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January 17, 2019 Fresno City Council meeting! First full meeting with new Councilmen @MiguelArias_D3 and @D7Esparza Miguel Arias and Nelson Esparza! 1:30 pm item will be Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP): do they place one single large homeless shelter in District 3?Do they
they spread it over several smaller shelters with different niches? Consent Calendar:
Vote to rescind approval of development permit by Richard Caglia of Caglia Environmental his proposed industrial business park of 110 acres along Central Ave near Orange and Cedar
Approve Fresno-Madera Area Agency on Aging (FMMA) to provide Senior Meals at 7 park locations
$177,000 for 70 radio sets for Fresno PD fleet
Approve a purchase contract to Swanson Fahrney Ford for the purchase of 15 new Ford F-150 XLT super crew cab pickups in the amount of
Approve the Mayor’s appointees for the Anti-Displacement Task Force. (No names listed on Agenda)
Approve the reappointment of Peter Vang to Planning Commission and the reappointments of James Poptanich&Rodney Ashley to the Fresno Madera Area Agency on Aging Board
(As always, please forgive typos or grammar mistakes) All councmembers present.
Invocation by Pastor John Cox of the River Park Bible Church. Anti-Displacement Task Force Consent item moved to January 31st.
Lots of changes to agenda this morning. (@PaulCaprioglio jokes we should adjourn as so many changes today 😝) Proclamation for David McDonald Day. Former Pelco CEO passed away recently. 9/11 event, Measures Z and P,Miss Winkles pet shelter His son Blake representing the family.
Proclamation of “National Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month” @MayorLeeBrand @District5Chavez Break the Chains, EOC , Centro la Familia, Marjoree Mason, etc. groups working to prevent it. Mayor promises more resources to combat it. 60 groups trained to combat this.
@Esmeralda_Soria Welcomes her new colleagues to Council. Congratulates Central High’s Cheerleading team for national award. Soria needs to leave early today. Excited about State dollars coming to area for homelessness. Thanks Staff and Homeless Advocates. Gap for homeless
families and hopes the council will deal with that this afternoon. Also overloading one district with homeless resources. Advocates a subcommittee and would like to be on that group if needed. @MiguelArias_D3 says several of his constituents have been effected by Federal shutdown
City Manager Quran-Schecter says there is a hardship fund residents can tap. @PaulCaprioglio welcomes new Councilmen. A campaign is one thing but governing is another. Looks forward to collaborating with them. Discovery Center is having great things happening there, new board.
@GarryBredefeld welcomes new colleagues. Thanks City Staff for helping to eradicate homeless encampments in Woodward Park. @District5Chavez asks adjournment in honor for Huntington Blvd resident Reyes who passed away. Mother in Law of State’s Baccera. @D7Esparza mentions fire
that damaged Romain Playground’s Building. Consent Calendar: Vote to rescind approval of development permit by Richard Caglia of Caglia Environmental his proposed industrial business park of 110 acres along Central Ave near Orange and Cedar. DARM Jennifer Clark says owner request
to rescind. Jim Grant of Catholic Diocese Social Justice. “People’s quality of life should always be taken in to account when designing spaces. A sense of whole and share city with everyone. Put people first. “ Public Thanks Council for rescinding this permit. It is one of the
most polluted in state. New State program will work to mitigate pollution by monitoring. Building Healthy Communities rep thanks Council. We asked former council a year ago to not approve this. Should have a community plan and not just an industrial plan in Calwa area. @sanlens
Public says community is happy for rescinding this permit. Many could not be here due to work and family obligations. @MiguelArias_D3 makes motion to approve. @PaulCaprioglio seconds. Arias feels public should’ve been better engaged on this project. Jennifer Clark EIR will be
performed in industrial areas. Make sure we adequately access both cumulative and specific environmental damages. February will have Scoping portion. Arias wants those who have shown past interest to be notified plus take into account language barriers when doing so. Passes 7-0
WORKSHOP - Proposed PARCS Priority Projects A $1 million one time General Fund allocation for different parks. Master Plan in 2007 specified certain improvements and maintenance. Parks important for families.
Al Radka will be $300,000 for athletic field. Used mainly for baseball/soccer. Would like to make it good for travel soccer and baseball as well as rugby/ ultimate frisbee. May be able to use economy of scale, savings from electricity Jim Schadd says.
