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'Thirty young people in Pyongyang, the capital city of the DPRK, volunteered to work at challenging sectors...' #NorthKorea #rodong… Image
'...A youth league member at Tudan Duck Farm petitioned to work at the livestock farming base in the Sepho area and another at the Taedonggang District Water Supply and Sewerage Management Station decided to work at Kangdong Area Coal-mining Complex...'
'...Some youths made up their minds to work on socialist farms. Those who volunteered to work at the fishing and forestry sectors are full of passion to fulfill their duty as patriotic youths in the struggle for the overall development of socialism...'…
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'The Taedong River flooding control team in the DPRK does its best to keep the residential districts, public establishments and farmlands in the river basin from being flooded by downpour...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...The team has organized work to ensure the correct, rapid and scientific supervision over flooding at a high level, taking follow-up steps...'
'...It adjusts the water levels of reservoirs in a scientific way on the basis of hydro-meteorological data transmitted in real time through the combined flooding control system...'
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'It is our Party’s noble intention that all the officials and working people in the agricultural sector who follow the Juche idea keep it as their faith and courage to overcome the caprice of the sky by dint of scientific farming...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
',,,This reminds us of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un’s field guidance to Farm No. 1116 in September, Juche 106(2017)...'
'...That day, he looked at various strains of grain the farm succeeded in breeding and said that we must trust in the strength of science and technology and rely on the clear heads of scientists and technicians...'
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'True to the idea and spirit of the 5th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Party Central Committee, agricultural science institutes in all provinces of #NorthKorea play a key role in the sci-tech guidance on the agricultural production in their regions...'…
'...North Hwanghae Provincial Agricultural Science Institute dispatched scientists to various areas of the province, including Taechong-ri of Unpha County and Kangbuk-ri of Kumchon County...'
'...The institute has conducted sci-tech activities conducive to the regional agricultural production like insect monitoring and crop growth forecast as well as sci-tech dissemination. It also sent to cities and counties different high-yielding wheat strains it developed...'
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#China threat-"What we are seeing is from my seat is the largest military buildup in history since WWII" @INDOPACOM Commander Adm John Aquilino tells @FDD

"That buildup encompasses all domains & all include strategic nuclear capability"
Lesson from #Russia-#Ukraine: "The world is certainly unwilling to accept a single person's actions, illegitimate, unprovoked to change the world order" per @INDOPACOM's Adm Aquilino
#Russia-#Ukraine: "The most concerning aspect of it from where I sit is that the Peoples' Republic of #China has declared a no limits policy in support of Russia" per @INDOPACOM's Adm Aquilino
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'Iconic factories for local industrial development have been successfully built and inaugurated in Kimhwa County, Kangwon Province of #NorthKorea...' #rodongt…
'...A food stuff factory, a garment factory, a daily necessities factory and a paper factory were newly built in Kimhwa County, true to the decisions made at the 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea and the plenary meetings of the Party...'
'...The factories, which have been established in harsh trials, are the result of loyalty and feats of all the builders and the people in the county who have devotedly upheld the plan and determination of the Party...' #NorthKorea…
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'Pak Kyong Suk, living in the 22nd Neighborhood Unit of Somun-dong in Central District, has tens of certificates of support which she received by supporting to socialist constructions for 30-odd years, though she has not much family properties...'…
'...At that time her little son who had been to his friend’s home for pleasure returned home. As soon as he came back home he asked Pak when he could have a color TV like his friend’s...'
'...Pak replied with a smile that she was more pleased with the fact that factories and apartments are built across the country than increasing of household goods adding that her family would enjoy rich life when the country becomes prosperous...'
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'There are tens of college graduates in Workteam No.3, a high-yielding workteam of the Chongsan Co-op Farm in Kangso District. Most of them received the college education being enrolled in the study-while-working educational system...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...A farmer of Sub-workteam No.1, who entered Chongsan College of Agriculture said: "Our Party provides ordinary workers with all conditions for studying to their hearts’ content. Whenever I am tired I brace myself to study harder to repay benevolence of the motherly Party."...'
