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¿De dónde viene la palabra fornicar? 🏛
La palabra fornicar procede del latín “fornix” (fornice) que representaba la zona abovedada de ciertas edificaciones en el antiguo Imperio Romano.
#Roma #Fornix #Civilizacion
El #fornix, era el lugar situado bajo los puentes, callejones u otros edificios, donde habitualmente se encontraban las prostitutas de la época romana con sus clientes. Así, las prostitutas mantenían relaciones sexuales en este lugar con total tranquilidad...
.. reconociendo socialmente que esos encuentros se producían sin vínculo conyugal. De ahí que la Iglesia se haya referido posteriormente a este término para asociar todas las relaciones sexuales ilícitas, esto es, las que se producían fuera del matrimonio.
#Historia #Roma
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Older adults in the Czech Republic who are in newly formed or less traditional relationship types (e.g. Living-Apart-Together) report a higher frequency of sexual activity than married people…
#SexRightsAge #sex #ageing #czechrepublic
Those who are dating or living-apart-together show the highest sexual frequency and lowest incidence of chronic disease.

These findings 'suggest that sexual activity is intertwined with later-life relationships and sexual frequency may vary according to the relationship type'
The authors conclude that 'Future research may benefit from probing the extent to which partnered sex is important for maintaining bonds between older partners with separate households' #SexRightsAge
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1. This is a Malaysian Dead Leaf Mantis.

One of the over 2,400 Mantis species.

This starts an interesting thread with some great mantis videos.

Stay tuned.

➡️ RT

#insects #nature #wildlife #mantis #NaturePhotography #science #photography #videos

2. Mantises, like many nature related subjects, is something you can read about in The Planet newsletter.

Subscribe to The Planet and start your day with stories about the beauty of nature, or threats like climate change.

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3/11. If you see an insect with a triangular head, bulging eyes, sitting upright with arms folded like in prayer, it is likely a ‘praying’ mantis.

Here is an example. It is not praying, but eating a bumblebee.

#bees #mantises #insectphotography

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A #story of an #afternoon of 1971 #Bengal.
A beautiful,fair glowing skinned,#generalclass, #traditional, #Hinduwoman used to live with her #husband (who used to work in railways) and her 15yrs old #son & 4 years old #Daughter.
She was also a prime worshipper of Maa Durga...
Some years ago, when her #son was of 13 yrs, he started showing his interest in #Politics and started being with #hinduextremists.
He also started going to #akharas,for #gym work and #shastravidya.
Onto which he was #punished by not given #food for a #day by...
his mother, as she wanted him to be an #Engineer and become #rich.
The son left his interest, and started #studying in guidence of his #mother.
It was the time of #Bangladeshliberation #war, when he went to a nearby #Temple with his mother and #sister one #evening ...
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#GetVaccinated vs. #COVID. Vaccines stave off hospitalization, death and even worse for some people, sexual performance. Let's discuss some of the math, pros and cons, and adverse effects and that sexual performance thing. THREAD:…
2/ Most who are dying or are being hospitalized are unvaccinated. The vaccines don't give 100% immunity, but they are free, easy, painless and provide good protection. They also greatly decrease the impact of COVID if you do get it.…
3/ COVID vaccines don't magnetize you and are too small to insert a tracker. Regardless, the government can already track you through your phone, computer, email, credit cards, social media, etc., etc., etc. Fully vaccinated folks are now <1% of deaths.…
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Früher war das #Essay die Königsdisziplin des Foijdong. Kluge, Enzensberger, Bohrer, Cioran etc. Heute sehen wir einen Überbietungswettbewerb in Stupidität in diesem Genre, der sich von Welt über NZZ bis zur FAZ zieht. Der Artikel von Sciuto von heute, fälschlicherweise als 1/
Essay tituliert, ist einer der Beispiele, dass wir, die Leser*innen, von der Zeitung bezahlt werden müssten, um ihn zu lesen.
Um ihm gerecht zu werden, dieser Anhäufung von Missverständnissen, sprachlichen Fehlern und Borniertheit, werde ich im Sinne des #TruthSandwich ein 2/
paar Erkenntnisse voranstellen.
1. Das biologische Geschlecht (von Menschen), #sex, ist ein askriptives Merkmal. Es wird zugeschrieben. Nicht von Eltern, Ärzten, Hebammen sondern durch Verwaltungsakt. In Deutschland macht das ein Standesbeamter oder eine -beamtin. Wie jeder 3/
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Thread about #painless #birth

Did you have painless contractions?
Tell me your #birthstory
#momlife #pregnancy #OXYTOCIN…
I think this topic might trigger some in particular, bc of the #religious belief that #WomenMustSuffer

#christian cultural training:
In their origin story,
the women was the reason #EveAndAdam were damned. Because of Eve’s failure,
they believe
#childbirth must hurt.
#Childbirth was never expected to hurt, can trigger many people who had bad experiences.

