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nessuno di coloro che come me vuole la pace e mira a negoziati che portino al cessate il fuoco perché questa stupida guerra finisca pensa o crede che Putin non sia un dittatore il quale per difendere il suo potere è pronto ad incarcerare uccidere giornalisti e oppositori
E che lo stesso ha avviato una guerra evitabile motivando la dimostrazione di muscoli con l'aggressione ad un paese sovrano con lo scopo di difendere l'integrità dei confini della Russia e l'incolumità della popolazione russofona
ma ciò non toglie che il consorzio occidentale a guida USA sia nei metodi e nelle strategie meno bellicista della Russia La storia fino ad oggi lo dimostra non importa andare lontano citandone alcuni : Iraq Siria 20 anni Afganistan dove sono stati perpetrati crimini di guerra
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A Valentine to #ShropshireCouncil

Roses are red, violets are blue
Our hillfort loves her setting
But why don’t you?

Join us for our Valentine's thread🧵

(it's the last day 🚨 before the objections deadline) Image
This #ValentinesDay we’re reflecting on 10 years of campaigning to protect the landscape setting of Old Oswestry hillfort.

We’re brokenhearted.

Another housing-estate application, submitted to a broken planning system, full of broken heritage promises.

#HillfortHeartbreak💔 Image
#ShropshireCouncil planners used to respect the hillfort, ensuring that modern housing was held behind the natural screen of The Coppy. Now, planners want to push modern housing out into the setting of a nationally important hillfort, 300 m from the rampart. #HillfortHeartbreak💔 Image
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Okay Californians, this is an emergency! I’ve been out of the loop on the recall of @GavinNewsom but just heard that there’s only TWO questions on the recall ballot.

1) Should Gavin be recalled


2) Who should replace him, if he is.
If more than 50% of the voters say @GavinNewsom SHOULD be recalled, he will be — IMMEDIATELY.

If you’re a Democrat and that doesn’t scare ya, this will:

Whichever Republican gets name-checked the most for question two BECOMES CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR.
If you think what’s happening in Florida and Texas is scary, imagine what a Republican Governor could do in California.

#LarryElder and #CaitlynJenner are running. All it takes is for 50% of the voters to think it’d be funny to cite for one of them and we are toast!
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1/🧵 I’m surrounded by an #AntiVaxxer govt now willing to hurt kids!
👎 My home state of #Tennessee made the BONEHEADED decision to halt outreach to kids on ALL #Vaccination, NOT just #COVID19. I’ve lived here since 1997. I’m embarrassed, angry & sad.
2/ Our Department of Health is halting “all adolescent vaccine outreach for ALL diseases.” What? So we aren’t going to protect our precious kids against Tetanus, Pertussis, Diphtheria, Rotavirus, H flu, hepatitis, pneumonia, meningitis, HPV (which leads to cancer)?

3/ GONE are Postcards to teens to remind them to get a second #COVID #Vaccine shot...but adults still get the postcards. Why? “Potential solicitation to a minor.” WHAT? No, this is called #PublicHealth.

Why should adults get promotions toward #wellness and not kids?

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After a day of delivering shopping for and hampers with @merylyyc, I was dropping my daughter off at her dads for the week when I first got a call from a single mom that needed help.

Picture below is a truck full of hampers!
I answered the phone and explained the steps this person on the phone needed to do to apply for assistance. She told me she would head to the site right away.....and she did.

So this 🚨Emergency🚨 came in tonight. (See photo of email).
I immediately contacted her and asked her what she immediately needed. She explained that she needed to get out of the room she is sharing with her children & into a basement suite

She then said she wanted a meal or two so she could eat like a family with her kids for Christmas.
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(The Video is at the end)
#China #India #Australia #TradeWar #Coronavirus

Due to the ongoing trade dispute between Australia and China and the Sars-CoV 19 pandemic, a group of Indian sailors who have been stranded in Chinese territorial waters
have called for a "intervention" from the Indian government. Indian sailors make up a sizeable proportion of the world's merchant navy crews, as documented by Maritime Union of India (MUI). "We have been stuck here for a year now. We can't get medical treatment, we can't go out.
Our supplies are already running out," Gaurav Singh, a second officer aboard MV Anastasia, says in a video put up by Change.Org on Wednesday.
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🚩 🚩సారీ ! ఏమనుకోవద్దు !!

#భర్తల ఆలోచనలను కూడా గమనించండి .
భర్తల తరఫున ధైర్యం చేసి రాస్తున్నా !
ఇన్నాళ్ళూ మీ వైపునుంచి వచ్చేవి వింటున్నాము .
మా మాటలు కూడా కొంచెం వినండి.
ఇవీ మా రూల్స్ !
#Please note..
అన్నీ ప్రధానమైనవే . అందుకే అన్నిటికీ "1" మాత్రమె ఇచ్చాను !
1. భర్తలు మీ మనస్సును చదవలేరు .
1. షాపింగ్ అంటే ఆట కాదు . మేము దాన్ని ఆటలా ఆడలేము
1. ఏడ్చి బ్లాక్ మెయిల్ చెయ్యొద్దు .
1. మీ మనసులో ఏముందో సూటిగా చెప్పండి .
.గుంభన గా చెప్తే మేము అర్ధం చేసుకోలేము . హింట్ ఇస్తే అర్ధం చేసుకోలేము తలాతోకాలేకుండా చెప్తే అర్ధం చేసుకోలేము !
1. మీరడిగే ప్రశ్నలకి "అవును" "కాదు " అని జవాబులు మాత్రమె చెప్పగలము
1. మీసమస్య పరిష్కారం కోసం మా దగ్గరకు రండి . అది చెయ్యగలము.
అంతే గానీ సానుభూతి చూపడం మాకు రాదు. ( అందుకు మీరు తోటి ఆడవాళ్ళకు చెప్పుకోండి )
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I assume there is no point in asking @browardinfo to denounce the egregious sunshine law violations and #Doody & #Ezrol's contempt re the law re: Lobyists.

