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#त्रंबकेश्वर_मंदिर_स्वयंभु_ज्योतिर्लिंग #नाशिक
ॐ त्र्यंबकम यजामहे सुगंधिम पुष्टिवर्धनम
उर्वारुकमिव वंदना मृत्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात्:
नाशिक जिल्ह्यातील निसर्गाच्या कुशीत बसलेलं
मंदिर म्हणजे त्रंबकेश्वर मंदिर ,प्राचीन संस्कृती,
कोरीव काम याचा त्रिवेणी संगम
#हर_हर_महादेव किती जणांना माहिती
आहे की #त्र्यंबकेश्वर मंदिरावर #मुघलांनी
हल्ला करून तिथे मस्जिद बांधली होती
व नाशिक चे नाव बदलून #गुलशनाबाद
ठेवले होते 1751 मध्ये #मराठ्यांनी
ती #मस्जिद पाडली
#त्र्यंबकेश्वर_मंदिराची #पुनर्निर्मिती
केली नाशिकचे बदललेले नाव परत
नाशिक केले.त्र्यंबकेश्वर नाशिक
जिल्ह्यातील #आद्य_स्वयंभु_ज्योतिर्लिंग
हे भारतातील १२ ज्योतिर्लिंगापैकी एक
महत्त्वाचे #ज्योतिर्लिंग आहे.
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#अनामिका ®🙎🏼‍♀️ असंच राहू दे ना
आपलं नातं त्याला उगाच प्रेमाचं नाव
नको देऊस आहोत ना एकमेकांसाठी
खास मग एकमेकांना घाव नको देऊस
द्यायचंच असेल तर देऊ ओठांवर हसू,
कधी उदास असू, तर खुदकन हसता
येईल 🥰 हृदयामध्ये थोडी अशी जागा
जीवनाच्या वाटेवर दमलो कधी, तुझ्या
सोबतीने बसता येईल पण ज्या छळ
तील आपल्याला अशा आठवणींचा
गाव नको देऊस असंच राहू दे ना ग
आपलं नातं त्याला प्रेमाचं नाव नको
देऊस प्रेमात नेहमी दुःखच असते
मग कश्याला त्या दुखाच्या वाट्याला
जाउ प्रेम आहे न दोघात हे आपल्या
नजरेला कळू दे ना असंच राहू दे ना
आपलं नातं त्याला उगाच प्रेमाचं नाव
नको देऊस #rusantusht
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$50BN was wiped off the value of @netflix $NFLX this week.
To understand why I'd like to take a different perspective.

I will break down the #brand & #business failings that led to this loss.
In the simple & small thread below 🧵👇
#marketing #brand #Netflix Image

We live in an increasingly impatient world.

We live in a world where we expect everything immediately. We can buy whatever we want, with one click. We can order a taxi, instantly. And stream endless content, whenever we want.

In this increasingly impatient world, $NFLX had a great product-market fit.

-epic amounts of great content.
-content that dropped all at once, no need to wait, just binge it all straightaway.
-no distractions, 100% ad-free.
-very cheap monthly fee.
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#NFTProject Introduction

Let's get sth abt an great project @TinyFacesNFT. And its the analysis made by me @wenser2010 from @glow_dao& @0xGlowDAOCN.

Just for learning and communication, #NFA & #DYOR.
Basic infos:
Mint day:April
How to get wls:fan-arts or give aways and other random choose from leaderboard 5/40 everyday.
Roles:Tiny OGs and Tiny staff in DC.
Simple Analysis:
Team: Doxxed team - Design: @MaximeDeGreve, Belgian in London, designer + developer, both the aesthetic of designers and the serious introspection of engineers, acting very rigorously, previously served in part of Marvel's UI design work.
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The TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Texas Bundle is raising funds for a great cause. I'll do a tweet-long blurb for all 493 games included during the month it's running.

