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Marriage Proposal
Episode 1
The First Attempt
4 evry lng lost road I went led me 2 whr u r. Odas who broke my hrt, were lyk d northern stars, guiding me on my way, in2 ur luvin arms. dis much I knw is true n I pray dt God bless d broken roads dt led me strait 2 u. Pls b my bride
dese were d exact words of Uche as he bent down wit a knee n brought out d diamond ring out proposing 2 Mary.
dese happened in a restaurant @ ard past 8pm. Uche had planned it all out in such a way dt he had his best friend Kunle dere n 3 of Mary's friend 2 spice up d whole scene
"Awn awn, dis is so lovely" Mary's best friend Loveth said.
"Oh My God, I neva knew Uche can b dis romantic oh. Mary u r very lucky." Omoye, 1 of Mary's friend dere said.
"Please Mary, say yes oh yes, yes" Titi, Mary's last friend said as she gesticulated wit her hands n smiled.
The atmosphere became tensed with love. Other customers who were in the restaurant had soon join them and the place became crowded and filled with expectant onlookers. A couple in the crowd even held their hands, as they blushed and prayed that she accepts.
All of these had happened within a few seconds from Uche's first statement. Love indeed spreads like wildfire. Everyone had become expectant of Mary's decision since the ring was still hanging in the air supported by Uche's hand.
She then couldn't help but blush a little. "This is so so lovely Uche. The ring, the scene and everything, just beautiful. But am sorry I can't accept it." She said as her face grew from blush to straight.
"Ah, No nah. Please say yes," One of the onlookers in the crowd spoke out aloud. At this she walked away quietly from the scene putting her heads down. The onlookers started to frown as they left one at a time disappointed.
"Something must be wrong somewhere." Kunle finally spoke to Uche his friend.
"Why would she have declined the proposal after 3 years of relationship?
Meanwhile Uche just sat there on the bare floor devastated.
Marriage Proposal
Episode 2
Love Birds
Mary locked herself in her room and took out some time to cry out her heart until it felt as if she had done the right thing.
Declining Uche's proposal was a very difficult decision for her to take. She however took it.
This raised lots of surprises and questions from many, even her friends.While she felt there were just enough reasons for her to have declined, on Uche's part and others there was not even a single reason for her to have done that.
Three years ago they had started dating. Seeing the two love birds hanging out together, you could almost mistake their love for each other as divine. Their bond was stronger than that of Jack and Rose or even Romeo and Juliet.
They were inseparable.
"I love you the same way I learned to ride a bike. Though I was frightened yet I was still reckless." Uche said to Mary as he scooped a portion of the ice-cream moving it closer to her mouth slowly.
As Mary opened her mouth in expectation of the chilled-liquid, Uche took it back gently and gently until he drank all of it and then smiled.
Both of them laughed together as they held each other’s hand. "Being in your warmth embrace gives me that kind of confidence that makes me
feel invincible. This is all I would rather do morning, noon and night. I love you darling." Mary said to him.
Both birds continued in expressing words of love to each other as Uche sang for her too.
dis inherent gift of his, was 1 of d reasons Mary had fallen in love wit him so quickly at d expense of oda potential lovers.
As it got so dark, Uche said "I tink we should b going home nw Mary. Today’s gist is just enough for tonight. We would possibly continue tomorrow dear."
Uche then opened the door of his vehicle as he waited for Mary to walk in majestically.
Soon enough they got to Mary's house and it was time for her to go. Still in the vehicle, both birds stared at each other for about thirty seconds waiting for whom to make the first move.
Guys are always faster when it comes to this. Uche gently moved closer to her as he kissed her softly. The kiss was so deep and long, that she felt like it was her last minute on planet earth.
They were just so happy together then, what could have happened? What could have made Mary to decline his proposal after all those escapades together?
Once again this story was copied from a friend by name Uju Onyechere and i do not claim ownership of it
Marriage Proposal
Episode 3
Of course Mary was madly in love with Uche. Perhaps, more than Uche could ever know or fathom.
However, the possibility of not having a future together started to surface to her after some unique incidences happened three months to the proposal.
Prior to that incidence, they were single potentials waiting to become joint reality. But just these incidences changed Mary's perception of Uche. And made her to rethink if he is really the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.
First was when Mary began to notice how close Uche was to his mum. To her, Uche seems to take the words of his mum as law. Every other person's statement or contribution to an issue at hand after his mum talks to him, becomes secondary.
Mrs. Young, Uche's mother loved him so well. The reason for this wasn’t farfetched. Mrs. Young had waited for eleven years before having Uche. During this period, she was faced with warnings and series of threat from her mother in-law to get his son another wife.
After much patience of waiting to finally get to have Uche, sickness later tried to show its own self too. Uche battled with various ailments from when he was six months to when he became five.
All of these had made his Mum’s bond for him that strong.
Even afta she gave birth 2 Ngozi when Uche was 7, the love for the two still had no comparison.
Somewhere deep down, she still had more affection for Uche. While their Dad preferred Ngozi.
This Oedipus complexity between Uche and her mum continued to exist, and was known to all.
It was however not so comfortable for Mary. Both ladies seems to be competing for whose say Uche ultimately listens to. Often time than not, Mrs. Young wins.
Particularly, there was a time Uche and Mary had a group date with a couple of other friends.
This date was the boom especially for the ladies. The eight of them looked forward to it like the second coming of Jesus Christ.
However, the expected happened. Mrs. Young had restrained Uche from not joining the group.
She hinged it on a religious belief that something dangerous was to happen and that Uche should not go.This was irrespective of the fact that Uche was already 28 and stays in his own apartment. Yet mum still dictates for him from time to time.
Long story cut short. Everyone showed up that night for the group date save Uche. Mary had thought Uche will come irrespective of the shallow excuse given by Mrs. Young. However, Uche didn't.
Eventually, nothing dangerous happened that night,
except for the fact that Mary was now boo-less throughout the chats and discussions that night.
Uche was just still a baby to his mum but Mary wanted to marry a man, not a child
Marriage Proposal
Episode 4
"Babe, am sorry for last night. You know mum can be a bit over-protective. Am going to make last night up to you. Don’t worry" Uche said in a bid to appease Mary for the previous night.
Mary had allowed this to slide under the carpet even though it was quite painful. Two months down the line, It happened again. This time bigger and more painful.
Mary's birthday was just around the corner. Uche had promised to make it a memorable one for her.
"I am going to so spoil u dt day ehn. Believe me, u won't forget this memory we are going to have in a hurry" Uche said to Mary as they were making plans for the deal day.
Apparently, Uche had plans of making up for the group date he missed since two months ago using this outing.
"I just want us to be alone as we have always done. We should go far from any other person as far as we can go. All I want to see is you – Nobody else." Mary replied to Uche as they made the plans.
"Awnn awnn. That sounds romantic.
I can't wait to take you there. Am sure we are going to enjoy ourselves. I will give you a nice treat." Uche said as he was very optimistic.
"You will sing for me too oh. Prepare that voice of yours to be in its perfect tone oh.
Don't go and eat Eba and ogbono Soup that day and end up not being able to sing for me oh." Mary said as she teased him.
They both laughed together as they ended the conversation for that night. It was a day that they kept on looking forward to.
On the deal day of Mary's birthday, Uche was nowhere to be found again. His phone was dead and Mary kept on waiting for him. Gradually the sun had set and day even got dark, yet there was no sign of Uche. He didn't even give a call.
All the treats promised, plans made and adventures that they were looking forward to, were all in vain. Uche had done it again. And as usual by the morning he came to explain, Mrs. Young also had a hand in it. It was frustrating.
Marriage Proposal
Episode 5
Uche's mum had insisted dt he come along with her to see Beatrice and her parent. Beatrice's parents had a long history with Uche's parents.
So as it was Beatrice's convocation celebration in their family house, it was customary for the Young's family with such a long history to be there to celebrate with them.
Mr. Young was still in his long business trip as usual. dis particular trip was 2 last 4 d nxt 3 months as he was working on a huge project 4 his firm. Mrs. Young had thus insisted that Uche come along with him to represent his father. But of course she had other intentions too.
Uche had known Beatrice for the period of time that their parents have known each other, which was over fifteen years now. They had even gone to same secondary school, though Uche was three years ahead of her in class.
Pursuit of a university degree seems to have been the reason for their separation. Although they were not dating then, but they were however quite close. It would be a thing of joy for Mrs. Young to see them get married to further unite both families' bond.
