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The trauma of being dickmatised set in barely 5days into Segun's departure for South Africa.
Adjusting to a new life without him was difficult.
6months seemed like 6centuries.

Brethren, issa thread.
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Before we proceed lets have a recap of PT 1& 2.
Bisi was in a relationship with Segun. Her sexual urges were uncontrollable. This led to series of abortions

Según travelled to SA on a 6month training for his new position at work.
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Let’s get down to business.
Shall we?

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Biko nu!
“How was the experience when he left? how did you pull through?” The counsellor asked.
“It was a tough experience. Let me continue.” Bisi replied.
I had sleepless nights. The urges were uncontrollable. I had never been a fan of masturbation. It felt awkward on several attempts. Nothing could replace Segun. I just gave up.
It was my first experience in a distant relationship. I wondered how people survived it.
While I wallowed in frustration, I was interrupted by a phone call.
It was segun. My heart raced in anticipation for the voice that set my soul on fire.

“Hello baby, Daddy misses you.” He said
“You have no Idea of what I’m going through. I miss you badly.”
“Hmm, I know. It will take a miracle for you to survive this.”
“Yes baby. I wish I could come over.”
“Uh uh. I have an Idea.” He said
“What dear?” I asked.
“What if we start sending Nudes. It could keep us going.”
“Not a bad Idea but nothing thrills me more than you.”
“Promise me you won’t cheat on me.” He asked.
“Baby, I swear with my life.” I asserted.
Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door.

“Baby hold on let me check who’s at the door”
I opened to see Jerry.
“Jerry!” I screamed.
“Whose Jerry?" Segun asked over the phone.”
“He’s a childhood friend. I’ll call you back.”
“OK dear. Play safe O! Control am O!”
“Trust me.” I hung up
Jerry! What brings you to Nigeria?
“I’m done with school. I’m fully back. Just thought of seeing you before greeting others in the neighborhood.”
“Wow, You look big and matured. Look at you. Last time here was a desert.” I said fondling his well-groomed beards I wished segun had.
“Hahahaha. You’ve changed too. Bigger boobs, wider hips and an ass to die for.” He grinned with an accent.

“Nutty boy. That part of you hasn’t changed.”

“I can swear with my life you’re no longer the shy virgin girl I used to know.” He grinned.
“Go joor.” I blushed.
“I bought this for you.” He said brandishing a collection of Rihanna’s Fenty beauty.
“Oh my God, I love this. Thank you.”
“And this.” He removed the I-watch on the wrist.
“Wow! I can’t thank you enough.” I blushed.
“Say no more dear.” He grinned.
“I’ll come back later in the evening to greet dad and mum. For now I have to greet my homeboys in the hood.”
“Ok. Take care.”
“We have a lot of catching up to do.”

He left.
“Sorry to interrupt. Who is Jerry?” the counsellor asked.
“Jerry is my childhood friend. We were very close before he travelled to UK on a scholarship from an IT firm. After college he stayed back for his masters. I hadn’t seen him in 5 years.” Bisi replied.
“When you say close, how close? Break it down.” The counsellor enquired.

“My dad and Jerry’s dad were colleagues and close friends. They built their houses side by side in the estate. We grew up together from the age of 6; he was 3years older than me, I could tell him anything
“I was 15 and Naïve when Jerry started throwing sexual advances at me.
Being a virgin I never let my guard down. It stopped when I told his parents about it. We were still cool as friends before he got the scholarship.”
“Did segun ever meet him?” The counsellor asked.
“No. Segun moved into the Neighbourhood 2 years after he left”
“Ok, Continue with the story. The counsellor urged.”
That evening Jerry returned with his parents. My parents were excited to see him. They marvelled at the gifts he bought for them.
While his parents discussed at the parlor, he met me at the balcony.

“Hey pretty. Like I said earlier, we have a lot of catching up to do.”
“Yeah. How has UK been?”
“Fine. I’ll be resuming work in lagos next week. How about you? what have you been up to?”
“I just graduated. Waiting on service.”

We spent the whole evening reminiscing on the past.
Then he asked the question I was expecting.
“Are you in a relationship?”
“Yes. In a serious one. His name is Segun.” I said without bating an eyelid. Although Jerry was more flashy, and a perfect piece of temptation to quench my urges; I wasn’t ready to betray my loyalty to Segun
“Wow! tell me about him?”

“He works at Multichoice. He’s currently in South Africa on training for his new position.” I bragged.

