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Some of you are wondering why I repeat the same stuff over and over. Repetition is key because around 90-95% people who have been following me for a while are still holding on to the illusion this system is lawful. Most of my followers support the Republican party....
....and some support Democratic party & The Green party. I tell everyone all political parties are acting as one according to a Federal Statute. But you still refuse to accept the truth, and I believe part of the reason is people are afraid to be wrong.
We're so conditioned to accept one side of system is bad & the other side is Lawful. It is scary for a lot of people to accept the truth the entire system is not Lawful.

Do you really expect these usurpers occupying our state houses to make a public announcement...
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Read sad story last night about Dr. Bucci, 50 year old Phychology & Brain Sciences Dept. Chairman, at Dartmouth that committed #Suicide 11 months after a lawsuit was filed by graduate #students in his department. He
2/ was NOT accused of sexual misconduct, but named in the suit for knowing about the professors’ inappropriate behavior as the Chair.I share many of the same feelings he expressed to friends and colleagues in his emails before he took his own life like: the case was deeply
3/ personal; reputation had been damaged; physical health diminished; false portrayal of his actions; being blamed unfairly; allegations & process “unfair”; how can they ever undo what they did to me & #wronglyaccused. Similarly, how I had reported the #disability
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1/Cassi lays out AG Barr's talk about China & the threat they pose to National security. He says for China this is a zero sum game & also uses phrase "Sum of all Fears" in regards to how dangerous they are to the US.
She has 2 tweets here w full speech
2/AG Barr Delivers Keynote Address At The DOJ's China Initiative Conference.
Bill Clinton actually opened doors 2 China in the 1990's & politicians such as Feinstein & others have continued to sell out America 2 China. You may recall recent indictments too
3/China wants 2 rule the world,especially AMERICA w/o any of us in it 👉take us out
Bill Clinton started the Chinese BOOM by allowing them 2 make campaign donations to DNC from ARMS dealer, lease Long Beach Port/Obtain our missile TECH. US placed leaders
Sum of all Fears Q posts
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Today in pulp... I look inside some Usborne books! #TuesdayMotivation
How Crooks Work. The Usborne Detective Guide: Clues and Suspects (1979)
Welcome to the 21st century! The World Of Future Cities. Usborne Books, 1979.
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African-American university student Vivian Malone entering the University of Alabama in the U.S. to register for classes as one of the first non-white students to attend the institution.
"Racism is the belief that groups of humans possess different behavioral traits corresponding to physical appearance, and can be divided based on the superiority of one race over another."
@realDonaldTrump 3824
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 9b417c No.8012209 📁
Feb 3 2020 13:46:57 (EST) NEW
Open your eyes to see the TRUTH.
Who are the REAL racists?
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If you thought neutron star were big and scary, you haven't heard of their more powerful stellar cousins yet. Like neutron stars, magnetars are leftovers from supernova explosions. They are just packed with a lot more matter. 1/
Their density is so high that a single of a magnetar could weigh in at a billion tons. They are also the most magnetic stars we know about. We use a unit called a Gauss to measure the strength of a magnetic field. Earth's magnetic field is only about 0.6 Gauss. 2/
A magnetic field of a magnetar can be as strong as one quadrillion Gauss.
How would it rip us apart?
It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if a magnetar was sitting quietly in our galactic neighborhood. But if it decided to stop minding its own business, there are two..3/
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1. Notice QAnon makes a post one minute after I took a video of the 'storm' outside my home.
2. I also took a video at 12:49AM CST, but 12:56AM and 12:57AM and it includes 'FLOOD' in context of the video. How do they know? My phone isn't secure, but
3. 6/28/2018 - Took a pic of the Masonic Lodge - QDROP later that day on Freemasons - (see #2)
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Saudi Arabia decision to ban under 18 marriage is totally wrong. What for?

The world is coming to an end if Muslim countries will finalize terrible decision like this.

Not Only Arewa Twitter, alot of Saudi based Scholars will go against it.
The decision will be reversed ISA.
Marriage has been copacetic for centuries. It's your choice to marry 16 year old girl, 17+ ..... or 50 as you wish. Idk where all these infructuous rules are been derived from?

