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I guess I better speak out on my own thread. @GRamsey_LatAm is gushing over how PAHO/WHO are "intervening" in the disastrous Venezuelan health situation.

Dude: I have been watching #measles and #malaria case numbers here in South America for the past few years.

The deterioration of the health situation in South America is glaringly evident.

A couple of years ago, I watched #malaria case numbers climb over 240,000 in Venezuela, after having been much lower than that for years, and almost eradicated in the 1950s and 1960s.

Soon thereafter, I personally witnessed the #migration out of #Venezuela , which had once been the most prosperous South American nation.

I saw some people so thin they could have been in the horrors of WW2.

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#Breaking: Just in - Video footage captured, One of two Russian planes that arrived yesterday at the presidential ramp in Maiquetía, in #Venezuela with 99 military personnel And the Russian Defence minister arrived, and the other aircraft with military "equipment".
#Update: Not 99 but over 120 Russian hired military personnel arrived at the #Maiquetía airport, in #Venezuela. This is probably to send American president @realDonaldTrump a message...
#Update: Over the past 2 months over 750, ex, hired or active Russian military personnel arrived in #Venezuela to protect the presidential palace and #Maduro himself. Meanwhile American activists scream #HandsOffVenezuela and another countries is invading it...
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By @kthalps
I'm unlocking this patreon ep w @MaxBlumenthal bc, scarily enough, the same media & libs who call Trump a megalomaniac w/ dementia, want him to oversee regime change in #Venezuela. Speaking of which happy 16 year anniversary of the invasion of🇮🇶…
By @HOVcampaign
Granada, Spain, March 21, against imperialist intervention in Venezuela #HandsOffVenezuela #ManosFueraDeVenezuela #6AñosPorLaPazYLaVida
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Maduro's internet blackout stifles news of #Venezuela crisis…
One of the world's biggest news stories on March 4 was the daring return to #Venezuela of opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president @jguaido. But most Venezuelans were unable to follow his homecoming.…
Digital rights group @netblocks reported that #Venezuela's state-run internet service provider had temporarily blocked Twitter, streaming portals, and numerous websites that are among the only sources of independent news.…
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Today, the left & #Democrats/COMMUNISTS protested IN FAVOR OF #MADURO in Washington, DC.

In FAVOR OF the #Venezuela DICTATOR, Maduro.

Who were the protesters? The ANSWER Coalition, who was originally founded by former President Lyndon Johnson's Attorney General, Ramsey Clark.
Here's a short thread I did previously about these PRO-MADURO protesters. Same groups of people that always protest President #Trump.

Here are a bunch of groups within ANSWER's steering committee. Notice anything?….
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#Breaking: Just in - The Venezuelan ambassador of the government of Juan Guaidó, "Carlos Vecchio", made a protocol visit to the head office of the Citgo Oil company in #Houston #Texas to verify the operational continuity of the #Venezuela oil company in the U.S.
It is happening! Interim President Juan @jguaido will take over the #Citgo Oil company in #Houston #Texas soon from the hands of the #Maduro Regime...
#Breaking: Just in - White House extends sanctions waivers for #Citgo dealings with #PDVSA from the Maduro regime in #Venezuela.
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By @telesurenglish
Venezuela has emerged from the US attacks on its electrical system.
By @MaxBlumenthal
Terrible news for Little @marcorubio @AmbJohnBolton & Guadio’s gang, but great news for the people of Caracas:

