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Ignorance prevails: @WhoopiGoldberg Grills Bernie Sanders on 'The View': You Don't Have a "Path to Victory"…
He most certainly does have one, & ABC needs to muzzle both her & @SaraHaines for one of the most biased, unfair interviews I've ever witnessed.
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(1/6) It should be apparent to everyone by now that these "democratic" primary debates are nothing more than lying contests. Admit it, Biden is an energetic, consummate liar while Bernie is just phoning it in.
(2/6) Bernie's continued participation in these debates is itself his half-hearted lie that these debates are truthful & fair. If I were in his position & his age, I would go with a nuclear option: I would announce that it's time to pause the primaries & review discrepancies in
(3/6) the primary results. Of course, the #DNC & #CorporateMedia would attack immediately & create narratives why this would be impossible & refuse. As a result, I would announce my immediate withdrawal from the race & advise supporters to #DemExit & form a US Labor Party.
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You want #NotMeUs to listen to you? Here's how:

1. No consolation prizes (as in "aww thanks, you moved the conversation left.") The progressive movement wants to overhaul a corrupt system, not settle for cosmetic language changes.
2. Stop treating them as a monolith of "bros." #NotMeUs is multi-generational and highly diverse. Enough erasure. Enough reducing them to Twitter trolls. Appreciate who they are: working people for whom the status quo (perpetuated by both parties) can be a death sentence.
3. Acknowledge their concerns about #Biden and the entire party leadership. You may see no problems with Democratic leaders, but to #NotMeUs (myself included) they have failed to effectively oppose GOP extremism and have normalized Trump. And we're all paying a steep price.
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#BernieIsAFraud A money laundering FRAUD, takes micropayments in Rials & Rubles via UAE digital laundromat. A multimillionaire w 3 houses, paid $600,000 cash 4 one, classic $$ laundering tactic, a US Senator @SenSanders IS THE ESTABLISHMENT @TheDemocrats #BernieIsARussianAsset
Since #BernieSanders has not suspended his campaign, he DOES NOT get to ask questions of @JoeBiden #Bernie is the guy who has questions to ANSWER, starting with his campaign finances. Secondly, #Bernie needs to give some PLANS & COSTS for his ideas, NOT JUST SLOGANS! @JenGranholm
Questions #BernieIsARussianAsset MUST answer: 1. Explain 510 p FEC campaign finance violations letter, incl foreign donations. 2. Thousands of $27 donations fr 1 DC zip code 3. Outline a PLAN & COST breakdown for health care plan. 4. Ditto for climate plan. 5. How to PAY 4 each.
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@cenkuygur I’m @KingOfClapBacks, I’m not the #khive! I’m just a regular n!gg@ on the internet, I’m not on payroll, not a surrogate, I’m not a reporter on a platform with millions of followers lying & insulting the #blackcommunity! Every receipt 🧾 will be posted below!
@AnaKasparian purposely edited a clip of kamala Harris, saying she bragged about locking up black parents for their children being truant! Here’s the clip she didn’t want y’all to see! And mind you as DA of San Francisco’s kamala never Locked 🔒 up one person for truancy #TYT
@meaganmday purposely went after kamala Harris this entire race because Kamala sued someone close to her for $28.4 million
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#CAPrimary: There were massive lines, almost all #Bernie voters. How did they pull that off? Registered Dems got the ballot with the presidential candidate and didn’t have to wait in line. So who’s waiting in line? People who got those crazy NPP ballots!…
Here's the trick. NPP voters had to wait in line to exchange their ballots for a Crossover one. And if you don't have your ballot with you, they give you a provisional ballot.… #CAPrimary2020 #CaliforniaPrimary #CaliforniaPrimary2020 #SuperTuesday
In 2016, #California gave out 1.3 million provisional ballots — that’s half of the provisional ballots in the entire U.S. Then they disqualified 407,000 of those ballots.… #CaliforniaPrimary #CAPrimary #BernieSanders
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Sweet lady on the Bridge to O'Hare???
You decide.
#TheMoreYouKnow thread to share my experiences from the Milwaukee Rally, several Chicago Q Meetups, & someone's past that might not be in this for the right reasons as most Anons.
Have you heard of #ThePeoplesBridge?
Or the #BerniesBridge?

They might as well be one & the same.
Let's start with something recent that should explain to our Q community about this person's character & her true beliefs.