This nonsense wouldn't come to Nigeria by God grace.
These mischievous people propagating the attrition of marriage based on religious rules will never succeed.
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House Judiciary Comm said they'll hold their first Imp hearing on 12/4 on the Constitutional grounds for Presidential impeachment & they've 'invited' Trump & WH counsel to participate in a panel. #TuesdayMotivation…
2-"Under the House resolution passed last month setting the rules of the impeachment proceedings, the President's counsel can question witnesses and raise objections, though Nadler has plenty of discretion in the proceedings as chairman.
The resolution states that should the
3-"Trump administration refuse to cooperate in the impeachment proceedings- such as denying witnesses, which it has done-Nadler can "impose appropriate remedies, including by denying specific requests by the Pres or his counsel under these procedures to call/question witnesses."
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A lot of us are finding it hard to Forgive because we've heard or&seen our parents keep malice with people for ages they never forgave,they have indirectly unknowingly taught us how to keep malice,how to hold grudges with people and never let go


#TuesdayMotivation matter who preaches whatever about forgiveness and letting go to us. And it has become a part of us that we are still struggling battling with forgiving people who hurt us,lots of us have listened to touching messages on forgiveness in churches severally that made us...
..make up our minds to forgive as a result of listening to those messages but soon we get home and start feeling some sort of heaviness and are reminded of how we previously made up our minds not to forgive. Forgiving gives peace of mind you'll be so glad you forgave......
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#noconversion #TuesdayThoughts
This was a scene at Delhi last week
Dawn Martin group striked again at Delhi
Was preaching about Christ & giving testimonials !!
See our people - flocking to her & hearing her Bakwas😡
Why visas to this group?
They have no purpose visiting India
Intention is Just conversion
Jesus is coming - This, I'm hearing in Chennai atleast for past 30yrs..but still he is coming !!
Anyway Govt should not allow this group into India
@DrSJaishankar pls revoke their Visas
#noconversion #TuesdayThoughts
#noconversion #TuesdayMotivation
This is this week scene in Brussels
She posted"Dawn preaching in French today in Brussels,Most people walk on by as if they don't have a care in the world about their soul. Only a few stopped to listen. May God change hearts & minds in this city!"
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Q 11/14 Intelligent agencies work for Obama
Clapper & Lynch signed Raw SIGINT Availability Procedures in accordance with section 2.3 of E.O. 12333
C_A cannot spy on American Citizens so they used UK, AUS via Five EVEYs to spy on Trump/Cruz…
Q 11/19 Step1: Hype an invented threat of POTUS working w/RUSSIANS
Step3: Justify SPECIAL COUNSEL spend💰
Step4:Open new Fake/False investigations

#WednesdayWisdom #VindmanTestimony
Q 11/19 The Clinton Foundation has lost $49.6 million since 2016.
Pay for Play: When payments to the Clintons/foundation coincided with political favor
PAY-FOR-PLAY only works when you hold a position of POWER
It's only a matter of time

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8 days before the election, Hillary Clinton warned us all about Trump.

"Donald has signaled to Putin that he will let Russia do whatever it wants, from Ukraine to Syria and beyond."

He's doing it again w/Ukraine.
Republicans, where are your SPINES?