Every birth is both physical
AND psychological.
Christians tend to have painful births bc they are TERRIFIED.

The curse of Eve
works on believers.
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Langer Thread, CN #Prostitution
In meiner feministischen "Bubble" gibt es viele, die von "#Sexarbeit" & von "der sexuellen Selbstbestimmung der Frau" sprechen, wenn es um Prostitution geht und das Thema aufgeworfen wird.
Der Alltag des Gros der Prostituierten in Deutschland ist aber weitab von irgendeiner Selbstbestimmung, weder sexuell noch finanziell noch irgendetwas. Ich bin sehr dafür, dass Menschen, die selbstbestimmt ihren Körper für sexuelle Dienstleistungen anbieten wollen,
das tun können, ohne Frage. Das darf aber nicht auf Kosten derjenigen gehen, die täglich unter den unsäglichen Bedingungen von #Straßenstrich, #Laufhaus und #Bordelle'n leiden. Und das sind die Allerallermeisten.
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"These so-called founders will then passively spread the #vaccine to other animals they encounter either by #touch, #sex, #nursing, or #breathing the same air."…
"For at least 20 years, scientists have been experimenting with such self-spreading #vaccines, work that continues to this day, and which has gained the attention of the US #military."
2020: "We are now poised to begin developing self-disseminating vaccines targeting a wide range of human pathogens, [] decisions remain about how they can be most effectively designed & used to target pathogens w/ a #highrisk of spillover &/or emergence."…
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Today at 2.30 we will be giving evidence to Women & Equalities Committee alongside @fairplayforwomen @filia_pix #womenatwesc Thank you for all your messages and long-standing support. Nothing about us without us.
Our portfolio of written consultation submissions relating to the rights of women including this #WESC consultation can be viewed here

We welcome our new followers watching #WomenatWESC

We are a left wing feminist organisation

To read our manifesto & our campaigns 👇🏿…
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"I had a discussion with a #medical doctor who expressed shock at some combinations of drugs bring used for high #bloodpressure. He was of the opinion that some of them affect the #potency or libido (sexual drive) of #men." Dr Olumide Okuneye (CoachMide)

#Family #Motivation #Sex
I have been bothered. I am sure you will be a bit bothered as well. Over the past few years, many people have died. However the trend has been that so many of the deaths are blood pressure related!
Dr Olumide Okuneye (CoachMide)

#Health #tuesdaymotivations
What is more sad is the fact that the #male gender is the one mostly affected.

In my interaction with friends and all, I have also seen that high #blood pressure seem to be rampart among the male gender too and with less care sometimes has sent many #men to early graves

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The UK has reached a tragic milestone measured in #COVID19 deaths. We @GlobalHlth5050 track deaths & cases (& more) in the UK & 186 other countries around🌎

👇Thread on global importance of #sex-disaggregated data (spoiler alert: includes startling revelation from @PHE_uk )
In England (as in most countries) we have seen that there are differences between men & women along the clinical pathway, from testing to death.

Data from England
Much of the higher death rate in men is in older age groups (and we know that ethnicity is a big driver too):

Death rates per 100,000 people in England, by age and sex
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Und jetzt auch noch dies:

#Syphilis breitet sich in #Sachsen rasant aus…
Sorry liebe Leute, mit der Überschrift

"#Syphilis breitet sich in #Sachsen rasant aus"

wurden wohl bestimmte Meinungsbilder über einen möglichen Zusammenhang von #Corona-#Leugnern bzw. #Maskengegnern und deren #Sexualverhalten angesprochen.

Ist aber ein ernstes Thema.
So sei in #Sachsen die Zahl der mit #Syphilis Infizierten 2019 binnen eines Jahres von 247 auf 373 angestiegen.

"In keinem anderen Bundesland hat sich die Fallzahl so stark erhöht", erklärte der Bundestagsabgeordnete CDU-Politiker Alexander Krauß und forderte mehr #Aufklärung.
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Infinite Spiders, playwright, @johnsteppling

"If you go to, say, Amazon and under books type in #Philosophy, or Philosophy/Truth…you will get a litany of books with the phrase “post #truth” in the title. It is, apparently, a #posttruth world now."…
"This is related to what I experience as absent in daily life. Post truth is post experience in some sense. As Cory Morningstar put it in our podcast (#25); 'we are being reprogrammed'."

[#SocialEngineerring - a prerequisite for transition to #4IR]
"Of course the more profound elements of the #reprogramming are to be found in the #digital revolution. There is no way to overemphasize the impact of the internet & its various platforms....

Societies of the west are increasingly demoralized...."
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Many people have #syphilis but don't know. They keep spreading it to others through kisses, sex, etc.