🚨#Bernie & Socialism supporter🚨
And she still supports him saying Bernie is blackmailed somehow.
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#JoeBiden was for NAFTA just like Hillary Clinton. #BernieSanders was against it. THREAD:
Among other issues, Joe's vote and support of NAFTA is a liability in the rust belt come November.…
Becuase NAFTA encourages companies to outsource production to low-wage countries, it helped businesses at the expense of workers in the United States. It also did not provide enough protection against the exploitation of workers and the environment.
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#Biden supporter California Secretary of State, #AlexPadilla, wins “Vote Suppressor of The Year.” By sheer numbers of ballots disqualified—with young and LatinX voters suppressed—Padilla makes Katherine Harris and Brian Kemp look like Thomas Jefferson.…
Want to know how to steal an election? Watch The Best Democracy Money Can Buy!…
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#CAPrimary2020: How many hundreds of thousands of #BernieSanders votes will be lost in the avalanche of "provisional" ballots?… #CAPrimary #CaliforniaPrimary #CaliforniaPrimary2020 #Bernie2020
In 2016, the state forced 1,307,190 voters to cast provisional ballots, 408,749 of those were rejected, a valid rejection rate equal to all other 49 states combined.… #CAPrimary #CaliforniaPrimary #CaliforniaPrimary2020
In '16, California vote chief Alex Padilla backed Hillary Clinton, now he's been campaigning for Joe Biden. The victims? LatinX and young voters. It's José Crow, Georgia with a bullet.… #CAPrimary #CaliforniaPrimary #CAPrimary2020 #SuperTuesday
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1. remember what happened in 2016 with #primaries? we know what happened because we have the internal email of the US Democratic Party revealed by #WikiLeaks in July 2016: the #DNCEmails
2. in 2016 #BernieSanders enjoyed support, BUT the US Democratic establishment did NOT like #BernieSanders: the establishment liked a centrist candidate: the usual centrist candidate in bed with #WallStreet and the #military-industrial complex.
3. #DNCemails revealed by #WikiLeaks in July 2016 exposed how the US #Dem establishment wasn't neutral and boycotted #BernieSanders to support #HillaryClinton. When #DNCEmails let this internal manoeuvring surface, the #DNC chairwoman,#DebbieWassermanSchultz, resigned
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1. ricordate cosa accadde nel 2016 con le primarie USA? Sappiamo cosa accadde esattamente, perché abbiamo le email interne del Partito Democratico USA: le #DNCEmails pubblicate da #WikiLeaks
2. nel 2016 #BernieSanders andava bene,ma ai signori del Partito Democratico USA, #BernieSanders NON piaceva assolutamente: volevano un candidato centrista. Solito candidato finta sinistra a letto con #WallStreet e #Pentagono, così i signori del Partito Dem boicottarono #Sanders
3. le email interne del Partito Democratico rivelate nel 2016 da #WikiLeaks lasciarono emergere proprio queste manovre interne ai danni del candidato di sinistra, #BernieSanders, e a favore del candidato centrista #Hillary
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#Bernie donors paid in hundredsof $27 online payments via a UAE micropayments system funneling Arab Gulf donations from supporters who couldn’t vote. Why #BernieSanders got the 510p letter from FEC on finance violations. @DNC @Lawrence @SteveKornacki @OutFrontCNN @NicolleDWallace
What has been documented is that #Bernie 2016 campaign was a Russian #ActiveMeasure Ref. Mueller’s report and the indictments. IN 2020 his Director of Dyza hire is known RU provocateur, Sputnik Journo, information terrorist CassandraFairbanks(likely pseudonym) @MSNBC
Read the thread by @patribotics on #Bernie’s financial donations.
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#CAPrimary: One of the disasters this year is caused by the fact that LA and other counties cut polling stations by 90%. #CaliforniaPrimary #CAPrimary2020 #CaliforniaPrimary2020 #BernieSanders #Bernie2020
They were replaced by so-called “voting centers “ which anyone would know were deeply insufficient and unprepared — especially as #Bernie got out the word that you had to bring in your NPP ballot to exchange it for a Crossover Democratic ballot. #CAPrimary #CAPrimary2020
There's zero question about who was hurt: Regular Democrats tend to mail in their ballots. But most NPP independent voters, who widely favor #Bernie, could not mail in their ballots because they had to do the exchange.… #CAPrimary #CAPrimary2020
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The crooked ass, #Soros owned, #DeepState #DNC, just had their assets #Buttigieg & #Klobuchar drop out & support #JoeBiden before #SuperTuesday to prop up JB for a 3-way race between Biden, #Bernie & #Bloomberg who will eventually give his resources to JB w/ MB as VP to beat BS.
#DeepState traitor, #Biden & full economic might of the #CouncilOf300, #Bloomberg set out to crush #BernieSanders for the final votes w/ heavy voter fraud. If Bernie still wins, they’ll pull a #Hillary superdelegate to push their candidate. #DNC is cold blooded CROOKED #WakeUp
.@realDonaldTrump confirms that #PeteButtigieg & #Klobuchar made a #QuidProQuo deal w/ #JoeBiden in exchange for their endorsement. It’s a dirty game folks & the #DNC is the epicenter of it all. Anyone on the fence or lurkers of the movement, keep your 👀 on the #DNC’s sick games
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@PatriotsSoapbox #POTUS live now! He says the Republican party is more unified now than ever before. That's so important!