'...The workteam leader said as follows: “Tens of college graduates are pride of our high-yielding workteam.”...'
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'Kang Pyol I, a resident living in 61st Neighborhood Unit of Songbuk-dong in Moranbong District, Pyongyang, had her two legs lamed by a sudden accident 3 years ago. She was very distressed at that time as she was in the prime of youth of 33...'…
'...One day she heard that a couple living in Hamhung City were helping a paraplegic girl.
Kang made a phone call to the couple and asked them whether she could be cured after telling them about her body condition in detail...'
'...The couple said that what important was one’s confidence. They urged her to come to Hamhung adding they would help as much as they could. Some days later, when she arrived at Hamhung by train she was greeted by the couple, Ju Ok Byol and her husband Kang Jin Hyok...'
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'Cement producers across the DPRK have supplied more cement to major construction sites even under the maximum emergency anti-epidemic system...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...Officials and workers of the Sangwon Cement Complex increased the output of clinker by introducing new operation methods, while producing quality cement by pooling their creative wisdom...'
'...Sunchon Cement Complex has daily recorded high production results by scrupulously managing equipment and improving technical control and dovetailing all production processes...'
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'In our country the Korean Children’s Union (KCU) members are regarded as the treasures, trustworthy pillars and heroes who will shoulder the future of the country...' #NorthKorea #rodong… Image
'...Treasure of the country today and communist builders tomorrow!...'
'...The heroes, labor innovators, scientists, technicians and officials respected by the people today were KCU members in the past. Therefore our country regards it as the most important national affair to bring up the rising generations...'
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'Different universities of the DPRK push ahead with the work to set up new study subjects in keeping with the world trend of educational development and the practical demands. Tens of new subjects are to be set up at universities...'
'...Kim Il Sung University is spurring the work to establish new subjects of cross-disciplinary sciences and social sciences...'
'...Kim Chaek University of Technology puts efforts into establishing new subjects conducive to developing basic science and training talents, well-versed in contemporary mathematics and physics and capable of resolving sci-tech problems arising in the field of engineering...'
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'Namhung Youth Chemical Complex and the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex in the DPRK boost the production of fertilizer for farms...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...Namhung Youth Chemical Complex, which takes a big share in fertilizer production, has striven for increased production. Its different shops improved technical control to contribute to raising the production...'
'...Hungnam Fertilizer Complex launched a drive for increased production by giving full play to collectivism. Its raw material shop has supplied quality raw materials to the gas-producing process through scrupulous management of equipment and improved technical control...'
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'Persons in the photograph are presentable builders participating in the construction of 10 000 flats in the Hwasong area...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...They are talking to each other full of confidence in beautiful dreams and ideals while seeing again and again the fantastic flats, which are being erected with their strong fighting power redoubled under the delicate situation of emergency epidemic prevention...'
'...There can never be seen even a flash of disappointment on their faces, but only highest pride of struggling for conceiving morrow and bringing a bright future earlier as pioneers of the era and absolute conviction that no force can block our advance...'
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'Cities and counties in North Hamgyong Province of the DPRK have successively completed rice-transplantation...' #NorthKorea #rodong… Image
'...The provincial rural economy committee took a series of measures to ensure the timely completion of rice-transplantation, ranging from preparing farming materials to repairing rice-transplanting machines and managing paddy fields...'
'...Agricultural officials and workers of Myongchon County completely finished rice-transplanting by raising the fierce flames of collective innovation...'
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'One May day several years ago, the respected General Secretary inspected the completed Koam-Tapchon Railways. Feasting his eyes on a railway bridge across the rough sea, the respected General Secretary said to accompanying officials that it was fantastic...'
'...Builders, scientists and technologists successfully built the railway bridge across the rough sea of Sokjon Bay and hewed out an unprecedented new ground in the DPRK’s history of railway construction...'