While Uche had studied here in 9ja where he met Mary, Beatrice had gone 2 d UK 2 study. Coming bk afta graduation, Mrs. Young saw dis as an opportunity 2 get d folks hooked up once more. Bt she had hinged Uche's coming on family representation. He had to stand in, 4 his Father.
Uche had followed the mum without that knowledge of his mum's plan. Mum has always had his way, this might not just take exception.
Marriage Proposal
Episode 6
Finally, Uche got the opportunity to explain to Mary while he couldn't come as planned, as he went to represent his dad in a cogent function.
"To the extent that you couldn’t call? What nonsense! This is the second time you are dishonoring our date
and it always have something to do with your mum. You better do and marry her" Mary said to Uche angrily.
"My love, I will make this up to you this time. I promise. Am really sorry" Uche said.
"Make up what? The date you just missed now was supposed to be a make up
Am sure ur next makeup will be anoda disappointment. Spare me those stories that touch. I am not interested in ur makeup stories any more" Mary said.
At this Uche drew closer to her, held her right hand with his left and said softly "Love, am sorry. Believe me this time around."
"Look what I bought for you for the birthday." He said as he brought out a package from a bag with him. The package contained a small box.
"So you want to bribe me now abi?" Mary said as she was already falling for him again as his soft hands caressed her softly.
"Bribe, definitely not dear. This is your birthday gift. I can't remember to have gotten you any yet." Uche said as he smiled, knowing the gift was working.
Afterwards, he took the small black box, opened it and took out the necklace out in it.
It was made of silva n was shining lyk d armour of a Britain Knight in 1800's.
He tok it n walked strait 2 ha back. Puttin his hands acros ha neck, he tok d necklace n fixed it on her. den he whispered in her ears, "you look gorgeous in it" then bit her gently in dt particula ear
Taking up his phone, he gave it to her to use as mirror to see it. As she saw how good it was on her, she blushed and said "This is beautiful Uche. I love it. Thank you."
At this she fell completely in his arms, and they had a very deep hug. For Mary, her birthday was still not complete and perfect. They had just made up alone.
Marriage Proposal
Episode 7
On the part of mum and Beatrice, Mrs. Young was still cooking up her plans to get them hooked up. The last time was just a formal visitation and she couldn't have so much time to push both of them to themselves with her words.
Beatrice was dark in complexion, slim and beautiful. She had a set of space-teeth that carefully complemented her dimple. When she smiles, it sends chills down the spine of all the young men around her. But she was still not satisfied with all the guys she had meant in the UK.
None seems to meet her standards.
Beatrice had studied international law and is known to be very eloquent in expressing her intent. She was the definition of beauty and brains. Could Uche be the standard she has been waiting for?
Would Uche even be interested in his mum's proposal when he gets to know? Well...
Uche finally took Mary out for the treat he had promised. It involved a tour to Tinapa Resort, in Calabar, Nigeria. The trip was like heaven on earth for Mary.
Just herself and Uche alone, exactly as she had proposed.
On the night of the adventure, specifically after the tour, they were inside a local hut as both birds expressed words of love to each other as their custom was.
"Anytime I think of the future, all I see is you. Not my career, my friends, my family or even my mum. Just you." Uche said to Mary whose head was resting on his shoulder as they both held each other’s hand.
"I just want u to knw, d love I have for u can't be compared wit anything in this world. It's u I love and will marry, not my mum as u claimed earlier on. “He continued as he smiled.
"I love u too dear. It's just that sometimes I think ur mum is taking too much of ur decisions.
You are grown now. Well, that aside though, let's not spoil our fun. So, what about my song that you promised?" Mary asked as she stared his face with optimism.
"Oh, the song. My voice isn’t so good for it now oh. But am sure you will manage it."
He replied as he coughed softly and got ready to sing. Mary then gestured with her heads for him to go ahead.
Then he sang for her Speechless by Michael Jackson.
An all-time romance song for any season. The song was so emotional especially as buttressed with his unique voice.
"The song is so beautiful Uche" Mary replied as she moved her lips closer to him. As she was about to kiss him, Uche's phone rang and it was Mrs. Young.
Thinking Uche wouldn't take the call, since they were in the center of a discussion and romance, she was however disappointed.
"Dear, please let me take this call. It's mum. She doesn't like my phone ringing for the second time." Uche said. At this Mary knew Uche wasn't ready for change yet. Mum was still in control.
Marriage Proposal
Episode 8
"Hello mum, Good evening. How are you doing?" Uche said to his mum as he took the phone.
"My dear. Good evening too. Am fine. Hope you have eaten this evening." Mrs. Young said.
"Not yet mum, I will get something to eat soon." Uche replied.
"Eeh , look at this boy oh. You want to starve yourself to death abi? How come you have not eaten yet? This is the reason am even calling sef. I have found a woman that will come and be cooking for you oh." Mrs. Young said.
At this point Uche knew the direction the discussion was about to take. And it will end up ruining his date with Mary. Alhough the conversation was already ruining it without knowing.
"Mum, not again...okay I have heard you. Let's talk about this some other time. Please" He said.
"u haven't even asked me who d lady is. n u r nt getting any younga oh."She said as she stressed d younger part. Perhaps bcos d family's name is Young.
"Whosoever u hv planned mum. Just remove ur mind. It won't work. In fact, we shouldn't be discussing dis on phone?" Uche said
"That's a good idea. It means you will come to see me soon again abi? I will take out time to prepare your favorite soup for you. I have even missed you so much" Mrs. Young replied.
"Missed kwa, I thought we just saw less than forty-eight hours ago at the party.
Mum please try to be lavishing this same love of yours to Ngozi also, at least so you can release me a little too. Bikonu Ma?" Uche said.
"Ngozi ke? The one that doesn't listen to me at all? She listens to only her father. Especially this university admission she just got now.
It has further made her head swollen. She doesn't listen to me na ." Mrs. Young said, deviating from the issue at hand.
"It’s alright mum. I have heard you. See you tomorrow then. Need to go. Love you mum" Uche said reluctantly
"Love you too my dear. As you end this call now, leave everything you are doing and go and eat immediately oh. If you don't eat now, I will know in the spirit and call you back immediately" She said as she laughed softly.
"OK mum. Bye" Uche said and quickly ended the call before she continued with her sermon.
As he quickly rushed back to the Hut where he had left Mary, the atmosphere had already changed. Mary's face hand become long. And he knew what that means.
Whenever Mary's face goes long, the apology that follows is always long too. Uche knew he was in trouble.
Marriage Proposal
Episode 9
"Am so sorry dear, mum had some issues she wanted us to sort out. That was why the call took so long. It's okay now though." Uche said to Mary who didn't even asked for an explanation.
"Why is your conscience judging you? I can't even remember asking you for an explanation." She said n turned her face to the other side.
At this Uche knew that the supposed date was just about to become a unpleasant case study. "Well, thank God we have enjoyed ourselves a little
" He said in his heart.
"Dearie, alright let me sing you another song to appease you." Uche said softly.Unable to resist, she looked at him with a funny face and then said "You want to bribe me again this time around abi? It's alright. I just hope this won't happen again.
u can go ahead to sing a song. At least entertain me for my time u wasted."
Uche coughed softly as he would always do before signing. He tot for some seconds d song he would want to sing. This finally came to his mind - "I lay my love on u by Westlife."
Then he started the song
"Just a smile and the rain is gone
Can hardly believe it (yeah)
There's an angel standing next to me
Reaching for my heart
Just a smile and there's no way back
Can hardly believe it (yeah)
But there's an angel and she's calling me
Reaching for my heart
I know, that I'll be ok now
This time it's real
I lay my love on you
It's all I want to do
Every time I breathe I feel brand new
You open up my heart
Show me all your love, and walk right through
As I lay my love on you...."
Afterwards he ended it slowly and softly. Mary of course fell for this. The atmosphere became so emotional and filled with love and romance once more. Both birds fell in each other’s arms as the lyrics kept on resounding in their heads.
Marriage Proposal
Episode 10
"Welcome Big Bro. How are you doing? Mum didn't even mention anything about your coming." Ngozi said to Uche who just arrived home.
Uche had come to visit his mum so they would talk about the marriage issues once and for all.
There seem to be a two-day public holiday coupled with the fact that weekend had just ended. So Ngozi had briefly visited home to pick a few stuffs before returning back to school.
"Oh, my darling you are here. Welcome home. You came at the tick of time.
