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1/ Today was Day 13 of the #NXIVMtrial..
When I arrived yesterday afternoon (Day 12), Dani was recounting her days as a hacker for Keith Raniere...
2/ This was after her testimony last week, in which she outlined how Keith had groomed her and confirmed he was also having sexual relations with both of her sisters.. (see thread )
3/In fact, it was revealed yesterday that Keith had gotten Dani pregnant 1 x, her sister Marianna 2x, and even Cami 1 x, forcing them all to get abortions...
4/ Cami was 18 by then, but I was informed yesterday that the prosecution made sure to make the point that Cami had appendicitis surgery at 16, so any body images photos before that date would be lacking a scar..Sounds like they are prepping for underage pics of Cami.. #NXIVM
5/ BTW, once again, Dani used the term “handler” when speaking of Pam Kafritz- She took care of all the abortion appointments, ensuring they answered all questions so as not to arouse attention, etc. Pam was well versed in this...
6/ Back to the hacking- Dani was analyzing the keylogger program data retrieved from one of the computers…Turns out here was a keylogger virus installed on Edgar Bronfmans computer (sent by Clare to her father in an email), where Dani was then able to access all Edgars emails.
7/ Once again, Dani impresses everyone with her intelligence- She says “when looking at the keylogger file, it is helpful to imagine the life behind the keyboard”…This in reference to the key log data generated any time keys are entered, delete button hit, the mouse moved, etc.
8/ This generates a lot of extraneous info into pages of data that is difficult to interpret, and is not read easily. Imagining that a person is trying to write an email, re-thinks, deletes words, visits another site for reference, switching windows..etc., is helpful she says.
9/ Email after email of Keith wanting to know more about her sisters activities, and Bronfman etc.. He was obsessed with gathering more and more information from Dani about people he couldnt trust.. #NXIVMtrial #NXIVM
10/ Dani was spying on her sister for Keith. By this time she had not seen Keith in 2 years (they were only communicating by email), and she had not seen or spoken to her sister either. She says her loyalty was misplaced. “I spied on my own sister, even mocked her, she laments”.
11/ So Why hadn’t she seen Keith in 2+years? Well here’s what happened… #NXIVM
12/ THIS series of events will probably get everyone wondering, like I was…WHO WAS ACTUALLY RUNNING #NXIVM- with its 60+ companies under its umbrella-while all this was going on??
13/Recall that #KeithRaniere required of ALL women in his life absolute devotion monogomy, which would not be reciprocated. This was an actual rule. The illusion that Keith was this wonderful, integrated,elevated individual was still going somewhat strong, but beginning 2 crack.
14/ At some point, Dani met someone else, Ben. Ben was a young 20something she met at NXIVM and had some common “geeky” interests with. One day they stayed late at a Star Trek meeting, and for the first time, she discovered she had these "feelings"-
15/ She said it was "an intense moment", a “new discovery” she had made about herself. She had never been attracted to Keith, but she was attracted to Ben. SHE is very good at describing her feelings!…Naively, she confided this Keith…
"His reaction was…very bad…”
16/ What followed was a YEARS LONG SAGA which started with Keith telling Dani that she “caused these feelings" for Ben, instead of choosing to have them for Keith. Dani had committed an “ethical breach”... This was part of the #NXIVM vocabulary, repeated ad nauseum..
17/ She couldn’t deny her feelings for Ben, who hadn’t even kissed her… but then he did kiss her, and Dani says her “Universe exploded”. The integrated Vanguard was angry, so angry, illogical, irrational- there was no reasoning with him.
18/ Raniere called her "dishonorable", "prideful", "disintegrated", no longer pure , etc etc… Threatening to take away everything he had ever promised her, his teachings, everything..
He ran from her, she chased him, he threw her to the floor/mattress. They never spoke again…
19/ Months later... after coaching interventions with Keith's harem, she was allowed to email him..
2 1/2 years later...
