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Hank (Guam is going g to tip over) is mumbling his way to some point. I have no idea what he is saying....blah blah blah cover up...blah blah blah....
😂😂😂 what a dumbass that Hank is.
Matt gaetz is up now. Says it's all about impeachment. Says it's going to be bad for the Dems to impeach the president in this economy.
GAETZ. Going through the stages of grief. ....😂😂😂😂😂😂
This hearing is one of the best I've seen in a long time. Funny as hell, liars, clowns, righteous anger all rolled into one....
GAETZ: Obama admin ran an intell operation against the Trump campaign Dems need to accept it, and get over it. ,😂😂
Oh of course mcegg mcmuffins brother Ted deutch brings up Nixon like this has anything to do with nicon 🙄🙄🙄🙄

AG said "Snity letter" oh that pissed the Dems off lol..
Mr. McMuffin going on about 🍊 man bad which has nothing to do with AG Barr but ignore that......
Dems are going on about crap that has nothing to do with the contempt charge. Just hitting 🍊 man bad talking points.

Notice the Dems aren't talking about POTUS executive privilege over Mueller report.
GOP rep mike Johnson trying to talk sense into the Dems about rule of law. ..yeah good luck with that....
The Dems are breaking the law....shock face...per rep mike Johnson
Remember up until today 99.9% of vol two of Mueller report was available to the Dems and they never bothered to read it.
Rep Cedric richmond saying some stupid stuff about orange man bad.

Brings up Russia....lol....he is trying to explain why the Dems are idiots doing a good job in that regard tbh
The Dems seem lost and confused....no surprise there. They have no message but orange man bad. .Richmond giving numbers which include the Russians. Lied an Flynn being in jail.
Mr. Biggs guy is up. (GOP) He is interested to see the judge's face if this case is brought before one. Going over why this is a clown show. Hitting some good points but his delivery is a little sloppy...wait he is finding his grove now.
Oh a Hobson choice.....look it up....nice.
Biggs is explaining that there was just a case decided on this and rhe Dems are on the losing side of grand jury 6(e).......he is 100% correct on this....
Hank johnson(Guam) let the cat out of the bag. It's all about impeachment. It was a mistake by Johnson and the GOP are hammering him on it.
Rep Hakeem Jeffries calls the law nonsense. Brings up the debunked talking point about 17 IC agencies. These Dems are in a alternate reality. Laws and rules are nonsense. And fake debunked talking points are real.🙄🙄🙄
Jefferies, the law is nonsense and executive privilege is a fantasy, is upset that Hillary was attacked by GOP congress.....they are like little kids. Who elects these dimwits?
Mr. McLintock. Says committee is putting Barr in a catch-22. If he gives the report he breaks the law. If he doesn't he gets voted in contempt. Says Russian hoax was a complete and utter lie.
McClintock says the Russian lie cant hold up so the Dems are putting Barr in a catch-22 because they have no other option.
Mr. Cicolline (Dem) kissing the chairmen's ass....okay he is done wirh that moving on....orange man bad and isn't above the law. Idiot says POTUS acting like a monarch. AG Barr bad man.....
The dems are lying about Barr's comments. Wow they actually talked about Trump invoking executive privilege.
Cici still blovaiting about 🍊 bad and isn't above the law......oh wait he is done thank God.
Gop congress woman talking now can't see her name tag. She is giving dates and times and facts...I doubt the Dems listening will understand or care.
Yeah she is laying it all out in a very logical fact based argument. There is no way the Dems will understand it. No emotion so they can't process the argument. Shame really. She is doing a great job....
Rep nuke gun grabber is up. Calls the Russian hoax an attack on the country ...damn we went from logical and fact based on last congress person to fantasy and fairy farts with the gun grabber.
Gun grabber says we are in an information war. Will facebook ban him? 🤔🤔🤔
Gun grabber misquotes Trump.....during his orange man bad hamlet speech.
Gun grabber is done...thank you Jesus.
Rep debbie lesko(r) is up. Says this is distracting from doing the people's business that needs done like border security. Says Dems are in Denial that Trump got elected.
Gop using logic and facts again. I doubt it will get through to the Gremlins on the Dem side. Who water those Dems after midnight?
Lesko brings up chickengate and explains it's all a clown show brought to you by the Dems. Now they want AG to break the law.