Better lighting will allow travel teams to use Radka Park. Cary Park has baseball, roller hockey rink, skate park near Fashion Fair. $250,000 for irrigation system. Is in critical condition. Also $100,000 for lighting.
Einstein Park at Dakota And Millbrook. Recreation Center, tennis, volleyball. $25,000 for lighting for security. Council moves to hear the other three parks needed for improvement at next Council meeting.
Will vote on Cary Park $100,000 only today due to a time sensitive portion and bulk on next council agenda. 3-K and 3-L has Cary Park portions to it. Will vote as one item. Arias says since Measure P was defeated by Administration he would like to hear at next meeting what the
their plan will be as this $1 million is a drop in the bucket for what our Parks need @MiguelArias_D3
Joseph Brophy asks for Council assistance with long-standing issue of neighbors repairing and storing vehicles in their front yard. Brophy says he has an appointment with a lawyer now so will defer this to later. Soria promises the City will do what they can on this issue.
Successor to RDA: @MiguelArias_D3 says this is a routine item but asks Staff if they have any additions. They do not. Approved 6-0 with Soria absent. Moving to Anti-Slum Enforcement Team quarterly report. Goes after about a dozen homes that have grossly violated code enforcement
Have added a new Manger after 6 months of being vacant says City Manager Quran-Schecter. Kellie Furtado says they are getting good response to request to landlords. Work is often done before team makes it to site just from letter saying the property is in que. Asks council to
report any poorly maintained properties. Christine Robles says 13 receiverships have been initiated. This sometimes causes a sale or a receiver is found.
Lots of compliance issues but owner failed to comply. A receiver was found to make those changes. Takes about 6 months to get Court to call for a receiver to take control. Then fixed up or sold to someone who can. @MiguelArias_D3 asks what is hindering property owner? In this
case a sale fell thru and owner didn’t do much after that to comply. @MiguelArias_D3 would like to know in future who is behind LLCs that purchase these properties. @GarryBredefeld thanks ASET staff for eradicating these problems. If property owners won’t make changes taking the
properties will show City is tough on slumlords. He would like media to showcase these properties and the changes. @MiguelArias_D3 asks how are delinquent hotels? Furtado says it is covered under permits. Arias would like this team expanded as their is a lot of work to be done
@stevebrandau agrees with Arias that ASET needs to be expanded and budget restraints make it tougher. It is a very effective team. Moving on to CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) $4 billion in assets including pension asset. Only modest improvement in financial though
somewhat trying to repair what was deferred in Recession. Lima thanks Staff who are in chambers for making these reports streamlined and easier to read. Caprioglio mentions improvement to bond rating. Lima says it allows us to borrow cheaper. Sometimes a full percentage and
factored over 20 years it makes a lot of savings. Lima says we are in Better position than we were when last recession hit. If another depression comes we will be in Better position. Lima says unemployment level is lower than it was. Arias says we still can’t pay for public safe-
ty in Parks and even though we are in best financial shape in ten years. Lima says sales tax revenues are low. Arias asks if waiving property taxes are hurting General Fund? He says these waivers hurt General Fund. Lima says $14 million impact from old Met building. Arias says
CAFR says service is only sector that improved. Need to be better partner to private sector. Caprioglio says Old Met is like Granite Park. Council won’t kick it down the road. Also says we must buy local whether vehicles etc. Food Expo is a good way too. City Manger says benefits
Of Amazon gives Jobs but needs to be weighed with property tax waivers. Arias mentions selling public properties need to be weighed too. City Manager would like to sit down with Arias. @District5Chavez says sometimes ripple effects with Amazon etc can be worth it. Lima says
Amazon is already in top ten of job providers in first year. Arias mentions employers like Community Hopspital is also a top employer but they are required to pay property taxes unlike Amazon. @MiguelArias_D3 Esparza asks about changes to capital and operating fluxes? Lima says
BRT Grant was high on Capital but now built operating side has increased. Lima says grants provide lots of City’s revenue. @GarryBredefeld says Arias brings up good points. GAP warehouse 18 years go has provided 100 of jobs ,sales revenue etc Hopefully Amazon, Ulta will do same
Bredefeld mentions decisions from past councils have to be looked at such as General Plan restricting growth at boundaries. Him and Chavez want to change that. Chavez asks if Clovis’s pension is in deficit unlike Fresno? Lima says Fresno only one that is positive in California.
