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#Ancient Indian narratives of King Shibi, Dove & Falcon have deeper meaning than mere historical events of the so-called past. Meaning is vast, manifold & beyond the ordinary 5/senses. It's cosmically woven in the fabric of time, macro & micro, & let me clarify it to some extent.
Strength (Boaz/Black), Waxing moon, Feminine (not gender specifics), Wisdom, Kavi (Hymns/Arts), Structured/Emotions & ancient-Indian/centered-religion & the likes is generally attributed to the right-brain, & left nostril/Ida, which is ruled over by the Moon. Pingala (Sun, +) is
Beauty (Jachin/White, Logic, Science-Math), right-nostril & left-brain, & ruled over by the Sun, which is one of the functional malefic-planets, along w/Mars, Saturn & Rahu-Ketu (only retrograde). Don't think of "Malefic" as yours mere conveniences of "good" & "bad" standards!!
"Malefics" are not confined to the 5-ordinary/relative senses, but rather the intrinsic cosmic-phenomena. Sun functions the transference/subjugation of the right-hemisphere to the left-brain. Moon supervises the crossing of the left hemisphere crossing/subjugating over to the
right-brain. Sun & Moon only is in forward motions, & others are in dual motions!! Say, if the Sun/Mars brings more to the left-brain for the humans, then it's not in the well-being of the God's-throne (weaknesses). An example is that of the betraying/rebel-Prometheus (+Heracles)
bringing Fire/knowledge of Gods-heaven for the humans (google Prometheus Rockefeller), who felt the wrath of Zeus, or was/is absconded somehow for rebelling against the lord of the heavens. Fire (SE) opposes Air (NW), & Water (NE) is opposed by Earth (SW). Air-element associated
with Margashirsha Nakshatra, Taurus to Gemini, or mundane-Taurus that gives stability to the exalted-Gemini. So Air or Earth should be well-subjugated under Water or Fire-element. Similarly, Water & Fire is to be well-shaped under Air & Earth-element, but that's for gaining
higher-consciousness, & with Twice-high-borns balancing Wisdom-involved. This is not to be toyed with, not at all in the public-hands overall. Also, Sun is associated with the Bhuvarloka (Sama Veda/Pitris, Aryama, Virgo) & Mahatala (Libra), & w/the secretive-Swadhisthana Chakra.
Its intrinsic-workings gets toyed with in due time, & naturally, more blasphemy evolves from it. Same happened with King Shivi where (left/right-scale) Libra protects the ever-perpetuating Virgo from the wrath of Indra (Venusian-field/Pisces). Law of Saturn eats Himself for
upholding the Law of time? Virgo/Earth's opposing sign is Pisces/Water, & so it has to be sheltered through Libra, Venus-falls & Moon provides the Foundation for it. Aindri (North-East/Water) has lost the significance while Sama-Veda/Aryaman (Bhuvar/Virgo) is impure, and that
role is mediated through the laws of Saturn ("essential-structure of everything"), & likely factors involved.
North-East (Aindri): Aquarius to Pisces, Water, Sesa/Man-Sea-Lion, dual/Janus.
South-East (Chamunda): Scorpio to Sagittarius, Fire, Manava, SuSena/Mahatala.
North-West (Varahi): Taurus to Gemini, Air, Bull.
South-West (Mahalakshmi): Leo to Virgo, Earth, Eagle.

There are mainly 3-Zodiacs involved in the narrative of King Shivi:
1) Virgo (Dove), Mercury is mundane, Moon is the esoteric-ruler, Mercury is exalted & Venus is in Fall.
Nakshatra involved w/Virgo-exalt is Uttara Phalguni (12) & Hasta (13, God-Hand/Romans-13, Scorpion-fish-swiftness + elastic-transitional-Mercury). Nakshatra Magha & Aryama is connected w/the Pitris (Sama Veda). Krishna calls Himself as the Sama-Veda, which becomes impure w/time?
Deity Pitris is also in Magha Nakshatra of Leo-exalt.

2) Libra, Balance-Scales, Venus is mundane, Uranus esoteric-ruler, Saturn is exalted, & Sun is in Falls. It's contradictory to think that Sun even Falls (even Venus has to fall against Sun)! If you see the tarot-11 card of
"Babylon"/Sun (previously Strength-card) of Lust/Scarlet Woman in naked w/reigns in her left-hand, then it's the most powerful card, and next comes 13/Death-card or Scorpio/savior (Svar/Mars+Venus, Vishwamitra). Libra is the tarot-8 of Adjustments, Harley Quin, which nearly
complements the Fool-card. This is intrinsic functioning of Libra, associated w/the ancient Aryans (Sishtas) of AryaVarta, & also expressed through King-Shivi. Sage Jamadagni, Vishwakarman/Tvastha, Solar-month Isha & lunar-Ashvina. Nakshatra Chitra (Tvastha/14th), & Svati (Rahu)
is where Tula (Thule in West/Europe) is exalted, & Scorpio in Vishakha, AnuRadha (Mitra) & Jyeshtha (18/Eldest, Lord Mercury & deity Indra).

3) Pisces, Lord Indra, Neptune/Jupiter the mundane-ruler, Pluto (Ketu) is the esoteric-ruler, Venus is exalted, & Mercury is in the Falls.
Solar month TAPASYA & lunar month Phalguna. Parjanya/Indra, Heat, Rains, Sage Bharadvaja, Airavata. It's sub-conscious, conscious, & super-consciously combined, the thread that holds all-together. It correlates w/Sutala & Janar-Loka, ruled over by the Moon (Vamana), stays in both
left (mainly/lower-part) & right-side (brain/information) for the chain/universal-laws to have their cause/effects! Pisces is what lies beneath the oceans, & very hard to describe in words, if it's even possible! It's the slot of Moksha (Pluto/Scorpion), property, hidden desires,
foreign travels, drugs, losses, & everything-connected! How bad, sublime, strange, & simple! It's where the cosmic-relationships of Sun, Moon & Venus are there for explanations, if it's even possible! Pisces is exalted in Purva Bhadrapada, Uttara Bhadrapada & Revati, etc. regards
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