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What follows is the true story of the most bizarre employment situation I’ve ever found myself in, to-date. Some saw me tweet a chunk of this story elsewhere, but it’s since been deleted. This time, I’m owning my story. This is my tale of the #OldAndTheRestless.
I guess we’ll start from the beginning: At the end of 2016, I accepted a job working as a personal assistant to a wealthy, middle-aged white man. I’ll refer to him as #MrB throughout my tweets. 👨🏻‍🦳
#MrB is eccentric and entitled. I’ve come to learn is fairly common for wealthy older white men. 🤴🏼 (Don’t @ me, I’m just citing this from my own experiences...)
Anyway, #MrB has A LOT of interests. And my job was to kinda wrangle him and try to keep his life and business in order.
Other things to know about #MrB: when I first started working for him, he was very WYSIWYG. And I appreciated it. He could be kinda abrasive, but at least you always knew where you stood with him.
Also, there doesn’t seem to be much gray area when it comes to #MrB. People either enjoy being around him or can’t stand him. They trust him or they don’t. This is kinda important.
Working for #MrB was fairly hectic from the beginning. Everything is last-minute/an emergency, for his business and his volunteer stuff. But it was a predictable chaos, or at least it used to be.
Through his side-volunteer work, which I was volunTOLD to help with, I got to know his friend Mrs. Gusta-Anda. 👸🏻 I’ll call her #MrsGA in this thread. She wasn’t actually the boss of the volunteer group, but more like the titular head. Predictably, they got along spectacularly.
Back in late August, #MrB started saying some weird stuff about how his life was REALLY complicated and how he might be out of sorts while figuring stuff out. 🤔 I figured he was going through a #midlifecrisis type of deal, so I tried to be sympathetic but went about my work.
He had just left town in early September for some business things, texting updates throughout the day and saying it was a rough departure. I didn’t really think anything of it. 🤷🏽‍♀️
So after #MrB got to his destination, seemed like all was well. Then, at 1:37am, he called me in a panic. 😳 1:37AM. 😳 I should’ve realized that that call was pretty much the beginning of the end of my otherwise [mostly] okay job and decent mental health.
#MrB asked if I’d heard from #MrsGA. I said no. (1) It’s hella late & (2) we don’t really talk. So he asks if I’ve heard any gossip from volunteer org people. I cite #s 1 & 2 again. So then he asks if #MrsGA’s husband has said anything or posted anything online.
It does not require any sort of higher education or special kind of discernment skills to know where this was all headed but bills don’t pay themselves. 🤦🏽‍♀️ So I tried to keep my head down and just do my job in the months that followed. 🤷🏽‍♀️
From that moment on, my world was on a steady decline. Not gradual. Just steady. Work was, predictably, a #wholeasshotmess. Also, there was a tumor eating my jaw bone. 🤕
In November 2017, I had a HUGE surgery to remove my right mandible and replace that tumor-ridden bastard with my left fibula. This resulted in my 7mos of wheelchair time and a crooked face. But that’s a whole ‘nother thread. Back to the #TeaSesh at hand...
#MrB and #MrsGA have their own respective spouses, but they’d been hooking up for ≈3mos prior to my surgery and my work life pretty much revolved around them. In that time, #MrB would send me texts with photos of them.
The people who know this story often ask why #MrB would send me these “lovebird” photos and, tbh, Idk... I came to realize that he didn’t have REAL friends. I guess, since I was the only one who knew, I was his friend by default.
Just before the surgery, I was wrangling this man’s whole life. His businesses, his volunteer ish, and eventually his personal life. He lets those lines blur and it’s hard to keep them separate on paper. But I was managing it, mostly.
When I went in for surgery, he agreed to give me time off that I needed for recovery. A surgery like that requires recovery and PT. I intended to be back to work after New Year, but I was back after 4 weeks. In my wheelchair. In a retail space that wasn’t even accessible. 🤦🏽‍♀️
And when I say it wasn’t accessible, lemme elaborate. My other half had to wheel me in because I couldn’t reach the locks to open the entrance. The back emergency exit was blocked off by inventory. The back room was also how to get to the restroom, but clearly that didn’t work.
