Live tweeting best d'ohzen eps as picked by @durhamiteA at #blog for @TheSimpsons @AlJean's curated 30 for the 30th Anniversary marathon on @FXXNetwork @EverySimpsons #LifeontheFastLane up next with @AlbertBrooks #Durham #SheReady #ReallyStrikeOutTonight!
#LifeontheFastLane features @AlbertBrooks in one of his many @TheSimpsons roles. Old cliche of super-sexy #BowlingInstructor.
The chief author of the ep, John Schwartzelder, now a reclusive author, is spoken of in @TheSimpsons circles as a series GOAT, as in @mattselman"s tribute here:
This restaurant: Home of Ballads & Salads, LOL. Marge's birthday revealed as her 34th...GAWD the bowling ball with Homer's name: perfect shitty spousal gift. @TheSimpsons
Marge's shoe size: 13AA @EverySimpsons "Homer is my....ball's name..."

Jaques: Many people have senseless attachments to heavy, clumsy things such as this Homer of yours.

Brunch: It's not quite breakfast, it's not quite lunch but it come with a slice of cantaloupe at the end. You don't get quite what you would get at breakfast, but still you get a good meal

Quoted every week since! @TheSimpsons @AlbertBrooks
This romantic dance number in Marge's imagination is an early glimpse in the imagination of the show, power to use animation to perfect the story. @TheSimpsons
This bit is masterful visual storytelling as Marge makes her choice approaching and facing the fork in the road between #SNPP and #FiestaTerrace.

Homer: Tell him I am going to the car with the woman I love and I won't be back...FOR 10 MINUTES! #truelove @EverySimpsons
I love Bart calling the characters by the title of the movie--such a kid thing. @TheSimpsons
Bart! You're no longer in church: don't swear.
I'm #TroyMcClure! You may remember me from such movies as "Cry, Yuma" and "Here Comes the Coast Guard" #PhilHartman @TheSimpsons
One of @TheSimpsons first forays into hell, via Lisa's imagination.
The adult movie Bart and the boys are watching on adult cable? "Broadcast NUDES." @EverySimpsons
#RadioBart is a satire on the public obsession with Baby Jessica's 1987 fall into and then rescue from a well. @TheSimpsons Features @OfficialSting
Best band name: Funky See, Funky Do, and their single "I Do Believe We're Naked" @TheSimpsons
And I insist on singing "You're The Birthday Boy of Girl" to this day! @TheSimpsons #SenorBeaverotti

This is the commercial being referenced in the episode, a #Ronco hall of famer. @EverySimpsons Hey good looking, we'll be back to pick you up later...

Use of #bartsimpson's one present my damn his use of the other in this #TimmyOToole prank... @EverySimpsons
#Karma for #bartsimpson in attempting to retrieve his radio. @TheSimpsons
@MikeReissWriter reports @GeorgeTakei wouldn't slag public transport so he refused to appear in #MargevTheMonorail on @TheSimpsons. So they got #LeonardNimoy
Opening riffs on the Theme to #TheFlinstones @EverySimpsons
I call the big one "Bitey"

Is there anything they can't do? #monrail @TheSimpsons
#bartsimpson has a surprising amount of enemies for a 10 year old boy. @TheSimpsons
#NoOneWhoSpeaksGermanCouldBeAnEvilMan @TheSimpsons #CapeFeare Love the movie scene straight out of the originals
#witnessrelocation #fails "Hello Mr Thompson" @TheSimpsons @EverySimpsons

I think he's talking to you..
I understand the show was running short so they ran the sequence twice! #rakes #SideshowBob @TheSimpsons

BTW, read @durhamiteA 's thoughts on @TheSimpsons 30th Anniversary at You don't need to read at a 78th grade level to enjoy it. Hugh is a dick, but at least the 2 share a love of @RollingStones for their #historicbuilding preservation work
The divisive @TheSimpson family wedding cufflinks:
Spotted on the bride's side: Ned & Maude sitting next to EDNA. #MyWifeandMyDeadWife! Well, and future second dead wife. @RobynHitchcock
Alien integration level: beginner. @TheSimpsons #Kang #Kodos @FXXNetwork
@TheSimpsons #HomersPhobia is a favorite, and happily, pretty anachronistic now.
Marge: He prefers the company of men
Homer: Who doesn't!
Marge: He's a Homo...
Homer: Right
Marge: sexual
Homer: *scream*