I had taken out enough time to prepare you the soup I promised. Even though it was without your sister's help, but am sure it would still come out with a good a taste." Mrs. Young said.
"Which help? Did I leave the school to come home to cook? Mummy leave me oh." Ngozi said.
"Moreover if you had mentioned the soup was for Big Bro, perhaps I would have given some assistance but you did not" She added defending herself.
"It's alright. That's all over now. The food is ready. Let's leave all of those. I came here for another purpose." Uche said.
"Purpose ke? Which purpose did u come 4 dt can’t wait? It took me 3 good hrs to prepare dis food. After u are done eating to my satisfaction, we can then talk about your so called purpose. For now, face this" Mrs. Young said pointing to the bowl of food she had prepared for him.
"Big Bro, you have enter one-chance today. Let me leave you and your wife to continue your food and purpose discussions." Ngozi said as she laughed, walking away.
Mrs. Young opened one of the plates containing the soup.
The aroma dt came out of it was so enticing dt even a dead man who smells it would resurrect just to have a taste then go back to d grave.
"Hmm, yummy! ur food is still as good as those days mum" Uche said as he took a lump of the akpu and the ogbonor soup (A Nigerian Delicacy).
Mum had set aside a glass of five-alive juice for him to wash it down also.
In the course of eating the sumptuous meal, Uche seems to have forgotten the purpose - the reason why he had come. He got carried away by akpu.
Marriage Proposal
Episode 11
"Thank you very much for the food mum. I haven't had something like this in a while now." Uche said.
"You are welcome my dear.
But you didn't take the three wraps as you used to then. You know I want you to be strong like your father." Mrs. Young said insisting Uche takes an additional wrap of akpu to the two he had already consumed.
"No mum, I think am just satisfied. Thank you" Uche said softly as he smiled.
"If you say so then." Mrs. Young said as she called on Ngozi to come and clear the table.
"Yes mum, to the reason I came here." Uche said as he coughed gently.
"Whatsoever plan you may be having for me towards marriage, I want you to know it won't work oh. I am already in love with Mary." Uche said.
"Mary? Who's that one? Hope it's not that young lady that always hinders you from seeing me?
Though I haven't met her in person, but I just think she is not the right person for you." Mrs. Young said.
"Wow mum, this is serious. Someone you haven't even meant before." Uche said surprisingly.
"Well, I do not have to meet her. Do I? She has already shown herself as one who won't listen to me. Especially the other day she wanted you to come by all means for the group-date you had with your friends, even though I had restrained you." Mrs. Young added.
Deep down in Uche's mind, he knew the mum and Mary just had a similar negative perception towards each other. Mary had same perception towards the mum. So he was a bit confused.
As he was still thinking, and trying to put his words together before he speaks,
the words of his mum ruin his thought process. She said, "...that's why I have found for you a lady that you would love and would also respect all my wishes."
"A lady that would love me? And also respect all your wishes? At the same time? She must be an angel mum!
I don’t think such lady exists" Uche said not taking the mum's words seriously.
"Yes you are right. She is an angel. Probably a goddess - a beauty goddess. You already know her. Just that your eyes are always too big, that it doesn't even see small things anymore.
She is very slim, perhaps that’s why you can’t seem to notice her" Mrs. Young said.
"Spare me all these fairy tales mum. Who's that?" Uche said sternly.
"Beatrice!" The mum said and took her face away.
"What?" Uche shouted. “I am surprise mum” he added.
"Well, I am not surprise. My only surprise is that you are surprise," Mrs. Young said.
Marriage ProposalEpisode 12

Of all ladies mum, the daughter of Mrs. Taiwo? Ah. I am not interested oh. You never cease to amaze me you know." Uche said.

"Amaze? What's amazing in this? That I am helping you to set your future right with the right lady?" Mrs. Young said.
"Son, look at me" She touched his face with her left hand as she drew him closer. “This is exactly the kind of union necessary for this family. The Young’s family and the Taiwo’s family coming together. It would be the most prestigious amalgamation of the century." She added.
"Oh, it's no longer someone that would respect you? It's now because of family name abi? Mum you keep amazing me" Uche said.
"What amazement? You mean you haven't seen what's more amazing than this in your life before? I think you are the one amazing me right now. It's simple.
Her family has a long history with ours. So it’s easier for her and I to get along. Thus we would be using one stone in killing two birds," She said.
"Oh my God. So it's all about you mum. Not what I want? Not my happiness, my future or what gives me joy?
Mum, I think dis time ard I wld nt follow ur choice. I am just telling u now so u knw. "Uche said as he walked out of d room angrily n hurriedly, before d mum would be able 2 change his mind.
It was afta dis happened dt he had made the arrangements of the restaurant's proposals.
Since Mary n himself had a nice time when they meant d last time, he wanted 2 take hold of dt opportunity n quickly get his ring on her hands before the mum's plan gets to her ears.
Apparently, the whole plan had not worked out. Otherwise Mary would have accepted his proposal.
He was surprised at the decline. “We have earlier sorted out the issues we had as regards mum," he thought to himself.
However, he later got to know why Mary had declined the proposal. Mrs. Young was definitely involved.
Marriage Proposal
Episode 13
On the deal day when Uche was to propose to her. Uche had informed Kunle his best friend, and Mary's three closest friends Loveth, Omoye and Titi. They were the only ones aware abt the whole proposal idea. However Mrs. Young had got to know somehow.
With the manner at which Uche left her place the other day, she suspected something fishy was abt to happen. She had been with him for the past 28 years and could predict his next movement or behavior with above average accuracy. But this time around, she needed help for clarity.
Mrs. Young had inquired from her son's friend Kunle. Kunle, who wasn't even aware of Uche's mum plan didn't find any reason not to divulge the idea of the proposal to her.
This was the information Mrs. Young had leverage upon in ruining all of Uche's plan.
She had called Mary 2 threaten ha against marrying ha son. Though Mary didn't c d threat as sumtin dt shld stop their love, she howeva knew dt it had d potential of ruining their marriage if dey were to 2 on.
"Why den start a fight u obviously can’t finish?" She had asked herself
With all of these at hand and in her heart, she had refused to accept Uche's proposal. However Uche wasn't aware that Mary’s decline, was mum's cause. He was totally oblivious of this.
After crying out her eyes until it felt as if she had done the right thing,
she cleaned herself up 2 get prepared 4 an interview she has d following day.
Mary studied accounting in d same university were Uche had done civil engineering. Uche was 2 yrs ahead of her. While, Uche had gotten a job in a construction firm immediately he graduated, Mary did nt
Not because she couldn't get one, as Uche could have used his father's influence to get her, but she just didn't really want to practice the profession just yet. Her relationship with Uche had further even made her not to really care about it, for the time being,
as he provides virtually everything she needed. But then she had realized, "If I must leave Uche for good, I must also get a job to assist myself."
Unfortunately she performed so poorly in that interview.
She didn't prepare so hard for it because of all that have been happening and that was also her first time having an interview, since she did her youth service one year ago.
Marriage Proposal
Episode 14
Of course Mrs. Young didn't just ruin Uche's plan without another substitute in view. She wanted her son's happiness also.
Uche, who was frustrated that Mary had declined his proposal later began to think he was probably not good enough for her.
"Perhaps am not in the future she sees or she has fallen in love with someone else. Probably, probably not" He thought to himself as he felt so confused.
His mum took this opportunity to console him and see how she can introduce the need of another lady into his life - Beatrice.
"Dear, I had told u abt dt lady b4. If u had listened to me, ur heart wld not have been this shattered." Mrs. Young said as if the only information she had was Mary declining her son's proposal.
Do not worry Uche nwa m, am sure Beatrice wld be a good substitute for u." She added.
At this, Uche rose up his head in surprise and began to think if it wasn't just his mum's plan all these while. Well, there wasn't enough evidence to reach such conclusion.
"Mum, you and this Beatrice issue again. How are you sure she is not already in a relationship with someone
i can't go and look foolish abeg" Uche said as he was already falling to his mum's plan little by little.
"Relationship kwa? No oh. I overheard her telling her mum the other day at the party. She hasn't seen her standard yet." Mrs. Young replied.
"Oh Oh. So you now think I will be the standard abi? How are you sure she would love me sef. Mum please let's leave this issue abeg" Uche said trying to just dodge away from the whole idea of Beatrice. As he was even still consoling himself from a recent heartbreak.
