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THE RANCOUR PT4 (Final Episode)

Segun’s heartbreak had caused a rift in my heart. The pain, agony and trauma were too much to bear. Bitterness filled my heart. Only one thing would give me joy; Revenge.

Brethren, Issa Thread.
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“How did you pull through the heart break?” The counsellor asked.

“It was a bitter sweet experience.” Bisi said.

“Continue with the story.” She urged.
I went to NYSC camp in Niger state. Hoping to start a new life.

Jerry called daily to ensure I was Ok in camp.

He tried everything to make me forgive and forget Segun. I found it difficult.

Jerry was also heart broken by betty, but I admired the way he handled it.
After 3 weeks in camp, I was surprised to find out I was redeployed to Lagos.
As I arrived home, Jerry waited patiently.
“Welcome back. I guess you were shocked at your redeployment.”
“Yes. How did it happen?”
“I worked everything out. I was scared you might self-destruct there.”
“Thank you, Jerry.”
“Take this. You will resume at my office next week.” He handed a brown envelope.
I checked it. It was a fixed term employment later.
“You won’t just serve at my company, you will work there.”
“Oh jerry, I can’t thank you enough.” We hugged.
For the first time in a while I felt a taste of joy in my bitter heart. As we hugged, I felt his hands swerve from my shoulders to my butt. He held it firmly. I looked into his eyes. I could feel the tension building. I pulled his head closer and gave him an aggressive kiss.
“I guess there’s nothing holding us back now.” I whispered as I breathed heavily.
With aggression, we ripped our clothes and proceeded to mekwe.
As I tried to grab his cock, he pushed me back. “Not so fast.”
He proceeded to do what Segun hated.
I felt good as he graced the walls of my *** with his tongue. After 10 minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore, I wanted to feel the ‘D’.
He brought it out. It was fairly average and innocent looking compared to Segun’s ‘D’ which looked like an aggressive hulk.
“I can manage this.” I thought to myself.

As I let the donkey pass through Jerusalem. Behold.
Wait for it.
It didn’t take a minute. Jerry Ejaculated.

“That was fast.” I muttered.
“I guess I was too anxious.” He shrugged.
“Ok. I believe you will do better in the second round.” I said trying to resuscitate his already weak manhood.
I did everything to restart it. It just fell flat. It began to look awkward as the urges calmed down.
I was disappointed I couldn’t feel the taste of orgasm I so much desired after 8months.
“What happened?” I asked.
He kept mute.
“Jerry, what happened?” I asked again
“It happens when I haven’t had it in a while.” He said bowing his head in shame.
Sluggishly he dressed up and left like a timid puppy.
For the first time in a while, I missed Segun. I reminisced on our sexcapades. I remembered the multiple orgasms, the duration, how light I felt whenever he was done with me, how he stroked my hair till I dozed off in his arms.
The thought of it felt good till I realised betty will be enjoying that blessed D. Suddenly bitterness welled up in my heart again.
For 2 days, jerry didn’t visit. I felt the quick ejaculation damaged his self-esteem.
I decided to visit him after he returned from work.
“J-boy. What happed? You just left without saying a word for 2 days.”
“I was busy with work. You know how stressful it is.” He stuttered.

“I’ll pretend to believe that.” I grinned as I presented him a big bottle of Iya Fatima’s Agbo-Jedi.

“What is this?” He asked.
“All Those junk foods you’ve been taking abroad contains sugar. This will flush it.”
I handed another bottle.
“What is this one for?”

“This one will improve your sexual stamina.”
“Bisi! You are the bomb.” He hailed.
“By the time I’m done with you, your machine gun will destroy all the Boko harams in my uterus.”
We joked over it.
As weeks passed, I could spot the improvement in Jerry’s sexual prowess. With time his confidence grew. Our sexcapades didn’t just occur at home. We took it to the office. We had our favourite toilet during breaks.
My physical connection with Jerry grew. Gradually, Thoughts of segun began to fade.
It was a blessed day at the office when Jerry knelt on one knee to propose in the presence of all the staffs at the office. I accepted without much thought.

In few months, we were happily married.
"Then the problems began." Bisi Sighed.

“What problems?” The counsellor asked.

“Let me continue.” Bisi replied.
We were married for 5 years without the fruit of the womb.

Jerry’s family started to get impatient. He was the only child of his parents and the pressure on him was unbearable.

On several occasions, he protected me from the stigma.
We had to go see a doctor.
We waited patiently at the hospital lobby.
After the test, I was summoned to the doctor’s office.
“Madam, you don’t have a womb. Should I tell your husband?” The doctor said.
Those words struck my heart like a venom. My heart sank.
“How is that possible?”
“Did you undergo any surgery in the past?”