When I say it didn’t work, that’s not an understatement. I mean my other half would come on their lunch breaks to wheel me out, lock up, wheel me around the bldg to the main entrance, wheel me to the elevator in the back, and help me get into the restroom.
That was my work week, and it was exhausting and I gave up eating breakfast and lunch for a while because restroom breaks was too labor intensive and my other half couldn’t always take breaks to wheel me up.
At this point, #MrB’s whole world now revolved around #MrsGA. Completely. He was ignoring ish in his business life and tasking me with basically filling in as him.
“Whatever #MrsGA needs done, that’s your priority.” Meanwhile, his ACTUAL WIFE was in Europe. None the wiser. And he was using me to help keep it that way.
The silver lining in all of this was getting to know #OnlyFriend though. She’d been friends with #MrsGA for years and was also in the volunteer org. She got roped into keeping secrets for #MrB alongside me, and I was grateful for having someone there to talk to.
At this point, only #OnlyFriend and I knew what was going on. And even though #MrB was confiding in us constantly, #MrsGA believed she was slick and no one knew at all. #MrB forbid us from letting her know that we knew too. So... More awkward on our awkward. More about her later.
By February, I still couldn’t walk and my mental Health was trash. I would sit at work, watching buses go by, thinking how I might run in front of one without becoming a fatality. “If I could just have a couple weeks in the hospital...” One red flag after another, I know.
It got to the point where I finally insisted that #MrB come in so we could talk. I attempted to tell him that I couldn’t keep sacrificing my health to keep him in business. He was distracted by texts from #MrsGA & left mid-convo 2x because she called. 2 hours for a 30min talk 🤦🏽‍♀️
Finally, he agreed to revisit the issue April 1st & let me hire PT help in the meantime. That... She was... 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’ll save that story for another #TeaSesh, but let’s just say it made me more miserable. 🙄
February became March and #MrB was verifiably obsessed. So obsessed that he’d filed for divorce from his unsuspecting wife. He did this because #MrsGA said she would file for divorce from her husband. #MrB even provided the attorney. REALLY.
One day #MrB brought #MrsGA to my office and told her IN FRONT OF ME that I knew everything. #MrsGA and I didn’t expect it. *cue awkward-AF silence*
Right after, #MrB took #MrsGA to his attorney and they somehow got her to sign divorce papers.. But #MrsGA wouldn’t agree to file yet. Everything was kinda tense. 😕😕😕
Couple of hours later, #MrB brought THEIR attorney (I say “their” because she’s privy to both divorces) to my office and she told me about #MrsGA signing but not filing. Meanwhile, #MrsGA was at their volunteer group HQ trying to do some work things.
When I first started working for #MrB, he’d just started getting heavily involved in a volunteer organization that shall remain nameless. At least for now. I know there’s enough of you on here who already know what org this is... *face palm and lol*
At that point, I was kinda uncomfortable because I didn’t think attorneys could share that kind of info with people who have nothing to do with their client’s cases. But I thought a lot of things that have been proven wrong since this debacle, so yeah...
Meanwhile, #MrB was becoming more and more unhinged. He sounded angry and possessive. It was at the point where someone from their volunteer org once called to ask “Any updates or do we have a murder-suicide on our hands?” (People had caught on.)
At that point, #MrB was also convinced that #JerkFace from a rival org had hacked his and #MrsGA’s iClouds. (Sound familiar?) #JerkFace is a notorious asshat and unemployed troll. He and #MrB fought via FB and email for months.
#MrB and attorney discussed, in front of me, how #JerkFace would probably “unveil” all the incriminating info at some big event the volunteer org was hosting the following month.
Tbh, I was skeptical. #JerkFace was clever and petty, but he doesn’t strike me as technologically advanced like that. Also, he’s a basement-dwelling troll and doesn’t have the balls for IRL confrontations. But this is all a shit show of half-truths anyway, so whatevs...
I forgot to add that the #DramaticDuo took multiple out of town trips together in the months leading up to me quitting my job and so, obviously, my was to cover for them. I didn’t like it, but again– #BrokeFolk and missing my whole ass fibula.
By now, #OnlyFriend and I had been covering for them and providing #MrB with emotional support. It got to the point where #MrB had kind of become our friend, but there’d also been this weird dynamic because he was my employer...