"y r u nt seein d green light? I hv told u b4, ur eyes r gettin 2 big dt u can't see d obvious anymore." Mrs. Young said.
"I use 2 knw u guys were close den. y do u tink she didn't date anybody in d UK? Perhaps it was bcos of u? Or dnt u tink so?" She added tryin 2 convince him
Uche looked at his mum and though "Well she has a point. But that could only just be a guess. What if it’s an assumption? But what if it’s not? Moreover they had lost communication for long. How would he possibly start?" He kept on thinking to himself.
"How will I start mum? I don't even know how to go about this. I am just confused about this whole issue" Uche said.
"Leave that for me dear. That's not going to be a problem. The problem is if you still have feelings for her. Do you?" Mrs. Young asked.
Surprise at the mum's question, he thought for a while then laughed softly. Then said "Feelings? Well, maybe. I think I so".
“Gbam! Then we are good to go,” Mrs. Young said.
Marriage Proposal
Episode 15
With Uche’s response, Mrs. Young knew half of her problem had just been solved. The other half, was to get to convince Beatrice since she has succeeded in convincing Uche.
All these while, Beatrice had no single idea all of the plans made towards her.
“How do I go about this?” Mrs. Young thought to herself.“Yes, my friend. Am sure she would be interested and willing to assist too. This would make everything easier” She kept on thinking while muttering those words to herself aloud.
She had planned to convince Mrs. Taiwo, Beatrice mum and get her to convince her daughter too, just like she has convinced her son.
Of course Mrs. Taiwo had a ‘thing’ for Uche also.
She felt with her daughter’s prestige, her perfect match would just be another prestigious personality in terms of academic achievements and family background. Uche seems to fit this standard.
Uche had bagged a 1st Class frm a private Universities in d South-Western part of Nigeria. His family also has a long history wit d Taiwo’s.
“Who else wld b a more perfect match 4 my dawter?” Mrs. Taiwo said 2 Mrs. Young, who had just finished narrating her own part of the plans
“The only problem is it’s very difficult to convince Beatrice on issues like this. Even on ordinary matters, it’s difficult. Much more something very sensitive like this. But all the same, I will talk to her” Mrs. Taiwo said to her.
Although deir plans were still in d process, dey however found reasons 2 celebrate 4 d future. “Wale, pls get us a bottle of wine 4rm d fridge” Mrs. Taiwo said 2 her youngest son who just walked in2 them while discussing. “This calls for celebration,” She added facing Mrs. Young.
In the evening that day, when Beatrice returned back home, Mrs. Taiwo said “ Omo mi, you are welcome. Hope you had a great day at work?”
“Yes mum, I did” Beatrice replied as she started to put off her jacket right there in the sitting room, signifying that she had a very long day
Beatrice who just came into Nigeria three weeks ago had already been secured a job for, in the Taiwo and Associate Chambers in Lagos, where her dad was the Chairman. Her study as an international lawyer had become needful to the country.
Her father, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), who have always wanted her daughter to take after him, found this as a thing of pride and joy. He quickly got her a placement in his firm to compensate her years of hard work in the Oxford School of Law.
Marriage Proposal
Episode 16
Beatrice was of course a career-driven personality who wanted to attain same position as her dad - a SAN but in a younger age. All that seems to occupy her mind were just law, law, law and becoming like her dad.
One could hv said marriage was the next thing in her mind. But with d way she behaves n carry herself, marriage wasn’t even part of her top ten to-do-list in d next ten years. This was a different case for Mrs. Taiwo. Afta seeing her bag an LL.B and an LL.M, both before 25,
what next if not marriage. “All the problem in Nigeria cannot be solved by my daughter alone, let her marry jare.” Mrs. Taiwo had concluded in her heart.
“It seems you are very tired dear. Try to freshen up and eat, I want us to discuss about something when you are done
Apparently, her three weeks in Nigeria had given her extra weight.
“It’s either I am going to change my suit or change my meals. I can’t just be getting fat like this” She murmured to herself, ignoring her mum’s statement.
“Which fat? Is it until you become slimmer than a female anopheles mosquito before you will know that you are slim enough? For God’s sake, you need to add up some weight, it’s a sign that you came to Nigeria. Not eating those leafs and grasses you people call food in the UK.
Apparently, u wld hv 2 change ur suit, because u will keep eating our diets until you get as fat as your dad and his twin put together.” Mrs. Young said
“Alright mum, I have heard you. Let’s go on with the discussion now. If I go inside and freshen up, I am not coming out again.
Hv some presentations tmrw.” Beatrice said finally referring to her mum’s first statement, ignoring d lata.
“Marriage!” Mrs. Taiwo said bluntly. “u r 25 nw n u r definitely nt going 2 get younga. Wat plans hv u md towards dt since d last tym we spoke abt it 2weeks ago” She added
“Mummy! Ah ” She said as she laughed. “Thank God you said two weeks ago. We just spoke about it na. Give me some time to think and brood over it. Like three years” Beatrice said.
“Ye! Three what?” Mrs. Young shouted. “You are not serious at all.
I am not even giving you three days to think about anything. Three years kor. Seven years nii
You will get married soon oh. In fact, I have found you the husband. A very handsome young man” Mrs. Taiwo said.
“Oh Oh mummy!” She said as she grumbled towards her mum statement of finding her a spouse.
“It’s just ur own u r saying oh. I am not ready 4 any husband anything” She said as she muttered d words 2 herself silently.
“u said what? u r not ready? Do u tink I nid u to be ready nii?”
Mrs. Taiwo was still speaking when the door opened. Mr. Taiwo had just returned. The coming of Mr. Taiwo was like a joyous daybreak to end Beatrice’s long night of captivity with her mother’s palava. Beatrice sighed deeply and said thank God.
Marriage Proposal
Episode 17
“Welcome” Mrs. Taiwo n Beatrice said 2 Mr. Taiwo
“Tnx darling,” he said facing Beatrice as he walked 2wards her n embraced her.
“So u will nw embrace ur dawta leaving me 2 go and hug the transformer abi?” Mrs. Taiwo said as she forced herself 2 smile
“Awnn Awnn! So, some people can be jealous?” Mr. Taiwo said jokingly as he teased her. “You know you are the old wife. Beatrice is the new one. Let me enjoy my daughter small before you start being jealous. It’s just three weeks she is being here now, she is still new.” He added.
Afterwards, he walked up to her and embraced Mrs. Taiwo too. “Your face looks long my dear. What’s happening between you and your daughter again? I heard your voices while coming in” Mr. Taiwo said.
Expecting responses from both without getting any, he decided to break the ice. “Okay, to be straight, it’s either Beatrice refused to eat or something related to marriage, which?” He said looking at both one after the other.
Finally, Mrs. Taiwo said “See, if you know this your daughter, better warn her.” Mr. Taiwo laughed softly and said, “If I know my daughter? Hahahaha! You are very funny darling. So, tell me, what is the bone of contention and flesh of argument here.
“Bone or flesh is not the cause of the problem here. It’s your daughter. She has refused to bring a spouse home and she even have the guts to tell me three in years’ time.” Mrs. Taiwo said straightening her countenance and putting her hands on her waist.
Mr. Taiwo laughed hard n took his seat “I knew it won’t be different story. u guys are very funny.”
All these while Beatrice had not made any statement n was just there, knowin fully well that her dad wld support n rescue her like a bird 2 b freed 4rm d snare of the fowler.
“Dear, u disturb urself n dis young lady 2 much.” Mr. Taiwo said facing his wife. “Tk a gud luk at ur dawta. She is beautiful n intelligent. d perfect match 4 any responsible man on Earth, Mars n even Jupiter. Getting a spouse can neva b a problem 4 her at all. For now, allow her
to focus on her career. Afta all she is just twenty-five. She will get a spouse wen d time is right” Mr. Taiwo added.
“dis is exactly what I hv bin telling mum since. Bt she doesn’t seem 2 see it” Beatrice finally spoke up with a rather joyous tone as she had gotten dad’s back-up
“So, you do not want your daughter to think anything about marriage now abi? It’s alright” Mrs. Taiwo said as she walked away.
Beatrice immediately jumped to her dad and said “Daddy, thank you for saving me from her hands
Sometimes I wonder if you met mumwhile fighting with the
Nigerian army during the Civil War. She is so hot. You are really my advocate. Thank you.”
