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Ok its time.
5/17 #NXIVM trial Day 8:
Friday's testimony was in 3 parts, and was at times VERY disturbing and draining. First the lighter stuff, as the testimony of Detective Fontanelli continues, describing the layout of #NancySalzman’s home and the evidence they found. 1/
In the Utility room of #NancySalzman’s basement was a safe, approximately 3’x3’ -that had been broken into (empty). At the back of the utility room was a door leading to a crawlspace… #NXIVM 2/
Inside the Crawlspace were 2 boxes of cash- Too much to count on site. Procedure: Place $ into 4 individual bags, heat sealed & labeled for transport to Federal Plaza where it is counted and deposited in the Federal Reserve Bank with 2 witnesses. Total $390, 180 #NXIVM 3/
Upstairs, in the master bedroom- a closet with another bag of cash- $109.7k

Total cash found in bags/boxes in #NancySalzman’s home is $515k
(+another 8k laying around)
5/ Next Teny Geragos (Mark Geragos’ daughter) for the defense cross-examination: (Again, helping the prosecution!) She asked about the electronics. Fontanelli states there were so many electronics that the special electronics sniffing dog that they brought in was "going crazy".
Computers, laptops, External drives and thumb drives. Again, they needed to call in another unit of the FBI called CART- Computer Analysis Research Team for processing.
Geragos asks about the box of folders – (with the financial “dossiers” of #NXIVM enemies…) She tries to bring up the name of Kristin Keefe and faces immediate objection, so it only seems to remind everyone that the box of folders of #NXIVM enemies exists –
8/ Next witness of #NXIVM trial was the Chief Technical Officer company called XR LLC- They sell “sex toys”, he reports, through various websites, one of which is called Extreme restraints .com. MSM pretty much ignored this testimony, you'll see why...
9/ XRLLC received a subpoena 4 orders coming from #NXIVM Slave Master Daniela Bergeron thru their extreme restraints website. There were 2 orders, first invoice lists:
1) Remote Puppy Trainer
2) Studded Rubber Paddle
3) Hanging Rubber Strap Cage
4) Heavy Duty Suspension Bar Kit
5) Ankle Shackle Mounts Pair
6)Thigh Sling with Wrist Cuffs
7)Full Body Strap set
The prosecution asks about the first item, is it for puppies?
Next we were shown the images and product descriptions, which he read to us...
Shock Puppy Trainer, worn around the neck.
"The device creates a sound each time shock is emitted for TRAINING PURPOSES. The second button will emit same sound, but no shock, 2 warn your bad puppy that a shock may be coming if they keep it up!"
These= torture devices.
Studded Rubber Paddle and Hanging Rubber Strap Cage: "The straps are designed in a downward crisscross pattern. Their body weight pulls down on the cage, bringing the straps in closer to them and keeping them at bay. Think Chinese finger trap"
#NXIVM #DOS Master Slave
-Ankle shackle mounts pair was discontinued, so no pic- but think metal plates which would be attached to floor, feet shackled in place.
The descriptions of all these items make it sound like fun and games...
These are for torturing slaves.
#NXIVMtrial #NXIVM evidence
The audience collectively gasped when being shown these pics.
Where is line between consensual and outright slavery/torture?
We'll find out, but so far not looking good.
I think thats enough for tonight, will finish up tomorrow with 2nd invoice and Laura Salzman.
15/ #NXIVMtrial Next up, Invoice #2, also ordered by same person- Daniela Padilla (aka Daniela Bergeron)- I must WARN ppl (and should have already) that the images may b very triggering for some. The reason I am posting images at all is so people can see whats actually happening.
16/ If the MSM would ACTUALLY REPORT TRUTH, maybe I wouldn't have to show up at the freakin' trial everyday, spending 4-6 hours in the car, and $60+/day?! That being said, I HONESTLY felt the urge to scream when I saw all the images, KNOWING WHAT actually happens to people.
17/ #NXIVMtrial Day 8 Invoice 2

#ShallWePlayaGame &pretend the MSM is telling us the truth when they report "sex toys" (If they even report it at all)?

No, #ThisIsNotaGame The "Inner Circle" of #NXIVM was planning a dungeon (this was in #LaurenSalzman's testimony on Friday):
18/ Please excuse the interruptions, I have an 88 year old kid at home! Plus I was blocked by @99freemind who I seem to have offended. Since I am blocked I dont know what was said, but If anyone wants an excellent primer on #NXIVM connections this is gr8:
19/ The creator of that video above is @99freemind (amazing Polly). Anyway, I am taking a break for a while longer and will be back a bit later today with the rest of the updates...
Apologies to @99freemind- I will post trigger warnings in the future- the particular image she was referring to was an error on my part as I posted it without any explanation- then Twitter was showing it as a dead link anyway so I didn't know it was up
20/ Picking back up with #NXIVM trial Day 8 here,
Invoice #2 (canceled order) contained the following items:
1) Steel Puppy Cage
2)Upright Cage
3)Remote Puppy Plug
4) Breathable ball gag
5) Bed restraint kit
Some images of items are on tweet #17 in this thread- are these toys?
22/ Skipping ahead to LaurenSalzmans testimony for a second, she stated on friday that the #NXIVM "Inner Circle" was planning a DUNGEON, among other things...

