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I opened the door.
“Pastor” I screamed.
“Honey, It is the work of the devil. She seduced me.” Pastor Oamen (My husband to be) begged pointed at Bimbo who withdrew her mouth from his erect penis.

Brethren, Issa thread.
#terrifictuesday #TuesdayMotivation
“Ladies and Gentlemen, with a standing ovation make welcome, A woman of honour, a role model, philanthropist, business tycoon and humanitarian. Mrs Eno Oamen.” Said the MC.
An excited crowd cheered as she Mounted the podium.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, I didn’t plan to be motivational speaker. Life made me one. My story should be a lesson to you all who want to get married.” Said Eno.
I was 30 and unmarried after many failed relationships. The pressure from my family was unbearable.
Watching your younger ones get married before you was like a taboo in an African home. The stigma was indescribable as desperation set in.
I had gone to several mountains to pray. But none came.
I was transferred to Benin to head a branch of my company’s firm.

First Sunday in Benin, I decided to worship at the church next door.
In a church of about 2,000 members a shy me stood up when they called out for first timers.
The pastor walked across to greet us personally. He had a bright smile. I must confess, he was charming.
I could see lots of single ladies drool over him.
“I am pastor Oamen. Welcome to Fire brand ministries and you’re?” He said softly as he stretched out his hands to shake us. I noticed there was no ring.

“I’m Eno. My pleasure meeting you.”
“Hope to see you next Sunday.” He smiled.

I nodded in affirmation.
I attended the church frequently because of the proximity to my house and most importantly, how fast the service ended.
Weeks passed. Service had ended. As I set to leave, A lady called out.
“Sister, Pastor wants to see you.” I looked at his direction. He signalled me with a wave
“Please wait at my office, I’ll join you shortly.”

Minutes later he walked in.
“Sister Eno, lets get straight to the point.”
“I’ve been praying tirelessly for a wife. For the first time, God showed me clearly. I had never seen vision so clearly. It was you.”

I was shocked.
Despite my desperation for a husband, I never thought of marrying a pastor.

My past was not so pleasant to be called mummy G.O.
Put yourself in my condition why would you have done?
"Pastor, I’ll have to pray about it.” I said.

“I know this is a tough decision for you, But we shouldn’t doubt the Holy Spirit. Bring your hands lets pray.”
Still in shock he pulled my hands closer to him.
“Rama-shaka-reboko! I can feel it even more as I hold your hands. Oh God! Bless this union!” He prayed in heavenly tongues as tears streamed down his cheeks.
We exchanged numbers and I left.

At home, I had a mixed feeling of nervousness and excitement. I barely knew him.
I felt this was my answered prayers.
As weeks went by, He called frequently, we Hung out privately.

Dating a pastor was a new experience. I had to be very careful whenever I expressed myself. I couldn’t discuss worldly things. I felt a harmless kiss or the thought of Sex before marriage was a taboo to him.
Outside the cloak of the ministry, the only thing I knew about him was his surname and the fact that His Late parents who died in a plane crash, founded the church he ministered. We agreed to keep the relationship on a low profile.
On this fateful day. He invited me over to his office.

“I’m expecting some Men of God for my next conference. Take this, prepare something for them” He said handling his His house Key and ATM with a note containing his pin.

“Yes Sir.” I said.
I was keen to show him the level of wife material I was. I headed to his house. It was a well furnished duplex in the heart of Benin City. The Compound was Massive. I was welcomed by the gatemen and security who guarded the place. It was a long walk from the gate to the mansion.
I did a quick survey of his kitchen to find out what needed to be bought.

I didn’t want to sound rude by rejecting his ATM initially, I placed his ATM on his TV stand and set for the market.
In a flash I breezed into the market. withdrew 25k from my account and shopped for the house.

On getting home from the market, I saw some members dressed casually walking freely around his premises. I realised he didn’t live alone.
“In a haste I prepared 3 soups and a stew. It was mouth watering, garnished with assorted meats. It was the best I had ever done.”
I had barely dropped the stew from the fire when I heard his car drive in.

In joy I rushed out to welcome him when he pushed me aside.
“Are you cooking for the whole world? Why would you withdraw N100k to cook soup?” He yelled showing me the repeated debit alerts on his phone.
I was shocked.
“I didn’t….”
“Shut Up! You don’t talk when I’m talking.” He interrupted.
Being lied against was the last thing I could tolerate. I had to speak out.

“I Used my Money to cook, I dropped your ATM on your TV.”
“Liar!” He yelled.
“I’m not a liar.” I retorted
At this time other church members at the Boys quarters had stepped out.
His reply.
Angrily, I walked out on him to produce his ATM. I was stopped by a resounding slap on my cheek.
“You don’t walk out on your man of God.” He asserted and walked away.
The members kept mute as the slap echoed.
It looked like they were silenced by a remote control.
I was torn between anger and surprise of what had just happened.
100k was an insult to my personality.

