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Reports on #Iran-#SaudiArabia intelligence contact in #Iraq.

#Zarif leaves #Qatar. #Saudi FM lands in #Doha, invites Emir Sheikh Tamim to meet the King in #Riyadh.

#Tehran (& the #US?) appears to try to take the #Gulf on board.

This could isolate #Israel in a revived #JCPOA.
Some in #Vienna appear to want to isolate #Israel. But officials in #Gulf/#GCC face a difficult choice. They have to weigh if a compromise on #JCPOA and weakening Israel's position will resolve the problem of #Iran's malign activities? Or will it be a temporary solution?
The #US is directly engaging #GCC on #JCPOA, while FM #Zarif engages #SaudiArabia through #Qatar and #Iraq.

If the #Gulf comes aboard, #Israel and #Republicans will be effectively sidelined.

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BREAKING - reports of explosions heard near #Jerusalem, #Beersheeba, #Dimona & multiple other locations amid rocket sirens in #Israel.

Security sources say #IAJ jets have been “scrambled.”
#pt: Some sources say a rocket or missile may have been intercepted near #Dimona, #Israel.

Others say residences near the area shook during the explosion.
Security sources in #Israel seem unanimous that no rockets crossed from #Gaza, so all eyes on the #Syria border.

Claims of a Patriot interception would suggest a larger-than-normal projectile, so suspicion may fall onto #Iran#Dimona is home to #Israel’s nuclear facility.
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BREAKING: Iran’s State TV releases footage of Iranian IRGC drone hovering over USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier (CVN-69) in the Arabian Sea / Persian Gulf.

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'#Taliban as proxies in #Pakistan's endless war' is a cliché from the 2000s. It's outdated. Time to take stock of new realities in Pakistani military thinking because the #US #NATO & #Pakistan must prevent a new civil war in #Afghanistan. /1

No one can win in #Afghanistan. Not even the #Taliban. Some actors would love to see a permanent Afghan war of attrition that engulfs #America+#Pakistan+#Afghanistan. Make no mistake: a new #Islamabad+#WashingtonDC blame game will expedite such a war. /2

What's happening in #Afghanistan is by no means #Pakistan's proxy war. But it is the proxy war of multiple actors who want Afghanistan to be a permanent bleeding ground for #America #Pakistan #NATO. /3…
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The #IRGC loses a seasoned commander, reports #Iran media. It lost #Soleimani in 2020.
The #IRGC has commanders with impressive experiences: #Soleimani was involved in the #Gulf/#Iraq. #EsmailQaani is touted for his expertise on #Afghanistan+#Pakistan. Hejazi, who died today, was a #Lebanon expert.

☠ Hejazi was also responsible for #IRGC's precision missile program, and oversaw ops in #Syria. In this #thread, contributors in replies suggest possible foul play, and point out confusion over the wording of the cause of death in official announcements.

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Urgent request of #PJAK #extortion victims to the Iranian government

“PJAK continues to burn people’s property and lives.” This sentence is a summary of a report published by in February 2018. Yet, today, the government remains silent.