But this wasn’t just the end to Mrs. Taiwo’s plan. Women are always steadfast and consistent with their plans and strategy. When they decide to do it, they get it done. Whatever way
Marriage Proposal
Episode 18
Mrs. Taiwo believed that if she failed to get her husband to see the need of a spouse for their daughter using her mouth, she would definitely not fail using her thighs.What’s in between the thighs of a woman,she also believes speak louder than what
comes out frm d mouth. Unfortunately 4 her that night, Mr. Taiwo had a very busy day at work that day, and didn’t even make any move as regards what was in Mrs. Taiwo’s mind. He fell asleep instantly. She had to resort to using another tact to convince her husband of the need.
This time around, she decided to use her eyes. “Am sure if I cry to him and tell him how badly we need a grandson, he would consent,” She thought.
After exhausting the tears in her eyes while crying and saw that it didn’t seem to be getting any positive results also, she gave up.
Mr. Taiwo felt that it wasn’t in their place to impose a spouse on their daughter. “Not in this twenty-first century” he had said. “If my friend’s son (referring to Uche) so love our daughter as you claim, then he should go convince Beatrice himself. Not our responsibilities,”
he had said sternly to his wife, which made her to give up.
“Alright mum, no problem. I will talk to her myself. Just leave it for me,” Uche said to his mum who had called to tell him that her plans of getting them hooked up had not worked out.
Meanwhile, because Uche had so much anticipated it based on their last conversation, he seemed to have been drowned in thoughts of himself and Beatrice while they were quite younger. He was trapped in his memories.
He had also tried to reach Mary severally all to no avail.
Mary who had decided 2 move on wit her life had finally gotten a job 2 kip herself busy. Uche’s only mode of communication 2 her has been Mary's best friend.d last time dey had spoken, Loveth had told Uche dt her mind was made up on him n advised him to move on wit his own life 2
Of course Uche did not want to move on without Mary. However, the more show of rejection Mary gave, the more frustrated Uche felt. As a mechanism of defense, he had decided to channel his strength towards getting another lady, at least to reduce the burden of the heart break.
d tot of Beatrice, his child-hood girlfriend just happened to fit this need. In taking a step towards this, he had decided to check up Beatrice in her office the following day. He had gotten her office address from her mum, and started preparing to go give her a surprise visit.
The only time they had seen each other since she returned was the convocation party. The scenario didn’t even give him an ample of time to talk to her, much more have a reasonable discussion. Planning to go from his office, he decided to suit himself up against the tradition of
his career background. He also got a red rose flower and a hamper for her on his way there.
“Good morning sir, how may I be of service?” Comes the beautiful voice of the receptionist at the Chambers. “Good morning, please I am here to see Beatrice.” Uche said.
“Am sorry sir, Miss Taiwo just stepped out a few minutes ago. And she has already signed out for the day.” The receptionist said.
This left Uche shattered. His plans, memorized-words, rose flower and hamper had just been a waste
Marriage Proposal
Episode 19
“Hello Son, how are you doing? I will be returning home next week from my trip. Join your mum in organizing for the welcome party at home. Do well to send invites to my friends also, especially the Taiwo’s family. See you soon son. Regards, Your Dad.”
These were the wordings of the mail Uche’s dad sent this morning to him. Although, the mail spelt out some specific responsibilities for Uche to carry out, only one seems to be of utmost interest and importance to him – “especially the Taiwo’s family.”
He tot of using d welcoming party n d invitation process 2 get 2 Beatrice as he had tried severally 2 see her, all to no avail.
It was d Saturday Uche had tot it as d best time 2 meet d Taiwo’s family, all at home. Fortunately 4 him, his predictions were right.
Every member of the Taiwo family were having lunch together that afternoon in the beautiful Taiwos' Gardens outside their residence.
The Taiwo’s compound was so big that it would take about one minute for one walking from the gate to get to the main entrance of the house.
Thus, they had already seen Uche walking towards them from the garden were they all sat. They were just wrapping up their lunch.
“Oh, is that not Uche?” Mrs. Taiwo asked. “Yes, he is the one. I think he is officially bringing the invitation for us.
His dad had called me earlier on to tell me about the welcome party he is having at his place, which also is retirement party.” Mr. Taiwo said.
“Oh, Uche! He hasn’t changed quite much. The other day at the party, I only saw him from afar,” Beatrice said.
The manner at which Beatrice made the statement and smiled along with it, sent a signal to the parent that she would probably still like him. All these while, she wasn’t even aware Uche was her mum’s plan.
Wale happened to be the only one who didn’t say a word,
as they had rang in his head severally that it’s bad habit to talk while one was eating. Apparently, none of them seems to have been faithful to all they had taught him.
“Good afternoon sir, good afternoon ma!” Uche said as he bent his head a little for courtesy sake.
Turning to Beatrice, words almost failed him as the smiled that radiated from her face could make any man go speechless, deaf and blind. “It’s like your beauty is disobedient to the law of diminishing return. You are still as beautiful as ever. Good afternoon Beatrice!” He said.
Immediately Wale coughed softly and was like “Bro Uche Welcome." “Thank you Wale,” he responded.
“Am sure you came to invite us for the Welcome and Retirement party right?” Mr. Taiwo said. “We are already aware. Give me the letter so we could leave you two.
Seems its being a million years you both saw,” hue added as he collected the envelope and then walked away with his wife and son leaving Beatrice and Uche just there alone.
It was like and an open cheque to Uche.
Marriage Proposal
Episode 20
Both stood dere silently staring waiting 4 whom 2 tk d lead n break d ice. “7 whole years! No calls, no texts, nt even a mail. Seems d luv we professed den 2 each oda as children was just a fantasy” Beatrice said finally breaking the silence.
“Seeing you at the convocation party the other day, I just couldn’t believe that my Beatrice had grown this big and beautiful” Uche said, ignoring her statement at hand.
“I was also made to understand that you came out top of your class in both degrees. Aren’t you just an angel?
Beautiful and Intelligent,” Uche added, hoping this would make her blush.
Of course, the words did the magic. She blushed for a while, then said “Since you can’t tell me why you refused to call all these while, so tell me, why are you here? And spare me the invitation nonsense,
dt’s just formality, we both knw u came here 4 anoda purpose,” Beatrice added, as she gave no breathing space to Uche much more the courtesy of an hospitality given 2 a guest.
Putting his hands in his pocket and smiling sheepishly as he would always do when talking to Mary then,
he said, “Ok! If u say so. Let’s just say I came here to see u, or r ur friends no longa allowed 2 cum pay u a visit?”
“Wat kind of friend dt can’t kip communication?” Beatrice said. “So u mean, u just came 2 pay me a visit n that’s all,” She added opening her mouth in surprise.
Uche became skeptical, not wanting to be too forward in everything. “Just take it a step at a time,” he muttered to himself. “Of course, a harmless visitation, at least let’s say for now,” he added and smiled.
At this Beatrice couldn’t help but smiled too.
“You haven’t changed at all Uche, hope you know that? Still as funny as usual, you know?”
“Hmm, I will take that as a compliment” Uche replied and both laughed. “I was thinking, since its being long, why don’t you go out with me for lunch one of these days?
Seems you are a very busy lady at work. The other day I couldn’t find you. So I don’t mind come picking you up whenever you are free.” He added.
“Oh, now I see where that hamper came from. The receptionist tried describing you but I couldn’t just remember any person that matched
d description she gave. No wonda. How did u even know my place of work?” She said smiling as she became curious.
“Oh u think we Nigerians r not good with locating people too now abi? We may not have the technologies u guys have in the UK,
but believe me, we have competent informants that can keep us posted with every information” he said.
Both of them laughed so loudly, and could feel the vibes as it used to be in those days. Slowly, the past they had was becoming present again for the future.
Marriage Proposal
Episode 21
“You remember the first time we both had a date like this?” Beatrice asked sitting directly opposite Uche in the colorful sets of furniture before them. They had finally made it a dinner, in order to have more time to talk.
It hd jst bin 3 days dey hd a convasation dt seemed like a mini reconciliation of wat deir childhood looked lyk. Here, dey were bk in each oda’s arm once more. Uche had taken her 2 1 of d restaurants dt he was fond of taking Mary to. dis was d place he had his first date wit Mary
He had also sang his first song for her here. Every moment he spent in the room with Beatrice reminded him of his moments with Mary.