If you're interested in support Trans Rights in Texas, you can find the bundle here:… Image
1. Paradigm Adventures: The Pocket Roleplaying Game by @SeanBurtonQB
For quick RPGs and newcomers alike, this bite-sized agnostic system is meant to minimize the work that can feel overwhelming to new GMs. Only 14 pages long, yet the only limit is the players' imagination! Image
2. Pigsmoke by @potatocubed
Step into the shoes of the faculty of Pigsmoke School of Sorcery, a learning institution for the magically gifted. Combining the fun of a magical world and the obstacles of surviving a teaching job, there's certain to be mirthful laughs for everyone! Image
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A couple years ago @miketrap and I had this exchange about #B2B #brand and #marketing. Since then in my work as a fractional CMO, mentor @mitvms, and in my reading/research, I've looked into this. And now I’ve decided that he is right. 1/95 (in-depth thread)
But not all B2B marketing should be brand, of course. So what’s the right balance for optimal growth? That’s what this thread is about, and fortunately we have a lot of data to use to sort this out. But first, how did we get here? 2/
Over the past decade-plus marketing has gone off the rails. In part this is because of the explosion of martech that @chiefmartec has documented with his annual martech landscape supergraphic. 3/
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Finished up comments on papers for “The Cluetrain Manifesto.” It’s always interesting to read how they wrestle with it. The book is more than 20 years old. The examples are dated. It still resonates, but it resonates differently with time and my students' insights always hit me.
The core of that book is that hierarchical, top-down communication from institutions is being replaced by conversation. It was a prediction in the toddler days of the public, mass internet. It is reality now. What was insight in 2000 is given now
As you read, you realize there is an architectural/philosophical argument to the work. Libertarian views of association and free speech are hardwired into how the web is structured. “Hyperlinks subvert hierarchy.” Links are seditious to the old order. Etc.
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Release #digital products under #company's #brand / #website or create an individual brand for that #product?

What do you choose and why?
1/ #Company #Brand vs. Individual Brand

Large corporations tend to experience the most advantages as multiple brands work together to generate multiple revenue streams.

Small businesses may not have the capital available to start multiple brands.
2/ When the individual #brand structure is better? One of these should apply for products or services:

- serve different #audiences
- have separate #visions and #purposes
- each is strong enough to stand on its own without the endorsement of the parent #brand
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3 Steps of Growth Hacking strategy when you're building #startups or #business brand from scratch without any #digital online presence before
P.S. If you have own tips or tricks of #growth #hacking experience or #distribution, please share it into the comments
Check the thread 👇
1/ Create Twitter account for your #startup or #business brand and make some tweets with your #brand #content to start activity and show #twitter alive status. Also it would add your brand on top of #Google search as its #algorithms crawling very active twitters activity
Next 👇
2/ Make some threads in your twitter account with links on your website (could be up to 10 or more per thread) and unroll it with bots like
@threader_app DR 59
@threadreaderapp DR 75
It would provide good quality #backlinks on your #website to improve your domain ranking
Next 👇
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#Bussiness #dealership

ஒரு ப்ராண்ட்டோட தயாரிப்ப ஊருக்குள்ள உரிமை பெற்று விக்கிறதுதான் #dealers . காலைல பல் விலக்குற பேஸ்ட்ல ஆரம்பிச்சு நைட் படுக்குறப்ப ஆன் பன்ற ஏசி வரை நாட்டோட தலைசிறந்த #brand களை மக்களுகிட்ட விக்கிற பிசினஸ் சாதக பாதகம் பத்தி எனக்கு தெரிஞ்சது
நான் டயர் டீலர்ஷிப் எடுத்த காரணத்தினால அதையே எக்ஸாம்பிள்ள சொல்றேன். எந்த ஒரு டீலர்ஷிப் எடுக்குறதுக்கு முன்னாடியும் அந்த ப்ராடெக்ட்டோட demand, profit(commission), infra structure, logistics, marketing and service இதை பத்தின ஒரு முழு புரிதல் அட்லீஸ்ட் ஓரளவாது தெரிஞ்சுருக்கணும்
Tata, mahindra கார்கள் அதிகமா இருக்க ஊட்டி மாதிரி மலை பிரதேசத்துல போய் Michelin, continental டயர் வித்தா ஒரு பய வாங்க மாட்டான். MRF மாதிரி ப்ராண்டோட டீலர்ஷிப்தான் பெஸ்ட். கிராமங்கள் நிறைஞ்ச மாவட்டத்ல horlicks, boost விக்காதுஅது மாதிரி எங்க என்ன brand டிமாண்டு பாக்கணும்.
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The rewards of investing in #UX - A thread

If your business has a digital product - website or app - and you still haven’t invested in UX, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Read on to find out why investing in UX has a high ROI for your business.
1. Reduce cost down the line

With any new digital product, ⅓ of bugs identified are actual problems; most others are simply usability issues.