“Coincidentally my fiancee got a job with @MultiChoice on graduation. She’s also in capetown for a training. What a small world. Segun may know her.”
“Your girlfriend. tell me about her?”

“Her name is Betty. We schooled at University of Hull together. Her family moved to Abuja recently. Her dad is currently the minister of tourism.”

“Wow, good one. safe to say we are currently facing the challenge of a distant relationship.”
“Yeah. Can I ask another question?” he asked.
“Go ahead.”
“Are you still a virgin?”
“Nah. Segun popped the cherry.” I grinned.
There was one thing Jerry and I had in common. We could talk dirty.

“He’s such a lucky bastard. Hope he took care of the garden properly before leaving.”

“Sure, he pruned it and watered it regularly before leaving.” I winked.
“Damn! Growing up you had a very wild imagination. I can imagine all the things you’ve done with him. I wish you gave me a chance.”

“Chance ke. With that little thing you were carrying back then.” I said pointing at his manhood.
“Look at you. You were just a naïve virgin with a rotten tongue. Besides that thing you called little is now a bulldozer. It has destroyed many foundations and flooded many dry grounds. Don’t underrate my magic stick. Betty can testify” He grinned.
We burst into laughter.

“Jerry, its late. We have to go.” His Mum interrupted.
“Bisi. Take care we will talk better tomorrow.”
Despite the frequency of Jerry's visits I still kept my relationship with segun a priority. I was glad Jerry respected my relationship.
Communications with segun was normal. on several occasions he enquired about Jerry.
I had to quench his suspicions by letting him speak with Jerry. It didn’t take much description for segun to match Jerry’s description of betty. Segun knew her.
They say the best way to quench fire is to starve it of fuel.
As weeks passed. Exchanging nudes with Segun became boring. Nothing could replace the original.
Gradually my attention began to drift towards Jerry.
I began to see him in my dreams. I began to anticipate his visits.
I subconsciously compared him with Segun.
On this fateful day.
Jerry visited.

“I’ve been working on something behind the scenes for you.”
“What is it?”
“I spoke to my boss about needing an Intern. He obliged. I believe this will keep you busy while you wait on service.” He said handing me an employment letter.
With joy I checked it. The remuneration was 40k.
“Wow, thank you so much Jerry.”
“Don’t I deserve a hug?” He grinned as he signalled me to come closer.
“You deserve more than that.” I walked towards him, hugged him and planted a kiss on his forehead.

The hug was warm. I missed the feeling.
Jerry tried to release himself but I held him tight.
“Bisi, I’m glad you appreciate this. Can I go now?” He asked.
“Please stay with me. I want you.” I held tighter
“Bisi, this is getting awkward. We may lose control if we stay longer.”
“I don’t care. I’ve been battling with my urges.” I whispered in his ears channelling my hands down his crotch.

“Bisi you need to stop this.” He said pushing my hands away.
I pulled my gown. I could see his eyes bulge at my nakedness.

Then I said.👇
Put yourself in Jerry’s shoes what will you do?
He quickly covered me.
“If you weren’t in a relationship, I would have taken advantage of this opportunity. I understand your man is toiling hard to make you happy. Please don’t disappoint him.”

My reaction.
Though I admired the gentleman in Jerry, It was a bitter pill to swallow.
“I have to go now. Get set for tomorrow. I’ll pick you on my way to work.” I held my head in shame as he left.

They say an idle man is the devils workshop.
The part time job kept me busy. As weeks turned into months, I was able to overcome the urges.
Jerry played an instrumental role in making me focus more on my relationship with segun.
6 months went in a flash. The day I wished for finally arrived
My call up letter came up the same day segun was set to return. I was posted to serve in Niger state and given 2 weeks to report
Jerry took a weeks leave to see betty at Abuja.

I eagerly awaited Segun’s arrival.
It was a joyful moment at the airport when I saw him.
At home.
While Segun searched through his luggage for the gifts he got me, I held him close.
“Segun, let’s not beat around the bush. There’s no greater gift than quenching these urges I’ve stored for months.” I said while I unzipped him.
“Stop it Betty… Bisi.” He stuttered.
My reaction.
"You Just called me Betty.
He ignored my question.
“Bisi, I called you here for another reason.”
“What is it?”
He held my hands and said softly.“While I was in SA, I got to understand relationship is not just about sex. I had a lot of thoughts about us and I came to a conclusion.
"You Just called me Betty.
He ignored my question.
“Bisi, I called you here for another reason.”
“What is it?”
He held my hands and said softly.“While I was in SA, I got to understand relationship is not just about sex. I had a lot of thoughts about us and I came to a conclusion.
My heart raced fast. I could not imagine staying away from sex till marriage.
“Are you saying we should abstain till marriage?” I asked.

