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After taking control of #Afrin, #HTS is trying to advance to the city of #Azaz in the northern countryside of #Aleppo.
The Levant Front and Jaysh al-Islam send military reinforcements to confront #HTS+ Farfa al-Hamza + Suleiman Shah Division on the Kafr Jannah axis in the northern countryside of #Aleppo.
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#HTS is trying to storm the countryside of #Afrin in the northern countryside of #Aleppo, and #SNA is responding.
#HTS uses tanks and armored vehicles.
#HTS enters the city of #Jindires in the northern countryside of Aleppo, after confrontations with #SNA.
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JUST IN: #BNNSyria Reports.

"The 32nd Division and the Hamzah Division took control of the headquarters of the Third Corps in Tal Battal in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, and captured five members of the Third Corps. #Syria #Aleppo #War
The clashes expanded on this new front to include Olan, Susyan and Abla, as well as Tal Batal", source reported on Wednesday, Oct 12.
"The agreement between Division 32 ( the eastern sector of the Ahrar al-Sham movement ) and the Third Corps dates back to June 21, when the Third Corps raided the headquarters of Division 32...
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JUST IN: #BNNSyria Reports.

Aleppo province: Areas under the control of Turkish-backed factions in the countryside of Aleppo, particularly Al-Bab city, are experiencing popular...
...discontent after the assassination of media activist “Abu Ghanum” in Al-Bab a few days ago on the orders of leaders of Turkish-backed factions. #Syria #Aleppo #SOHR #War
There is a popular demand to prosecute killers of Abu Ghanum and his wife.
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JUST IN: #BNNSyria Reports.

SOHR activists have reported mortar shelling by regime forces on the frontline of Maarat Al-Naasan, north-east of Idlib. #Syria #Aleppo #Idlib #War #SOHR
Regime heavy artillery shells hit areas in the villages of Al-Fatirah, Al-Bara, Harsh Bayannin and Al-Ruwayiha, in Jabal Al-Zawiya in the southern countryside of Idlib, in “Putin-Erdogan” area.
No further details have been reported about the number of casualties and the material damages so far.
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NEW - U.S. special forces launched a helicopter-borne raid in #Assad-controlled territory ~15km south of #Qamishli in NE #Syria overnight, killing a senior #ISIS leader & capturing several others alive.

That’s the 1st op in regime-held areas since Abu Ghadiya in Oct 2008.
Some local sources claim at least 2 of those captured alive were members of a local pro-#Assad militia — but that remains unconfirmed.

Not clear if the deconfliction line with #Russia was used. #Russian aircraft & personnel are stationed at #Qamishli airport, not far away.
The #Qamishli area is an old stomping ground for #ISIS since AQI days, where #Assad’s Military Intel ran a ‘clearing house’ for AQI foreign fighters heading to #Iraq & for a time, a paramilitary training base.

From ‘03-‘08, 1,000s of AQI foreign fighters passed through the area.
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How much is #Ukraine similar to #Syria?

Back in 2016. power of Bashar Al-#Assad was on his last legs. Insurgents took over the almost entire country, leaving him with roughly 15% of land under government control.

by Slavyangrad
All big cities were lost or heavily contested. The enemy was as close as two kilometers to the center of #Damascus.

#Syria #ukraine
Then #Russians came. Slowly but methodically, they started to bombard insurgents, which we can call a conglomerate of various ideological and interest groups, including designated terrorists such as Jabhat Al Nusra and #ISIS.

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Sat. Imagery courtesy of @planet from earlier today shows several vehicles on the runway at #Aleppo Intl. Airport, #Syria most likely conducting a repair (square cutover already) after the reported #Israel|i airstrike hours after #IRGC affiliated Yas Air Cargo EP-GOX landed.
To the south of the runway you can see the damage caused to the DVOR/DME Navaid which also appears to be targeted.

Heavy scaring can be seen in both areas due to fires. Notably, personally, I’ve only twice seen a runway targeting have some heavy prominent scaring.
In September 2020 an airstrike at T4 left heavy burn marks after something was reportedly struck on the apron. And the included tweet in 2021.
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NEW -- reports of a possible #Israel airstrikes hitting #Iran-linked targets in the western edge of #Aleppo International Airport as well as a section of the runway.
Here's video filmed showing #Aleppo International Airport in the distance -- showing multiple successive explosions.

Reports now coming in of possible airstrikes in #Latakia too.
*Highly* unusual to see #Aleppo International Airport targeted, or the Neirab Airbase next-door -- it speaks volumes about #Israel's perceived need to respond to #Iran's activities in #Syria.

Note -- #Israel hit #IRGC shipments at #Damascus International Airport in June.
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Parece ser que Turquía 🇹🇷 comenzó su ataque contra Afrin (gobernación de Alepo) Siria 🇸🇾 Image
Se registraron ataques aéreos, ataque de drones y combate intenso terrestre.
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These photos are not stage managed, there is minimal security, impossible in these crowds, trip not announced in advance so crowd spontaneous. Despite all hardships in really free #Syria people supporting the President & family.

