Nigeria?


CIT is the tax paid on the profits of companies in Nigeria. CIT is paid by on profit derived, received, accrued or brought into Nigeria. The Finance Act introduced a tiered approach to CIT...
...The tax rate of 0% applies to companies that have an annual turnover of below N25m, 20% applies to companies that have an annual turnover of more than N25m and less than N100m and 30% applies to companies with an annual turnover of N100m and above.
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📌The countdown has begun..💫We are just about to take you off on a marathon of tweets with our Hon’ble Minister @drharshvardhan as part of the track 1 #consultations of #STIP2020 🎉

#sciencepolicy #scipol #science #ScienceRising #ScienceTwitter #Science4Policy
Tighten your seatbelts we are going LIVE in 3⃣,2⃣,1⃣….. Here we go!

#ChatWithDrHarshVardhan on

@mygovindia @IndiaDST@PrinSciAdvGoI @Ashutos61 @guptaakhilesh63@ChagunBasha@nimita_pandey
Good afternoon everyone! 🌞🌦️
Welcome to In Conversation with Dr. Harsh Vardhan @drharshvardhan, Hon’ble Minister of S&T @MoHFW_INDIA @moesgoi

Please post your recommendations, comments with #ChatWithDrHarshVardhan
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Story/Tread - 1/

Startups fail for all sorts of reasons and some are avoidable. This is a story about an amazing company I loved and went so hard for and failed because the founders were scared to ask for help

#vc #funding #startups #founders
2/ I'd like you to meet the amazing company of Javazen. They made a coffee and green tea blend that would give you the kick you needed without the crash.

#vc #funding #startups #founders
3/ When I met them they were a team of three from the University of Maryland and were crushing it. Their coffee was already being sold in Wholefood, Wegmans, and Trader Joe.

#vc #funding #startups #founders
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Like all heavily regulated (protected) industries, #highered is ripe for disruption. But #startups have failed to challenge #universities because #entrepreneurs are, simply put, doing it wrong. They have focused on the wrong problem, trying to beat universities at their best, not
their worst. Higher ed does not actually have a teaching problem, despite what people may assume. The classroom method of teaching, or guided learning through instruction, has worked very well for centuries. There may be plenty of tweaks to make it more effective, less costly,
but disruption is not about tweaks or cost-cutting. Disruption is about rethinking how things are done. Universities, while perhaps lagging in adoption of online technologies and not doing enough to enthuse students in the classroom, do not have a delivery problem. Entrepreneurs
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New things have to be learned as you go from early stage to growth stage and the journey is a long one. @gvravishankar talks to #Surge03 #startups about each stage of a company’s growth and how to keep learning and evolving as a founder. #getreadytosurge Thread 👇
1/ In early stage co's it’s all about speed - but when scaling it’s all about becoming efficient. Don’t attempt to run a marathon the same way you’d attempt a sprint. To endure and be a long-term business, you have to make the shift and go from speed to efficiency.
2/ The only thing you should be thinking about is sustainably scaling your economics long-term. Not – how do I get to series A,B,C. Do you have PMF and at a sustainable economic level?
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Get to know a Fintech Unicorn: Transferwise, .

Thread 👇

@TransferWise mission is to bring down the cost of international money transfer.

Founded in 2011 by two friends from Estonia, Transferwise is a Fintech Unicorn with total investments > $1B.
2/Business model

Compared to conventional money transfers where fees are hidden in marked-up exchange rates, Transferwise promises to be transparent.

It charges a fixed fee of $5 per transfer and .67% of the transfer amount.
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Just had a call with one of the top 5 #Crowdfunding platforms in #USA regarding “RegCF” funding. Usa allowing non-accredited investors to invest in this one, #startups strangely limited to only one round per year however as Elites still block & interfere w’ freedom for Capital.
2/ Will check website, deal structure success cases to see where we would fit as we have the highest value tech in the world but greedies generally seeing that as an opportunity to be more greedy instead of more supportive. If we raise enough for a whole yr, we donate Tens MMs
Bloom energy raised 100 million cash on nothing but a piece of paper. We will have a running super mini. Our tech way better also 3,945+ behind it. Can we ask 300mm on 33%? We should be able to ask for 250MM cash as Bloom CMO said at 20-30% but a RegC will ask Donations
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My thread 👇 on #RBIPolicy,the need to hold rates steady for now&analysis of #CanaraBank and #BankofIndia Nos