I would love to be wrong.

I would be thrilled if we took our current law seriously. @bestmom39 @HolnessD9 @Michaeludine
@mark_bogen @SteveGellerfl @LamarPFisher @beamfurr @senatornanrich and Tim Ryan.

It's your code and they are FULLY in violation.

@BrowardIG for the 2nd time - after reporting serious violations -- did nothing.

Will you stand with the people of #Broward against Unfair and..
..illegal lobbying and conflicts of interest?

And for Open Meetings and Honest Services?

#Doody and #Ezrol represented BOTH #WiltonManors and #LazyLake.

Residents didn't know he was shopping our homes - from under us - to do business with his own agency.

Even worse -
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Pourquoi ce besoin ininterrompu de prévoir, dire, commander l'avenir? Pourquoi parler autant de déconfinement quand les médecins, seuls habilités à parler, disent TOUS que la France n'a pas atteint le pic épidémique?
Bref: c'est encore loin grand Schtroumpf?
Oui, TRES loin.
Et tant qu'on y est, qu'en savez- vous du monde dans 1 ou 10 ans? De la crise du coronavirus qui aura provoqué la fin de la mondialisation et du capitalisme libéral, le renouveau des liens sociaux voire le retour de l'être aimé? On peut déjà en sortir de la crise? #please
#LastTweet Eh oui, car vous voyez, après avoir relu l'intégrale de la Recherche, englouti tous les journaux de confinement d'écrivain dans le Perche, j'ai pu bien sûr avancer en 15 jours de confinement mon mémoire sur le Cosmoschtroumpf. ON A DES LETTRES!
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✝✝✝ #LASAINTEBIBLE|#Psaumes103:19-22«19 L'ÉTERNEL a établi SON trône dans les cieux, et SON règne domine sur toutes choses.
20 Bénissez L'ÉTERNEL, vous SES anges, qui êtes puissants en force, et qui exécutez SES ordres, en obéissant à la voix de SA Parole!
21 Bénissez L'ÉTERNEL, vous toutes SES armées, qui êtes SES serviteurs, et qui faites SA Volonté!
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#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Deutéronome11:14«JE donnerai à votre pays la pluie en son temps, la pluie de la première et de l'arrière-saison, et tu recueilleras ton blé, ton moût et ton huile;»#AMEN, #Maranatha, #MerciJÉSUS !

#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Jérémie5:24«Ils ne disent pas dans leur cœur:Craignons L'ÉTERNEL,notre DIEU,Qui donne la pluie en SON temps,la pluie de la première et de l'arrière saison,et qui nous réserve les semaines destinées à la moisson.»#AMEN,#Maranatha,#MerciJÉSUS
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#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Jean11:52,49-54«49 L'un d'eux, Caïphe, qui était souverain sacrificateur cette année-là, leur dit: Vous n'y entendez rien;
50 vous ne réfléchissez pas qu'il est dans votre intérêt qu'un seul homme meure pour le peuple, et que la nation entière ne périsse pas.
51 Or, il ne dit pas cela de lui-même; mais étant souverain sacrificateur cette année-là, il prophétisa que JÉSUS devait mourir pour la nation.
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#LASAINTEBIBLE|#1Pierre4:12-19«12 Bien-aimés, ne soyez pas surpris, comme d'une chose étrange qui vous arrive, de la fournaise qui est au milieu de vous pour vous éprouver.
13 Réjouissez-vous, au contraire, de la part que vous avez aux souffrances de CHRIST, afin que vous soyez aussi dans la joie et dans l'allégresse lorsque SA gloire apparaîtra.
14 Si vous êtes outragés pour LE Nom de CHRIST, vous êtes heureux, parce que L'ESPRIT de Gloire, L'ESPRIT de DIEU, repose sur vous.
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5. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, UK,France, Canada, Australia,Germany,Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco,
#Yemen #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #Holocaust #YemenCantWait #YemenHolocaust #WorldHypocrisy
1. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, UK,France, Canada, Australia,Germany,Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco,…
2. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, UK,France, Canada, Australia,Germany,Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco, 🤨👇🏼…
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Boppin about this evening & ran across this #article
Are you #Emotionally #Repressed?…
How do the kids say it nowadays? I feel #calledout?
I've gotten much better,but i can still recall a time when I thought the epitome of feeling good, was feeling nothing
Seriously, if you're #reading down the #list going, "That's me, that's me, that's me, and oooooo is that EVER me!"

I'd definitely #recommend getting some #help with the matter.
It's taken years to be #comfortable in my own skin.
Years of breaking the old records in my head
-And as #Ralph would say, Totally worth it!

It's a freakin #relief, to cry a tiny bit in a #movie theatre at a moving point in the film, without having to expend all the extra #energy in "did someone see me?"

and that's just one tiny perk :)

I #lookforward to-
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#next, I need your #help, and I mean all of you #please, regardless of party-politics, ideological differences, geo-location, can I have your <3 engaged to help a family, friends, a local community & a student community in their #search for a #MissingPerson #missing since Nov.2nd
2/" #StephenCullinan (25), the son of North #Tipperary #IFA Chair, Tim #Cullinan, hasn’t been seen since November 2 when he left his home in Castletroy, County #Limerick and made his way to #Dublin. "…
3/"His worried relatives believe he may have made his way to another major Irish city, even as far as #Belfast. The vulnerable young man is without his medication." " He could be in #Galway. We’re grasping at straws."
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