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De journalist #Kashoggi, die in opdracht van de Saoedische kroonprins #MBS zou vermoord zijn, steunde #IS en noemde de onthoofdingen in #Syrië een 'efficiënte psychologische oorlogstactiek'.
#Kashoggi zou ook een goede vriend van Osama bin Laden geweest zijn.
Kroonprins #MBS van Saoedie-Arabië vaarde tijdens de #TrumpAdministration een gematigder en bredere koers: minder #islamisme en toenadering tot #Rusland.
De recente US-bombardementen op pro-Iraanse milities in oost #Syrië geven terug meer bewegingsruimte en bescherming aan #IS.
#Biden stelt nu Saoedie-Arabië verantwoordelijk voor de moord op #Kashoggi.
Zijn de islamisten terug aan zet met de #BidenAdministration?
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Elliott Broidy and NSO hacking software, all the way back to...2010. 👀
Elliott Broidy’s VP of Bus Dev, selling tech products into South America and Central look at Trump, 2010-2011: 👀
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1. IMO when @realDonaldTrump said today @CIA has not briefed him on #Khashoggi he was lying. More likely than not @Trump is saying he hasn't been been brief to deflect inquiry from him, appointees or someone like @DevinNunes who likely leaked it for him. This week Trump had 2 PDB
2. If someone at @CIA or a member of the intel committees leaked classified PDB material to the press that's a crime. A big one. Where's the leak investigation @WhiteHouse @FBIWFO? Remember what happened to @FoxNews' correspondent James Rosen? (@JamesRosenTV NB he blocks me).
3. DOJ was strongly criticized for Rosen's electronic surveillance though Rosen had been receiving illegally leaked NatSec secrets. Wiki: "Kim entered a guilty plea to a single felony count of disclosing classified national defense information to an unauthorized person, Rosen."
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"A spokesman...told the WSJ that the Trump hotel payments came as part of a Saudi-backed lobbying campaign against a bill that allowed Americans to sue foreign gov'ts for responsibility in the SEPTEMBER 11 TERROR ATTACKS."

tRUmp is a MONSTER. #Kashoggi…
"Last year, the kingdom announced plans to invest $20 billion in a private US-focused infrastructure fund managed by Blackstone Group, an investment firm led by CEO Stephen Schwarzman. Blackstone stock rose on the news."
"Earlier this year, Trump unveiled a $200 billion federal plan to fix the nation’s airports, roads, highways, and ports, tapping private companies for help and selling off some government-owned infrastructure."
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Jared Kushner and #Kashoggi thread:
How can Kushner be investigated for alleged corrupt ties to Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar?
The Foreign Emoluments clause arguably applies to Kushner as Senior Advisor ot the President as an "office of trust." (But it's complicated)... 1/
2/ Foreign Emoluments Clause: "No Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under [the US] shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State."
3/ Is an unpaid Senior Advisor an "office of trust"? There is historical debate about the scope of this phrase, and courts have not resolved this question. But in 1982, the OLC (the DOJ's Office of Legal Counsel) suggested broad coverage:…
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Biggest un-covered story is the old anti-Israel network of phony journalists, NGOs and think tanks shifting their fire & taking aim aggressively at Saudi Arabia—just when the Turks, Iranians and Qataris want them to. It’s really transparent if you’ve followed the ME.
The #Kashoggi story is information warfare. We still know nothing other than what some *very* untrustworthy sources are feeding sympathetic media outlets. There needs to be an independent investigation.
A very pro-MB NYT reporter pushing a narrative that the Saudis lured this dissident to the consulate only to kill and *dismember* him is, frankly, pretty unlikely in its absolute stupidity. If it happened like that, it’s totally insane. But I can’t imagine anyone being so stupid.
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