Immediately, I remembered the pains I had after the 4th abortion.
I remembered Dr. Bala requesting Segun’s permission to remove something from me.
“Madam! Madam!” The doctor called to bring back my attention.
“What do I tell your husband waiting outside?”
“Leave that to me, I’ll handle it.”
Put yourself in my position. What will you do?
I breezed past Jerry in tears.
“Baby, what happened? Wait for me!”
I got into the car and zoomed off leaving him stranded at the hospital.
As I drove off, I had only one place in mind. Dr. Bala’s Hospital.
It was a long drive from Lekki to Ipaja where I grew up.

I arrived at Dr Bala’s Hospital.
I bumped into his office ignoring the warnings of his receptionist who chased me down the lobby.
His office was locked.
“Where is he? Where is Dr. Bala?” I yelled.

“He’s at the theatre. He would…” The nurse had barely completed her statement when I bumped into the theatre.
Dr. Bala was prepping for surgery on a lady when I bumped in.
“Olabisi. I knew this day would come.” He said with a calm voice.

I was surprised he still recognised me.
“Why did you take my womb?” I yelled.
The girl on the surgery table (who obviously came for an abortion), immediately jumped down and took off.
“Bisi, you should channel this energy on Segun. He granted permission to take off your womb when the 4th abortion led to complications.” He said wryly.
“I thought he told you. Besides you agreed before I proceeded.”
“Segun told me you just wanted to clean the blockage on my tubes. That’s why I obliged.”
He quickly brought out a file from his archive.
“Madam, Here is the form he signed before I proceeded with the operation. And before you sue, this is a non-disclosure form you signed before entering my theatre. Like I said earlier, Channel your aggression on Segun.”
I was speechless. With disappointment, I bowed my head in shame and left.
It dawned on me that segun left me because he knew I wouldn’t conceive anymore.
I remembered I was given a restraining order preventing me from meeting either Segun or his wife when I was thrown in jail.
At this point I lost the zeal to live.
Put yourself in my condition. what will you do?
In tears, I drove angrily.
As I drove past 3rd mainland bridge I started having suicidal thoughts. I parked my car and was set to jump when people rushed out to stop me.
“That was where you met me.” Bisi Told the counselor.

“I guess your husband is looking for you as we speak.”


“You will go home and tell him everything.”

“Ma, he will leave me. I’m not ready to lose another man.”
“It’s better you tell him. It will be worse if he finds out. Now follow me.” The counselor urged.
They headed to Bisi’s house. They met Jerry in a pensive mood.
“Baby I’m sorry for everything. I thought I had escaped the past totally, it came haunting again.”
“How do you mean?”

Bisi narrated everything.

Jerry’s reaction.
“Jerry I’m so sorry. Don’t leave me please.” Bisi begged.
Put yourself in Jerry’s shoes. What will you do?
Jerry stood speechless.

“Bisi, you’ve endured enough in life. I don’t want to add to the problems you’ve faced. I married you for better for worse. We’ve endured tough times in the past. We can endure this. For now my anger is on that bastard called Segun.” He assured.
Bisi heaved a sigh of relief.
“Come here.” he said with his arms wide open.
They hugged.
“Now that this ha been sorted out. I’ll advise you guys to do one more thing.” The counsellor urged.

“What is it?”
“You have to make peace with your past. By forgiving Segun and Betty.”
“What?” They both screamed.
“To go forward in life. You have to leave the past in good shape.”
”We’ve forgiven and we’ll try to forget them.” They said reluctantly.

“It doesn’t work that way. You’ll have to tell them face to face.”
“That’s impossible.” Bisi asserted.
After much persuasions from the Counsellor they arrived Abuja.

It took Jerry 3 days to contact Betty. Betty urged him to come with Bisi.

She ensured a notice was given to to lift the restriction order.
Bisi and Jerry arrived at Betty's apartment the next day after the restriction was lifted.

“Where’s Segun?” they asked.
“He’s Dead.”
“Dead. How?” They chorused.
Suddenly a child walked in. He had a striking resemblance with segun. Bisi had a closer look at him, he had saliva dripping from his mouth as he lisped. Bisi didn’t need a therapist to confirm he was an imbecile.
“Segun died 2 years after our marriage and left me with this.” Betty pointed at the child.
“What killed him?”
“He battled with Kidney failure until he gave up the ghost.” Betty replied.
“Karma is a bad bitch.” Bisi grinned as she thought to herself.
“I’m so sorry Betty. We forgive you both for the damages you caused us.” Jerry said.
“May God give you the courage to carry on” Bisi added.
They left.

Jerry and Bisi had a child via surrogate. They lived happily ever after.
Wheew! It has been an incredible journey of 4 weeks.
I thank you all for the patience you’ve had with this story.
God bless you all.

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My stories will go on an Xmas break.
I will return with another adventure on the 8th of January 2019.
I wish you a Merry Xmas and a prosperous new year.

I love you all.
Keep soaring.🦅
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