Full Article🔻🔻…
Meanwhile, the people of Iranian #Kurdistan have been facing the problems of terrorist groups for years, their security is threatened financially and physically. The latest example of this extortion was horrific. ImageImage
Mr. Danaei and two brothers contracted with the Department of Agriculture to cultivate nearly 4,000 hectares of land in the area & to mechanize agriculture. The people of the area were satisfied & helped them. These machines gave the opportunity to 20 families to make a living. ImageImage
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Unit 910 - #Hezbollah's Foreign Operations Unit.
#Unit910 is one of Hezbollah's elite & secretive units. It is headed by Talal Hamya (طلال حميّة), & is the long & strategic arm of Hezbollah & #Iran.
The purpose of this unit is to deter the West, including
🇮🇱Israel. 1
The one who headed it in the past was Imad Mourniyeh. The Unit 910 has sub-units - administrative & operational. It is confidential in relation to all #Hezbollah units. 910 has a limited number of activists, including Lebanese Shiites whose families are not from Lebanon. 2
And some have foreign passports that allow them to move freely around the world, covert by scenarios of trade or tourism. They go on missions without the knowledge of their family. What their family knows is that they are going on a trip with friends. 3
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🚨April 2, the Iranian #IRGC militia held a meeting with officers of the Syrian regime forces and leaders of the Iranian and Russian-backed militias, a meeting in the southern countryside of #Aleppo, with the aim of launching a combined operation in the Badia regions. 1/6 @IDF
The meeting was ordered by the first #Iranian military figure in the region, Hajj Jawad Al-Ghafari, and it was held at a military post belonging to the Iranian militia in the village of جب غليص Jab Ghlais, near the town of Tal Daman تل الضمان, south of Aleppo. 2/6 @coalition
The meeting was attended by #Iranian militia leaders such as Hajj Idris, the leader of the Asa'ib Ahl alHaq, Haji Ali Abu Kafnaz, the leader of the Afghan Fatemiyoun Militia, & the head of the Military Security Detachment, Colonel Salim al-Hawi, & Major Gen Abdul Karim. 3/6
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On March 30, a court in #Erbil sentenced the Iranian #terrorist agent, Samira Moradpour, missioned by the regime’s intelligence apparatus, to 5 years in prison for attempted #kidnapping and #assassinating Ali Javanmardi; an Iranian-American journalist & political activist. 1/4
Samira Moradpour was arrested in October 2019 while she and her team were planning to #assasinate Ali Javanmardi, an Independent journalist and founder of Avatoday Media Network who was based in Erbil at that time. @USConGenErbil 2/4 Image
According to Avatoday; the Iranian regime has put significant pressure on the KRG gouvernement to extradite Samira Moradpour to Iran. 3/4 Image
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The numbers of #Zeynabiyoun brigade fighters in #Syria has substantially decreased after #Pakistan crackdown on covert #IRGC recruitment since 2016. Almost a cat & mouse game of busting recruitment cells, chasing new ones & methods of recruitment. /1

#Pakistan probably has been more effective in curbing #IRGC recruitment of fighters for #Syria than #Afghanistan, where officials and lawmakers were more vocal in criticizing #Iranian covert recruitment but not matched by a robust crackdown. /2…
#Israel+#Turkey indirectly helped #Pakistan's crackdown on #IRGC recruitment for #Syria through dozens (possibly hundreds) of strikes on #Zeynabiyoun positions. Pres #Erdogan reportedly informed Pak officials about targeting #Iran's Pak recruits. /3