What is amply clear is,be it #SBI,#HdfcBank,Axis,or smaller Public Sector banks,there has been a dramatic improvement in #AssetQuality,which bodes well

BIG decision by #RBI,is bringing #StartUps under priority sector lending--out of the box move

Move to give 5000Cr addnl liquidity to #Nabard&5000Cr to #NHB,will help agri&real estate

Decision to set up #InnovationHub will help tech innovation&ideation

@narendramodi govt cares!
In April 2020,@narendramodi govt infused 50000Cr,of which 25000Cr was for #NABARD to support #RRBs&MFIs

15000Cr was for #SIDBI,for refinancing financial entities who lend to #MSMEs

#NHB was given 10000Cr to support #HFCs

Today's 10000Cr is over&above this 50000Cr💪

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1/8 Founders, I know you are all really focused on pitching and your pitch decks but please know it is 1/2 if not only 1/3 of the battle.

The next big stage you should be ready for is Due Diligence (DD). This where many investments go to die

#vc #founders #funding #startups
2/8 Due Diligence is when investors take the time to basically make sure everything you've told them in the pitch is real. As founders, you have to have some level of delusional confidence. DD is where we get to see how delusional it is

#vc #founders #funding #startups
3/8 During DD some investors look into more things than others. Many investors will have a list of documents and references they need from you. Many founders set up a data room which is a cloud folder with most of these documents ready to go

#vc #founders #funding #startups
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1/ Valuation venture investing myths #urban #legends a #thread for #desi #founders

If you are a #founder or #startup trying to raise a round, here are a few things you should know before you start.

I wish someone had sat me down and had this chat with me when I started.
2/ No one owes you a round.

First things first. I know we want to change the world, we are innovative, we are working on the bleeding edge, but...

No one owe us a round

An investment is a commercial transaction. It needs to make business sense. Without that, there is no deal
3/ Venture funding is not for everyone.

Fund managers need exits and liquidity events.

Investors need downside protection.

The right deals are bets on growth, scale, markets, risk, timing, teams. Often before everyone gets what is on offer. Getting the combo right is difficult
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A guide on how to approach #startups as a #founder for creating a maximum success.
Here is the thread. 👇
Most of the founders start their entrepreneurial journey by seeking advice from coaches and mentors because they want certainty.
Uncertainty is often the best teacher and tapping successful but 'old ways', hold you back from discovering your own success metrics.
#entrepreneurs look for tried and tested formulae to success, therefore, they don't build the muscle to test & experiment their way to success.

Not experiencing bumpy rides of startup journey is similar to getting an interview without domain knowledge.
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Acabo de leer el Plan #EspanaDigital2025. Me parece tan ingenuo y etéreo para abordar el momento actual que creo que lo único que garantiza es que en 5 años tendremos los mismos problemas (o mayores) con la #tecnología para ser competitivos. Abro hilo.…
El plan se centra en varias lineas estratégicas que serían aplicables hoy pero también en 2000, 2010 o 2015. Insiste en mantras "atemporales" asociados ingenuamente a la digitalización y creación de riqueza digital pero que ignoran el contexto. Están fuera del timing real.
Muchas de ellas se centran en la infraestructura (#5G, derecho a la cobertura con 100Mbps, etc). Todo ello es muy positivo, pero no deja ser un MEDIO, no un FIN. A no ser que seas una #Telco. Es necesario y positivo, pero no nos hace más competitivos, solo mejores consumidores.
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After researching #VC investments, I saw a lack of diversity in VCs. SO, I researched a few opportunities for funding, accelerators & other resources for Black/Women-owned businesses. #Thread of ACTIVE opportunities.

#marketing #business #success #startups #black #covid19 #data
If you prefer to view the full list in a browser with more details on each opportunity I'm updating the list on a Google Sheet now and posting on my website.

