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Juridiquement, les peines infligées aux actes violents sont proportionnelles et contextualisées, moralement non. Les #Extremes ont parfaitement compris le principe et en abusent. Pour autant, la société peut-elle accepter plus longtemps le "tout conflictualiser" de @JLMelenchon?
Il y a un continuum entre l'hystérie de ceux qui brulent l'effigie du #PR ou qui sèment le chaos à l'assemblée Nationale et ceux qui lancent des coktails molotov sur la police, tabassent le neveu de @EmmanuelMacron et mettent le feu au domicile d'un maire.
L'histoire fait l'inventaire de tous les massacres et même les génocides qui n'ont pu se faire que sur nos aveuglements et notre coupable léthargie. C'est bien au tout début qu'il faut agir. Alors, quand les deux #Extremes refusent de condamner l'#Holodomor, il faut réagir!
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First we had this. Starmer suddenly has a "long-standing view against PR."
A tangible change in tone, from constructive ambiguity to clear against.
What is going on? (A thread) 1/15…
You'd have imagined the official spokesperson would have said, "#PR for the Commons isn't the priority but Lords reform is. In power, we'll consult on the best voting system for our new elected 'Assembly of Nations'." They didn't say that, why? 2/15…
The Brown report is aware that the new second chamber must have "electoral legitimacy". 3/15… Image
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So the media today (5 May) and Saturday will be filled with reportage about how voters in various parts of England have made their “democratic choice” in selecting who should lead their local government. 1/8
Meanwhile, commentators are falling all over themselves to suggest what the results will mean for the next general election when voters across the UK will also be making their "democratic choice". 2/8
It’s all BALONEY. For elections to be fair and democratic, it is pretty elementary --- DUH! --- that ALL votes must count the same. In local elections, they don’t. Often the results are even more undemocratic than what happens in general elections… if that is possible. 3/8
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激激辛カレーパンと自分の気持ちに耐え続けるツンデレ幼馴染の話(1/3)#PR Image
激激辛カレーパンと自分の気持ちに耐え続けるツンデレ幼馴染の話(2/3) ImageImageImageImage
激激辛カレーパンと自分の気持ちに耐え続けるツンデレ幼馴染の話(3/3) Image
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1/12 SALTED EARTH: We are living in the land poisoned by Thatcherism. We have been brought low by a doctrine of “me-first” selfishness and a devil-take-the-hindmost philosophy which, together, hobble any effective action against the huge problems we now face… 🧵 #Max12to1 Image
2/12 Economically, we were torn apart in the 1980s as #inequality and #poverty soared to levels not seen since the 1920s. We have not recovered. Gross #inequality now seems the norm. No subsequent government has even tried to reverse the damage wrought in the 1980s. #Max12to1 Image
3/12 Socially, the UK is starkly divided. We have a three-tier education system, a two tier-health system, and a wealth chasm between those who rent or own their home. #Poverty stalks foodbank Britain. We meekly gave up on collective provision. #Max12to1…
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Cela s'est produit progressivement bien que de nombreux observateurs aient donné l'alarme: la société, et ce dans tous les secteurs, s'est conflictualisée. Il n'est pas un endroit où l'on ne se plaint pas de violence permanente au détriment du lien social:
La violence s'observe entre usagers et administrations, à l'hôpital, entre patients et médecins, entre les manifestants et les #FDO, dans les lycées et collèges, au sein des familles, au travail, sur les plateaux télé et les #RéseauxSociaux, entre locataires et propriétaires.
Chacun y va de son petit commentaire, chacun accuse son voisin sans aucun résultat. Pourtant, derrière cette ambiance délétère, y'a plein de petits bras qui s'activent comme autant de petites fourmis, rouges cela va de soi. Moi j'accuse @JLMelenchon d'y avoir largement contribué:
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#Value proposition. I would like to disclose how we #support our #portfolio companies, because I do believe that neither #investments nor market making are enough, if there is nothing else provided. Our #vision is to be a #partner and friend for our portfolio companies and…… Image
Market making (#MM)- it has three main parts: Market #depth - we add more #liquidity on bid and ask side across exchanges where a token is listed on. Spread - we reduce the spread between the best bid and ask offers by adding more quotes around the middle price in the order book.……
#PR and #marketing - the most powerful tool to boost projects on the #crypto market. We support projects with everything from #media to KOLs, and we can act as an outsourcing marketing agency (spoiler - we will extract our marketing department to an independent company very……
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@amanpour @kajakallas Canned meat distributed by the #Ukrainian #Nazi A. #Gramanchuk with fascist symbols such as the shield of the Ucronazi collabrs and the colors of the OUN-UPA, on the label it says: "#meat of Russian-speaking #babies"
Alluding to dead children in #Donbas
@amanpour @kajakallas Thread 19
FROM: #Marin in #Nazi -funeral #Ukraine | Mar 7, 2023
TO: #Kotsyubaylo eliminated | Mar 7, 2023
- when the #Americans visited the positions in #Avdiivka, he said that he was feeding the tamed #wolf "the #bones of #Russian-speaking #children.
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②Twitter検索で「商品名 min_faves:100」「商品名 min_retweets:50」で検索







