John Minford, #SunTzu 6: 13 "If I wish to engage, then the enemy, for all his high ramparts and deep moat, cannot avoid the engagement; I attack that which he is obliged to rescue."
As I've shared before, my most beloved Castle in all the world is Arundel, on the South coast of England. In 1,000 years, no one died behind its walls during an attack. That is my definition of safety. And, I can feel its wall, on my hands, these 11 years after I was there.
There is a lake above the Castle. It provides the Castle's water. The most brilliant attacker realized he could not attack the Castle, or its walls. Rather, he diverted the water from the lake. Alas. The Castle had a flaw. It depended upon that water. It immediately surrendered.
Even still, no one inside died. The walls were so mighty, the Castle so well positioned, that even dying of thirst within, it would have been close to impossible to take over from without. Surrender came at price. No one inside could be slaughtered. That's safety.
There is always something, and no such thing as an enemy with nothing to protect. All enemies have treasures, obligations, things they cannot afford to lose. This may be the most important strategic analysis in the temple. The question is: what can my enemy NOT afford to lose?
Here's how we failed, we on the right. Obama is not cool. Follow me. Romney was weak, weak, weak. Obama and HRC killed 4 men,. 4 American heroes, in Benghazi. They destroyed an entire nation, but we can't feel that. We CAN feel the loss of the Benghazi four.
Nothing can equal that. However, there is a case to be made over the following evil. Candy Crowley, a gal I once respected as a reporter, destroyed her career by siding with Obama. Now, how is that cool? It is not. Forget legal. It's simply not cool. Coolness is a thing.
We now know that Candy and Barrack coordinated their event. We now know that Romney wimped out. Well, I knew it the moment I saw it. Hell, I knew it before. Do you remember how Romney rightly called out Obama the very night of the attack? He did. Go figure.
Then, true to wimpy form, he allowed the left to silence him. No further words until the second debate, at which point...

I have a hard time saying it. I weep again, in horror and shame. He could have defeated Obama in that moment. But rather, he let him go.
Romney was no warrior. Rather, he was a celebrity, a mere celebrity. He had no honor. He had no righteous cause. All he had was ego. So, he allowed Candy and Barrack their evil victory. America has wept ever since. I weep again, now.
I'm no politician. I have no such discipline. The ire and rage in my soul rose up in that moment, and I will never forget. I wanted to rage out, Candy, you are NO journalist, you are a mere partisan. Obama, you are evil. You know you're lying and all of America knows too.
But obviously, America did not know. Why not? Obama was cooler than Romney, as far as the American voter was concerned. Never. Never in my life was I so ashamed of the American voter. We forgave Benghazi. We were shamed thereby. Romney failed his honor. He has no honor.
But wait, we already knew. In his own autobiography, Obama confesses to throwing down a 13-year old girl, to the ground, because it was the popular thing to do. Bully. Evil bully. How often in youth do the bullies get to be the cool kids? Far too often, indeed.
This is one of the great lies of the left. As if warriors were bullies. No. A true warrior would have protected that 13-year old girl from Barry, the cool kid. A true warrior would obviously have NEVER allowed the Benghazi four to die. Coolness, eh? The left does NOT own it.
Look at Obamacare. Its mission, its purported mission was to bring 45 million uninsured into the rolls of the insured. How many has it brought in? Around 11 million. What did it actually do? Weaken, further, the meager free market element of the health insurance industry.
Let's be clear. Health insurance has been a complete scam for decades. We have allowed our states to cordon off their borders, so that health insurance is a protected, crony capitalist entity. We have allowed our Congress to be bought and paid for over this same corruption.
Idiots that we have been, we allowed Obama to lie to us, 'you can keep your policy, you can keep your doctor,' and we still reelected him anyway. I feel the bile rise up in my throat to say it. Shame. Shame on us. And then, idiots that we are, we allowed HRC her candidacy.
But why do I rage right now, all over again, rehashing all this ancient history? They were the cool kids, Obama and HRC were. And it is in this that we, on the right, have so horribly, so terribly, so unforgivably failed. They're not cool. Yet still they enjoy their own coolness.
Once upon a time, I was the uncool kid, myself. A thought eventually struck. I realized that I did not have to agree. I discovered the ability to judge, to judge what I felt was cool, and what uncool. Once I discovered that, everything changed for me.
Socialism is not cool. Yet today, all the cool kids are socialists. Well, not me. And I do not forgive Obama or HRC for Libya, for Benghazi. What's more, I'm telling you, the Progressive Left has nothing left but coolness. If we take that away, they're finished.
Look again, now, below. @realDonaldTrump couldn't have cared less about coolness. Rather, he cared about the truth. He cared about history, principles, and how to very literally make America great again. He gave us 10 principles, principles worth fighting for. Here they are:
1. Remember The Forgotten Americans
2. Rule Of Law
3. American Jobs
4. Quality Of Life For Every American
5. Heal Our Cities
6. Build The Wall
7. Make America Wealthy Again
8. Make America Strong Again
9. Make America Safe Again
10. Make America Great Again
Pick any one of those principles, and you will find Master Sun's counsel within. Each one of them is what the cool kids on the left deny. And more, they will do anything to rescue their position, no matter how illogical or dishonest it may be. They cannot not respond.
Could it be? Could it be that mere teenaged coolness is the greatest weakness in America? Obama and HRC were not cool. They were, are, evil. The left is not cool. It breaches every principle that made America great in the first place. Master Sun indicates we attack there.
I say, let us destroy the high ramparts of the so-evil coolness. Let us fill in the depths of their moat. Let us force them to attempt, and fail, to rescue their moral sanctity in the face of their betrayal of America Herself. They will scurry, as Master Sun indicates.
But as they did in 2016, they will fail again. Why? Because as we force them to defend what they must rescue, we will hold the initiative. And the reawakened Giant of America will rise and march across the land again. We will ring the bell of freedom, and win.
123 verses completed, 299 to go.
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