'...Noting with appreciation that they wonderfully designed the marine railway bridge in Sokjon Bay and carried out its construction qualitatively, he repeatedly expressed satisfaction at the fact that one more valuable edifice was built on the east coast of the country...'
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'There is a family in people’s neighborhood unit No.84, Kaeson-dong, Moranbong District, which is deeply concerned by neighbors. The family was not well-known among its people...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...Since the maximum emergency epidemic prevention was set, neighbors’ sincerities began to flow into that house. Perceiving there were only brother-and-sister threesome their parents engaged in anti-epidemic work, neighbors have taken care of them with parental affection...'
',..Once, they said to their mother who phoned in anxiety about housekeeping that there was no slight inconvenience in life because the neighbors like one family have looked after them, and asked her to work harder, not to worry about them...'
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'Among lots of stories conveying the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un’s love for people is an unforgettable fact associated with Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm...' #rodong #NorthKorea…
'...One day in August Juche 107(2018), the respected General Secretary visited the Jungphyong area by train all night for guiding the preparations for building the vegetable greenhouse farm after giving field guidance to the Onchon area in Yangdok County...'
'...officials hardly repressed their warm outburst looking up to him who was anxious for providing the people of North Hamgyong Province with fresh vegetables as soon as possible...'
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'Officials and workers of every provincial forestry management bureau make innovation in production of timber necessary for the major construction projects...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...Officials and workers of the bureau in South Hamgyong Province concluded the production of timber to send to the construction site of the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm by waging the campaign for increased production...'
'...Workers of the Jangjin Forestry Station and Jongphyong Mine Pillar Production Station introduce the rational and effective working method actively and setting the high record every day...'
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'Officials and workers in the sector of light industry wage vigorous production drive to bring about victory in implementing the national economic plan under the present condition of epidemic prevention war...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...Those of different factories like the Pyongyang Hosiery Factory, Aeguk Knitwear Factory and Sunchon Knitwear Factory are redoubling their efforts to carry out assigned production tasks...'
'...Ryuwon and Kangso shoes factories and Wonsan Leather Shoes Factory normalize and increase shoes production on a high level...'
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"We don't have any indication of the use of lasers...weaponized lasers" by #Russia in #Ukraine, per @PentagonPresSec

...this despite Russian claims its used a new generation of lasers to counter drones
US assesses #Russia is behind where it wants to be as far as progress in the #Donbas, w/Russian progress slow, uneven, per @PentagonPresSec

Says every day there are "hamlets towns and villages that are changing hands" between Russia & #Ukraine
US @SecDef Lloyd Austin to virtually host meeting of the #Ukraine Contact Group this coming Monday - more than 40 nations expected to take part, per @PentagonPresSec
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'One October day, Juche 108(2019), the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited the Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm and Tree Nursery under construction...' #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...He feasted his eyes on the farm village built as good as a city. He expressed the great satisfaction noting that the village of the Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm could be a model for the building of socialist rural modern houses...'
'...he said that the Migok Cooperative Farm village, built ten-odd years ago, could not be the model of rural modern houses now...'
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in non-Covid #NorthKorean news 'A campaign for smoothly providing equipment and materials needed for the construction of 10 000 flats in the Hwasong area is briskly underway in different parts of the country...' #rodong…
'...Chollima Steel Complex has strengthened connection of lines through scrupulous organization and guidance over production as required by the maximum emergency epidemic prevention system...'
'...Taean Friendship Glass Factory is conducting a charge for production. It organized a socialist emulation among units to give fullest play to the mental power of its workers and technicians and has settled problems by dint of science and technology...'
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KPA Surgeons (?) meet at the Ministry of National Defence #NorthKorea #rodong…
'...Recollecting the love for the people of General Secretary Kim Jong Un...speakers expressed their determination to devotedly safeguard the security of the capital city as fortresses and bulletproof walls...'
'...[they expressed] their will to convey the precious medicines, elixir of life, associated with the great love of Kim Jong Un for the people to the Pyongyangites, regarding the posts in their charge as frontline trenches...'
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