#Aleppo yesterday

Meanwhile in the West...
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This is my 129th daily thread on #PutinsWar

The killing continues: #Ukraine still under real pressure in the eastern #Donbas region, but signs that the US supplied weapons in particular are beginning to cause real problems for #Russia.

All the news, all day, right here⬇️
#Mykolaiv came under heavy attack in the early hours this morning. We are still awaiting full details.

At least 8 missiles were launched by #Russia's army. Some landed in #Nikolaev according to the mayor
Although it's Day 129 of this thread and the full invasion, please remember this war started over 8 years ago.
In two weeks it will be the 8th anniversary of the MH17 massacre when 300 were murdered by #Russia. Had we acted decisively then, we wouldn't need to spend billions now.
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This is murderous policy of the #Assad regime in #Syria Thread⤵️

350,209 documented deaths.
306,887 civilians
27,126 children

51,731 civilians killed in #Aleppo
47,483 civilians killed in Rural #Damascus
22,064 civilians killed in #Darra

The sheer numbers are horrific #HRC50
On the 15th of March, 2011, #Syrian civilians took to the streets demanding democratic reforms and a better life.

These civilians were met with bullets.
They were met with torture.
They were met by the Syrian government who knows no limits. #HRC50
In later years of this conflict, the government used chemical weapons. It used Chlorine gas. It used weapons of mass destruction on its own people. #HRC50
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A huge effort from the @MEDirections on studying the regime's control over the operations of non-governmental organizations in #Aleppo with a focus on the role of UN agencies.

Here are some disturbing highlights.
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#BREAKING: #USArmy Special Forces (from Delta Force) carried-out an anti-terrorist operation at #Jarabulus near #Aleppo in Northern #Syria. The operation involved two MH-47Gs (this video) & four MH-60Ms of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. Video is for 15 mins ago👇
#BREAKING: This video is for almost an hour ago shows two of the four MH-60M Black Hawk helicopters carrying a team of #USArmy Delta Force to Jarabulus near #Aleppo. They attacked a group of #Turkey backed terrorists. One of the helicopters is damaged but was evacuated.
It is reported that the Delta Force team onboard some of these helicopters attacked where it was near position of #Turkey backed Faylaq al-Shām terrorists near Jarabulus. The target most probably was a high ranking #ISIL/#Daesh leader. (possibly protected by #Turkey) Image
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💥Russian general who oversaw atrocities in Syria led cluster bomb attacks on civilians in Ukraine. CNN identified 11 Smerch rocket strikes on residential #Kharkiv🇺🇦 launched by rocket artillery brigade led by Col.Gen Alexander ZHURAVLYOV in Belgorod🇷🇺—war crimes under int'l law.
CNN traced 11 Smerch rocket attacks on #Kharkiv on Feb. 27-28 to #Russia's 79th Rocket Artillery Brigade. Based in Belgorod, the brigade reports to Western Military District led by Zhuravlyov—the only officer with the authority to order Smerch launches in his district. #WarCrimes
After Zhuravlyov took command in eastern Aleppo in 2016, Russia's military rapidly ramped up its attacks on rebel-held territory using brutal tactics & munitions that defined Russia's intervention in Syria & now Ukraine: besiege, starve, bombard, grind into submission.
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@ir_rkp Hienoa, täytyykin viestittää @ZelenskyyUaaa'lle että kieltää Suomen vale oppositiopuolueet, siionistien @persut ja Kremlin @kokoomus laittomina.
@ir_rkp @ZelenskyyUaaa @persut @kokoomus Voi kysyä lupaa myrkyttää Suomessakin, epämiellyttäviä kansanryhmiä.
- Esim. Candida albicans on tuottoisin 'sairaus' 100 vuoteen. #BigPharma sanoo sitä 'syöväksi'.
#Candidiasis ei parane 'syöpä'hoidoilla, vaan potilaat menehtyvät tuskallisesti n. 5 vssa.
@ir_rkp @ZelenskyyUaaa @persut @kokoomus #Nuremberg 2.0, #sotarikos ei vanhene.
#VAERS Summary for #COVID19 'Vaccines' through 3/4/2022 | Mar 12, 2022
- Covid -sotarikokset jatkuvat Suomessakin, haavoittuvassa asemassa olevien teurastaminen #BigPharma'n voitelemana.…
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#Hitler wurde nicht mit Sanktionen, Drohungen oder Verhandlungen gestoppt. Dass #Putin & Co. ähnlich skrupellos agieren, wissen wir seit 1999, als in Moskau hunderte Zivilisten mit fingierten Anschlägen ermordet wurden. Mit unserer Geschichtsvergessenheit, Selbstbezogenheit, …2
2 … Naivität + Feigheit verhöhnen wir in gewisser Weise die mutigen Menschen, die Deutschland unter Einsatz ihres Lebens vom Naziterror befreit haben.
Die ermordeten Zivilisten in #Bucha sind nur eine Spitze des Eisbergs. Die massenhafte Ermordung von Zivilisten, … 3
3 … um Migrationsdruck im Westen zu erzeugen, ist seit 2000 eine Strategie von Putin. #Grosny, #Aleppo, russische Waffenexporte in alle Krisengebiete Afrikas, sind weitere Beispiele, in denen zahllose Zivilisten abgeschlachtet wurden, wir haben dort nur nicht hingesehen … 4
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Very concerning news. Marianna, the pregnant girl from #Mariupol, turns out to be one of the refugees that has been taken to #Russia in violation of the evacuation agreement.

