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Arrived at court for the #twitterblades court case. Kevin McCabe is in attendance today.
We're expecting to hear from Yusuf Giansiracusa, of UTB.
Updates to follow from around 10.30am.
As well as Mr McCabe, his two sons Scott and Simon are here and a number of others in the public seating.
Prince Abdullah has also just arrived and shook hands with Mr McCabe
Jeremy Tutton is also here today.

Both sets of counsel are in court and we should be underway in around ten minutes.

Mr Giansiracusa is in the witness box and Mr Justice Fancourt is now in court and we're underway

Paul Downes QC, for SUL, begins the day's hearing by raising concerns about signatures on documents signed by UTB
Mr Downes QC has claimed that there is 'credible evidence' that a document is a 'forgery'.
Mr Gledhill QC, for UTB, tells the judge the documents are not relied upon as part of the case.
The 'forgery' claim relates to two different signatures on a contract over the transfer of shares, Mr Downed say.
The judge says he doesn't think it is relevant to the case.
Judge describes it as a 'sideshow' to the real issues that need to be resolved #twitterblades
Mr Downes QC is now questioning Mr Giansiracusa about the Charwell deal #twitterblades
Mr Giansiracusa says at 'no point' during the Charwell talks would he, as a transaction lawyer, want to know the identity of Charwell #twitterblades
Mr Downes QC is now asking Mr Giansiracusa about why Dr Raman wanted to 'remain under the radar'
Mr Giansiracusa says he doesn't remember why that was #twitterblades
Mr Downes says the £3m interest-free loan was 'extremely favourable' and Mr Giansiracusa describes it as a 'good loan' #twitterblades
Mr Downes QC puts it to Mr Giansiracusa that around the time of the Charwell talks Prince Abdullah had 'cash flow issues'. Mr Giansiracusa replies 'yes' #twitterblades
Mr Giansiracusa said 'there was, of course, a lot to learn about how SUFc operates' #twitterblades
Mr Downes QC says that Prince Abdullah was the Saudi minister for youth and sport #twitterblades
Mr Downes QC asks Mr Giansiracusa if thr combination of factors would raise, at least a question mark, that the Charwell loan was corrupt #twitterblades
Mr Downes QC asks Mr Giansiracusa if he 'deliberately closed his eyes' to the detail of the Charwell loan. Mr Giansiracusa says he was not 'engaged in any investigation or anything of that sort' #twitterblades
The 'bribery' allegation relates to Prince Abdullah being a minister and member of the Saudi royal family #twitterblades
Mr Giansiracusa says he has known Prince Abdullah for 25 years and that and he says he is 'as honest and as decent as anybody he knows' #twitterblades
Speaking about asking Prince Abdullah who was behind Charwell Mr Giansiracusa says: "Just because we are here to tell the truth in court and the whole truth, my sense at the time was that he genuinely didn't know or didn't want me to know #twitterblades
Mr Downes says that at a meeting between Mr Giansiracusa and Prince Abdullah, Mr Giansiracusa asked who was behind Charwell and the Prince replied by 'shrugging his shoulders' and said "Bin Laden Al Amoudi" and said "he wasn't really sure" #twitterblades
Mr Giansiracusa says he 'had no reason to believe or cause for concern that there was any improper behaviour' #TwitterBlades
And with that we have a five-minute break #twitterblades
After a very quick break, we're back in court #twitterblades
Mr Downes says: "Sela were acting both as principal and as agent. They were acting both on their own behalf and on behalf of others."
The court has been shown an email from Mr Giansiracusa to Kevin McCabe where he states '£3m loan from Sela Sports' #TwitterBlades
Mr Giansiracusa says the email wasn't a 'contractual document' and he was using more 'casual language'. He still denies knowing Sela Sports were involved #TwitterBlades
Mr Giansiracusatells the court: "I think I saw Sela Sports as the face of the investor group. As I have recalled several times, I didn't know the composition at this particular time #TwitterBlades
Mr Giansiracusa: "Here, in typing an email, why I used Al Amoudi instead of Bin Laden, I really don't know." #TwitterBlades
Asked if the problem at the club was Kevin McCabe, Mr Giansiracusa says: "My impression was that Mr McCabe was part of the problem. Jim Phipps is somebody I have known for many years, he is one of my associates and I recommend him to take over Prince Abdullah's office. 1/2
2/2 "I knew that there had been friction between Mr McCabe and Jim Phipps. I think the more accurate way of putting it is that the club was not in dire straights, it was not horribly managed that was not my original impression but that Prince Abdullah was a distance from it."
Mr Downes is now questioning Mr Giansiracusa about how important it was the Kevin McCabe and Prince Abdullah worked together and how the relationship broke down #TwitterBlades
Mr Giansiracusa says that when he got involved he recognised there were 'tensions' between Mr McCabe and Prince Abdullah's directors but that he didn't consider them 'significant' #TwitterBlades
Mr Downes QC now asking if he knew about property rents #TwitterBlades
Mr Giansiracusa says that he was satisfied that rent could only be increased with UTB's agreement #TwitterBlades
Court now being shown the lease agreement between Sheffield United PLC and Sheffield United Football Club for Bramall Lane #TwitterBlades
Mr Downes QC says that if the McCabes had an expectation that the rent would be revisited in good faith upon promotion 'more fool them' #TwitterBlades
In his witness statement, which Me Downes QC is going through, Mr Giansiracusa said: "The Prince felt there was a disparity of involvement in the club, the McCabe's were more involved than he was." #TwitterBlades