We're seeing more cases of complicated syphilis in hospitals recently. But it can be treated & prevented... THREAD 🧵

Retweet for awareness
Syphilis is a Sexually Transmitted Infection, STI.

That means you get it mainly from having unprotected vaginal, anal or oral #sex!

That's why syphilis is spreading most rapidly among our sexually active ladies & guys.
Syphilis is caused by this tiny spiral germ called Treponema palladium.
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“Waaaaah! Waaaaah!” The first initial joyous cries of a newborn are followed by the
proclamation of, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” Upon a cursory look at a newborn’s genitalia,...

#trans #mtf #transgender #transsexual #sculpture #representation #art


1/4 Image
the infant’s #sex is identified and declared as either male or female. While this is a seemingly trivial
moment, for #transgender individuals it is a defining moment they cannot escape for the rest of
their live....

Transgender individuals are often confused as #homosexual, #crossdressers, #gay, #queer, or........

#trans #mtf #transgender #transsexual #statues #sculpture #representation #art
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ATTN #CBD stakeholders: @US_FDA today holding scientific conf. on CBD/other #cannabinoids. I'll be live tweeting throughout. Not sure we'll get much insight on immediate path forward for consumer products but I'll share noteworthy observations. Agenda:
I'll be paying particular attention to @DrAbernethyFDA's remarks at 9:05a (head of #FDA's #CBD Policy Working Group) and @DThrockmortonMD's keynote at 9:15a (one of Agency's principals for regulating R&D, manufacture & marketing of #cannabis & cannabis-derived #drug products).
And we're underway! First up is Kaveeta Vasisht, MD, PharmD. Associate Commissioner for Women’s
Health and Director, Office of Women’s Health, FDA. She's noting ubiquity of #CBD products in marketplace, many of which are targeted to #women.
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About #pledges, elected legislators and listening to diverse opinions: we are concerned that our representatives at #Westminster & in the #Senedd don’t adopt positions which eradicate the reality of same-sex attraction & the protected characteristic of #sexualorientation 1/14
Some MPs, for instance, have endorsed the Labour ‘LGBT+’ Pledge. We give the benefit of the doubt; maybe they haven’t thought it through. We hope the #Senedd, looking at a forthcoming Action Plan allegedly about us, makes sure it considers our views in putting it together. 2/14
We want training for #RSE teachers, including the importance of watchful waiting, rigorous #safeguarding & refusal of #transingawaythegay. NSPCC guidance is clear about #secrets 3/14
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As I lie down on the couch and you kiss me starting from my lips down through my neck slowly one peck at a time reach just above my pant kiss my dick through my pants and then lick all the way up to the neck and bite my neck and mark me as you slowly unbutton my pants nd unzip me
I pull my pants down and throw them on the floor as you slowly move back down and lie on the couch with your face between my legs as you kiss my dick through my underwear
it twitches every time it feels the warmth of your lips on it as you lightly suck it’s tip through the underwear as the underwear gets wet you feel it’s tip throbbing inside your mouth and you feel it’s full thickness and think to yourself if you can take it all in
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So I pin you against the wall Each hand of mine Holding a hand of yours as I take them further apart and spread you out on the wall And begin kissing you I feel your boobs pressing against me and squeezing between us and I start getting hard and rub myself against you
You feel it hard and stiff and let out a moan as I bite your lip I hold both your hands together above your head And hold you like that and start kissing you As my finger trails through your neck down to your pants I unzip them Pull them down And insert my fingers into you
And start moving them inside you I feel you squeeze my fingers inside It turns me on more My lips moving down And I reach between your legs I lift a leg and keep it on my shoulder as I begin to kiss you between your legs
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It is deeply disappointing that @UKLabour (my party) has allowed this racist & utterly regressive #Tory government to present itself as the protector of women's rights & children's safety. The current #Labour stance is wrong in so many ways it is hard to know where to begin. /1
Firstly we must be clear that for the Tories this is a risk-free & cynical act of political expediency that fits with their petty nationalist narrative that presents the left as an aloof "metropolitan elite". The same Tories have impoverished & marginalised women over the... /2
...past decade of austerity and they have failed to act upon the growing tide of male violence & sexual exploitation faced by women & girls. Anyone drawing the conclusion that a vote for the Tories is a vote for women is sadly mistaken. /3
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This is my first time teaching our new #online topics in #biology course for #masters students. Our focal theme this semester: #UrbanEcology & #urban #evolution.

We are on our 4th seminar & paper discussion (fascilitated by @perusall !) and some of the side-convos coming up are excellent! Like...

🏙️#CitizenScience: how to standardize, do it ethically, and communicate with the public?
(Prompted by…)

🏙️#Sex biases in the individuals studied in the lab & field. Why is it more often males of a species? What data are we missing because of that bias? 🤔
(Prompted by:…)

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