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And.... im throwing spreads of celtic crosses bc Judge Ellis has a story to tell...and the rigged sentencing of Paul Manafort

Fun with #tarot #trumptarot.

Who’s ready?

* CARD FOR THE READING: 4CUPS ~ I see Ellis being offered PLENTY of information, evidence, & just not having any of it. crossed arms, & cross. "NO I WILL NOT LISTEN. mind made up!"
he is VERY EMOTIONAL about this

** these two cards fell out while I was shuffling. just ugh.

2pentacles: Judge Ellis is managing money, new money, maintaining a delicate balance of not fumbling, dropping, or spoiling the new money

Knight of pentacles: Action taken by otherS to make sure money offered
in CONTRAST to the card for the reading, where he's OFFERED info that affects his emotional investment in Manafort's case, will have nothing to do w/it

yet below that rejection, is acceptance of & his tangible manipulation of money given to him. planning. ideas. the how.

Judge Ellis Signifier: Major Arcana - The Star
Several meanings here, first is that he truly believes he is the STAR of his court, perhaps performing for the biggest star out there watching/paying him. Read a quote of his that in his courtroom he is like the King of Rome.

STAR helps us achieve goals. in astrology it's the sign Aquarius ruled by Uranus. At it's best it's the best of humanity, science; in the USA chart, the moon in Aquarius represents the people; it's innovative, cyberworld. At it's WORST, it creates upheaval, is self-absorbed,

erratic, and URANUS = SUDDEN UNEXPECTED, record-breaking events, weather, news. Trump's sun is conjunct Uranus which is why he thrives off of chaos, thwarting the good, and breaking rules. Judge Ellis rendezvous w/all of these qualities w/a predetermined mindset & emotions.

2. What is the challenge, what lies across Judge Ellis' decision?

4wands ~for me this always shows up as Mar-A-Lago & all of DTs dark money, faux cabinet, donors, dark money, and network at the helm of his campaign. and that no one is really there celebrating his "victory"

the challenge card corroborates the cards for the reading.

3. What crowns the reading? The goal/destiny of Judge Ellis?

Page of Swords ~ this card often shows as the "spy card" when it comes to DT. wielding the truth & information brazenly & literally weaponized.

bc the page=young person, makes me think of judge going way back in his practice when he was first appointed, his connections in DC & how he's been able to wield his truths/facts with force like a JUDGE DOES; but he weaponizes them, erratically, impulsively, at will.

4. What are the influences from the distant past?

The Moon. HE IS HOWLING. FROM DAY ONE OF SCO I SENSE, HE HAS BEEN PISSED OFF. I just see howling and screaming at all of the dark falsehoods, lies, disinformation, that somehow it seems Judge got sucked into or perpetuating

5. can only suspect that since day 1 of this case, bc judge was appointed by Reagan, and manafort worked on Reagan's campaign, he has a sense of history of his duty as a judge, and he is incredibly offended and pissed off that this case is even in his face

& I can see that

given how abusive & erratic he was in the beginning of the trial, he really believes that he was impartial...BECAUSE HE IS THAT PISSED OFF ABOUT SCO AND THIS CIRCUS AROUND TRUMP. in a way he buys the witch-hunt bc its seemingly politics as usual stretched a bit. just ugh

5. What lies beneath Judge Ellis? the immediate influences?

King of Wands. UGH.

This shows up for me as Trump during transition/very early during his term
Like a "younger" trump with a "younger" Judge as a page, I'm sure he feels a good-old-boys kinship w/him and PM

....and...I'm going to end for now...hope to pick up the rest for tomorrow bc the clarifiers are UNREAL...I have a new deck called "before tarot" and wowsa it is powerful.

g'nite for now

I'm back.

6. What are the future influences re: Judge Ellis & Manafort decision?

ACE of CUPS. hmmm...interesting. usually it's a positive thing re: new love, joy happiness; but in it's pure form. I don't see that, it's intensity/passion w/the page of swords above, seems

more sinister. like having foresight to play emotions of the masses. moon in Aries when judgement made; moon rules emotions, cups/reading, & an Aries moon disposited by mars = aggressive, warring emotions. like retribution for what's happening in his court, an assault on the

masses given star/uranus as the signifier (bc USA chart =aquarian moon = ppl).w/uranus in fixed earth taurus-the MASSES WILL NOT LET THIS GO. lol. (see clarifier)

7. How do people see Judge Ellis & his decision?
MAJOR ARCANA = THE DEVIL! anyone surprised?!

egads. Judge Ellis made a deal w/ the devil & he is tied to it as well as the rest of us. I see the man/woman chained to the devil and I see we the people getting yanked around. the man = mars, moon is in Aries; woman = Venus (Uranus in Taurus dispirited by Venus).The Devil,

in astro is ruled by Saturn (authority) & is in its dominion, Capricorn. Think Judge Ellis & his court, his weaponized emotions, & power of lashing out, and in cahoots with money - of course ppl see him in bed w/the devil. he's powerful, draws us in to believe in justice, &

BAM! *insert devil laugh* messing w/it all bc he can. he DGAF about the future, he's not accountable to anyone/thing. but money sure is nice (see clarifier). Think Father Time with Saturn, Ellis is aging cruelly it seems.