There they put her in front of a camera and have her say there was no aerial attack on the hospital.
She is able to admit there was an explosion om the maternity hospital, but remains very vague on what it could have been, leaving room for the interpretation the Ukrainians bombed it themselves, a lie pro-Kremlin actors have pushed from the very start.
They also have her criticizing the AP photographer for taking these pictures of her that went around the world.
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I keep seeing heartbreaking comparisons between #Mariupol and #Aleppo. I asked by friend, @ShaarH, who was born and raised in Aleppo, whether it gets better with time. Here's what he said👇🏼💔
"I can’t tell you for sure it gets better, because it really depends on the outcome. In much of Syria, including eastern Aleppo (which was under constant bombing for 4.5 years, first by the Syrian regime, later by Russia AND the Syrian regime), the fighting eventually stopped...
...but only at the cost of virtually all residents being evicted from their homes. For those of us who don’t feel safe to go back to our homes under this regime - the majority of the residents - the end of the fighting was the end of a battle. A battle that we lost.
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1. This week’s issue of al-Naba’, which was published last night, took #IS's campaign to legitimise its new leader in a new, quite surprising direction.
2. It was very defensive in tone.

Directly comparing the legacy of #IS's 'caliphs' with that of the Rashidun caliphs, it pushed back on criticism—seemingly from within #IS's own circles—of Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi and played down the strategic significance of his loss.
3. #IS also pushed back on criticism about how long it had taken it to confirm that Abu Ibrahim had been killed and replaced by Abul Hasan.

Per al-Naba’, everyone who needed to had pledged allegiance within less than 48 hours of the #Atmeh raid.
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On this day 11 years ago (15/03/2011) the Syrian people rose up against one of the most brutal regimes of modern history & launched a revolution for freedom & democracy.

Today, across the liberated areas of #Syria, people are coming together like here in #Raqqa to mark this day.
#Syria: thousands have come together in #Idlib to mark the 11th anniversary of the Syrian revolution.

Some Syrians have also come to voice their solidarity with the people living under occupation in 🇵🇸🇺🇦.
#Syria: video of the moment the #FreeSyria flag was raised over #Idlib, in celebration of the 11th anniversary of the Syrian Revolution.

During the flag raising the Arab anthem Mawtini was played on speakers, a song many hope to see as the national anthem of a post-#Assad Syria.
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1. Yesterday #IS confirmed that Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi was killed in February. He has been succeeded by Abul Hasan al-Hashimi al-Qurashi.

It also revealed that Abu Hamza al-Qurashi, his spox, has been killed.

#IS has warned of revenge attacks in weeks to come. Image
2. ExTrac data suggests that this warning of revenge attacks is not likely to be ‘just’ rhetoric.

Just over two weeks after Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Abul Hasan al-Muhajir were killed in November 2019, #IS launched a global revenge campaign. Image
3. This saw it surging attacks globally.

L: #Syria operations more than doubled in the course of a single week.

R: #Nigeria operations also more than doubled. ImageImage
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Update #Ukraine .
Im Überblick:
- ukr. und russ. Außenminister treffen sich erstmals;
- #Nuland sorgt mit Aussagen über US-Biolabore in Ukraine für Furore;
- #Mariopol rüstet sich für den Sturm;
- Einkesselung von #Mykolaiv schreitet voran.
Neuer Thread👇
Erstmals seit Beginn der russischen Invasion in der #Ukraine haben sich heute die Außenminister Lawrow und Kuleba in der Türkei getroffen.
Der türk. Außenminister Çavuşoğlu agierte als Vermittler.
Ankara unterhält gute Beziehungen sowohl nach Moskau als auch nach Kiew...
In diesem Sinne könnte sich die Türkei tatsächlich als ein internationaler Vermittler in diesem Konflikt positionieren.
Konkrete Ergebnisse wurden vom heutigen Treffen nicht erwartet, es könnte aber die Grundlage für weitere Verhandlungen legen.
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