The city’s free Metro system is coming back on line as Venezuela recovers from its curiously timed electricity outages.
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#Breaking: Just in - Diplomats of the #Maduro regime are leaving the Venezuelan embassy in #Lima, for an unknown cause! And have a large container in front of the Venezuelan embassy and are clearing the entire building right now, of documents computers!
#Update: Video of Journalist @PaulinaFacchin explaining that the Diplomats of the Maduro regime are clearing the entire building, of documents computers and furniture of the Venezuelan embassy in #Lima!
#Update: From what i have been gathering is that the Maduro regime ordered the Venezuelan embassy in #Lima to be cleared out, for an unknown reason! And that 'NOT' journalist but Activist "@PaulinaFacchin" stopped the process in Lima of the building to be cleared out.
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😆😆😆😅😅😅😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Bolsonaro @jairbolsonaro to Guaidó @jguaido : "self-proclaiming president is easy, I want to see govern🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
y @telesurenglish
The attack on #Venezuela’s electrical system was carried out in three phases. #HandsOffVenezuela
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2 settimane dopo si accerta che maduro non ha bruciato nessun aiuto umanitario, tra quanto si accerterà il sabotaggio americano alla rete elettrica venezuelana? veicolato da giornali come @repubblica come un qualcosa attribuibile a maduro
qui sotto posterò una serie di tweet di chi ha diffuso la bufala
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March 9 - Rallies in #Venezuela
Town of San Juan de los Morres - State of Guarico
Police blockade preventing protesters' march.
March 9 - Caracas, #Venezuela
Footage reportedly shows a pro-regime sniper (possibly a member of Maduro's "collectivos") standing on a rooftop in the district of El Paraiso district.
He could be keeping an eye on a protest rally below.
March 9 - State of Lara, #Venezuela
Locals are protesting against the Maduro regime.
They haven't had any electricity for the past 40 hours.
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#Breaking:Just in #Venezuela is experiencing a nation wide Power outage! For almost 1 hour! Maduro regime is claiming sabotage at the power station. The #Caracas airport control tower is working on generators to keep flight landing and departing.
#Breaking: Just in - Reports that generator in the biggest "Hospital de Clínicas" in #Caracas in #Venezuela has failed to start the power in the building.
#Update: Traffic in #Venezuela and in #Caracas is a complete mess. Not enough police officers in the country to guide every important traffic stop.
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Maduro's plane disappeared off the map at 33,000ft. Likely landed in #Cuba

🇻🇪 Government of Venezuela
A319 0001 FAV0001

#Venezuela #Maduro
Maduro's plane out from Cuba, heading back over the Caribbean Sea towards Venezuela

🇻🇪 Government of Venezuela
A319 0001 FAV0001

#Venezuela #Maduro #Cuba
Continuing towards #Venezuela 👇
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#Breaking: Just in - Interim president Juan @jguaido has just arrived in #Vargas in #Venezuela and was flown into the country over #Colombia! Next stop is #Caracas he says. Corrected.
#Update: Video of the moment Interim president Juan @jguaido had arrived in #Vargas airport Maiquetía in #Venezuela.
#Update: Video of Interim president Juan @jguaido, when he was in the air in the plane over #Colombia heading towards #Venezuela.
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Major protests are expected all over #Venezuela 🇻🇪 for today and tomorrow as @jguaido is expected to return to #Caracas. There is a high chance he will be arrested by the regime which will greatly escalate the ongoing crisis
#Venezuela 🇻🇪: Venezuelans gathering in Las Mercedes (#Caracas) to protest against #Maduro and show their support to @jguaido. #4marzo
#Venezuela 🇻🇪: Students came together in the border village of Urena (#Tachira) this morning to call for the re-opening of the border with #Colombia.
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Were the elections in #Venezuela fair? Independent Election Monitor #JosephFarrell👇
May 23, 2018
Joseph Farrell, an Election Monitor in Venezuela as well as a member of the Board of the #UK Centre for Investigative Journalism & an associate of #WikiLeaks.
We Tested The Venezuelan Electoral System
May 18, 2018
While the #US is labeling Venezuelan elections as "non-democratic", we tested the voting system.