8. What is the environment of his decision?

environment = 8 pentacles

so much here. expertise, craftsmanship, aLOT OF HARD WORK over time.
&screams SO MUCH PAPERWORK & INDISPUTABLE MUELLER EVIDENCE; must drive JE nuts bc its a direct challenge to him. for JE, I see ambition & financial reward (the reading's cards **)

the court environment regarded w/skill, meticulous success, having high standards, esteemed expertise & power entrusted over time

9. What are the emotions of judge ellis & decision?

wtaf? are you telling me these emotions til now are a PLOY?

bc the HERMIT is represented by VIRGO& virgo's are NOT ASSHOLES.sooner die of embarrassmt w/such public show of emotions & inflicting pain as such (unless TOTALLY OUT OFbalance w/pisces duality but this isn't it)
HERMIT=introspective, tunes IN 2serve the greater good.

so, I see Judge Ellis having a broader perspective from a mountain top, and uses the emotional piece to examine, pinpoint w/surgical precision HOW TO emotionalize, create upheaval w/ his position of power; and who to impress w/his actions. (hint: money, king of wands).


LOL~ cards never lie!
first, I don't shuffle for reversals, so I find it ESPECIALLY peculiar THE (trump)TOWER is reversed.

JUDGE KNOWS can't really DO MUCH to affect outcomes as the HERMIT indicates,& we know he's PISSED AF about this case

reversal of doomed trump tower - it is exactly how it looks - total freaking unraveling and destruction and permanent change for those at trump tower, campaign, mar-a-lago, etc...its over. he tower crumbles bc change, upheaval shakes the earth below (hello uranus in taurus!)

what CAN judge do? REVERSAL is all HE HAS = DELAY / OBSTRUCT the final outcome. his hands are tied, he's been paid off, and the very best he can do is postpone. prob doesn't realize "blameless life" is forever tied to him; but from the HERMIT's perch, he's so out of touch.

plus...it's mercury retrograde so I'm sure he has some martyr-y explanation for his logic. it won't be for a month or so I bet he gains a fuller perspective & realizes his own tower & mountain has collapsed as well.

CLARIFIERS...lordy I needed some clarifiers for

card of the reading: 4 of cups
goal/destiny: page of swords
how ppl see JE: the devil
final result: reversed tower

using MY BRAND NEW "BEFORE TAROT" DECK and wowowowow!

4 of cups: Who exactly is making him offers? Why the emotional shutdown, rejection of information offered? agreements with whom?

WHO: 10 cups - the GOP family/mob running in a storm.
WHY: 7 cups - mind made up - not listening. made up my mind.
agreements: 2 cups -

2 cups: they haven't grabbed their cup, and are staring at each other; the guy seems a bit demanding...and my impulse is agreement from FAR AWAY and YOU BETTER. it's bigger that JE.

crazy ALL clarifiers are CUPS, no?
seeing 7 cups I immediately thought of dumb & dumber lol

yeah. so he's been bought. he has longstanding ESTABLISHED outside influences and demands. JE reduced defense Dept employees sentence from 10yrs for espionage (transmitting classified docs to Israeli contact) after throwing book at him,3 yr later he reduced =10 mos at home

DANA ROHRABACHER wrote that appeal to him, Dana as in Putin's favorite congressman, who visited Assange, fished with Farage, etc etc...yeah, JE was FORCED to & perhaps why so emotional about it. he's not in charge unless he wants to go down w/the tower (we'll see).

~ page of swords ~
a spy card, WHO IS HE IN CAHOOTS WITH? why?for what reason?

6 pentacles - I swear this card looks like Wilbur ross! someone is absolutely directing payments, like $ withheld & payor taking direct orders re timing


just LOOK AT THAT ACE OF CUPS! the fish LEAPS out of the cup, there's no dove w/blessings from heaven. given reading & emotional manipulation &the masses = confirmed
EMOTIONAL PLAY =PLANNED. and so toxic with LIES imo even the fish LEAPS from life giving water

THE FOOL~are you kidding me?!
doesn't it just LOOK like DT getting ready for his reality show back stage?
not as confident, & staff peeling away from their roles as faithful canine companions to wildly pissed off and ready to bite. but...the show must go on.

5cups ~JE kinda sad about situation, but not really. maybe more upset w/cat messing up stage & his faux cups

7pentacles ~in the mud. peon doing the ugly work & the money is DIRTY

ACEswords ~ literally sword in the stone. deception & lies can't alter the truth

~Tower~JE can delay, but can't stop impending doom

King of Pentacles (shows as DTfor me in love w/ his swampy dirty money) tower & all 💥

Queen of SWORDS = Judge Amy Berman Jackson & SDNY
Both blessed w/angels & crowns of authority

2swords: JEs blind allegiance

lastly - bottom card of before tarot deck.

speaks for itself the 3 pentacles = card of dark money and secret plans.

so yeah...JE gave manafort 47 months for many reasons.

time to move #onwardtogether.

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