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As a Trump supporter, I didn't want to believe that our President was #PutinsPuppet , but I finally decided to look at the evidence, and I must say that what I found was ... concerning.

Please read with an open mind and think for yourself, that's all I ask.
The first thing I noticed that concerned me was the airstrikes Trump ordered on Shayrat airbase, in Syria, in April, 2017.

Bashar Al Assad is an ally of Putin, so this was obviously done under direct orders from Putin.…
The next thing I noticed was that NATO was expanding, with Trump's permisson and approval.

NATO is basically Russia's biggest headache, so expanding the alliance was obviously a huge benefit to Putin. #Collusion…
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How often does the Presidential motorcade honk upon request?
Tampa Rally looking great!

“Without the pen of the author of Common Sense, the sword of Washington would have been raised in vain.”
-John Adams


@TheJordanRachel @Jordan_Sather_ @therealroseanne @jennajameson @Annakhait @katiet121 @gehrig38 @kateordie @LionelMedia @LisaMei62
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#BREAKING right now:

Cohen claims Trump knew in advance of 2016 Trump Tower meeting…
"Cohen alleges that he was present, along with several others, when Trump was informed of the #Russian's offer by Trump Jr. By Cohen's account, Trump approved going ahead with the meeting with the Russians, according to sources."
I'm sure more will be revealed in the next 24hrs, but I think we are headed into #collusion territory here.

Also, Trump claimed repeatedly that he knew nothing about that meeting.

But Trump did say "anyone" would jump on that offer. Forgeting it was from #Russia.
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#Minnesota #Cps #ChildTrafficking in #collusion w/state & co offices under the guise of human service/public aid ties 2 the grander #Elite #Pedophile Intl terror ntwk aided by #MasonicCharities #Freemasons #MinnesotaDFL #MNDFL #DFL #MN2018 #WalkAway…
Those responsibe 4 my "extreme poverty" have ties 2 those I've exposed as #Minnesota #humantraffickers/#childtraffickers. Those I'm appealing this @SocialSecurity decline 2 continue benefits after 15 yrs (age 54) are 1 & the same! #DeepState #Retaliation
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#Monday #CarterPage #FISA #Spy #Trump #Collusion #MAGA
Jan-July 2016
Brennan, UK, Estonia, NATO Cyber Defence(Shawn Henry), fake intel, Trump Tower, Wires Tapped, Alfa👉Alpha, FBI surveil Manafort, Ukraine, Perkins, DNC/HRC, Fusion, Steele, Skirpal, Ohr, Dossier, failed June FISA
@JohnBrennan u ran covert ops on Trump team, got FBI involved cause CIA "legally" couldnt. U spy, lie, weaponize agencies & courts w/phony intel, collude w/ Dems, HRC campaign, Perkins Coie, FusionGPS, Crowdstrike, Russia hoax, use media for validation.🖕
7/31 NOT when counterintel op started. Maybe its when FBI made "official"but u & your goons worked Jan-Jul 2016 to set stage while FBI had been surveilling Manafort on FISA since 2014/15 (nothin 2 do w/ Trump until💡"2 hops" proved useful). I WANT TO SEE FAILED JUNE 2016 FISA APP
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#FISA warrant application from Oct'16 for Carter Page released.

👉🏼calls Page a #Russian🇷🇺agent
👉🏼discloses Simpson/Steele ties w/"Candidate #2" (HRC)
👉🏼says #Russia coordinated w/Page & "perhaps others" to influence the election

🔥This is the *first* time that a #FISA application has EVER been released.🧐

The #FBI didn't mince words, initially identifying the target of the FISA application as, "Carter W. Page, a US person, and an agent of a foreign power, described in detail below." 2/


#FISA app alleges Page did "knowingly engage in clandestine intelligence activities"...involving "a violation of the CRIMINAL statutes of the US."

Page was "the subject of targeted recruitment by #Russia🇷🇺...undermine & influence the outcome" of the election. 3/
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Paul Erickson, the “boyfriend” of accused #Russian🇷🇺spy Maria Butina, recommended KT McFarland (Flynn’s “brain”) to serve as Deputy NSA.🤨

In Dec’16, MacFarland wrote that #Russia🇷🇺had “just thrown the USA election to him (@realDonaldTrump)”‼️

cc @ScottMStedman
Just *one day* after Obama imposed #sanctions on #Russia🇷🇺for hacking Democratic groups & state voting systems, McFarland ADMITTED IN WRITING that #Russia had THROWN THE ELECTION TO TRUMP‼️


*Mere hours* after Obama imposed #sanctions, McFarland wrote that Misha Flynn would be speaking to then #Russian🇷🇺ambassador Kislyak.🙄


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#President @realDonaldTrump's words, whether you accept his apology and his explanation, do not comport with his actions and his foreign policy toward #Russia. He has been one of the hardest presidents on Russia in recent memory.

