It a bit dreery oot er, bit it at time a yeer wen me, kurt an Wee vinny go roon an terrarise a neeborhood, I meen, whit cin go rang? #hawalleen
Am waitin in fur wee vinny, shudnae be to lang noo. Hees prolly bisy sellatapin hees mammys bra tae hees heid is youshal! Am a bampire! Bin bags is yer frend! #hawalleen
I fot I heer a wee chap it the door er bit a mus a majined it! Mibbe a wind? Weerd #hawalleen
Er it go agen! A lookt oot an ers naebdy er! Jus aw a lassys dresst is Elsa gaun doon a road. They no chap ma door vo acos I gie em pelters fur werrin shoap bot costooms! #hawalleen
Hing oan! It no a door! It a windae! A open it an in faws wee Vinny! He seem tae huv med a massav craw mask oot a fevvers! No bad lookin bit I cannae mek oot a wurd hees sayin! #hawalleen
Hees lyin oan a flerr aw mumblin an pointin tae hees heid. Aye a sed it wis no bad lookin, wee vinny! Dinnae bild yer pert! #hawalleen
Ats kurt com roon so we good tae go! Huvvin a ecksess a raffia aboot his hoose hees com is a Wicker Man! Brillant! Highly flammalabal, bit brillant aw a same! #hawalleen
Wee vinnys still mumbleRantin bit we drag him oot. Ye snooze ye loos roon heer an am no gaun hame wae aw a tangfastics!! #hawalleen
Furst door. A wummin tek wan look it wee vinny an shut a door. Hees aw flappin hees erms aboot lik a eejit! Mussa skerd hur... :( #hawalleen
A cuttla wee pirates fae a flats is telt is sumbdy in a posh hooses is gein oot hale bags a swedgers in shoap boat #hawalleen bags! We runnin roon er pronto!
Practacly hud tae drag wee vinny bit efter battlin oor way froo whit look lik a cast fae a walkin deid, We is it at goldmine #hawalleen hoose! :D
Me: *aw nise* whit kine a burds stick tae a curtins?
Wummin: a dinnae kno!
Me: Vel-crows! :D
Wummin: *aw laffs an gies is a bag eech*
Yassss! #hawalleen
Whit a haul! Choklit, toffy aiples.. a wee cake wae a gost ring oan it! An no a tangfastic in site!! :D #hawalleen
Kurt his hud a brillant ideer! Wae aw a weans aboot, at wummin prolly widnae kno if we jus mix up oor costooms an com roon agen! Yaldi!! :D #hawalleen
Am no a bampire oanymer! :D wae a help o a auld plant poat, am noo Daft Vader! Wicker man Kurt is noo a scercraw.. jus need tae help wee vinny! #hawalleen
Disastar! We hus try tae tek at craw mask aff wee vinny bit it isnae budgin! He aw mumblin sumhin lik “I try tae tell ye...” an ‘sooper gloo” so me an kurt draggin him aboot a street by hees heid! #hawalleen
Hings huv gaun fae bad tae wurs! A masks still oan bit hees troosers his com aff. Aw a Elsas huv knocked em an run awa laffin :/ #hawalleen
Am no missin oot oan mer of em good swedgers! We drag trooserless wee vinny back tae at #hawalleen goldmine hoose!
At wummin opan a door aw smiles... wee vinny jus face plants oan tae hur mat gein a rerr view o hees vintish, somwhit thredbare, he-man unnerpants... :/ #hawalleen
Wummin: *aw ragin* get yer beak fae aff ma mat an yersels fae aff ma door!!
Wee vinny: never mer!
A flashin bloo lites his indicatit at sumbdy hus foned a polis oan us. We is aw runnin – apert fae wee vinny whos been aw draggt by hees duffal coat hood. #hawalleen
Kurt cannae reely run wae aw at raffia so a hud tae mek a execative desishen an leev him tae a polis. Fank you fur yer sacrafise comrad! #hawalleen
Me an Wee vinny is safely in ma hoose an efter we cut a hole in hees mask, we wirin intae a good swedgers. :) he aw cheery acos he cin breev noo :) #hawalleen
Well a hope at Wee bit a madness aw mek ye laff peeples! Huv a good wan!! HAPPY #HAWALLEEN!!
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