These issues can be avoided by relying on #UX tools like #prototyping and #usability testing.
2. Increase conversions

Humans are impatient.

Those complex websites with intricate structures are actually driving your users away.

Designing a simple website/app with an easy-to-navigate IA and
site structure can actually enhance #userexperience and increase conversions.
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7 principles for effective #design

(A short thread)
1. Emphasis

Give emphasis in descending order from the most to the least important piece of information you’re trying to present.
2. Balance and Alignment

Every element has a weight that comes from its colour, size or texture.

Creating balanced, asymmetrical designs is a great way to bring visual interest and movement.
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We want to move @SafaricomPLC from being just a #telco with a #payment #platform #MoMo #mobilemoney #Mpesa to a #technology #company. Going into areas that are more #solutions oriented ... a #lifestyle brand for #individuals, and an empowering #brand for #SMEs@PeterNdegwa_
The #agile way of working is not new since it has been implemented by global #media and #online companies such as @netflix #netflix and @amazon #amazon
“What we are doing now is to #scale. Not everyone will go fully #agile, since departments like #Finance will still operate largely in its traditional way. But those that will be affected will be in the #frontend side of the company such as the #marketing and #technology teams.
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Hari ini, saya akan berbagi sedikit tentang proses pembuatan strategi #DigitalMarketing, baik untuk #brand/corporate maupun untuk #politik. Semoga bermanfaat. Sila komen atau DM jika Anda tertarik.

A thread - part 1. Image
Kita mulai dengan memahami apa itu #DigitalMarketing?

Adalah metode #marketing (pemasaran) dengan memanfaatkan #internet dan teknologi digital berbasis online guna mempromosikan produk, layanan atau tokoh tertentu sebagai #brand.

A thread - part 2. Image
Lalu, mengapa perlu #DigitalMarketing?

Beberapa alasan:
* Biaya lebih ekonomis dibanding marketing tradisional.
* Akses ke audience lebih luas.
* Jangkauan lebih personal, e.g. via #mobile.
* Tracking jelas terkait hasil.
* Trend kontemporer & masa depan.

A thread - part 2. Image
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Dear @ProjectLincoln comrades:

Totally agree about what a #brand is/represents!

It´s a major, probably the biggest responsibility someone can have with oneself, their collaborators / clients / local communities / country & global community.
#BRANDING | Luiz Botelho Biz | WHAT BUSINESS ARE YOU IN? | 25.02.2021 - v.1.0 - #1
#BRANDING | Luiz Botelho Biz | The #brandidentity #Prism | 25.02.2021 - v.1.0 - #2

Ref.: #Tese: "Prisma de Identidade de Marca: perspectiva para evolução do modelo" | via #TEDE @puc_sp…
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CINTAILAH. Ajakan Pak @jokowi untuk benci produk asing sebagai bentuk dukungan #produk #lokal tentu memiliki motif baik. Ini juga seiringan dengan tren #konsumen #dunia selama #pandemi. Namun, kebangkitan "#lokalisme" ini justru didasari #cinta bukan #benci. Kita bahas👇
#Lokalisme, menjadi suatu tren yang ditimbulkan akibat #pandemi #COVID19. Riset dari @Kantar, menyebutkan bahwa ada gejala #konsumen di #dunia cenderung lebih memilih #brand dan #produk dari dalam #negeri-nya sendiri. Mengapa?

