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🦠🦇#Zoonosis #Bats #Nipah #COVID19 #WomenInSTEM
H/T to @DanCady Excellent article.

1/ “The Reuters jump-zone analysis highlights a global trend that world leaders need to address “for the future of humanity…Nobody is safe-It will take no time MORE…
2/for a disease outbreak to reach anywhere in the world because of international travel & trade.”

The analysis is based on an examination of 95 spillovers in the past 2 decades of viruses found in bats, including Ebola, SARS, Marburg & Nipah. The news agency identified MORE
3/ > 9 million sq km in 113 countries where human alteration of sensitive landscapes has created conditions that closely match those around past spillovers.”
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Our latest research is out in @TheLancet today

We sought to answer:
1. Are autoimmune diseases on the rise as has been suggested?
2. Can we identify clues as to their causes (genetic or environmental)?
3. Do different autoimmune diseases cluster together & what might this mean?
Here's what we found:

1. Trends over the past 20 years and across a broad range of autoimmune diseases do not support the idea of an epidemic of autoimmunity (at least not pre covid and in the UK).
2. We found evidence of socioeconomic, seasonal, and regional disparities for several autoimmune diseases (particularly Graves’, pernicious anaemia, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and type 1 diabetes).
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[teaching theory+resources megathread 🌻🥰]

okay it's finally here, i've got the ENTIRE FIRST YEAR WRITING/COMMS COURSE uploaded for you to remix, revise and make better for your kaleidoscopic context. this thread will go over the highlights of what's in this drive for you!! 🤍 SCREENCAP of syllabus under...
THIS IS THE DRIVE WITH ALL COMPONENTS (except for the open-access readings / every reading on this course is available FOR FREE online to reduce course cost!!):…

The folder is sub-sorted by weeks. This is a 12 week course with one week break between #6-7.

absolute intro to rhetoric and the course itself. i have a fairly involved but accessible Discord Onboarding doc that i've shared in other threads. i run this course hybrid as reinforcement, but also accessibility. the server is a huge support model in this class. SCREEN CAPTURE document hea...
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🙋‍♀️Fellow @cochranecollab fans and evidence synthesis nerds - I've just found a connection that I am totally vibing on... history, supportive women, symbolism... Cochrane's logo is basically a shoutout to #WomeninSTEM 🤯 Let's dig in...
@cochranecollab has been around for 30 years. It's logo is very symbolic of the impact that #SystematicReviews can have on #healthcare
That original review was led by Patricia Crowley. She wrote the first unstructured review in 1980. It was Anne Anderson who encouraged her to use it as a basis for an early meta-analysis.
(Comment found an update to the @CochraneLibrary review:… ) Image
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🧵It's all the speeches this lot didn't want you to hear from the @StandingforXX #LetWomenSpeak rally yesterday at #SpeakersCorner Hyde Park! Huge thanks to @roseveniceallan and @ThePosieParker who was much missed.

Thread will grow as I get through them! Subtitles coming later!
First up we had @RachelK01840150 with this barnstorming speech about the unpopularity of women who made historic gains for women's rights! 🔥

Charlotte Edwards, @rafaellacjthis, gave this short address against the medicalisation of gender non conformity.👏👏

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For #WorldEngineeringDay and with #InternationalWomensDay coming up, here’s a thread of five female engineers #WomenInSTEM 🧵 🪡

(By the way, #TransWomenAreWomen)
Edith Clarke was the first woman to be awarded an electrical engineering degree from MIT, and the first woman to be professionally employed as an electrical engineer in the US. She worked on the hydroelectric systems that, to this day, provide hydropower at the West Hoover Dam. Black and white, early 20th century photo of Edith Clark: a
Mary Jackson was a mathematician and aerospace engineer at NACA, later to become NASA. She was NASA's first Black female engineer. She particularly worked in understanding air flow, including thrust and drag forces—important for aircraft design. Mid-20th century black and white photo of Mary Jackson: a Bl
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“India's dream of 'TECHADE' will be fulfilled by innovators,their patents”: PM @narendramodi

“We have to make #India the most advanced laboratory of modern science in the ‘Amrit Kaal’.”

Here’s a thread🧵 on valuable snippets from the PM’s speeches on S&T:

#UPSC #upscprelims
Scientific efforts can turn into great achievements when:

•they hit the GROUND from the LAB

•impact is from GLOBAL to GRASSROOTS

•they expand from JOURNALS to REALITY

•the innovations from RESEARCH reflect in REAL LIFE

•progress from EXPERIMENTS to EXPERIENCES of people
What is a TECHADE?

•It’s used to describe the decade being dominated by technologies.