Isolated from the community, no papers, no income, emailing Keith 24/7 , confused, separated from her family…ALWAYS trying to heal her breach- to no avail…
20/ Keith always shifting the bar, manipulating, verbally abusing, removing all her privileges- her ipod, computer, her books, even her mattress!. He manipulated her friendship with Ben, required her 2 check in with her weight &food intake, is she fasting, what about Ben...etc
21/ The courtroom was tortured with emails.
Finally, Dani in a moment of clarity, writes Keith a letter of declaration. She reads it to the courtroom.
She wanted her freedom, she wanted a life FREE from Raniere, she wanted 2 return to Mexico.
He was not who she thought He was…
22/ Guess what the #NXIVM response was? Solitary confinement!
"You want to go to Mexico?"
"You go on OUR terms" (Lauren Salzmen and Karen Untereyner).
They demanded she go into an empty room until the breach was healed, or get dropped over the border with no money.
23/She was so angry and afraid, she had been trying for 3 years to heal this breach- she didn’t dare tell her parents that Keith was having sex with her and he was jealous of Ben- they wouldn’t believe her if she did. She yelled at them "You dont understand anything!!"
24/ She ran out of the house, desperate and afraid- she went to Walmart, she called Ben’s number- she remembered it by heart. He would rescue her… He didn’t answer.
She went home, and for the next 2 YEARS she was confined to the empty room.
25/ It was a room w/ nothing but 4 walls and a blacked out window, foam pad on floor to sleep, and a shared bathroom to an adjacent room. Just the clothes on her back, no change of underwear. Meals brought to room, left outside door 3 x day, but with no human interaction #NXIVM
26/ Her family had been indoctrinated & believed in Vanguard, believed it was their responsibility 2 help heal the breach of their daughter, and went along with all of it. After all, they were told that their daughter had stolen from the company, not about Ben (or sex with Keith)
27/ She said to the jury "with all due respect I don’t think anyone knows what its like to be in a room with nothing for hours, days, then weeks, then months, then a year"…no visitors, no voices…I began to go crazy, I began to lose myself. #NXIVM
28/ Dani said at first Lauren Salzman would visit every few days, but then it was a few weeks & then months. She hated Lauren, how could she leave her alone like this?, but then when she visited, Dani was so happy 2 see her, hear her voice, even though she was saying mean things.
29/ Her hair grew past her waist. Someone (conveniently,set up?) left scissors in the bathroom- she cut her hair, feeling free. Lauren came, told her what a prideful thing she had done, another breach…Now she must stay UNTIL HER HAIR GREW BACK!!! This would mean another year!
30/ She lost her mind, laying by the crack in the door listening for voices, sometimes the vent.. She became obsessed with her food schedule, when was her next meal?- it was her only way to tell time.. She peeled the window covering... #NXIVM
31/ She began to do anything to keep her mind from going to that dark place… She read the salad green container, and the shampoo bottle, wrote a dictionary of all the words on the labels…Only a couple of times did Dani dare leave her room, always returning out of fear…
32/ She would lay on the floor, scratching herself just to see if she could feel, sometimes would lean against the wall for days.. Finally she decided to kill herself. She accumulated cleaning supplies for a while- she was going to do it, not afraid to die, she had no life…
33/ Then, she remembers clearly-
She looked out the window, there was a red bird (a cardinal, she found out later). She had been peeking out, following him for a year, he had a family, now he was back again, outside her window, in a tree..
She decided she wanted to live❤️ #NXIVM
34/ Dani said, F@ck her family, F@ keith, she wanted a life. Even if it was a bad life… She could become a drug addict if she wanted, maybe even a prostitute. She said her thoughts were so crazy but she wanted ANY life that she could choose.. She left the house... #NXIVM
35/ She showed up at volleyball, looking for Keith! No one had seen her in 2 years, they were shocked at what they saw.
Keith saw her & ran, she said.. The Vanguard hid from her behind a crowd of people.. Then "they" came to her, returned her to the house..
Court adjourned!
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