There was a long pause.

If I end it here you guys will finish me.
“Segun say something.” I begged.

After much deliberation he managed to say...
“I don’t see a future in this relationship. Let’s end it.”
A cold shiver ran down my spine.
I pinched myself to check if I was dreaming.
Tears streamed down my eyes.

“Segun, don’t do this to me.” I knelt down begging.
“Bisi, You’ve been a bad influence in my life. I need to concentrate on my future.” He asserted.

“I love you segun. I’m willing to change. Please don’t leave me.” I begged.

“Bisi, This ship has sailed. There’s no amount of begging that would change my decision.”
“After all I’ve been through for you. The pains, the repeated abortions, Segun why?”

He kept mute.

It was the worst day of my life.

In tears, I left his house.
That night was the longest. I cried over and over again. I found it hard to believe.
The next morning I went to segun’s house. I wasn’t ready to give up on him without a fight.

On getting there his house was locked. I saw agents touring the house with his landlord.
I asked of his whereabouts, I was told he relocated to a new place.
All efforts to communicate with him proved futile.
Depression set in.
Getting to work was a struggle.
I gradually began to lose hope in life.
There was no shoulder to cry on. I patiently waited for Jerry's return
A week had passed and Jerry didn't return.
I believed he could be having a time of his life with his love - Betty.

I was set to leave for camp. I took a flight to Abuja. Mum advised me to stay at my aunt's place at Abuja before continuing the journey to Niger state by road.
My flight landed Abuja at 10am. My aunt picked me with her delivery truck.
She owned one of the biggest catering services in Abuja.
“Aunty why didn't you use your personal car?” I asked.
“I’m late for an event. You’ll have to decide between following me to the event or taking a cab home. She said presenting the keys to her house.”

“That boring house. Abeg lets go to the event Joor!” I grinned.
“Trust me you will enjoy yourself. A wealthy man’s daughter is getting married today. Several dignitaries will be there.”

We arrived at the event centre. Set up was already in progress. Her crew and stewards removed the food from her truck.
I stepped into the hall to find a comfortable place to seat.

Guests were already seated awaiting the arrival of the Bride and groom from the church.

The next thing I saw threw me off balance.
The hall was heavily decorated with large pictures of Segun and his bride.
I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The poster read 'BETTY WEDS SEGUN'.

Could it be Jerry’s Betty. Something doesn’t add up.
I struggled to process the shock.
Behold! Somebody help me type Behold.
As I turned my back. The bridal train stepped in.
I moved closer to Feed my curiosity.

I saw the bastard walk in with his bride Smiling and waving at the guests.
Put yourself in my position. What will you do?
As they passed where I sat. I screamed “Segun!” He turned his back
I’m not a drama queen. But I didnt know where I got the courage to do the unthinkable.
“Segun you are a bastard!” I yelled as I crossed the line to obstruct the train.
Before I could lay hands on him a set of Macho men grabbed me.

"After 4 abortions, is his is how you treat me?” I yelled as the men tried to take me off the scene.

I was beaten like a thief and taken to a police station immediately.
All efforts of my aunt to visit me proved futile. I cried for days at the prison.
I was released on the 3rd day courtesy of Jerry who bailed me. I was surprised to see him.

“How did you know I was here.” I asked.
“Your video has been trending on social media.” He said.
“Según has finished me. I swear, I’ll kill him.” I wailed.
“Bisi, I’m so sorry. Its all my fault.” Jerry begged.

“How?” I asked.
“When I got to Abuja, Betty ended our relationship. She Said she found a guy that was willing to marry her and couldn’t wait for me since she wasn’t getting any younger. As I struggled to bear the shock, she told me the guy was Segun. Your Segun.”

My reaction.
“I found it difficult to tell you about it. I extended my leave knowing fully well you will have gone for service before I returned.”

Tears streamed down his eyes as he narrated it.
“This world is not fair.” We consoled each other.
****END OF PT3.****
The Final Episode of THE RANCOUR will be uploaded same time next week.

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What measures were used to satisfy your urges during the distance relationship.
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