•DATA & DEMOGRAPHIC DIVIDEND combined with India’s proven TECH prowess presents massive opportunity for the country.

•This decade will be ‘INDIA’s TECHADE’.
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We all know that babies inherit their microbiome from mum👩‍👧(vertical gene transfer).

First time ever, a brand new🔥study finds another novel mechanism for microbiome sharing between mothers & their infants: horizontal gene 🧬 transfer.

Why is this totally crazy?

Let's unpack🧵 Image
Let's first clarify why these findings might seem shocking:

This paper found hundreds of mother-to-infant gene bacterial transmission events WITHOUT transmission of the full bacterial genomes themselves.

This is called horizontal gene transfer.…
This paper, a #multiomics longitudinal study just out in @CellCellPress, tracked the co-development of microbiomes & metabolomes from late pregnancy to 1 year of age in 70 mother-infant pairs.

Top 5 main findings, explained👇 Image
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Yeast will grow on bacteriological media (sheep blood agar and chocolate agar).

They may appear as small, creamy or white colonies that are somewhat more raised than staphylococcal colonies.
A presumptive identification of C albicans can be made by observing pasty,yellow-white colonies from which colony projections, often referred to as "feet," extend out from the margins.
These feet have typically been considered a characteristic of C albicans
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A step-by-step guide to #AcademicTwitter

- how to write a bio
- who to follow
- how to find new research
- how to tweet your research
- why Twitter isn't a waste of time

Bookmark this 🧵!

@AcademicChatter @PhDVoice @OpenAcademics @ThePhDPlace
Step 1: You join Twitter
Step 2: You read this thread on how to writing an amazing #AcademicTwitter bio

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⚠️📢⚗🚨Pls RT‼️
#MSNBC #WomenWhoCode #WomenInSTEM #thelaundress
#IDTwitter @B0tSci
1/ "Some strains of PSEUDOMONAS are ANTIBIOTIC resistant, which can increase the seriousness of the infection. (Der) Pseudomonas can... contaminate & grow on LAUNDRY 👀
2/& at high enough levels spreads via contact w/contaminated laundry/sheets/pillowcases/sleepwear, etc.

Pseudomonas also spreads by inhalation & can cause👉CYSTIC FIBROSIS‼️Per Consumer Reports, Pseudomonas a. is a VERY hardy bacteria +can grow in many different conditions.MORE
3/ #Pseudomonas
#AntibioticResistance #influencers
#thelaundress #RECALLED
#Fashion #MaskUp
Consumer Reports, says Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a “very hardy bacteria,” which means it can grow in a lot of different conditions.
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India ink preparation of CSF from a patient with cryptococcal meningitis showing the budding yeast cells of C. neoformans surrounded by a characteristic wide gelatinous capsule. The yeasts also show narrow-base budding and characteristic variation in size.
The space occupied by the capsule shows as a clear space between the gray background of the ink particles and the refractile edge of the cell.
India ink/nigrosin stain is a negative, acid stain. This means that the dye easily gives up a hydrogen ion (proton) and the chromophore of the dye becomes negatively charged. Since the surface of most organims cells is negatively charged, the cell surface repels the dye.
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1/ Good evening everyone and welcome to the 4th day all about plankton research. Now that we have the basics covered on what plankton is, why we study it and the history of plankton research, I’m going to go a bit more personal and introduce you to my own research 👩‍🔬🎣
2/ As I said on Day 1, I am a PhD student @uccBEES and @MaREI studying plankton. Specifically, I am looking at the abundance and diversity of zooplankton in a marine reserve over the course of a 2 and a half year time period.
3/ My study site is Lough Hyne, a marine reserve located just outside Skibbereen in West Cork. It is actually Ireland’s first marine reserve designated in 1981. The Lough is 0.6 km long by 0.4 km wide and is completely marine.
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5 Excel hacks that save hours of research time

(spoiler alert, no.5 is a game changer 🙀)

Separate data using flash fill (Ctrl+E)

This function detects patterns in data between columns and automatically fills. Useful for separating survey responses, data strings, people's names, it goes on

Import tables from a paper
(Data > Get data > from web)

Forget manually copy/pasting data from the journal website. Use data from web function to import an entire table from a URL to Excel