She calls for bipartisanship to get things done instead of this clown show.
Oh God. Ted, l lie if my mouth is moving, Lieu is up.. giving a explanation on why the Dems are giving the finger to the American peoples concerns and declaring war on 🍊 man instead. .
Lieu brings up pre existing conditions. If they are bringing this up They know they aren't doing a damn thing.....
Okay Ted talks is done. Now up GOP guy reschenthaler. He and all gop explains how they are trying to work with the Dems to get things done but all the Dems want to do is sit around the campfire telling 🍊 man bad ghost stories.
Rep collins(R) is up. Says the Dems are manufacturing a crisis. Says Hank(Guam) let the cat out of the bag. The Dems have nothing to impeach.
Mr. Raskin (d/idiot) is up. Says Trump is acting like a king..repeated 8 times in 8 different ways today. Article 1 talking point. Orange man bad.
Mr raskin is upset about mean tweets , nicknames and words. 🍊 man really really really bad....🙄🙄🙄🙄
Raskin(d/idiot) now saying 🍊 man is really, really, really really really really really bad....
Wait.... I forget one really above....sorry.
Mr. Cline(r?) Saying the people watching are probably pissed because of this clown show. I would say he is right.....saying we should be working together...report proves there is no conspiracy....Dems are just playing games...
Mr. Cline. The law is the law.....suck it you dumb Dems...go to court if you want genad jury stuff and let a judge decide...(Dems know they will lose)
Me Cline. Dems trying to impeach a duck. This hearing is a side show, a clown show it's embarrassing in so many words....
Rep pramila jayapal that's her name. Look it up if you don't believe me. She says it's not a game because you guessed it 🍊 man is bad.
Rep jayapal. Talking about 3 branches of gov but doesn't understand three co equal branches were designed to fight each other so the people's freedom would be safe. Since congress has done absolutely nothing in 4 months. I think it's working as created.
She is done. Mr. GAETZ introducing an amendment.

Nadler shuts him off. Have no idea what the amendment is about.

Oh wait he is explaining it....says the amendment will stop the catch 22 and says any documents that would break the law by releasing aren't covered.
Think we are getting close to voting. Lunch time you now. Priorities. You know.
Nadler talking now. Says he isn't putting Barr in a catch 22 . Nadler accepts the amendment and asks Dems to support it. I'm shocked really.
Amendment might be Nadlers way out....
Dems are starting to walk back things....wow....
Nadler is now saying he never wanting to put Barr in 6(e) catch 22. What a lying pos. Yes he did but now he is walking it back. Collins now saying Nadler is lying but in a nice way.
Nadler saying the argument is about classified material but the classified material is available.
The GOP are confused now that the Dems are walking things back ....I'm surprised myself. Dems must have had some poll results come out or something..
Nadler is saying 2 months is not tribal. The Dems are walking things back.....the vote isn't guaranteed at this point. The Dems are stuck in a squeeze now.
Dam autocorrect. Trivial not tribal.
Nadler trying to explain the unexplainable. He is stuck now. Once he gave in on the grand jury info, he is failing.

Amendment is adopted. No grand jury info requested...
Nadler is offering an amendment about executive privilege.
Nadler amendment rejects executive privilege. Collins opposed amendment.
If the amendment is passed Trump admin will take to court and win.
Nadler says amendment explains why executive privilege isn't applicable.
Lol Dems admit Trump waived executive privilege during investigation.
Dems admitted Trump waived exec privilege during investigation on everything. Most open admin ever
Jackson Lee speaking
I mean rambling....

Exec privilege is the topic atm.
Thread got screwed up. Will use this branch for further tweets.
Barbara lee is up talking still.....they are pissed that 🍊 man outsmarted them.
The Dems are not sounding too confident here. They know they took some big time political hits today.
The GOP presented a good rebutal today.
Just back and forth crap about the amendment on exec privilege.
Hank (Guam) let's the cat out of the bag again. The speed is because the Dems want to use this as an election issue
Vote going on amendment. Looks like straight d/r
Amendment passes. Lunch time until 2:30
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