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I've been continuing to show up to the #NXIVM trial, but haven't had time to write: Today is Day 11!
2/ Incidentally, one of the best places to go for realtime #NXIVM updates is Frank Report. Their correspondent Dianne Lipson has been showing up and calling in daily on breaks- we compare notes frequently- here is some of the play by play fr yesterday pm:
3/ I will supplement these reports a bit later, but meantime yesterday ended with judge abruptly ending defense cross examination due to the breakdown of Lauren Salzman- I retweeted this earlier: frankreport.com/2019/05/22/jud…
4/ this caused the defense to call for a mistrial this morning, motion denied- could this be a problem? We can talk on this a bit later:
5/ I arrived after the above call for a mistrial- the famous "Dani" (Lauren Salzman's slave locked in room for nearly 2 years) had just taken the stand!
6/ This girl is extremely smart, she is describing her background- she was describing the aptitude test she had taken that is used for entry to both high school and college- she scored very well, "the highest" .. This test is same used for entry to medical and engineering school.
7/ she wanted to attend private high school, she had plan for her life- she wanted to study in Switzerland. He mother said first year must be in Mexico. She chose the most difficult of 3 high school tracks called the "Int'l Baccalaureate" program- children of diplomats, travlers
8/ it was 4 1/2 hrs from home in Monterrey- she was sad, leaving her family, "her safety" her "nucleus of my life" behind- learned independence- Her sister Mariana transferred to joined her-sis was a partyer and drank heavily. Sometimes she had to go to bars to look after her.
9/ Dani, set on Switzerland- wrote to several schools for internship programs. she was called by Paul Dyer head of admissions- he offered her a scholarship, she was SO Excited- this would be her dream, second year of HS in Switzerland!...
Not so much. 2b continued- gotta head in
10/ Ok trial out for the day- we got out at 5pm and I am still not home(😣traffic)
While in 2nd semester, Dani's well to do parents took an ESP (not NXIVM yet) course in Monterrey- she would visit them after school- they told her the leader "was the smartest man in the world".
11/ ESP= executive success program. As a parting gift before she left for Switzerland, Dani's father paid for her to attend a 16 day intensive. The head trainer was Lauren Salzman->"sharp, bubbly,smart, likeable" #NXIVMtrial
12/ Dani was intimidated but impressed- she was surrounded by Mexican elites, business people much older than her.. During the entire course they referenced #KeithRaniere with high degree of reverance, describing him as "unified" and "integrated" (the goal of the teachings)
13/ She was surprised to learn in a module called "the mission" that every effort to save the world was futile (from saving the whales to curing cancer), because as long as we are "disintegrated", we cant help the world... #NXIVM
14/ it was explained in a way that she had not heard before. Also, #KeithRaniere had done a mathematical calculation for the state of the world she was told..
That if things didnt change- the world would end in 15 years?! (Sound familiar?👇) #NXIVM
15/ Gov atty Moira Penza asks Were you surprised by anything as time went on?...
Dani: "Yes I learned this was a lie, there was no mathematical calculation, it was just an idea Keith had"...
16/ As class progressed, she met some #NXIVM key players who paid a LOT of attention to her.. #LaurenSalzman said "Why dont you come with us, you can help the mission?" Dani was surprised, flattered, she was just in high school with no skills...
17/Long story short, she gave up her scholarship, put Switzerland on hold and went to NY in August of 2002. In time for Vanguard week celebration (keith's birthday)...
18/ she and her parents met Keith- he came right over to her- He already knew her name, he said "I heard you were very smart" . She was so thrilled- she was 16 and one of "the smartest men in the world" just told her she was smart- It was like "meeting a Rock Star".
19/ side note: everyone who has testified so far has stated that part of the curriculum of #NXIVM/ESP was to build up the mystique of #KeithRaniere, his "renunciate" status, "smartest man" etc.. So called "outsiders" (plants) at courses had this as their job as well...
20/ Dani was offered a job with Karen Unteryner in admin. She was impressed by Karen, a mathematician, an actuary...
She met Nancy Salzman( a little frightening, enthusiatic, pushy) and Pam Kafritz, who accompanied Keith everywhere "She was like HIS HANDLER of sorts" , she says.
21/ Dani's job was a disappointment however. It was admissions, data entry. NOT saving the world..

She learned they were cooking the books, entering all cash payments as scholarships and putting it in Karens drawer... she was not being paid for her work...
22/ they taught her just enough to do her job, and handed her a book on computer programming... she became self taught... Left alone a lot. Disenchanted. Something made her steal$6000., but just for a day...
23/ Prior to this, Dani approached Keith at Volleyball- so many ppl would wait to talk to him there. She got up courage to tell him she wanted to go back home and get on her path... he asked her questions...tested her with brainteasers.. She solved them both, surprising everyone.
24/ Karen joked she didnt realize they had a genius. Keith said, dont go... I will teach you. One on one training would be better than an IVY league education since they would change the world. she stayed... He lied. he never gave her an education, but he did start grooming her.
25/That $6K? She returned it before anyone knew, overpowered by guilt.. She confessed 2Keith. He said he "knew already"?