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🚨#Iran is moving medium-range surface-to-surface missiles to eastern #Syria.
The absolute Iranian controled east & west of the Euphrates in the region of ​​#AlBukamal allows the transfer of everything near Iran via Iraq and from there to Syria.@CENTCOMFarsi @coalition @IDF 1/4
The #missiles, (Fajr, Ra'ed, Al-Hussein), like the other weapons amd equipment that entered #Syria via #PMF, (under the command of Iranian Haj Reza, in charge of faciliating shipments from Iraq to Syria) were transported by trucks to the Al Hari area, an Iranian stronghold. 2/4
The #IRGC realized that control of the eastern and western part of the Euphrates River in the area between al-Miyadin and al-Kamal was critical to their success in establishing themselves in eastern Syria. 3/4
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🇸🇾#Syria—Military reinforcements from the #Iranian militias have reached various areas in the northern Syrian province of #Aleppo in past days. The
reinforcement included heavy weapons, missile launchers, mortars, a large number of weapons i.e. Kalashnikovs & sniper rifles. 1/7
An #Iranian plane had landed at Damascus Intl Airport with hundreds of operatives, most of them Afghan and Pakistani citizens, experts in rocket and rocket launchers, and they were later transferred To the city of #Aleppo. 2/7
The weapons & the fighters had been transferred to the militia HQ in Bab al-Nirb, in the center of #Aleppo, where Hajj "Jawad al-Gafari" is located. Al-Gafari reinforced the HQ with weapons & fighters, & sent other forces to the town of al-Wadihi الوضيحي, south of Aleppo. 3/7
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Iran suspect #Maher_Assad's fighters of carrying out #sabotage operations against them in Syria. The eastern suburbs of the Aleppo province witnessed on March13 the arrest made by Fatimiyun Brigade, of Division 4 soldiers commanded by Major Gen Maher Assad, Bashar's brother. 1/7
Fatimiyun, the Afghan militia of the #Quds-Forces had set up a temporary checkpoint in the village of al-Muhsin in the rural area of ​​Maskana district, east of #Aleppo, & stopped military vehicles belonging to the engineering teams of Division 4 while returning from 2/7
a mission to clear land mines in the Itaria desert, in the direction of their headquarters located in the village of "Debsi Afnan" - "دبسي عفنان".
The Afghan fighters stopped the fighters of #Division4, who were traveling in cars, & took them to the Afghan headquarters of 3/7
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#Iran smuggles #weapons inside vegetable shipments between #Syria and #Iraq.
Legal and illegal border crossings between Syria and Iraq, west of the Euphrates, witness the entry and exit of trucks "loaded" w/ fruits, vegetables, and other commercial goods on a daily basis. 1/10
At a time when various provinces in #Syria, within the sphere of influence of Assad regime live in catastrophic conditions, the commercial movement btw the Iranians & Tehran loyalist militias in #Iraq continues. #Iran continues to establish its presence in Syrian territory. 2/10
#Iranian militias also work to exploit this commercial movement frequently to bring arms shipments to their areas, including in trucks of vegetables and fruits. 3/10
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March 15 (Reuters) - Iran released images and film footage on Monday of what it said was a new Revolutionary Guards base armed with cruise and ballistic missiles and "electronic warfare" equipment.
@USABehFarsi #IRGCTerrorWithoutBorder…
While efforts to revive the JCPOA failed, the Revolutionary Guards unveiled a new missile city.
@jrpsaki @stateDept @USABehFarsi @SecBlinken @KamalaHarris @JanetYellen @SecDef @jakejsullivan @wendyrsherman @JohnKerry @mikepompeo @ExtSpoxEU #IRGCTerrorWithoutBorder
The equipment is being displayed while the Revolutionary Guards are accused of being involved in sabotage operations using mines and magnetic bombs in the UAE port of Fujairah in May 2019.
#IRGCTerrorWithoutBorder @eu_eeas @JosepBorrellF @GermanyDiplo
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The secret war on oil smuggling to fund Hezbollah
The #smuggling axis and the money laundering- hundreds of millions of dollars that pass through 🇸🇾Syria to the #terrorist organization (#Hezbollah) in 🇱🇧Lebanon. This is how the "oil war" is conducted.
1/25–Part 1
#Iran's oil smuggling into Syria is not a new issue. They have been in place for several years, even before the #Trump administration imposed sanctions on Iran and on Syria.
The question facing Western intelligence was how #Syria pays Iran for the oil it receives. 2/25
As of May2018, when the #Iranians were barred from transferring funds in the international financial system, they had trouble getting the proceeds or payments for the oil they smuggled to China, North Korea, Syria & other countries like Turkey where oil was smuggled inland. 3/25
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🚨IRGC-QF are preparing to fire missiles at 🇺🇸American targets.
The #IRGC is working on the preparation of launchers at a secret HQ located in al-Mayadeen. The missiles are aimed at the al-Omar oil field where locates one of the largest US bases in DeirEzzor. 1/10 @OIRSpox