#Maduro #HandsOffVenezuela #Tulsi2020
The Truth About Elections in #Venezuela vs #Colombia
Jun 1, 2018👇WATCH‼️
Both 🇻🇪 & 🇨🇴 have caused a stir of controversy, with #US-backed forces seeming to play a large role in each. Author & #CivilRights Attorney @danielmkovalik, who was there to witness.
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Hola les voy hacer un hilo para intentar explicar a grandes rasgos que es lo que ha estado pasando en #Venezuela y el por qué de su crisis, síganme @Poeta70 @ma_osuna7 @danimede94 @vamoluda @jcordoba3 #Historia #hilosdehistoria
La historia de #Venezuela estará ligada su riqueza mineral, aunque parezca paradójico el ser un país lleno de #petróleo #oro y minerales será un factor determinante para la actual crisis económica. #hilosdehistoria
En 1910 se descubre #petróleo en #Venezuela y en menos de una década el país se convierte en uno de los mayores exportadores de este mineral, haciendo que haya una gran bonanza, se pague la deuda externa y se convierta en la nación más boyante de américa latina #hilosdehistoria
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Even anti-#Maduro & pro-regime change #CNN said they could attest that no truck had crossed the border #Brazil - #Venezuela, ensuring that they had people on the ground that confirmed this information:…

#SantaElenaDeUairen #HandsOffVenezuela
"Our (#CNN) reporter Marcos Moreno reports from #Pacaraima that although #JuanGuaidó tweeted that Humanitarian Aid had crossed the border between #Brazil & #Venezuela, HE HAS NOT SEEN THE TRUCKS CROSSING YET."…👈LINK🤨

#FakeNews #HandsOffVenezuela

The #CNN team in #Paracaima, Roraima state, #Brazil, has NOT observed that trucks with aid have entered #Venezuela.…👈LINK

#HandsOffVenezuela #FakeNews
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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - February 24, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)
All weather control weapons were captured by the Earth Alliance after the last devastating California fires. #HAARP #DEW
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By @BenjaminNorton
Reporting from International People's Assembly in Venezuela. President Maduro about to speak…
By @DidjaThinktwice
#RWO Real People with Real Values rising up for Real Democracy
"People in 150 cities around the world oppose US intervention in Venezuela"
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#BREAKING: Since early morning four soldiers of #Venezuela's Bolivarian National Guard have defected to #Colombia. This is the fourth soldier who decided to not open fire on his own people & join them.
Here are the first four #Venezuela National Guard soldiers who defected to #Colombia and joined their own people instead of suppressing them this morning.
#BREAKING: More soldiers are abandoning their weapons to join people against #Maduro's regime. Here is another one just few minutes ago at the #Colombia-#Venezuela border.
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It is D-day in #Venezuela 🇻🇪. Thousands of Venezuelan volunteers will try to get humanitarian aid across the border as #Maduro has closed all border crossings with 🇨🇴🇧🇷🇳🇱-🇨🇼.

Protesters at the Simon Bolivar bridge near #Cúcuta are trying to cross over from the Colombian side.
#Venezuela 🇻🇪: At least 3 National Guards soldiers have already defected from the #Maduro regime this morning, heading into #Colombia
#Venezuela 🇻🇪: National Guard blocking the border with #Brazil in Gran Sabana (#Bolivar state). The mayor of municipality calls on the soldiers to open the border and let the humanitarian aid come in.
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The Venezuelan people are early up and running, and are already close to the borders in #Venezuela and #Colombia.
#Update: First clashes and riots in #Ureña in #Venezuela what borders with #Colombia. Video Credit: @StePozzebon
#Breaking: One border crossing in #Venezuela into #Colombia has fallen!. One protestor injured! Two Venezuelan National Guard soldiers are also injured. #23Feb Video Credit: @VictoriaInojosa
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#Venezuela 🇻🇪: #VenezuelaAidLive is about to kick off in #Cúcuta (#Colombia) as thousands of people are gathering at the main stage.

Important figures like OAS Secretary General @Almagro_OEA2015, Colombian President @IvanDuque & billionaire @richardbranson are at the border
#Venezuela 🇻🇪: The #VenezuelaAidLive concert can be watched live here on YouTube
#Venezuela 🇻🇪: the #VenezuelaAidLive concert is taking place just meteres from the 🇻🇪-🇨🇴 border bridge which the #Maduro regime blocked with trucks
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