#Trump #IntelligenceCommunity #Collusion
Where was the outrage when @BarackObama told Medvedev to inform #Putin "After my election I have more flexibility,"? I think much of the outrage being expressed- especially by #Republicans- is politically motivated.

#Trump #IntelligenceCommunity #Collusion #Russia
However, what @realDonaldTrump said was not right. It DID undermine our #IntelligenceCommunity, and it was a mistake. He has since corrected it and walked it back.

#Trump #HelsinkiSummit #Collusion #Russia #Putin
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In September 2016, @KellyannePolls told Trump he couldn't get elected if he kept claiming @POTUS44 was born in Kenya--as he had 67x on Twitter over 6yrs. So Trump gave a press conference saying he believed Obama was born in the US, gave no explanation, took no questions.

Trump has since walked that back.

Remember at the Inaugural luncheon where he paid tribute to @HillaryClinton and all she has done for America and asked those in attendance to applaud her?

Trump soon walked that back as well & has directed his DOJ to investigate her again.
Everyone knows Trump lies, that he has always lied and that he believes his own lies.

Trump lied repeatedly at the #HelsinkiSummit presser. He also told his truth--that Russia didn't attack our 2016 election.There is videotape of the live broadcast which the whole world saw.
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This is what #CollusionGate looks like it’s documented in the library of Congress that @BillClinton and Yeltsin helped each other win re-election. If only @realDonaldTrump were a Democrat he and Putin could call out #fakenews and everyone would laugh and clap #TrumpPutin
Maybe Trump should’ve used this zinger from Clinton when everyone asked why he wasn’t more harsh on Putin🙄
You remember don’t you @TIME you did an extensive story about America meddling in the Russian election, guess #ClintonYeltsin is sexier than #TrumpPutin whole story here👇…
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1/ Let’s take a close look at these indictments handed down today, shall we? (…)
2/ Count One is Conspiracy to Commit an Offense Against the US. It is alleged that Russia, through its military intel agency (GRU) engaged in large-scale cyber intrusion operations and staged release of documents to interfere in the 2016 election.
3/ In paragraph 8, indictment alleges those charged “conspired with each other, *AND WITH PERSONS KNOWN AND UNKNOWN TO THE GRAND JURY*” —this implies there are *UNCHARGED CO-CONSPIRATORS*. Acts began in March, 2016. Releases began in June, 2016, continuing through November 2016.
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Add keep families together to the long list of ditched faux outrage🤣
Never forget the pussy hats #ditchedprotests
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Questions Concerning The #Collusion Investigation

This is the most comprehensive debunking of #Russiagate that I've seen, authored by Richard Levine.

#TrumpRussia #ElectionMeddling #Mifsud…
Levine points out that Alexander Downer waited for two months to alert authorities to Papadopoulos's alleged statements:

"This belated transfer of the Papadopoulos information created what appeared to be a causal link between the "DNC hack" and the Downer-Papadopoulos meeting. "
Levine writes: "The ruse is significant, for it is demonstrative of the FBI’s putatively beginning their counterintelligence probe with nothing as their predicate."
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Mueller is preparing to accelerate the #TrumpRussia🇷🇺probe and plans to produce conclusions & possible INDICTMENTS related to “#collusion” by fall (my read: likely by mid-Sept)‼️

As Sen @MarkWarner said, “BUCKLE UP.”😎

ht @visionsurreal…
Per my source, Bloomberg spoke with someone **on Mueller’s team** (not someone who was interviewed by Mueller) who provided this information.😎 2/

Mueller’s reported acceleration is consistent w/reports that Roger Stone & Michael Cohen soon will be indicted. Plus, Mueller wouldn’t want to interfere w/midterms, so this likely puts the timing btwn now and mid-September.😀 3/

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Back to the topic of this feed: #TrumpRussia.

Trump supporters and apologists MUST come to grips with the fact that their hero lied about Russia, over and over and over again.

If I'm wrong about #collusion, then WHY did he do this?

1/ Throughout the campaign, during the transition period, and after inauguration, Donald Trump and his surrogates vehemently denied meeting with Russians of any stripe, for any purpose. Every time, they shot it down.
2/ And the Trumpists were indignant about it. The response was always something along the lines of, “Russia? Us? How dare you accuse us of such a thing!”

They never offered an explanation of why they did it. They just denied it. As if they knew it was wrong.
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Suspicious approaches to Team @realDonaldTrump *before* @FBI probe began on Jul 31 2016

🇷🇺Mifsud >PapaD

🇷🇺Downer >PapaD

🇷🇺Millian >PapaD

🇷🇺Greenberg >Caputo/Stone

🇷🇺Goldstone/Veselnitskya >DJTJr

🇷🇺Halper >Miller & Page

🇷🇺"NSA" >Caputo

🇷🇺"Dark web" >Smith
That's a lot of double agents...