These are 3 different arenas in which rockets / #missiles have been deployed on launchers assembled in recent days.
The missiles reportedly that arrived and were buried in canals and tunnels that belonged to the ISIS organization. @coalition @CENTCOM @IDF 2/10
1️⃣First launch site, 200 meters from alleged Ain Ali shrine in the olive grove.
14 rockets & quantities of various weapons and ammunition, and is subject to heavy security guard and includes guard posts for the militia of the Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas Brigade. 3/10
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Negar Mortazavi, one of the main members of NIAC; despite attending seminars, interviews, & workshops as a guest member, @NegarMortazavi has been very influential & decisive in the @NIACouncil in the U.S. in the past years.
@Forbes @ForbesWomen @MessageFromLen @TommyASC91 1/13
Negar Mortazavi Born in 1981 in Tehran, left Iran at the age of 20 & started working in several Persian channels. In the United States, she has infiltrated many media outlets, including the @VOAIran Persian Service and performed the role of the so-called “journalist”! 2/13
.@NegarMortazavi was fired from VOA-Persian Service for forging viewers' phone conversations and supporting the Islamic RipPublic of #Iran.
She officially joined @NIACouncil in February 2014, having previously served as the NIAC media consultant. 3/13
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#DeirEzzor district—
Another American strike in Deir Ezzor province will probably be answered by an attack on 🇺🇸American targets.
On Sunday morning, March 7, 2121, senior members of the #IRGC-QF met in Deir-Ezzor to update new orders coming from #Iran to forces on the ground.
1. Haj Askar, commander of the IRGC-QF at al-Bukamal.
2. Haj Dahqan, commander of the IRGC-QF in al-Mayadeen.
3. Hajj Askar's deputy, along with the first and second threshold commanders.
Meeting took place in one of the new headquarters established after the last strike in #DeirEzzor province, in a town on the eastern side of the city of al-Bukamal.
The seniors arrived at the meeting in civilian vehicles.
The meeting lasted about two hours.
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‘The Axis of Resistance Media Network’
Designating #Iranian-linked media outlets can limit their activities, but a more holistic strategy is needed if Washington hopes to effectively counter the regime’s regional propaganda machine. 1
Reminder—#Iranian operatives sent threatening emails to Democratic voters while posing as members of the pro-Trump white nationalist group the Proud Boys. 2
One of the entities behind this disinformation campaign was the Islamic Radio and Television Union #IRTVU, which supports and in many cases created the bulk of the television channels and other media outlets run by #Iran’s proxies abroad—
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Sat. Imagery shows the “Farm Land” Compound just slightly West of Al-Mayadin, #Syria affiliated to #Iran’s #IRGC which was targeted in the reported airstrikes by the #IDF on 13th Jan 2021. Two structures were targeted in this airstrike, but it appears there is more activity here. Image
The date of the tunnel excavation is unknown, due to this area being remote from imagery, it is not possible to say if the tunnels are post or pre strike.
All that can be confirmed is that they are after the 9th July 2020.
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The "launches" to the campus, the monitoring of the improvement efforts & the #redline that must not be crossed in the quality & quantity of armaments: this is how the 🇮🇱Israeli defense deals with the threat of #Hezbollah's precision missiles. 1
This is probably one of the few threats that the Israeli public is not fully aware of. A significant strategic threat, which could lead #Israel to launch a pre-emptive strike, even though the pretext is not nuclear weapons. This is also the hottest issue: #Hezbollah missiles! 2
Immediately after the 2ed Lebanon War, ignoring Security Council Resolution 1701, which imposed a full #embargo on arms transfers to #Hezbollah, Hezbollah embarked on a huge logistical op, with billions of $ in #Iranian funding, equipped with tens of thousands of rockets. 3
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Initial reports of explosions heard in #Damascus, #Syria
#SAA Air Defense reportedly active over #Damascus, #Syria
Video of SAA Air Defense active over #Damascus, #Syria this evening.
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Fearing the bombing, an #Iranian militia waved the Syrian regime’s flag in eastern #DeirEzzor.
The "47th Regiment" militia of the #IRGC militia raised the flags of the Assad regime at its HQs in Albu Kamal countryside, east of Deir Ezzor.
The headquarters, located in the Ashayer area in the countryside of #AlBukamal, includes more than 40 members, most of them from the Al-Sukkariyah area, with the exception of 6 Afghan nationals. They are under the leadership of an official called “Abu Mahdi Al-Mashhadani ”.
The members of the 47th Regiment militia have recently raised the flags of the Assad regime instead of the Iranian militia flags, for fear of the international coalition or Israeli air strikes. @coalition @IDF @IAFsite
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