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1. I'm going to give a quick example on why the tariffs are not causing and will not cause consumer price inflation. (Warning there will be math)

2. Lets say you make a pink hat. This pink hat costs $1.00 to make and distribute in the USA.
3. You can sell these pink hats for $2.00 to lonely middle aged women who most likely have a cat at home but no husband due to "technical reasons" for a profit of $1.00
4. Because of your deep connections with the Chamber of Commerce (and those congress critters they have bought and paid for) you are given a chance to lay off all of your workers (causing them to go on welfare and increasing everyone elses taxes) and move your factory to China.
5. In China, you find you can make your pink hat for $0.70 + .05 for shipping instead of $1.00 and still sell them for $2.00 (the same price your evil pink hat competition) giving you a potential profit of $1.25 per hat. Now you have some options.
6. You can lower your price and make the same profit per hat ($1.00) and sell more hats putting your xenophobic (he must be or he would have moved to China too) competition out of business or you could keep the same price and make more evil capitalistic money of $1.25 per hat
7. You may have other options, but those are the two you decide to concentrate on. Either way the pink hats will continue to be produced and you will give those lonely women(& their cats) hope for a better future. Yay! Resist!
8. You decide to deal with the xenopobe first since that's how you roll. U sell your pink fuzzy hat for $1.75. Your pink hats now fall apart in the rain due to lower quality but the women customers don't care because 🍊 man is bad, it's cheaper & marches tend to be on sunny days
9. The xenopobe can't lower his price and still make a profit big enough to justify producing pink hats so he switches to pink hats with ears hoping the addition will justify the extra quarter. You match his "design". After a lukewarm marketplace battle the xenopobe retires.
10. His laid off workers also go on welfare and everyone's taxes go up to pay for them to be retrained on computers as they study web design; but those are the breaks in Crony capitalism land. Pelosi calls it a win-win. Food stamps for everyone.! Yay! Resist!
11. Once that Capitalist xenophobic pig is out of business you raise your price back up to $1.99, knowing it will stop any other soyboys out there in the USA from starting a new pink hat business, since they need a $2.00 price point to stay in business.
12. There u are minding your own business in China making evil capitalist money, feeding the hopes and dreams of lonely non married "older" women everywhere who can't wait to buy your cheap crappy pink hats for the next march when out of nowhere evil 🍊 man slaps on a 25% tariff.
12. The horror. 🤕🤕 It now costs you $0.875 + 0.05 for shipping or $0.925 to get those glorious pink hats to the USA market. There goes most of your additional profit. What to do, what to do? The women need their hats there's a big March next month in Hollywood.
13. You know you can't raise your price because those jingoistic xenopobe soyboys in the states will restart their product lines of pink 👂 hats. You have only one option, accept the lower profit and pay the tariff. 🍊 Man is very bad.😢😢
14. Now your profit is only $1.065. your profit margin shrank but it's still better than it was. 🍊 man threatens 35% tariffs. No this can't be! What does he think he is a king? Your dial up your buddies in the Chamber of Commerce and tell them they need to have their puppets
15. .....in Congress break out and use the insurance policy. The cucks in the COC inform you it's already been activated and all they have to show for it is a crappy Tshirt and a stupid subpoena for Don jr. Curse that 🍊 villain!
16. Your plans for world domination have to put on hold, as you plan a move back to the states if 🍊 man slaps the additional 35% tariff on, because that will mean that xenopobe USA loving competition of yours will be cheaper than your crappy China made pink hats.
17. You start looking for hotel rooms along the route of the next pink hat March to protest 🍊 man and you inform the CoC you will not be given any more money to them until they deal with 🍊 man. They assure you they have a plan that involves Mitt and/or Ben Sasse.
18. You fall asleep comforted that plans are in motion but you can't help but think in the back of your mind as you drift off to sleep you will be moving back to the USA sooner than later. Curse that villain! Resist!
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