#local #lokal #jokowi #umkm #perdagangan #asing
Kini, #konsumen di #dunia ikut melibatkan faktor #emosi dalam membeli #produk. Kehadiran #brand lokal yang masih mungil tapi mudah direach memberi peluang konsumen untuk diapproach lebih #personal oleh si #brand. Ada #intimacy dari relasi keduanya.

#lokalisme #local #jokowi #ukm
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Hmmm, sebenernya tanpa harus pake propaganda "benci asing", tren konsumen dunia mengarah ke produk lokal. Orang condong mencari "lokalisme", karena bisa memberi personal touch dari produk yang dihasilkan #brand lokal. Ada intimacy.

Harusnya yang dijaga ya UMKMnya. Mengapa?
Merespons statement yang niatnya baik dari Presiden ini👇

📽Tempo Image
Sebaiknya dikongkritkan bukan hanya mengajak membenci produk asing. Karena tren naiknya konsumsi brand lokal itu, lahirndari orang yang sebenarnya ingin mencari cinta kok. Bukan benci.

Jangan lupa vote kalo mau dibahas, tapi kalo ada topik lain reply juga ya idenya!
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A story can be the most compelling way to get people to engage with marketing.

Here are some lessons I've learned over the years
Don't just give facts. Tell a story fueled by facts to get your point across.
- @perryhewitt
The story is about the customer. your #brand is just a plot point in their story.
- @BuddyScalera
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1/ Well informed and thoughful thread on changed #COVID19 #vaccination priorities in UK. Thanks @sandyddouglas #Scientific advice to govt here and it's...…
2/ worth remembering that when you have #booster for #tetanus #hepatitis or whatever, no one asks what #brand was used last time. With #COVID19 it's also ...
3/ important to know the scientific advice *will change again and again* in the coming weeks and months. This doesn't mean it is wrong now. It is what #followingthescience looks like, on speed, during #COVID19 from normal. This is...
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Do You Understand the Anatomy of Your Brand?

Follow @CompleteDigi for Digital Learning.

#DigitalMarketing #marketing #brand #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #SEO #PPC #DigitalIndia #DataScience #CompleteDigi @_DigitalIndia @startupindia @Brands_India

A company's brand is the backbone of its operations – it informs business strategies, internal and external communications, and business development and marketing programs.

#DigitalMarketing #marketing #brand #SundayMorning #SundayThoughts #SundayMotivation #ML
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Can't wait to see which #brand makes the bad 9/11 tweet today
Spaghettios might take the cake but I have faith
so far Krugman is in the lead I guess
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Take: Amari Cooper is the best WR in the NFL
My top 5 WR’s in the NFL:

1) Amari Cooper
2) Michael Thomas
3) Deandre Hopkins
4) Davante Adams
5A) TyFREAK Hill
5B) Julio Jones
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#WWF storytelling as they #greenwash corporate #plunder & bear responsibility for the displacement, torture & murder of #Indigenous peoples:

"Building a sustainable & equitable future. For nature. For you."

Reality: "The financialization of #nature" Image
To obtain the required social license, the ruling class devised a strategy. A corporate campaign that would harness the momentum of the youth - to achieve the ruling class objectives & desired goals. #NewDealForNature

#Uganda ImageImageImageImage
An apt reminder for the aforementioned tweet - that TIME is wholly owned by Salesforce founder/CEO Marc Benioff - #WEF Board of Trustees & Chair, WEF Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

#VoiceForThePlanet & #NewDealForNature - sister campaigns of #WEF, #WWF, #UN, #4IR ImageImageImage
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Reliance Jio is in "Technology Commodity Market". Design ripoff by JioMeet & JioChat affirms this underlying message in the market. Technology as a commodity is different from (1)(#JioMeet #JioChat #commodity #Commodities #RelianceJio #Jio #UX #Design #Market) ImageImage
Software as a commodity. White-label apps, framework & platform were in the market since a long time that are the example of Software as a commodity. Commodity trading is one of the oldest practice. Traditional companies environment are well equipped with (2)(#trading)
commodity legalities, so as India Trade & Legal Ecosystem. Reliance Jio have turn the table in their favor from bureaucracy, regulatory & legal perspective. It could also be possible that (3)(#trade #legal #bureaucracy #regulatory)
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