The second invoice was canceled due to a mismatch of Billing (Daniela Bergeron) and Shipping addresss (ALex Martin?)
23/ The audience gasped several times when seeing the items while listening 2 the item descriptions- These "dog" restraints are about degrading people.
#KeithRaniere did say he wanted 2 "break" Allison Mack, when Mark Vicente asked re: her declining mental health.
24/ The Defense came next, bringing up the idea of "consensual", asking if it is legal to sell/purchase/use these items if consenting adults are using them..
All "YES"...
He asked if the book 50 shades of Gray had increased their business- Only a "slight bump"..
25/ Wonder why that is, only a "small bump" in sales? Maybe because the average person wants 2 have fun and not actually bind, shock& torture each other?
Despite this, the CTO says they have thousands of customers...
He didnt ask how many jail cells are sold, but I am curious.
26/ Next witness called was #LaurenSalzman-
Very thin, dressed in black.
She kept her head down walking to the witness stand- I am no body language expert but EXTREME shame was what I felt I was seeing- I wasnt expecting it at all, and honestly I immediately felt sorry 4 her.
27/ #LaurenSalzman introduces herself- She met #KeithRaniere at age 20, introduced by her mother. She was in #NXIVM from its origin, and in January 2019 she joined #TheVow aka DOS & became a first line Master/Slave directly under #KeithRaniere, aka "Vanguard".
28/ Lauren states she was in a romantic physical relationship with #KeithRaniere from 2001-2008, then briefly in 2017 again, and then he became her "Master". During the entire period of time, she considered herself in a one way monogamous relationship with him.
29/ When asked about her monogomy toward him, she said "I looked up to him", "I wanted to be like him". When pressed further she states that she was not allowed to see anyone else during this entire period, even while they were not in romantic relationship. She had to ask..
30/ Permission to leave area, to visit grandparents, have major medical care. She admitted that it was very important to please him, to "uphold" herself etc. A time came when she asked to see someone else and he said he would "re-invest" in their relationship if she stayed...
31/ This was 2013. He promised they would have children in 1-5 years (which she didn't like but she was agreeable). She confessed she had shared a kiss someone and he made such a big deal that he said he would resign as Vanguard because of what she had done. She felt at fault for
32/ potentially ruining the community for showing such a "lack of care" - she thought she had been an "upholding" member of the community all this time.. These words "upholding" and care/lack of care were drilled into them every meeting as part of their mission statements...
33/Long story short, she describes a 16 year period of time in which the brilliant and highly revered Vanguard was stringing her (and others) along, always with the hope he would choose her, always with him holding back for something that was her fault. Always trying to "uphold".
34/ Early on he took (non consentual) nude pictures of her vag and face in his "loft"
She slept with other women at his request..
She spend HUNDREDs of hours planning his birthday events..
He promised her children and took it away- blaming her behavior at volleyball.
35/ She, always trying to please him, and he, always holding back and using her behavior, looks (he wanted her at 100lbs, non groomed pubic area, "if you really cared for me"...) etc. against her. Eventually she allowed him to become her master and even committed crimes for him.
36/ Prior to becoming his slave she describes her devastation- crying as she reports her idol, Vanguard, withdrawing his affection and desire to have a baby with her, declaring that he was instead going to have a baby with someone else... but that she should stay w nothing👿.
37/ During her ENTIRE testimony, I noticed that #KeithRaniere was staring, unblinking at her (as if still trying to control her somehow?? ) He gives me the WILLIES!
Anywho, after he finally breaks her down, he offers new hope, asking her 2 join #NXIVMs new secret society, the VOW
38/ It was then she became a "FIRST LINE MASTER" under Raniere, aka "Master".
She describes the structure:
First line slaves referred to Keith as "Master"
2nd line slaves refer to him as "Grandmaster"
and 3rd line under them refer to him as "Supreme Master"
(MLM again?!) #NXIVM
39/ First Line DOS Masters met 3x /week, first at ppls homes, then they BOUGHT a HOME just for this secret purpose.
At start of each meeting a GROUP NUDE photo was sent to Raniere,
#NXIVM Brands must be shown. and they MUST "look happy".
40/ If "Master" Keith was to attend, they would strip nude and lay on the floor beneath him, while he sat in the chair above them (??!!)
Items discussed :
A book,
Keiths vision for DOS,
A Game?(not sure if I got this right),
and a DUNGEON.
41/ Here's the fascinating podcast of Sarah Edmondson recalling the #NXIVM branding "initiation" process under Lauren if you haven't heard: cbc.ca/player/play/15…
All podcasts are here- they are RIVETING!
I haven't gotten through them all yet myself...
42/ Actually here is the #NXIVM branding podcast, Its a great insight as to how this insidious process progressed-
THEY ALL sought #KeithRaniere's approval and wanted to change the world:
#NXIVMtrial primer
First Line DOS (Dominus Obsequious sororium -->Master over slave) Members:
Monica Duran
RosaLaura Junco
Loretta Garza
Nikki Clyne
Daniela Bergeron (extreme restraints dungeon invoices)
Lauren Salzman
Allison Mack
44/ #LaurenSalzman's testimony will continue Monday. She is expected to go into more detail regarding the crimes for which she has plead guilty:
Racketeering Conspiracy and Racketeering, Harboring and trafficking (locked "Dani" in room x2yrs, under threat of deportation)
20/Oh yes, earlier today I confirmed that they planned a "Game" design in which they could recruit SLAVES from public, instead of within NXIVM ranks which was becoming problematic as the slave numbers grew (In the end there were 102 SLAVES total).
whoops! What the heck? How did this post wind up on this thread, lmao, I am tired!!
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