Accept grant money for removal of Perchloroetheylene from Groundwater at two pump stations. Approved. Purchase of 66 sets of police vehicle hardware for $899,500 from Lehr Automotive. @MiguelArias_D3 asks if a local firm could provide. No says staff. Approved.
4-A Repair of Romain Neighborhood Center. @esparza_nelson says Staff reports that due to rain etc that repairs could take until August which would miss most of Summer activities. Assistant City Manager Jim Schadd said damage from Smoke, fire and water. HEAD Start was able to
reopen. Some asbestos related issues wil need to be abated. Will need to reschedule/relocate PAL activities. Schadd says @esparza_nelson will be kept in the loop. Arias asks how long an insurance claim to be fulfilled ? Two days for this catastrophic one. Chavez asks about
asbestos? Schadd says it is on floor tiles.Approved. @stevebrandau congratulates Esparza in his first resolution being passed. @esparza_nelson Moving on to Unscheduled Comments. Public speaks on benefit of Community Choice Energy. This will appear at February 14 Workshop.
No Closed Session today. Will recess for lunch but return for 1:30 Homeless funding (HEAP)
City Council resumes. PowerPoint on Homeless (HEAP) here…
Mayor Lee Brand up on Dais as well. Will council except HEAP State dollars $3 million today? If so implementation and Spending plan will be voted on January 31st. @MayorLeeBrand says Big 11 Cities in California wanted dollars for homeless. $14 million to Fresno. 2 1/2 years to
spend HEAP dollars. Brand says money has been thrown at problem with limited success. We will hope for an exit strategy to relieve current revolving door. Multiple locations , youth shelters, rapid rehousing for families to divert the problem before it happens. Hope to get 100
100 off the street. Not a revolving door but a back door strategy. One option is $700,000 to build one very large structure with 200 beds. Cost $2 million to run. Adding exit strategy to that will be too expensive. Mayor Brand against that option. We will provide options and have
Council approve which option January 31st. Mayor concludes his comments. H Spees speaking now. Council wants strict accounting and updates. Don’t want one large structure in one district. HEAP dollars must be accepted by THIS Saturday.
Option 1 spending plan. 100 low barrier shelter beds. 60 bridge housing beds. Rapid Rehousing. Private landlords. Maximum leverage of $14 million. Not a warehouse but pipeline. Multiple shelter sites with niches for type.
This option with all $3.1 into a single shelter would be disastrous says H Spees
Choose an implementation plan. Option #1
Option #2 City would monitor entire procurement
Council will make their initial comments. Brandau wants to audit contracts. He will only vote today for contacts that can be audited. @District5Chavez Priority is address the Call for Services. Human beings are looking for shelter from weather and enter vacant homes sometimes
leading to burnt structures. Chavez thinks Council should make call on how money should be spent. State gave money to County AND City for a reason. Collaboration with County but Councilmembers who take brunt of homelessness issues should have a say. 100 consensus won’t be found
Miguel Arias @MiguelArias_D3 says this is a frustrating issue. Friday we were only given one option with all structures in District 3. No engagement with Businesses and residents who take brunt. Three days were given to understand this huge problem and that is frustrating. Not
enough listening to residents. Arias will not support without commitment that brunt will only be on District 3. @PaulCaprioglio mentions Supervisors Nathan Magsig @LincolnSeward is in chambers. County departments that handle homelessness need to weigh in. He thinks collaboration
between city and county. City shouldn’t go it alone. (My video feed froze for a minute so I missed some of his comments). Caprioglio thanks Magsig for his comments. @esparza_nelson Esparza says his district has railroads and freeways in his district which tend to attract home-
lessness. Especially concerned with families affected. Public comments now. Chinatown’s Jan Minami says all homeless are not just in District 3. Those with mental illness or drug addictions need focus. Don’t accede city responsibility to County. Gov. Newsom new budget requires a
program already in place to get matched funds. Brandi:Drop in /cooling centers are needed throughout City especially Central Fresno. Women need to feel safe wherever they go. Shawn: 1)accept funding 2)Landlord engagement to rent to homeless 3) rural planning 4) domestic violence
Says he is sorry City didn’t feel like it was included in planning. Not his intention. Breaking silos is necessary but serve entire area. Women Empowered: provide support for youth. This group of youth feel homelessness is huge problem. 20-40% of homeless youth are LGBTQ. 2000
homeless in Fresno Unified alone. These unaccompanied youth need a place to be. Shawn of Central Fish says District 3 shouldn’t be brunt of homelessness. City didn’t get funding until homeless moved to all parts of City and push to put it all back into District 3. Hope we learn
from this next 2-3 years. He agrees with Arias that is should be written in that District 3 won’t take entire problem. June: doesn’t want District 3 focus of homelessness. She has worked to make positive changes like getting rid of Darling Plant but putting more problems into
Westside. We need to do this correctly so we don’t have to keep cleaning up messes. Nicole from Marjoree Mason Shelter. Domestic Violence is main reason for women and children to be homelessness. Unmet need for these type of individuals. Those that exist are at capacity leaving
Hotels as secondary locations. Solid data is needed to be sure we are doing this correct. Mayor Brand: commitment to not put this all in District 3. He will collaborate with Council. Apologizes for rush as State just got to him in December.