If this whole Ukraine scandal is overwhelming or you feel like you don't really know the origins or reasons or specifics, whooo boy, do I have a podcast for you. #tuesdaythoughts #tuesdaymotivation #impeachmenthearings…
@For_Cripes_Sake and I spent the last month collecting data to put together an exhaustive timeline of the Ukraine scandal for you, just in time for the beginning of the impeachment hearings tomorrow. #TuesdayThoughts #tuesdaymotivation…
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New Q 11/11/2019 Pres. Trump confirms comms by using the word FORUM TY @JustInformU
👉Q team is educating the masses #Truth
"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people. They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty" Thomas Jefferson
@JustInformU New Q 11/11/2019
John Durham went after Gambino, Genovese & Patriarca crime families, C_A, FBI Crimes…
👉Fake news setting up #Qanon's Killer Says He Murdered to Protect Trump…
👉Session's appointed another prosecutor
@JustInformU Huber was appointed Jeff Sessions to investigate the FBI's surveillance of Carter Page and connections between the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One, starting in November 2017
Huber was renominated by President Trump in June 2017
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Majority Whip James E. Clyburn is leading the effort by Dem leadership to reach out to D Members still on the fence @ Impeachment asking if they'd support a formal vote. No decision has been made on whether to schedule a vote yet. #TuesdayThoughts…
2-Re calling a formal vote: "Some aides are also reticent to change course after House lawyers who are seeking access to grand jury records generated by former special counsel Robert S. Mueller III recently argued
3-"to a federal judge that a formal vote is not necessary for the House to enjoy the full legal rights it is afforded in an impeachment proceeding." THAT is a very good reason to not cave to GOP pressure. Dems are taking a tough stance now, doing it their way. #TuesdayMotivation
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NYT: Fiona Hill's testimony today was EXPLOSIVE. John Bolton called Mulvaney & Giuliani's shadow gov't re Ukraine a 'drug deal' & ordered an aide to notify WH counsel.
They. ALL. Knew. All along.
GOP Sens reportedly NERVOUS.
I'm hearing that John Bolton is now going to be subpoenaed. Makes a lot of sense. Giuliani is also reportedly saying he won't comply with Congress, so I'm thinking that Dems may very well now begin enforcing Inherent Contempt against these mugs (like RG)
The entire game changed during Fiona Hill's testimony today. Reporting out of DC tonight is that the GOP Senators are 'very nervous' & that despite all of the whining from GOP House, they now WANT the testimony to remain behind closed doors. Trump is DONE. #TuesdayMotivation
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Operation Mockingbird, The C_A Control the Media
CIA Paid and Threatened Journalists -1950's hearing
C_A are the source of information journalists use
C_A Manipulate news for propaganda #CFR
Sick People
#ExposeCNN #SundayMotivation
CNN Mark Zucker's x-wife, Caryn w/ Child Sex-Trafficker
Ghislaine Maxwell who was Epstein's child procurer
Caryn Zucker having dinner with Huma Abedin
Caryn Stephanie Nathanson, was a supervisor for Saturday Night Live
👉Follow the wives
#TuesdayMotivation #DemDebate #HunterBiden
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Turkey is not fighting against the Kurds, but against the PKK who are terrorists-communists armed by Obama
PKK a designated a'Terrorists Network' by Turkey, EU & US
Obama armed the PKK and ISIS

#KurdsBetrayed #WednesdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation
Antifa illegally crossing the Syrian border to receive military training from militias as part Antifa, anarcho-communist Kurds members of ISIS
YPG linked to the PKK terrorist organization
👉Turkey not going after Kurds…
#KurdishGenocide #ThursdayMotivation
Kurdish militia trained Antifa fighters in Northern Syria
Antifa is YPG tied to PKK which is a Terrorists Network
Soros funds Antifa
Obama armed PKK&ISIS
It's time to stop #EndlessWars
Trump thanks OAN for reporting #TrustThePlan #Syria

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And the House Chairmen this afternoon are hitting back, loudly & publicly at Pompeo's arrogant attempt at intimidating the State Dept witnesses.
This matters. #TuesdayMotivation…
2-"Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told House Democrats on Tuesday that State Department officials scheduled to appear this week for depositions before committees conducting the impeachment inquiry would not show up.
3-"Pompeo’s refusal, relayed in a letter, came amid a spate of tweets from President Trump, including one questioning why he is not “entitled to interview & learn everything about” a whistleblower whose identity is protected by federal statute.
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రాత్రి 11 గంటలకు. తాళం వేసిఉన్న ఇనుప ద్వారం బయట నుండి ఒక పిలుపు. ఎవరా అని వచ్చి చూశాను. గుమ్మం ముందు ఒక పెద్దాయన ఉన్నారు. చాలా దూరం వచ్చినట్లుగా నలిగిపోయిన బట్టలు చేతిలో చిన్న సంచి తో నిలబడి ఉన్నారు. అయన తన చేతిలోని చిన్న కాగితం లోకి చూస్తూ
"ఆనంద్, నెంబర్ 8, యోగానంద వీధి ఇదే కదూ!" అని అడిగారు. "అవును నేనే ఆనంద్. ఇదే చిరునామా. మీరూ ..." అని అడిగాను. అయన చిన్నగా వణుకుతూ తడారి పోయిన తన పెదవులను నాలుక తో తడుపుకుంటూ "బాబూ! నేను మీ నాన్నగారి మిత్రుడిని. మీ ఊరినుండే వస్తున్నాను.
నాన్నగారు మీకు ఈ ఉత్తరం ఇచ్చి మీ సాయం తీసుకోమన్నారు" ఉత్తరాన్ని చేతిలో పెట్టారు.

అయన ఆ ఉత్తరం ఇవ్వగానే "నాన్నగారా?" అంటూ ఆ ఉత్తరాన్ని తీసుకొని ఆత్రంగా చదివాను. అందులో "ప్రియమైన ఆనంద్! నీకు నా ఆశీర్వాదములు.
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