I started thinking more and more after reading @MamaGhoulette’s thread... And this continues to be on my mind even now...
#MrB wasn’t always so uncaring. When I first started working for him, I enjoyed his company and I did learn a lot from him. A whole lot. But #MrsGA is a master gaslighter who’s had him walking on eggshells to keep her affection and I just wasn’t on his list of priorities.
Speaking of #MrsGA... She’s a real sweetheart on the outside but downright scary when you really start learning more about her. She’s developed an art form out of emotional manipulation and deceit.
So on April 20, I sent #MrB my resignation letter. I did this because: (1) we never did revisit the issue on April 1, and (2) I didn’t think that he’d let me leave so easily, since I literally ran EVERYTHING for him. But that was my mistake.
Not long after I submit my resignation, #MrsGA came to visit me at work. We hadn’t spoken since #MrB dropped the “Everyone Knows” bomb on us. It was awkward AF, but she awkward-ed it even more— “Are you quitting because of me?”
“I’m tired. I’m in pain. I haven’t had a chance to recover. And my entire life revolves around covering up for you and #MrB. I daydream about throwing myself in front of buses. That’s my idea of solace these days.”
“So yes, I am quitting because of you. Because you see how unhinged he’s become and you could stop this by not leading him on. But you don’t. So I’m leaving.” #HowsThatForDramatic
I wish I had thought to record her talking. #MrsGA called their affair “playing pretend” and talked about how they both needed to “go back to real life.”
Like, this bitch KNOWS what she’s doing. She’s strung him along for MONTHS, saying that she’d eventually file her divorce papers. I checked state records, she still hasn’t. But #MrB’s is still there, as of this typing.
So by May 1, I was gone. Though I did a couple of mini-projects for them through the summer because #BrokeFolk... And I assumed that that life was behind me. BUT I WAS WRONG.
At one point, #MrB called me up and (lying) told me that #OnlyFriend had single-handedly caused a schism in their org and that she’d “gone to the dark side.” He tried telling me that anything I told her would be relayed back to THE ENEMY.
By “THE ENEMY,” he meant the elders who’d been part of the org ever since ever since and were effectively keeping it afloat. But they didn’t support him or #MrsGA’s crap leadership, so they were automatic opposition.
I thought that was the worst of it until #MrB’s ACTUAL WIFE came back to town and found out about the affair.
She first contacted #OnlyFriend and tried getting all the info she could out of her... Then she contacted me. And I kinda felt for her... So I was honest about what I knew. She asked for the photos, I handed them over.
#MrB’s ACTUAL WIFE seemed like she was getting her life in order and trying to get her bags... And I was happy for her, doing what she needed to do to move on. I THOUGHT SHE WAS GONNA BE OKAY.
Next thing I know, #OnlyFriend lets me know that #MrB’s ACTUAL WIFE is out here running her mouth, spreading her STILL-PHILANDERING husband’s lies about me.
#MrB’s ACTUAL WIFE tells #OnlyFriend how I used them for their health insurance (as employees do) and that #MrB had to pay $30k out of pocket for my surgery.
She also says that I hacked into #MrB’s iCloud and generated fake documents to turn her against her husband. Or some shit like that.
So here’s the thing... Yes, #MrB’s ACTUAL WIFE is making some seriously slanderous, #WeirdFlex type statements about me... But I didn’t care all that much because that’s between them.
But just the other day, I run into an actual friend. One I worked with, one who knows #MrB, one who I genuinely like. And she had heard the same shit about me— but from #MrB himself.
So while I initially let this matter go and wasn’t going to say some shit back— now I’m putting this whole story out there. And this isn’t even including ALL the ugly details or names. This is a basic summary.
But it’s cool ‘cause I know this old man (he’s older than my parents BTW) has his folks who creep online from time to time. So if they see this, I’m sure he’ll hear about it.
And in the event that #MrB does hear about it, I look forward to him dragging my fat ass to court for “hacking his iCloud” to steal photos of him and his mistress so that I can disseminate them to everyone.
Except that it never happened because I still have every photo attached to every text, date and time stamped on my phone from when he first sent them.
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