#PatriotsUnited #TrumpRally #PromisesMadePromisesKept
@PatriotsSoapbox .@realDonaldTrump says one of the most important promises he is keeping is ending the #ForeverWars and bringing our brave #Troops home! This is very important to me, personally and to all who have lost a #ServiceMember ✝️🙏
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On boards where "influence groups" strategize and organize, trumpists, alt-right, radicals on the right, echoed by Trump himself at the rallies and amplified by the Kremlin-funded trolls on social media encourage people to vote for #Sanders. Why? Thread, #supertuesday2020
The rationale is simple: Sanders is "the weakest candidate" because the rural and mid-America will not vote for a "communist" or "socialist" and Trump will have an easy win. (Debates about Sanders' views distract from the reality of Trump's re-election, irrelevant.) #supertuesday
The US and the world might not survive 4 yrs of Trump as he is going to ruin the environment, judicial system, democracy as we know it. No matter how great are the promises of healthcare for all or free education, we need to face the existing political landscape & stay realistic.
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Just heard that Klobuchar also just dropped out of the race and will be talking to Biden later.

Sounds to me like Buttigieg and Klobuchar will both end up giving their delegates to Biden.

#PeteToBiden #BernieSanders
There you have it....Klobuchar to endorse Biden, so no doubt that she’ll also give him her delegates.

And here you have Buttigieg also endorsing Biden, so his delegates will also go to Biden to keep #BernieSanders2020 from the nomination.

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It's a cold Sunday afternoon, and I wanna talk a bit about my insights into the Pharmaceutical industry.

Specifically why I believe that the the corrupting influence of the profit motive in medicine is a problem that #M4A can really start to address.

My first peek behind the curtain was about 18 years ago. My roommate got his first job out of college as a sales rep for a drug I'll call Shmaritin.

He spent the next several weeks studying sales materials, and then one day, the delivery truck arrived.

Every square inch of our garage was loaded up with Shmaritin swag. Calendars, mug cozies, mouse pads, tissue boxes, hats, t-shirts, and pens (so many fucking pens).

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The mystery thickens. I looked at the most commonly donated denominations to Bernie's 2016 campaign & found MORE oddballs.

Anyway, it appears that there are more bizarre monthly donations that appear during other times of the month.
Just like how the $14.03's show up monthly at the end of the month, we've got others. Here are all of the others with at least 900 individual donations.
These show up during the 14th & 15th

Count: 2682
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#BernieSanders suggested a 100% tax on incomes above $1mn.” Nobody should earn more than a million dollars.”(1974) His net worth is $2,5mn 👇🏼Thread
“I wrote a best-selling book. If you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire, too.”
“Our Revolution” ranks 6751 on Amazon and is sold along with his other books while Sanders attacks Amazon and the wealthy.
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Ok Pete,

Medicare For All is estimated to cost $47T over 10 YRS.

$30T of that is the projected total of the MONEY ALREADY BEING SPENT by local, state and federal budgets!!! Through Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA! (We don’t ‘need to pay’ for these, they exist)

Cont. ⬇️
The ADDITIONAL costs to gov’t spending to switch to a single payer sys. would be $17T

We negotiate drug prices and cost of medical devices, eliminate the majority of administrative cost from 13% down to the current 2% of Medicare, and control the prices of procedures.

When we do those three things, we reduce the overall cost of healthcare. The remaining $17T is ‘paid for’ in Bernie’s plan. These are the taxes that will get us the revenue needed.

1. Creating a 4 percent income-based premium paid by employees, exempting the first $29,000.

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"Bernie doesn't smile enough"

"He's too angry"

Alright @TheDemocrats how about we just gaze on a few gifs (everyone else, feel free to add your favorite gifs and memes). Better?

#NotMeUs #FeelTheBern #BernieSanders #BernieSanders2020 #BernieIsTheFrontRunner #BerninForYou
We all know how important it is to swag

Well four years later, he's still got it

@TheDemocrats, can't you see the swag levels?

#NotMeUs #FeelTheBern #BernieSanders #BernieSanders2020 #BernieIsTheFrontRunner #BerninForYou
A wink

He's happy and he knows it

See the joy just jumping off the gif, @TheDemocrats?

#NotMeUs #FeelTheBern #BernieSanders #BernieSanders2020 #BernieIsTheFrontRunner #BerninForYou
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