Uche of course once loved Beatrice as a teenager while they were growing up. But the lost in communication had made room in his heart for Mary
that no one else can successfully occupy. His current escapade with Beatrice was just to ameliorate his heart break and also satisfy his mum. “I do love Beatrice, but I love Mary more” he has once thought while having a battle of thoughts between both ladies some days ago.
“Of course I remember. How can I forget our first date” he said to Beatrice answering her question as he smiled. “It was at the new event center that was opened close to the school. I also remember how the Mathematics teacher, Mr. Talkless then flogged the hell out of me when dey
learnt we had gone out durin sch hrs. I was unable 2 sit comfortably wit my butt 4 lyk 2 weeks. Imagine what we do 4 love,” he said wearin a funny face.
Beatrice laughed out so loud as she heard d story. “I tot u said d strokes weren’t painful den, dt big boys don’t cry?”
“What abt mine? Mum kept me on severe punishment to scrub d floor 4 lyk a week bcos of dt. Sometimes I just imagine why she is now fond of u. d oda day, she almost didn’t let me rest, singing in my ears about marriage which I just discovered recently you were d 1 she had in mind.
All of dese just makes everything beautiful 2 me,” Beatrice added. Both folks laughed once more 2geda n held each oda’s arm. As they swung their hands together, all Uche could feel was the arms of Mary’s. In d course of their conversation he had even mistakenly called her Mary.
dis lata led to anoda discussion.
He tot Beatrice wld be mad abt it, but she wasn’t a bit. She tickled his hands gently and said, “So tell me abt dis Mary.”
Uche was surprised n tried dodging d question. “Beatrice, I think we shouldn’t talk abt dt today, let me sing 4 u instead.
“Nah! I want to hear it today, you could sing for me some other time,” she said still rubbing his hands gently.
After much ado, he smiled and said “Alright, I will just give you headlines only. Mary is my Ex.
I met her in the University in my year-four and we dated for like two years or thereabout. We broke up a few weeks ago.
“Oops! A few weeks ago? That’s serious.
Marriage Proposal

Episode 22

“…Well, it’s interesting though” Beatrice said. “But how come you broke up just a few weeks ago, and here you are with me. I can’t remember being a comforter oh. That’s the job of the Holy Spirit” She added teasing him.
Uche laughed softly and said “You are funny dear. I am with you because I love you. Meanwhile you haven’t told me about yours, how were the guys in the UK like? Are they as hot as we Nigerians?” he added as he smiled and opened his big eyes in curiosity
Hot? Of course No. Those guys in the UK were as cold as their weather was. I concluded that their emotions took after their geographical temperature” she said and both laughed so hardly together.
Just right about then Uche’s phone rang and it was his mum.
“I tot u were supposed 2 b d 1 organizing dis party 4 ur dad,” came d voice ranting frm d phone
Uche was supposed 2 b @ home putting tins in orda. dt was y he had taken d week off @ work. Apparently his affection 4 Beatrice had resurrected n he needed 2 invest d break with her.
“I would hv 2 go now Beatrice. Really need 2 b dere 2 assist. Dad will b coming tomorrow morning and the party is tomorrow night.” Uche said feeling bad that he was about to leave her. In his experience in that regard the last time with Mary, such interruption didn’t end so well.
“Oh, no problem at all.” Beatrice said. Uche was shocked at her response. “No wonder mum has been insisting she must be the one. Apparently, both of them will easily relate,” he thought.
“Or better still, why don’t I even go with you to assist for the night.
Could take time off from work tomorrow too. Will just call dad to take permission and call my assistant to put things in order. She seems to be very hardworking, maybe because she is new though. But am sure she can take care of things,” Beatrice replied.
Uche was dumbfounded. Not only was she not sad dt he was interrupting their date, now she is insisting on coming to assist him for d night. “This lady must b God-sent. Fate has probably led to us 2 each other once more. “That would be great dear” Uche said as he was still amazed.
Mrs. Young was very happy to see Beatrice coming around to assist. This further made her wanted for her son. Uche had just come to inspect the work that was going on that night to ensure everything was in order. It was basically the decoration and sound system guys.
Beatrice had decided to help him supervise the decorating guys as she could easily relate to the work they were doing than the technical systems folks.
After the whole work and all, it all ended by 1am. They were done for that night to resume by the morning.
Beatrice couldn’t go home that night. Mum was already asleep and Ngozi was returning from school the following day. Uche’s room while he still stayed there in the family house was still vacant.
He offered Beatrice the room and promised to sleep on the couch.
Hwever, soon enough, 1 tin led 2 anoda n dey were both in each oda’s embrace. d rest bcam history, though slightly diff frm d history u knw.
It was actually a biological history caused by some chemical rxns in deir body, called hormones, dt lead 2 sum pushn pull forces of physics
Marriage Proposal

Episode 23

Meanwhile Mary all these while had been unable to secure a job of her choice in her field of study. She had settled for an administrative job with a firm where she serves as the secretary to a young lady.
"Uche still luvs u oh. Hv I told u how many times he has come looking 4 me or calling me, all abt u?" Loveth, Mary's bestie said.
"Personally, I believe u shld hv given dt dude a chance. He deserved more nw. u r marrying him not his mum. I dnt know sha, just saying my own"
"Oh you are still on this Uche's story. Maybe you should just help me marry him on my behalf na, since you are so interested in his happiness like this. "Mary said teasing her. Both laughed softly together.
"Me marry? Not now oh, abeg. After all I went through in Joseph's hand.
Nah... I will take my time to calculate before going to any other relationship abeg. It’s not my heart they will shatter again like the wall of Jericho." Loveth said.
Loveth had just suffered a heart break from Joseph with whom she had been dating for the past four years.
It came as a shocker to her when she discovered all these while she had just been a side-chick.
There was another lady as the main one. This is the reason she is so concerned about Uche because she had suffered heartbreak before and know how devastating it can be.
"Well, seriously now sha, I hv been considering all u hv been telling me. I really do still love Uche. Just dt…" she was still talking when Loveth cut her short and said "Just dt wat? Is it d mother u are marrying? Don't do dis boy like dis because of the mum oh" Loveth added.
"No, not bcos of his mum. dt was part of course, bt not d main reason. Just had to use dt to cover up u know." Mary said.
Loveth became dumbfounded at this point and finally said "Wait oh, and u just kept everyone in the dark all these while, even me ur bestie it's not fair na."
“Am so sorry dear. It was very severe. I know if I had told you, you would not have considered it enough reason. You would have probably told Uche and all that. But I love him that's why I didn't want to marry him" Mary said.
"Babe, enlighten me. Now am very confused. What's the problem? What's happening? How can you reject someone because you love him? I can’t even refer to that as a paradox," Loveth said with her eyes almost falling off her sockets.
She thought for some seconds then sighed deeply and said "Well, you are my friend. You need to know. But let it remain between us. I do not have a womb anymore. I cannot give birth. That was why I did not marry him."
Marriage Proposal

Episode 24

In addition to Loveth's curiosity first been expressed with her eyes, her surprise was now been expressed with her mouth wide open. The more she tries to talk, the wider the mouth opens and the fainter her voice becomes.
She finally got herself and said to Mary whose head was now bowed down almost crying, "Babe, what happened? What led to this? How did we get here?"
Mary confused and not knowing which question exactly to answer first started crying the more. "It’s okay dear.
Be calm" Loveth said as she drew her closely to herself and patted her like she would do to a three-month old baby.
"Don't worry dear. If you are not in a state to talk now, no problem. We can always talk about this "It's mum.
She insisted I removed it n I had 2 do it" she said faintly dt Loveth could barely hear her.
"I dnt undastand. Wat do u mean remove?" Loveth asked.
"B4 I met Uche wen I was in yr 1, I was raped by a gang of robbers," Mary said, crying softly as she began 2 narrate her ordeal
"The doctors later confirmed that I was pregnant. And mum said the shame would be too much for her if I were to keep the baby and have a bastard. Especially, since I was technically one, since my dad left us before I was born," she continued as she kept on crying.
"I was so scared to remove it, but mom insisted that the shame would be unbearable and that she would commit suicide if I didn't." Mary continued narrating the tragic incidence. Loveth soon join in the cry to give it a rhythmic melody
"The complications of the abortion led to the loss of my uterus. I haven't told anyone about this. It was after that, I met you in year two and Uche in year three." She said.
I almost accepted Uche's proposal that day,
but considering the fact of how long the mum had waited to have him, marrying him would just be adding salt to her injury. So I declined."