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#PR #天幕のジャードゥーガル ImageImageImageImage
(2/10) ImageImageImageImage
(3/10) ImageImageImageImage
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実はどちらも自分のポジションの確立と高年収貰える会社に入るのが絶対条件。その為には早期に適性に合った仕事を選んで実績を出しておく必要がある。VIEWは簡単な適性検査でこんな感じのレポートと、オススメの職種×業界が表示されるので適性検査だけでもやる価値があるよ #ad
ハイクラス転職といえばビズリーチ。高年収案件が多く僕も転職活動や自分の市場価値を確認する際は必ず使ってる。職務経歴をきちんと入力した方がヘッドハンターからの連絡が増えて面談もスムーズだから、一手間かけてやっておくと上手く使いこなせるよ #pr
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#Tragedy In #Dnipro: Accident Or Deliberate Crime | Jan 15
#Arestovich resigns.
"The idea of #Ukraine and the West too is to #lie as much as possible -the whole structure #collapses if they start telling the #truth"
#Zelensky's adviser, #Arestovich, is also telling the truth.
- "The whole idea of #Ukraine and the #West too is to #lie as much as possible to oneself and others and the whole structure #collapses if they start telling the #truth."
#Arestovich (#Zelensky's former advisor) condemns Zelensky for #war against #ethnic #Russians & #Christianity | 17.1.2023
- The popular advisor of Zelensky #resigned shortly this interview.
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Let's talk about employee advocacy.
Shall we

Thread on Employee Advocacy

1. As PR professionals, it's our job to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to industry trends &shifts. One trend that's increasingly important for us to pay attention to is the rise of employee advocacy
2. By empowering our clients' employees to share their stories and experiences, we can create a more authentic and engaging narrative for our brands. But how do we do this effectively?
3. One key is to focus on employee training and education. This means providing employees with the tools and resources they need to effectively communicate on behalf of the company, whether it's through social media, blog posts, or other channels.
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Yesterday we published our first combined asthma and COPD 'Drawing Breath' @NACAPaudit report.

I thought I'd highlight a few key themes.

First, it's important to note that these data reflect care during the pandemic period when front line clinical teams were stretched...
We have four key recommendations, each relevant to #asthma in adults, asthma in children and young people and #COPD, including #PR services.

The first area is that everyone should be able to access early and accurate diagnosis. Here are some key findings; we need to do better:
The second theme is the need for TIMELY care when a person has been admitted to hospital, for example receipt of systemic steroids in asthma, or #NIV in COPD for those who need it.
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So today was the first day I started to delve into @summitnational the bank that #nexo announced end of Sep 2022 that it had taken an undisclosed stake in and a 'game changer for the industry'. Image
Does anyone remember that song "pretty fly for a white guy"
well of summit's directors is way more fly than that guy. back in 2011 said director managed to launch his #Porshe 35 feet in the air into the second story of a house. Image
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1/ Let’s talk about PR Interval - Segment #CardioTwitter.

The PR interval represents the time between the onset of atrial depolarization and the onset of ventricular depolarization and reflects conduction through the AV node.

🧵by @ekgdx
2/ PR Interval


✅ Normal PR interval: 0.12 - 0.20 sec.
✅ Prolonged PR interval: >0.20 sec.
✅ Short PR interval: <0.12 sec.

The term “PQ interval” is preferred by some EKG lover because it is the period actually measured unless the Q wave is absent.

#PR #interval
3/ The PR segment is the segment between the end of the P wave and the start of the QRS complex.


✅ Normal PR segment: Usually isolectric.
✅ PR segment elevation: ≥0.5 mm.

PR segment elevation causes: Atrial ischaemia/infarction, myopericarditis, PE, others.

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Links from Experien and Credit Karma can’t get you so far if you have plagiarised content.

Even pure #PR can’t lift you if you don’t have something to give to the web.

Here is the full case study:
(Read time: 5 mins) Image
I landed a client in the FinTech niche at the beginning of 2022. We were working only on PR links.

He has a couple of in-house writers, so he didn't use my services or even ask me to review them.
I started aggressive PR campaigns to get him at least 4-5 placements.

I successfully got him more but the most noticeable names are Experian and Credit Carma.

I’m not a fan of DR but getting votes (links) from sites who’s been in the industry for a while is a good practice.
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Our new study is out: “The corporate capture of the nutrition profession in the USA: the case of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,” with @acarriedo, Ilana Pinsky, Eric Crosbie & @MIALONMelissa, via Public Health Nutrition #PHN @NS_Publications…
@acarriedo @MIALONMelissa @NS_Publications The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is “the world's largest organization of nutrition and dietetics practitioners”. Their mission is to “Accelerate improvements in global health and well-being through food and nutrition”.
@acarriedo @MIALONMelissa @NS_Publications Our study is the result of a five-year investigation of thousands of internal Academy documents @USRightToKnow obtained via public records requests. It reveals the Academy accepted more than $15 million from corporations and organizations in the years 2011 and 2013-2017. #FOIA
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#マンガほっと #PR ImageImageImageImage
(2/9) ImageImageImageImage
(3/9) ImageImageImageImage
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