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🚨 Alert! We are excited to share our new preprint in which we define the roles of individual class I molecules on brain endothelium in the regulation of T cell responses and development of neuropathology in experimental cerebral malaria…
CD8 T cell engagement of brain vasculature has been implicated in the neuropathology of cerebral malaria. In this work we interrogated human and mouse data during infection and noted upregulation of activation and Ag-presentation molecules or transcripts in brain endothelium
When either class I was ablated, the mice were normal at baseline and also established normal peripheral plasmodium infection and peripheral immune responses. However, T cell interactions with brain endothelium were disrupted during infection
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Good morning twitter! I'm @mariarostrublee Associate Prof at @MonashUni @MonashPolsIR in International Relations, where I teach & do research on international security -- especially related to #nuclear I look forward to sharing my day with you for @nuclearsciweek #WiNTakeOver22
@mariarostrublee @MonashUni @MonashPolsIR @nuclearsciweek I'm working from home today in the gorgeous city of Melbourne, so I started off with a walk with my amazing dog Champ, who is now enjoying a bit of a nap. Dog sitting outdoorsDog sleeping on couch
@mariarostrublee @MonashUni @MonashPolsIR @nuclearsciweek I'm an expert in #nuclear politics, rather than #nuclearscience -- and I'm delighted to share how the field needs fantastic women in nuclear policy and analysis
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Is the paper you need stuck behind a paywall?

Five websites every researcher should know to access any research paper for free

1. @SciHubUpdated

Online library created from downloading papers through institute logins to Scihub's own server.

▫️Claims to have 99% all papers

▫️questionable legality
▫️blocked in some countries
▫️no papers added since 2021
2. @unpaywall

A browser extension which finds paper PDFs legally by searching various online repositories

▫️Extension automatically searches for paper in your browser

▫️Only on Firefox and chrome desktop browsers
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Here’s another sweet spot for DIY Air Purifiers: super quiet 40dB kid magnet, sweet hum note, pulsing nighttime glow, ~ 200 CADR airflow matching medium HEPAs, just 25 Watts and ~$120 in parts. #CorsiRosenthalBox #WomenInSTEM #COVIDisAirborne Image
Kudos @CRBoxKits, @robwiss, @Mw_ottawa for pioneering PC fan #CorsiRosenthalBox builds. @kprather, @JimRosenthal4, @CorsIAQ maybe your freshman engineering class can formally characterize the airflow? Can also stand upright with 10 fans (5 each tall side) for 400-500 CADR? Image
Once 5-fan top assembled, kids can build the filter box with double-sided carpet tape easier than duct-taped CR box fan w/shroud. For now I use foam board for the top plate which is fun for kids to punch, though a precision mill/drill plastic top plate would assemble faster
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Grants 😞
Manuscripts 😣
Course evaluations 😫

Rejection is everywhere in academia.

But we keep it quiet.
Only stories of success get told.

So heres a story on rejection:
"The potato, the egg and tea bag"

A young man comes to his father.

"Father, life is hard. I'm struggling all the time. Just as I solve one problem, another follows"

The father nods. "Come with me."
He takes man to the kitchen and fills 3 pots with boiling water.
In the first pot he places a potato.
In the second pot he places an egg. In the third pot he places a tea bag.

After some time, the father takes the potato, egg and tea bag out of the boiling water

“What do you see?” he asks

"A potato, egg and tea bag" the man replies annoyed
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Are you 'Excited to share my new paper!'

Harsh truth:
Most people don't care

5 tips on how to tweet about your new paper to get real engagement

@OpenAcademics @PhD_Genie @PhDVoice @AcademicChatter
Firstly, a disclaimer.

I'm not saying your new paper is bad

On the contrary, it got accepted so it brings new knowledge to your field

It deserves to be read.
This thread gives you tips to achieve that with Twitter
1. Use Numbers

Numbers attract attention because -they stand out against words
-add credibility
-make info easier to visualise

❌️ Our study shows this new method is highly efficient

✅️ Our study shows this method reduced waste by 87%
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▪️ High-profile man on Twitter tweets an article he had no part in writing - gets 100s of RTs & likes, and "thanks."
▪️ Woman who authored the paper after year(s) of hard work, tweets it and gets NO RTs, 1 like, and no "thanks."
F-CK that.
#womeninstem #academictwitter #scicomm
Misogyny and sexism are alive and well.
This is not a 'one-off.' I see it every day.
Man = hero.
Woman = almost zero.
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🆕: Severe, atypical, post-🦠- #COVID19
neurological🧠 sequelae
💉responsive to IVIg
…… #serverless #womeninstem #openscience #scicomm #snrtg #LongCovid #neurology #immunology
🙏KUDOS and respect to this brave gentleman for consenting to the publication of this video and giving a glimpse into one of the many ways in which 🦠Sars-Cov-2 is affecting the🧠brains of those it infects.
#openscience #scicomm
Protect yourself from 🦠Sars-Cov-2,
It's messing up 🧠 brains.
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