Marriage Proposal
Episode 25
Now, Loveth was aware of the real deal why Mary had declined Uche’s proposal. But Uche had no idea about this. "Perhaps, he would still accept her as she is" she thought to herself. “Perhaps, he won’t,” another voice said to her.
“Well, let me still tell him and allow him make d decision. I must create time 2 relate dis 2 Uche, b4 Mary does anytin bad 2 herself." Loveth concluded
she took out time 2 attend Uche's dad's party so she cld relate dis story 2 him n see if he still loves her
But what she saw, busted her bubbles. At the party, she saw Uche sitting with another lady - Beatrice. "Was it not just a few days ago, he called me asking about Mary's whereabouts? Perhaps, he has given up on her as I had advised," Loveth thought.
As she was abt 2 liv, she still felt d urge 2 tell him. "It is better he is aware n take d decision of not being interested anymore, than still being totally oblivious of everything" she walked closa 2 where he saw him sitting. As she got closer, she had d announcement by the MC
"Ladies and Gentlemen, of course this was supposed to be Mr. Young's welcoming and retirement party and should be all about him. However, with his permission, let us put our hands together as we welcome his son Uche as he makes a very special announcement."
With the round of applause, Loveth had to wait there while standing to hear what Uche had to say before walking up to tell him.
"I have been around many special women in my life, but none arouses my intellects as this lady does," Uche said as he began his speech.
Everywhere became very quiet, as they could already perceive the direction the speech was going to. After a few more sentences of formality and all that, he walked up to Beatrice, put his left hand in his pocket and knelt down with a knee and said:
"I tot our childhood memories were just fantasies until fate reconciled us back togeda. I have known u long enough 2 say dt u r d woman I wld luv 2 spend d rest of my life wit. My beauty n inspiration, be my moon n let me be ur sun," Uche said as he popped up the big question
"Wow", "This is beautiful”, "They are just perfect for each other" and so many other comments kept on coming from the guests. Mr. Young's supposed retirement party had become his son's proposal party.
Everyone kept on waiting with curiosity to the response of Beatrice. Mrs. Young and Mrs. Taiwo started praying silently for a yes. "This would just be the perfect match for our daughter" Mrs. Taiwo whispered to her husband.
After the whole tension and expectation,
Beatrice smiled and said "You are the standard I waited for all these years. Yes."
"Eh" the crowd shouted simultaneously exactly like when Kanu Nwankwo scored the golden goal against Brazil in the 96’ Olympics.
Afterwards they started to dance and rejoice as if it was the wedding party already. Mr. Young and Mr. Taiwo smiled at each other as they hugged emotionally.
Only Loveth left there disappointed.
Marriage Proposal
Episode 26
"dis will b d hottest wedding dt has eva been experienced in this country" Mrs. Young said 2 Mrs. Taiwo
Jst a day afta d party n proposal, both folks had already started making plans 4 d wedding. Uche n Beatrice had nt even sat dwn to decide on a date
"Yes oh. They will know that it's the Taiwo’s family daughter that is wedding. Nigeria will hear it hot. I will have to book 36 eighteen-seater buses for my extended family coming from Ibadan for the wedding" Mrs. Taiwo added."But wait oh!
These children are yet to fix a date for the wedding oh. Shouldn't we wait for them to pick a date first, so we would work with that?" Mrs. Taiwo added feeling they were kind of too forward.
"Wait what? Haven't I waited enough? I waited for eleven years before having my boy.
Do I have to wait for another eleven years before he gets married?" She said wearing a funny face.
Both of them then laughed together.
"You are right my dear." Mrs. Taiwo replied.
"We are their parents, let us get them a suitable date and we would let them know.
After all, it's not as if they have a choice sef," Mrs. Taiwo added.
"They do have a choice. It's their wedding," came the voice of Mr. Taiwo as he walked into their discussion. He had overheard the later part of their discussions relating to them fixing the wedding’s date.
"Good afternoon sir" Mrs. Young who had come visiting said. "Seems you didn't go out today?" She added.
"No I didn't my dear. I think I am getting too old for that. After this wedding, we should probably prepare to start planning my own retirement party too.
I want to be resting like your husband" He said. And they all laughed together.
"Meanwhile, Beatrice is there. I think she can handle things. Let her start learning to handle it now pending when I leave fully." He added. "Yes, that's very good. Thank God she took after you.
Uche had refused to follow his dad in the banking sector. He says engineering is his passion. As if it was passion that sent him to school" Mrs. Young said.
They all laughed once more as they continued their discussion.
The future holy matrimony of their children was just building their bond stronger. Perhaps both families were just meant to become one.
Perhaps not.
Marriage Proposal
Episode 27
Beatrice was standing in between the legs of Uche who sat on the slab as they viewed the blue Skye together with the gentle breeze giving it a romantic atmosphere.
Beatrice said "I was just thinking, we could do this wedding in the UK darling.
Or what do you think?" She added shyly as she kept a finger in her mouth as she would always do.
Uche cackled softly and said, "You are very funny dear. I wish we could do that you know. But not feasible for now. Extended family will have to be part.
I even learnt your mum is bringing all her Ibadan people and definitely not all can afford the UK trip. We could do our honey moon there anyways." Uche said as he smiled about the part of Mrs. Taiwo’s family in Ibadan.
"Nah Nah" She replied again talking like a baby.
"I have been there for years. Honey moon should be in Paris. Learnt it's a great place" She added.
Just then Uche's mind for the first time in weeks flashed back to Mary. Paris had been a dream city for Mary and she had always wanted to go for a visit.
"Paris? Oh... That's beautiful." He managed to say "Paris then, if you insist" He added.
At this moment, his eyes looked passed the blue Skye as he focused his gaze on Beatrice and said "So tell me, how come you are this beautiful and intelligent.
Only you? Many other person's don't even have one of it, much more both.
He said this in a very seductive manner that Beatrice knew it was just more than the voice talking, he needed something more. Gently, he kissed her and soon started to caress her softly.
"Stop Uche!" Beatrice said. "This is a public place. Meanwhile there is something we need to discuss about." She added, with her face becoming long.
Just then Uche's phone rang. "Babe please, One minute. I need to take this" Uche said.
He took the call as he walked away from the noise coming from the sound system in the bar. "Hello, who is this please?" Uche asked.
"This is Loveth, Mary's friend. Congratulations on your new found fiancé.
Just one minute u were begging me to talk to Mary and d next minute I saw u proposing to another lady." She added.
"Oh, common. Why are u sounding as if u were not d 1 dt categorically told me 2 move on wit my life? Let's just say I yielded 2 ur advice." Uche said sarcastically.
"Well, let just say I am the one now telling you again that we need to talk and discuss extensively. What you think made Mary to decline is not true. Something else happened and it's important you know.

At this, Uche became curious and was bent on knowing why.
Marriage Proposal
Episode 28
Uche scheduled a meeting with Loveth where she had narrated all that Mary told her. He couldn't help but shed some tears. He had probably not shed even a tear, for many years now. "You mean, all of these had happened and Mary didn't tell me?"
Uche said as he lamented bitterly like Jeremiah in the Bible.
"You know it was for your own good . Your mum has told the story of how she got you after eleven years to probably everybody in this world. Imagine, if she now gets to know she won't be having a grandchild from you.
She wouldn't accept that" Loveth said being realistic.
"Yes, you are right. She wouldn't accept it. Everything about my life had been all about her acceptance and non-acceptance. For once, let me take a decision that will make me happy" Uche said.
"What are you now insinuating? Not just your mum, anyone in their right sense wouldn't allow you to marry her. But I still had to tell you because I thought it was right you know why. So you could forgive yourself in case you thought you had done something wrong that made her
decline your proposal" Loveth said.
"You are right once more. No one in their right sense will agree to see me marry her. I am not in my right sense anymore. I have been there for too long. All I know is that I am in love with Mary, and that’s all that matters to me."
Uche said as he had begun to cry again like the baby the mum had groomed him to be.
"So what do u intend 2 do with d oda lady? I saw u in ur dad's party when u were confessing heaven n earth to her. How possibly could u love two different people at d same time?" Loveth asked.
"Well, I did had lot of ties with Beatrice. Secondary school escapades and all that. I still have that feelings for her that was why I went back to her after I thought Mary had broken my heart. However, even without my feelings and sense of reasoning,
its Mary that my heart still belongs to. I can't seem to figure why I still love Mary, even with all these happening" Uche said.
"Well, sometimes we must just love without having any sensible reason, otherwise it's not love, but a mere contract." Loveth said.