All opportunities below are open today and applications close within the next 2-3 months.
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📹 #ATIBoeingAccelerator going live in 10 minutes at #FIAConnect! Join us on YouTube 👇
… and we’re live! 🚀 Kicking off with an intro from Nour Eid, Programme Lead at the #ATIBoeingAccelerator and Senior Technologist at the @UKAeroInstitute sharing more about the ATI and the programme objectives
Programme Director, Gabriela Matic, introduces our first cohort and the 9 incredible #startups, how we've supported founders and their teams and some of the programme highlights incl. @nadhimzahawi attending our launch event and the cohort traveling to @GKNAero in Filton
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A thread of learnings from poker for startups/founders/businesses in general:
1. Find a table where you can win/Play where you can win - Compete in markets where you can win. The aim is winning not winning against someone specific
#poker #startups
2. Milk a good hand/Ride the wave - If you find yourself in the right place at the right time, ride it. That is the part of the luck which you need to maximize. Be nimble footed, be opportunistic. #poker #startups
3. Know when to fold/Pot Control/Minimize risk - If you find yourself in the middle of an adverse situation or a hypothesis which seems to be failing - put the brakes om, slow down, revaluate and decide #poker #startups
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(Long thread) 1/11

-A confession from a recovering entrepreneur

While running my first startup, I turned into a workaholic, bought into hustle culture, and developed anxiety from it making it hard to live a normal life. This is my story

#vc #founders #startups #mentalhealth
2/11 While building my first startup I was determined to outwork everyone. that first one in last one out kind of a thing. @ABenton can tell you stories about how my team damn near lived in the office. We refused to be outworked

#vc #founders #startups #mentalhealth
3/11 I'd, along with my team, worked 18+ hour days, slept little, and was proud of it. We were able to get a lot done with little cash and true hustle

#vc #founders #startups #mentalhealth
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{Thread on food delivery}
Spotifying and Netflixing food is the next frontier for food delivery innovation. Food delivery has evolved from aggregation->experience->selection over the last few years. Discovery is the next moat #startups #foodtech
Phase 1: Aggregation
The zero to one phase of food delivery which enabled access to restaurants and delivery of food by aggregating supply and demand
Phase 2: Experience
The next phase was about building a strong moat in the form of a superlative delivery experience
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1/ The startup ecosystem in #Pakistan has entered the next phase.

It has moved from being nascent to more indigenous in nature. The sector is now facilitated by more than 35 incubators & accelerators, 20 formal funders & investors, and 80 co-working spaces across the country.
2/ Over the past 5 years, #startups in Pakistan have raised over $190M - these are mostly early-stage deals signalling the still nascent & evolving ecosystem. Last 18 months in particular saw more acquisition & fundraising activities than the previous 10 years combined.
3/ During 2019 alone four major series A rounds ware completed in Pakistan raised by @airlift_tech, @bykeapk, @cheetaypk and @KPLearning with two pre-seed funding rounds raised by @joinbazaar and Tajir.
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Great fireside chat with @eladgil organized by @lunchclubai.

Thx to panelists and the host @itsmeeraclark.

Key points:
1) Entrepreneurship is an act of desperation
-- You really want something to exist
-- You want to do something impactful and accelerate your career Image
"Culture is a set of unwritten rules that help run and govern organizations." - @eladgil

Not to be conflated with the weekly alcohol grabbing rituals or some such activities.
"Cluster Matters." - @eladgil
- It attracts people with certain skill sets and knowhow
- Provides for an ecosystem to survive and thrive

Whether we see additional innovation clusters spring up in the US (the world?) is going to be dependent upon city policies incl. taxation.
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Instead of appreciating this young man as an entrepreneur that after studying From NED he has started his business, this JDC person is disgracing him by using sympathetic words & shaming the govt !
The young is with helpers in uniform with a car full of equipments and giving 1/2
2/2 giving a car wash service is not disgraceful work it’s a unique service business.
He has hired ppl so he has created jobs & Rs.800 a month is a very reasonable amount
Kindly retweet the video if you appreciate this entrepreneur #startups
@threadreaderapp please compile
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1/ The path to a million dollars in revenues for #desi #founders and #startups - a promised over due thread

2/ For most founders the journey takes 3 to 6 years.

The actual path varies but generally includes three key transit point before you hit the golden milestone.

Less $250k, Less than $500k, Less than $800k, 1M+
3/ I have yet to meet a team that did the $10k to $1M+ leap in less than 18 months in the real world.

I meet one that is planning to do it on paper or Excel in less than a year, once every month.
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