He turned it over to Nancy, " but that he would "be there for her". They grilled her. They exposed her publicly in ESP class. He set it up so he was good guy
26/email evidence showed playful emails sending her puzzles- she signed as every typical teen "Besos"- Raniere said "Do you really mean it? Are you too young, maybe not?" Dani told us she was unaware, naive, never been kissed by anyone..
27/at some point she sent for her sister Mariana from Mexico, who was depressed and with eating disorder by now... Her parents came, they were estranged. she confided this to Keith, heartbroken. He kisses her passionately while she upset/confiding about her parents.
28/ she was confused.."I froze" I drove home.. She convinced herself she should be flattered, he must like her very much...she was going to tell her mother (she wishes she had), but keith called her and said "dont tell", and did you like what happened? Shy,confused, she said yes.
29/ Next thing you know, he says "we cant have sex, you are too young".
He gets her to say she wants sex for her 18th birthday, after pushing and hinting... then he says.. You must lose weight first(!)- same thing he said to #LaurenSalzman, (and everyone) #control #belittle
30/ He made sure to reject her on her 18th birthday..Meanwhile her sister Mariana was taken in by PamKafritz, showered her with gifts, training her in tennis... Moved her in... #KeithRaniere started having sex with Mariana.
31/ Then Keith said it was time for Dani- he took her to an office with a dirty mattress on the floor, sheet draped on top... He told her to take off her clothes-gave her oral sex, laid on top of her, hugged her, and leaves. No penetration, but later..this gets weird..
32/Later he calls and asks: why didnt you ask for protection, arent you responsible? She says nothing happened.. He disagreed. later he tries to analyze her, why do you think you didnt feel anything.. #KeithRaniere has a history of this behavior... it seems he also has ED
33/ At some point they began having sex, at least she would give him oral sex anyway. He actually asked her if she SAW THE BLUE LIGHT, ugh..never mind!
34/Then She found out her sister was having sex with Keith, they were both mortified. They sat down in a secluded corner to write up a game plan(to get out?, not sure..) Keith shows up?! How did he know? Cameras, perhaps🤔 he was disappointed, took Mariana away. #silence evermore
35/ At some point, it became clear that Mariana was getting special attention over Dani- when they had to go home for visa renewal, Dani who had no money went by bus from NY to Mexico, while Mariana flew by private jet..this is business as usual for Raniere, to make Dani insecure
36/ he teased her (and everyone else) in a sexual way- he called her Norelco for having little hair, etc..
37/ Yet he always made himself the hero at the same time- Ex., when she was to return to US her visa was rejected at the border-1 year she was to stay. Keith to the rescue, fake ID to cross the border, she arrives Xmas eve. Here's where the #trafficking charge comes in. No papers
38/ Now that she is completely illegal, it seems the plan escalates. Xmas eve he tries to take her and her sister to bed (for a nap)- didnt work, they both started crying..
39/ Knowing they have a genius on their hands.. They start assigning Dani book reports which they never paid her for..But these book reports not your average.. They were highly complex texts, and the reports were for keith so he wouldnt actually have to read!
40/ Dani's brilliance DAZZLES the courtroom. This girl, who never completed HS education (because she gave up her Switzerland scholarship for her #NXIVM prison sentence) is talking about some of the more difficult texts she had to read and "digest" for Keith-using tems like:
41/ "dialectic of socrates,.."it was philosophy and psychology" because of something about the nature of the mind...she described the turing machine in her reports, she read bibliographies and the books in them to learn more, all so she could give a better report...
42/ Dani states she became a fly on the wall in Keiths Inner circle- because she never complained or made waves she was allowed full access for quite some time.. By now Dani was aware Keith was having sex with all of them. Sometimes they would do it in front of her, and
43/ sometimes she was invited to participate- Usually she was too shy and laid low.. She made records and cataloged all of keiths books and videos, she also sent emails to herself with notes, sort of like a diary... she witnessed a lot of dysfunction in the houses due to jealousy
44/ she noticed that much of their "teachings" went out the window behind the scenes- Keith would lie, telling girls they didnt see something that they saw, or something happened when it didnt...etc. Mariana enabled by Pam to eat and throw up at another location for her bulimia..
45/ At some point, Keith recommends that Dani's other siblings come to NY. Younger sister Cami and brother Adrien.
They do...But instead of one happy family- all together...Each sibling is kept separate in different houses. Looking back, Dani says this was to isolate Cami..
46/ Dani did eventually discover evidence- Keith was having sex with 15 year old Cami.
All these 8 hours of testimony in 46 tweets, and Dani still has yet to get herself locked in a room for 2 years!- Court breaks till Tuesday.
47/ Change of subject: Even after all this testimony, the most interesting thing I learned today was the car ride home- Clare Bronfman is funding #KeithRaniere's defense.
I find myself wondering if Bronf connection 2 #NXIVM will b revealed. Whats up with that island they own?
Whoops, what I meant was, he was insisting that he had penetrated her. She says that he kept insisting on this, to try to make her think something that was false was actually true.
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