Doreen: City and County need to work together and will go further. This won’t solve problem but hopefully lead to more funding. Nancy Waitlow: Is happy that City is taking some responsibility and not just leave it to County. HUD rules stated that person had to be homeless for
ex amount of months before help will be given. Debbie Darden: City often makes a Plan in public but does something else in private. Southeast and Southwest takes brunt. “Resources are there so that is where they should be located” is used to push them into South. We don’t want
to be the solution for all of the problems. Dez Martinez: says her friend was stabbed. She is being kicked out of her house because she complained about rats in the apartment. Where are the advocates for her?? She doesn’t want to end up like JD her friend who was stabbed.
Bob Mitchell: Lots of good things brought up. Councilmembers shouldn’t give away their duty to County or other entities. Must be shared by all districts as it is a citywide problem. Much can be done but must be right. Future housing is needed. Applauds those who worked hard.
Preston Prince from Housing Authority: we should accept HEAP dollars, go with option 1, and can work with County to help leverage dollars. Council still has authority thru contracts. New homeless housing are being built. Long term plans , better data needed.
Mitzy from EOC: Seperate Services for youth is needed. Not every provider could do the youth portion. End of public comments. @District5Chavez He has seen lots of plans come and go. He is skeptical of this plan. Lots of same language in 10-year Plan is found in this plan too.
2008 a joint meeting between County and Council made the ten year plan. It was not done in public as it should’ve. Will Vote for accepting money but sole City procurement. Would like a subcommittee of Chavez, Arias and Bredefeld. @stevebrandau wants to be sure auditing is part of
that motion. We are only accepting money today. Can subcommittee meet by next council meeting on 31st? Brandau would like a 1:30 time slot for implementation and spending discussion. @GarryBredefeld feels District 3 took brunt on these homeless issues, Darling Plant , Industrial
sites etc. Asks H Spees about triage center: Spees: for those needing low barrier like having pets and partners. Bridge housing is for those who have a plan but running into issues like undocumented but need a spot until permanent housing comes up. 100 beds in 2-4 facilities?
Option 1 will be a partnership with the $14 million and be invited into monitoring those funds. When Magsig asked for City to be part of this the blending of funds will help decrease homelessness. 2 option would allow RFP but City can have assurance in contract. Due to short term
Funds it makes sense to invest into already existing facilities rather than building new ones. Bredefeld asks Nicole from Marjoree Mason Center if they can apply for beds for women and children? Yes but it is hard to House children now. Pets, Partners and processions are top
priorities but children are not. Shawn says no population is excluded right now. Ten Year Plan was good but not enough funding. This plan does have funding. Spees: cheapest way to@get housing is to use existing houses and landlords. Have to engage with them to find those spaces.
Bredefeld speaks of 10-year Plan, MAP point etc but has an inherent distrust of government run programs. Churches and other private sector can provide this. Need government to get off private sector so they can build housing. He will vote to accept money today but concerned about
plan. Wants to be sure one area doesn’t take brunt. Spees says ten year plan was actually effective but ran out of funds. We did well for a smaller city. Arias: 50 Communities in Fresno Madera consortium. There are solutions in all those towns including Fig Garden. Would like a
Joint meeting with County. $14 million over three years will lead to Closed facilities after that and no new buildings. @District5Chavez asks Shawn about running out of funds for ten year plan ? Shawn says it never had adequate funding. This is for 30 months. Governor has more
funding ($500 million) Brandau says he pushed for camping ordinance but we now need more bed space. Approved 6-0 ( with Soria absent ). Approve HERO funding too 4-2 with Esparza and Arias voting NO. End of Meeting.
(As always, please forgive typos or grammar mistakes)
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