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Excellent investigative journalism from @deb_cohen and @Edsbrown on the #EXCEL debacle and how @BBCNewsnight reported the behind-the-scenes issues.

It's great that @escardio and @EACTS are coming together to revise guidelines. We still need #retractEXCEL…
The insights from the DSMB and how data was truncated at 3 yrs for plenary session presentation just before guidelines were written, while DSMB chair called the investigators out on this is baffling
You can argue that this is just different ways of presenting the same data. I disagree. This is suppressing data to control the discussion. Akin to Bill Barr's summary of the Mueller report. Doesn't give the full picture. An informed discussion requires #opendata
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1/SEQUEL TWEETORIAL: Historical Perspective on PCI for Stable Ischemic Heart Disease (aka chronic coronary syndromes – I got you @ESCardio 😉), specifically looking at #COURAGE as a prelude to #ISCHEMIA.

h/t @greggstone for several slides
2/Let’s start with question… knowing what you know now, what does revascularization do for patients with STABLE coronary artery disease and angina attributable to that disease?
3/ I sure hope that you answered #1 or #2 otherwise you’ve really been imbibing a tad too much of the eloquently evangelical (E-squared) @drjohnm’s Kool-Aid of fatigue/impotence-inducing betablockers, headache-causing nitrates, and pub fund-draining ranolazine.

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So #ISCHEMIA #AHA19 will take time to digest; lots presented and no peer-review pub or @medrxivpreprint yet. There is often drift from the big presentation to the publication. We should resist a rush to judgment. Yet…
@medrxivpreprint A couple of things occur to me from the presentations…reinforces the prior evidence that patients w/stable ischemic heart disease have little to lose by deferring procedures. The medical therapy strategy seems safe. The procedural strategy is not saving lives or events, to date.
@medrxivpreprint It seems to question value of myocardial perfusion imaging in patients w/stable ischemic heart disease. In aggregate large costs…and not clear, in many cases, what it is adding if the procedures are not saving lives or events. Combine that w/STICH, and the question gets bigger.
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Lots of headlines @escardio re CT-FFR. 1 of most prominent is ADVANCE multicenter registry from @manesh_patelMD & colleagues using @HeartFlow. I'd like to dissect this a bit to see how excitement in a field combined with lots of industry funding can blind us to basic problems.
Team worked across 38 international sites over >2 years to collect data from N=5083 patients w/ “symptoms concerning for CAD”. They had primary endpoint of change in management plan from coronary CTA. That happened in 67% of patients. Most impressive.
Is this a valid endpoint? I contend that this is a measurement of physician psychology rather than of anything objective.
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“Dilatation is indicated in patients with disabling angina which jeopardizes their quality of life ...” Andreas Grüntzig 1978
#ORBITA #FAME2 @EpicSec @DrPascalMeier @GreggWStone @SVRaoMD @manesh_patelMD @Drroxmehran @habib_samady @DrChuckSimonton Image
Did it really take us 40 years to show #Angioplasty works for what it was invented for?
@angioplastyorg @SCAI @europcr @EuroInterventio @gina_lundberg @jerd10 @emoryheart #Angina #ChestPain #PCI #Coronary
Andreas Gruentzig’s locker?
Saw this today @emoryheart interventional cardiology suite. This sticker should be at least 34 years old
@angioplastyorg Image
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I have heard many stupid questions in my time. Yet without exception, none is ever prefaced by, "This may be a stupid question, but ..."

So rest assured, Aoife, your question is excellent!
Before I answer, Aoife, let me just show you a truly stupid question, so you can compare and contrast.

Note that the questionner has puffed himself up to the full 24 atmospheres of hot air.
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What are they?
Why do we need 3 of the damn things?
Which should I use?
Are they the same, or different, or a bit samey?

An #ORBITA-HQ #tweetorial.
#Meded #FOAMed
All 3 of these are about comparing the scale of dangerousness of one thing AGAINST ANOTHER.

Suppose you are walking through an unfamiliar forest and the road comes to a fork: you have to choose one path.

As you stand, uncertain, a troll pops out of the ground.
You ask for advice on which path is safer.

As always, the advice he offers is scrupulously correct, but not necessarily instantly interpretable to the layperson.
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If you want to kill people, the most effective way to do this in the modern era (since gun laws and annoying people like the Police will make things awkward) is to persuade people to stop (or never start) a statin.

Over the long term, 1 in 10 will be killed by that choice.
You can even write books about it and make money.
And be seen as a crusader against a crooked medicogovernmental conspiracy.
The internet is a good place to operate, because most lay people can't distinguish scientific reasoning from pseudoscience, and because ...
Excellent question from Arnab:
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Lazarus revisited

[Tweetorial from ORBITA-hq: "Making cardiologists think again"(TM)]

Please retweet to cardiology fellows or anyone who might be interested to practice data interpretation.
Let's start our story here, when I was first informed that viability testing saves lives.
A few weeks later, a decisive meta-analysis.

3000 patients
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Heh heh, the Amazing Yuripridio, world-conquering hypnotist
But we must be careful on this. I have a PhD student at #ORBITA hq called Frances Wood. I met her first as a manager in a research unit a few years ago. She was the nicest, kindest person there, who would always make me tea when I visited anyone in the unit.
By and by, she wrote a PhD proposal with me. She was a trained nurse, as many of that unit's staff are. But when we submitted the grant, I discovered in her CV that she was also secretly a trained psychologist.
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Considering #statin in 35-y-o man worried about extensive family history of MI+stroke: 2 parents, 3 of 4 sibs.

#Cholesterol 5.8 mM, 224 mg/dl. Subtypes typical for such a total.
Non-smoker. Otherwise average.

[Live-quiz from #orbita-HQ for #cardioTwitter fellows & the curious]
Question C2.

First vote was for diet first, and quite right too! That is the guideline, and we must obey.

Natural, organic, eco-friendly and therefore best.

What effect size is a reasonable expectation, for patient and Dr, for the reduction of total cholesterol by diet?
Question C3.

(currently 0.8 mmol/L in the lead for Question C2)
There are several ways to choose a value. Which did you use?
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