Mr Giansiracusa also said: "I was troubled by their [McCabes'] apparent assumption that a director must be present at each match and the importance they put on 'understanding Sheffield' and having an in-depth understanding of football." #TwitterBlades
And we have broken for lunch. Full round-up from this morning to come online asap #TwitterBlades
Another relentless morning here at the High Court, with Yusuf Giansiracusa claiming that Kevin McCabe felt directors attended all #twitterblades matches and had an understanding of Sheffield and football. Full story coming online shortly and updates from 2pm when we resume
We're back in court. Prince Abdullah and the McCabes are here and Mr Giansiracusa is back in the witness box. Due to get underway at 2pm #TwitterBlades
We're back underway and Mr Downes QC is continuing to cross examine Mr Giansiracusa #twitterblades
Mr Giansiracusa says it was Price Abdullah's 'right' to appoint directors of his choice #twitterblades
Mr Giansiracusa says that Mr McCabe's style was 'interfering with player selection, calling the manager.' But Prince Abdullah's style is to 'let management do its job, hold them to account but not to interfere' #TwitterBlades
Mr Giansiracusa said: "There is such a disparity in involvement and control it seemed to me that Prince Abdullah was well over within his right to suggest changes that would make him feel more comfortable." #TwitterBlades
Mr Giansiracusa says: "One of Prince Abdullah's concerns was not just an immediate improvement in corporate governance but in preparing the club for the Premiership." #TwitterBlades
Mr Downes says Prince Abdullah hired Mr Giansiracusa to 'wear down' Mr McCabe and if there was a conflict he would win by attrition #TwitterBlades
Mr Giansiracusa replies: "Prince Abdullah generally thinks positive of other people and gives them the benefit of the doubt. What I think he thought was that here was a club that had been dominated by Mr McCabe for the best part of 20 years." #TwitterBlades
First sign of frustration from Mr Giansiracusa when Mr Downes puts it to him that he would 'relentlessly pursue' the case to win what he labelled a 'war of attrition' between SUL and UTB #TwitterBlades
Mr Giansiracusa said: "Mr Downes, I understand you have a legal theory and you are trying to have the facts conform to the theory - that's not a good method of scientific explanation.
He added: " In my view we had no long-term strategy."
Court now being shown an email from Mr Giansiracusa to Stephen Bettis, CEO, which he states he will be blind CCing him on a number of emails #twitterblades
Mr Giansiracusa says: "It was well-known, I don't think there is any dispute between the McCabe family and any of the number of people at the club without us being aware of it. My motivation was to help him to the extent appropriate in his role as CEO." #twitterblades
Getting a little heated now. Mr Downes says: "You saw this as a fight that you were going to win, didn't you?"
Mr Giansiracusa replies: "No, I saw this as an instruction from my client. Not everything is a fight."
Mr Downes the quotes Mr Giansiracusa saying an email to Mr Betti's where he writes: "I am expecting to win this fight as far as you are concerned."
Mr Giansiracusa disputes says people use the word fight when saying: "Don't fight, you can both have ice cream" #twitterblades
Then quotes****
And with that we take a five-minute break. Just to recap the main points from this afternoon so far - Mr Downes QC claimed that Mr Giansiracusa was hired to 'wear down' Mr McCabe and win the 'war of attrition' #TwitterBlades
We're back for the final bit of evidence of the day #twitterblades
Court now being shown a board of directors resolutions document which Mr Giansiracusa sent out in May 2017 stating that Stephen Bettis gave notice that he wanted to serve on a part-time basis during the 17/18 season #twitterblades
Mr Downes QC says that sentence is 'at best misleading'. He asks Mr Giansiracusa when Mr Bettis served his notice and the adviser replies: "I don't recall." #twitterblades
Mr Downes QC puts it to Mr Giansiracusa that the resolution is 'tricky' and is a 'trap'. The adviser says he 'rejects' that clsjm #twitterblades
Brief pause while Mr Downes looks for relevant documents in the bundles #twitterblades
Mr Giansiracusa tells the hearing: " UTB, Prince Abdullah, wanted greater transparency into the operation of the club and better understanding of all aspects, I think, not just financial." #twitterblades
Hearing now being shown a quote from Deloitte to provide 'assistance' to SUFC which could be 'compelling diligence to any potential investor' #twitterblades
The quote was obtained in June 2017 #twitterblades
Mr Downes claims that when Mr Giansiracusa forwarded the email to Kevin McCabe and Stephen Bettis, at the request of Prince Abdullah, he changed its contents #twitterblades
Mr Giansiracusa tells: Mr Downes "you needn't be snide" when questioned about changing the email #twitterblades
Getting heated once again between Mr Downes and Mr Giansiracusa, with the adviser saying he 'takes his job very seriously' #twitterblades
Mr Downes says: "Warning if you receive an email from Mr Giansiracusa, then the first thing you need to ask is whats he deleted?" #twitterblades
Court now being shown the minutes from an owners meeting held in Switzerland on July 24, 2017 #twitterblades
Prince Abdullah, Kevin McCabe and Yusuf Giansiracusa were at the meeting. Mr Downes QC said Mr McCabe complained they were 'one-sided- #twitterblades
And that's us done for the day. Against , full report to come online asap and in tomorrow's @SheffieldStar I'll try and answer any questions once I'm on the train, which I'm currently running for #twitterblades
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