🤔Mifsud: linked to western intel

🤔Downer: Five Eyes, Hakluyt

🤔Millian: Steele dossier source

🤔Greenberg: 17yr FBI informant

🤔Veselnitskaya: Fusion GPS

🤔Halper: CIA/FBI asset


🤔"Dark web": TBC (prob GCHQ)
Good job the @FBI opened Crossfire Hurricane to investigate all of this #collusion!

By the way, did *any* of those approaches actually include anyone mentioning or handing over DNC or Podesta hacked emails? No? Weird.....
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Let's talk a little bit about Robert Swan Mueller III..
It has become apparent that Mueller was chosen as the SC for the actual purpose of COVERING up deep state intel community crimes during the 2016 election, with the extra incentive that his and RR were both balls deep in #UraniumOne ...
One might ask why was Mueller annointed with this task...common answer is he was former FBI director, comeys pal, kerrys bud, establishment trash et al... All valid points...
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THREAD: In summer 2016, George Nader (representing Saudi Arabia & UAE) and an Israeli specialist in "social media manipulation" offered to help **THROW THE ELECTION** in a meeting w/Trump Jr arranged by Erik Prince‼️ 1/…
At the Aug'16 #treason meet, Nader told Jr the crown princes of #SaudiArabia & #UAE were "eager to help his father win." The Israeli social media expert's (Joel Zamel) firm had already drawn up a multimillion $ proposal for a social media manipulation effort to help Trump.🤨 2/
Zamel's social media company #Wikistrat, which employed several Israeli former intelligence officers, specialized in "collecting information & shaping opinion through social media."🤨

Gee, that sounds familiar‼️🤬 3/

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Oh yeah, the system wants that lil blonde haired blue eyed baby❗❗Why is it the primary🎯of #NCMEC & #AlertSense #AmberAlerts are the biological parents⁉️#Punished4Protecting #CPS #ChildTrafficking #OrganHarvesting #collusion w/#Freemasons #DNA #KidsId
SOP is to get their vics addicted, then steal their children, FACT! ...or traffick the mother contingent upon keeping her habit supplied!!
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THREAD: Tom Barrack was interviewed by Team🇺🇸Mueller as "part of the federal investigation of possible #collusion between the Trump campaign and #Russia🇷🇺in the 2016 election."🔥 1/

Mueller's questioning focused entirely on two officials from Team🇷🇺Trump who were indicted👉🏼Paul Manafort and Rick Gates.😎

Gates pleaded GUILTY to federal #conspiracy and false-statement charges and is SQUEALING to Mueller.🤗 2/
🔥A 2nd person "w/knowledge" of Barrack's interview said questioning was BROADER, including "financial matters" about the **campaign, transition & inauguration**.

As we keep saying, Mueller is FOLLOWING THE MONEY (ex: last night's Vekselberg story). 3/

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Mueller stopped Vekselberg Russian billionaire, at the airport this year and sought to search his electronic devices and question him, according to people familiar with the matter. They confronted him after he stepped off a private plane, 2 months ago.
‘In addition to questioning Mr. Vekselberg, Mueller’s investigators have also interviewed Mr. Intrater ($250K to Inaugural fund and Velselberg cousin), though there is no indication that either man is suspected of wrongdoing, @nytimes reported last week.’…
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Shocker: Natalia Veselnitskaya—Russian Lawyer Talking Clinton Dirt & Magnitsky Sanctions at Trump Tower Meeting—Is Tied to Russian Govt. After emails expose her Kremlin ties, she admits being an informant & information source for Prosecutor General Chaika.
Trump has obfuscated the June meeting by focusing on "we got nothing from the Russians." In fact, Veselnitskaya passed critical information TO Russia. I wrote about just this last July: The Significance of June 9 Trump Tower Meeting Is Information TO Putin…
What a farce: House Intel Cmte Republicans 'find no evidence' of collusion w/ Russia…on same day Veselnitskaya is exposed as Russian government proxy.…
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THREAD: FBI says an associate of Trump’s campaign chair Paul Manafort had *ongoing* Russian🇷🇺intelligence ties *during the campaign* when Manafort & deputy campaign chair, Rick Gates, were in contact w/the associate‼️1/

This BOMBSHELL — that not only were Trump’s *top* campaign staff (Manafort and Gates) in contact with #Russian🇷🇺intelligence, but THEY KNEW this person was “former” GRU — came from a court filing for indicted lawyer, Alex van der Zwaan‼️2/


Team🇺🇸Mueller filed a “Sentencing Memorandum” in the van der Zwaan case👉🏼states that Gates had said he knew “Person A” was a “former” officer w/#Russian🇷🇺military intelligence (GRU).🤨

As Putin said: “there are no FORMER chekists.”🙄 3/
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