"So what about your mum? What do you tell her about the uterus stuff? Your dad and all. Also considering the fact that Mary doesn't have a good flow with your mum. All these are just disadvantageous to her," Loveth said.
Uche thought for a while, sighed heavily and then said "Well, let's see the direction love leads me to. I am ready to drown wherever my heart goes."
Marriage Proposal
Episode 29
The next morning, Uche went straight to Beatrice's office, so he could relate the whole message to her and that his heart was with another. He didn't know exactly how to relate this message, but one thing he was sure of was that,
he knew exactly whom his heart really belongs to.
As he stepped into Beatrice’s office reception, he called Loveth to send him Mary's office address. His plan was to go straight to Mary’s place of work immediately he was done with Beatrice.
He wanted to tell Mary how much he still loves her irrespective of the current circumstance.
The receptionist had kept Uche waiting for some time. Beatrice seems to be having a meeting with her secretary in her office.
Beatrice had just being confirmed pregnant.
The one-time sex she had with Uche after the supervision at Uche's house that night, had created a baby in her belly.
Although she loves Uche so well, and their wedding was just in a few months, she however was not ready to have a baby soon.
She intended to get to a particular stage in her career, before she could start having children which she felt would be a distraction for her now. This was the main reason she wasn’t really interested in getting married on time at initially. But now, she was deeply in love,
but still do not want babies yet.
All these while, Mrs. Young and Mrs. Taiwo were still planning the wedding of the future duo. They had no idea the other plans the children were cooking up for them too.
Confused about everything, she had spoken to her secretary about it,
as the young lady had been a source of support to her.
"Personally ma, as much as your career is very important to you, I also think having a family is crucial too. You could have your children on time and still have the rest of your life to focus on your career.
So I think you should keep the baby ma and carry on with the wedding" This was the final counsel of the young secretary to her boss' daughter Beatrice.
Afterwards, Beatrice came out to meet Uche leaving the secretary inside to file up some documents.
Uche's face seems to have been so strange, like he had something in mind to say. Beatrice also had something to say. "Alright then, ladies first" Uche said, frowning his face like a pregnant goat.
"I'm pregnant. Three weeks old." Beatrice said bluntly but gently.
She was expecting to see the reaction in Uche's face.
Uche got so confused, his countenance turning from that of a pregnant goat to a mad man staring at a naked lady. The confusion increased as he started walking to and fro the reception like he was preparing to defeat Usain Bolt
in the next Olympics. He couldn’t even make a statement.
Joining his confusion, Beatrice said "Why are you feeling unease?”
“Or better still let's talk about it in my office, my secretary will be done there soon" She added.
Uche didn't know what he was doing anymore.
He started to scratch his head like he had the whole Nigeria problem in his mind.
He finally decided to run away and go to Mary's place of work, leaving Beatrice there. Getting his phone to check for the address Loveth had sent, he became puzzled to find out,
that the address matched the very building which he was. Apparently, Mary works there too.
As he looked back like Lots wife, he saw Mary walking out from Beatrice's office. Beatrice forced a smile out of her face as she said "Yes, we can go inside now to talk.
Meanwhile, meet my secretary that I have always told you about, Maryann."
Uche stared at Mary and Mary stared back at him. The terrain soon became saturated with feelings of confusion. The look on everyone’s face was worse than that of Nigerians when Buhari wins the 2019 election
Uche sighed like a pot belly man and said “Mary or Maryann, who are you exactly?
Marriage Proposal
Episode 30
"What! Wait! I don’t understand!
“You mean my secretary has been the Mary you told me about all these while? Mehn, I just can't believe this is really happening," Beatrice said to Uche who was now with her in the office.
Uche couldn't give any response. Both he loves, Mary he prefers, but Beatrice is pregnant. He stood there patiently waiting for the ground to open and swallow him up or at least let the rapture trumpet sound. He was however disappointed. Even a whistle wasn’t blown,
so he had to face his troubles.
Just then Mary walked into the office with her heads bowed. Then she said "Please ma, am so sorry for coming into your office uninvited. I just have some things to say. Can I please go ahead?"
Beatrice responded affirmatively nodding her head like an agama lizard in confusion.
Facing Uche, Mary started "My boss' daughter have been a source of help to me for just these two months of knowing her. Even though I had performed poorly in the interview,
she still decided to take me instead of others. She also got to know of my emotional condition and never took it personal when it started affecting my performance.”
“She got to know about my uterus when I planned committing suicide and has been a source of encouragement to me in
not taking my life seeing I can't give birth any longer. She is also the one currently taking care of my mum's bill in the hospital since we broke up. All of these are just few of the things she has done for me.” She added.
“Uche if you really still have an iota of feelings for
me in ur heart. I want u to go on wit ur wedding with her as planned. You both deserve each other," Mary said as she wrapped up her emotional speech or should we call it a sermon.
"I disagree" Beatrice said cutting her off. "I think you both are the ones who deserve each other.
u guys hv cum dis far n Uche was still ready 2 go d xtra mile wit u even thou he knew u had no womb. u mite nt get any man lyk him again. Perhaps dis is just fate 4 us all. u both shld be d ones 2 Wed," Beatrice said wit tears pouring frm her eyes, cleaning parts of her Mary Kay
Uche still stood there watching both ladies debating like the US presidential candidates of 2016. Only that both were giving reasons why he should marry the opponent at the expense of self.
He got more confused and for the first time he wished he was spider-man, so he could run through the window leaving both ladies behind. Both ladies kept on staring at him expecting a response like the beggar in the beautiful gate.
Just then, Mary said "What then about her pregnancy? You see more reasons you have to marry her. Abortion is definitely not an option. Remember that's what kept me in the condition I am now."
Uche got so confused and couldn't tell which to actually choose.
Just that moment he realized how much he loved both of them. But, making a choice was almost an impossibility for him.
As he took his hand out from his pocket and coughed gently as he would always do before he talks emotionally, he started shedding tears.
The corporate atmosphere had been turned into an emotional terrain. Both ladies joined him in the weeping galore. After about five minutes of crying out their eyes until they felt that feeling of ease, Beatrice decided to break the ice.
Facing Mary, she said “I may not have known you for too long, but the few moments I have been with you, I think I can say you are a nice fellow. You have a beautiful soul.”

Moving her face towards Uche, she said “You already have a baby in me. However, I don’t mind allowing Mary
to bring him or her up while she is married to you. You are 28 already, Mary 26 but am just 25. Objectively, Mary might never get another man like you, who will love and accept her as she is.”
“Marry her and move on with your life. At least your mum would have a grand-child
through you too. This will definitely not be easy for me, but believe me if you don’t marry Mary, it will be worse for her. When faced with two evils, it's appropriate we choose the lesser one,” She added emotionally as she kept on crying.
Mary increased the volume of her crying
from weeping to wailing and then walked slowly to Beatrice and hugged her. The hug was so deep that Beatrice could literally hear the heartbeat of her heart saying “thank you” to her. Uche who was as weak as water-leaf walked towards them and hugged them both.
Just that moment the Taiwo and Young’s families opened the office door. They met the trio hugging and couldn’t help but shed tears with them. Apparently, Loveth had narrated the whole story to Mr. Taiwo, who later told his wife and the Young’s.
“At least for once, my child should be happy and do what he wants,” Mrs. Young had concluded.
The wedding plan of Uche and Beatrice still continued, only that Beatrice’s name was replaced with Mary’s. It was like a hard yam to chew for Beatrice, but her watch-word remain,
“Mary would be worse off if she doesn’t get to marry Uche.”
Six months after Uche and Mary’s wedding, Beatrice gave birth to a boy. She had moved back to the UK to prevent her from remembering the constant negative feeling her sacrifice had left in her.
The baby was named after his father
Uche Jr. and given a Yoruba name also – Oluwaseun.
Baby Junior returned back to Nigeria when he got to two-years and he lived happily with his father and new mum – Mary.

1. True love still exists.

2. It’s is very possible to love two people at the same time, but you would always prefer one. If you don’t prefer one, then you are probably lying to yourself.
3. All ladies r nt selfish, dere r still ladies out dere who can sacrifice deir short-term happiness 4 deir frnd’s long term joy.
4. It is very important following ur parents counsel n leading. However, learn 2 take a stand sometimes so u wld be happy too.
Thanks for your time!
Before you continue this story I suggest you read this one first. quite captivating
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