@TheSimpsons @FXXNetwork #HomersPhobia
To see @durhamiteA's d'ohzen favorites from today's @FXXNetwork marathon, see the #blog at Live tweet fatigue!
Nice touch: Theme from Sanford & Son (by @quincyjonesprod) about a junk yard, the play on music for #RayPatterson #TrashoftheTitans @TheSimpsons

And a reference to this classic anti-litter PSA

In @TheSimpsons #VivaNedFlanders Homer and Ned pass another famous pair of #SinCity visitors leaving Law Vegas: tribute to #RalphStedman's illustrations of "Fear & Loathing In Law Vegas" & #HunterSThompson #RaoulDuke #DrGonzo
#NedFlander's line "and then there's Maude" is a reference to another #NormanLear series theme song, this time MAUDE, the "All in The Family" spin-off @EverySimpsons

LAS Vegas, that is, LOL.
Sending up @TheSimpsons merchandise fever on #BehindtheLaughter
@WillieNelson : Thank you #Taco for that loving tribute to #Falco .... #NewAwarenessAwards

@TheSimpsons #BehindTheLaughter
So much to like it "The Way We Weren't," especially #HomerSimpson's pseudonym Elvis Jagger Abdul-Jabbar. @TheSimpsons @TheSimponsDaily
Marge describes 1st kiss: satisfying as a million Hallmark cards with all the right sized envelopes; Homer: it felt like a clusterbomb wiping out a graveyard full of zombies Both right @EverySimpsons @durhamiteA
I think we are all #gayforMoleman @TheSimpsons

I love these alternate futures like #FutureDrama. @mattselman captures that #YesterdaysTomorrows (h/t @BuildingMuseum) perfectly with the underwater house. @EverySimpsons --@durhamiteA
I envy #VicePresidentCletus on @TheSimpsons in the alternate 2013. W's going to Brunei.

Welcome to Carl's Dad's Caverns! Love the intersecting, diverging storytelling in #SeeminglyNeverendingStory by @ianhmg and showrunner @AlJean @TheSimpsons Like "un" nesting dolls
#Haw_HawedCouple has so much pathos but in also unblinking and grounded in the reality of relationships with damaged kids like Nelson. And it's funny. Damn, @mattselman gets credit on this one too. Damn fine ep. @EverySimpsons @durhamiteA
Nelson: I like to come up here and make fun of the sunset... @TheSimpsons
Homer: I need help from someone like Bart, only smart. LISA!

Homer: Wolves are taking all of our women! @FXXNetwork #TexAverySyndrome

Burns, others: You are pure, aren't you?
Lisa: Does kissing Milhouse count?
All: No!!
Milhouse: First girls ruined "Sex and The City," now THIS #PrincessPenelope #Krusty @TheSimpsons
Never change, Ralph.


oops! Clumsy marathin fingers! @TheSimpsons @FXXNetwork
I love the #WallaceandGrommit parody on #AngryDad episode of @TheSimpsons #NickPark
Haha fan made video--thanks!
#BartSimpson's boys: Kirk & Picard. @TheSimpsons

A Morphistic Quiznox to all! #Rigel7 @TheSimpsons @FXXNetwork
Looking forward to seeing these guys meet up in @TheSimpsons #TreehouseofHorrorXXV
Favorite resident of Hell in this episode? Lame comic book character #HotStuff @TheSimpsons
Collectors with cash to "burn" on Hell:
The power of Chrysler compels you! #homersimpson @TheSimspons #TreehouseofHorror
And my live tweeting comes to a conclusion where it all began: #SimpsonsFamilyPortrait Thanks for 30 years @MattSimpsons @AlJean for the picks! Be sure to see my love letter at I fix #TheProblemwithApu! --@durhamiteA
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