I went in picked my handbag, stopped at the nearest ATM, withdrew 100k, dropped it with his security and left.
I cried all night. I couldn’t place if it was the fact I lost another man or being called a thief.
I swore never to step foot in that church.
The next morning. I got a knock on my door. Pastor Oamen and 2 police men were at my door.
“Arrest her.” He yelled.
Before I could utter a word, I was bundled into the police Van.
At the station, I called my Lawyer.
I couldn’t believe a boyfriend would do this talk more, a man of God.
“Another 100k was withdrawn from my account earlier today.” He showed the debit alerts which proved ATM withdrawals of 20k in 5places.

I convinced my lawyer, I had no Idea on that. For the first time I was given a chance to explain everything that happened that day.
“You claim to have placed the ATM on my TV stand, but I didn’t see it that day.” He asserted.
“Do you have a CCTV in your house?” My lawyer asked.
“You should have checked It, before accusing my Client Wrongly.”

We headed to his house and played through his CCTV.
On the clip, I was shown dropping his ATM on the TV stand.

Hours later Sister Nneka walked in with 2 men to service the AC.
As she stepped into the room to get money to settle them, we saw One of them use the opportunity to steal the ATM and the note.

Alas I was vindicated.
Immediately, Pastor Oamen begged for forgiveness.
What would you have done?
My lawyer sued for damages of 1million. I refused to grant it because I felt innocent members would end up contributing for it.

“I just need my 125k.” I said
He quickly transferred it to my account.
My lawyer left angrily.
I stopped attending services.

Pastor Oamen called everyday, I blocked his number. All efforts to reach me proved futile.
Weeks Later.
My parents summoned me. It was a 2hrs drive from Benin to Asaba where my family was based.

I was surprised to see Pastor Oamen and my parents in the Compound.
“What are you doing here?” I yelled angrily.
My mum dragged me inside.
“Men are scarce. A bird at hand is worth more than thousands in the bush. You have one at hand and you are shouting trash.”
"Mum, You have no idea what I went through.”
“Shut up, Do you know what I endured with your father? If you cannot tolerate that small misunderstanding, you will never get married.”

I couldn't process the shock on hearing that from my mum.
She urged me to greet him warmly at the parlour.

Angrily, I walked straight to my car and zoomed off straight to Benin. To the surprise of Mum, dad and pastor Oamen.
I was on my way to work when some Elders and deacons of the church stood at the entrance of my house.

Pastor Oamen stepped out.
“Eno I am sorry for everything , I’ve caused. I regret my actions. I keep seeing you in my visions. Please give me another chance.” He begged.
I Ignored him.
The elders pleaded on his behalf.
I felt embarrassed when seeing him on on his knees in the presence of his deacons. He was totally different from the man who slapped me few days ago.

I lifted him up.
Reluctantly I forgave him.
We hugged. We were back in a relationship. I ignored the red flags.
Everything went smooth.
It didn't take long for brethren to figure out we had an affair. As the gossip began to spread.
It was the happiest day of My life when he knelt down to propose on a Wednesday service in the presence of his members.

His puppy dog eyes were hard to resist as he asked the 4 words many girls would die to hear. “Will you marry me?”
Say Yes! Say Yes! The congregation screamed.

‘Yes Yes!” I replied as tears of joy streamed down my cheeks.
The ring was beautiful. As it slid down my finger, I felt like a victor. It was a dream come through.

I could see disappointments written all over the faces of the ladies who wanted to be in my position.
The proposal trended on social media.
My parents were excited on hearing the news.

A wedding date was fixed after our introduction.
We began preparations for the wedding which was scheduled in a month’s time.
Few days to the wedding.
My company surprised me with a cheque of 1million as their contribution to my wedding. I was so excited. I abandoned everything I was doing and rushed to the church which was 2 streets away from my office.
In excitement I entered pastor Oamen’s office.
“Madam, pastor is busy with a member. Please wait for him to finish.” Said The secretary.

“This is very urgent.” I showed her the cheque of 1million Naira.
“You should have told me. Pastor loves this kind of distraction.” She quickly dialled his intercom. I ended the call before it rang.
“Shhh! I want to surprise him with it.”

I opened the door and behold.
I saw Bimbo the Choir mistress sucking his dick.
“Pastor!” I screamed.
“Honey, It is the work of the devil. She seduced me.” He begged pointing at Bimbo who withdrew her mouth from his erect penis.
I fainted. The shock was too much to bear.
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I woke up expecting a dream, but the harsh reality still faced me.

He begged and swore heaven and hell. He urged me to consider the reputation of the church.
What would you have done?
I saw all kinds of Red flags on him. At the same time I thought of the reputation of the church. The disaster it could bring. My family’s happiness. Different things crossed my mind.
After much persuasions from him. I forgave him and proceeded to marry him.
Wedding day.

Like a sacrificial lamb, I marched to the Altar and recited my vows with a heavy heart. I saw the joy on everybody’s face. I faked a smile. Yet, The Agony in my heart was bitter.

That was just a tip of worse things to come later in life for me.
***END OF PART1***

I will post the concluding part same time next Tuesday.

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