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Recent research submitted in the @researchsquare “presents first-of-its-kind process concepts for co-removal of #methane and #CO2 that combine the catalytic conversion of methane step (thermal/photo-catalytic) with #CO2Capture (#DirectAirCapture).”
1/17 Image
“The proposed solution to co-remove methane and CO2 from low concentration sources has the potential of #removing more CO2-equivalents from the atmosphere at lower energy penalty when compared to technologies that focus on removing only CO2 from the air, the study affirmed.”
2/ Image
Based on the analysis of this study, researchers summarize the following challenges and opportunities with the proposed solution for co-removing methane and CO2 from the atmosphere:
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🌍🔥 #Greenwashing #AbruptClimateChange #CO2 #Methane #Habitat #Biodiversity #Earth #Environment
It’s unbelievable that in 2023, people at decision making levels still don’t understand that deserts, swamps, bogs, mangrove swamps are all critical habitats—not wastelands…1/
@Msmariablack @pen_is_mighty @pewtergod @DanCady @NBPTROCKS @Blueoceanarctic
👉Human conceit-we destroy nature to replace it w/something “better”-read $—then wonder why we have problems w/disease, pollution, natural disasters.

“…the scale is almost incomprehensible 2/
Riverside East Solar Energy Zone-ground zero of CA’s solar energy boom [is] 150,000 acres-10 x the size of Manhattan.

It is a crucial component of the US “green energy revolution”.

Solar makes up~3% of US electricity supply, but the Biden admin hopes it will reach 45% by 3/
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The #G7HiroshimaSummit seems to be unusually productive, with the leaders agreeing on a very large list of actions. Among them, combined with new bilateral US/Australia pacts, are possibly profound energy & #climate resolutions. Image
2/I'll quote a few examples from the Joint Declaration.
- accelerate achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs ), recognizing that reducing poverty & tackling the #climate and nature crisis go hand in hand;
MORE Image
- preserve the planet by accelerating the decarbonization of our energy sector & the deployment of renewables, end plastic pollution & protect the oceans;
- deepen cooperation through Just Energy Transition Partnerships, the #Climate Club & new Country Packages for...
MORE Image
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BREAKING NEWS! Happy Europe Day 🥰: European Parliament adopts my proposal to reduce #methane emissions! We are determined to stop the climate killer methane. Thank you to all shadow rapporteurs*! Good day for climate + energy sovereignty! This is what we want: 🧵 Image
Fossil imports: entire supply chain must be tackled, also outside EU. Without extension to imports, Methane Regulation stays piecemeal! Application to imports reduces global methane emissions by 400 million t CO2 equivalents per year = 2/3 Germany’s emissions 2/
Methane venting + flaring as routine? To be abolished! Only allowed in exceptional cases.
Leaking valves, holes in pipelines? Regular inspections with highly sensitive measuring devices prescribed, strict specifications for quick repair.
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1/ Last month, NYC launched its first curbside #composting effort in Queens, with the goal of expanding across the city to keep the 8M pounds of residential #FoodWaste generated daily from rotting in #landfills and createing #climate damaging emissions.
2/ After the food scraps are collected, they’re sent to one of two #AnerobicDigestion facilities, where bacteria break down #organic materials in the absence of oxygen to creates a mixture of gases – or #biogas, which can be burned to produce #energy.
3/ But, as @LFO has made clear, #AnerobicDigestion can get tricky. Particularly when #FoodScraps are sent to the #digesters at wastewater treatment plants, which are used to reduce the volume of #SewageSludge. This is happening in NYC.
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"Inversion Point Technologies Ltd. is working to commercialize a #novel direct atmospheric CH4 conversion tech. When deployed at scale this will reduce the rigor of #globalwarming effects & improve air quality by depleting CO & VOCs in the atm."

1/4 Image
Direct Atmospheric Conversion Technology:

"Through the use of IPTL’s patent pending direct atmospheric conversion technology, every source of vented #methane worldwide can be addressed with one safe, cost effective, scalable technology."
2/4 Image
Natural Inversion Layers:

"IPTL makes use of natural inversion layers to enable the destruction of atmospheric hydrocarbons high above the ground. Sustained wind speeds at elevation distribute a proprietary substance over a wide area to increase its effectiveness."
3/4 Image
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How much has each country contributed to climate change through historical #emissions of #carbon dioxide, #methane and nitrous oxide?

Today, our new 'living' dataset for tracking national contributions to #warming is published in @ScientificData @Peters_Glen @robbie_andrew @JoGuetschow @PFriedling @cleque
@ScientificData We provide estimates of the #warming caused by historical #emissions of #CO2, #CH4 and #N2O by 226 countries, for every year since 1850.

National warming contributions are further split into #fossil or #land use, land use change and #forestry (LULUCF) sources. @Peters_Glen @robbie_andrew @JoGuetschow @PFriedling @cleque
@ScientificData The top contributors to #warming up to 2021, through #emissions of all three gases since 1850, were:

USA: 0.28°C / 17% of the warming caused by all global emissions
China: 0.20°C / 12%
Russia: 0.10°C / 6%
Brazil & India: 0.08°C / 5%
🇮🇩 , 🇩🇪 , 🇬🇧 , 🇯🇵 , 🇨🇦 : 0.03-0.05°C each @Peters_Glen @robbie_andrew @JoGuetschow @PFriedling @cleque
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🚨Study on future options and costs of energy imports for Germany🚨

Our study comparing future options for energy imports to Germany and their costs has finally passed peer-review and is now published.

A thread 🧵
🔑Key findings

- Germany has many options for import
- No one-size-fits-all: Costs strongly depend on what and from where you import
- Costs for renewable alternatives and prices for fossil counterparts converged in last year

(visualisation created with AI b/c it's trendy) ("image" created ...
↩ Service: Availability

Study is open-access, available in @PLOSONE :…

All code and data of course are published as #opensource and #OpenData , see the article for details. @openmod

Together with @Michael_Dueren (@jlugiessen) and @nworbmot (@TUBerlin)
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Why did #methane surge in 2020 ?

Our article just published @Nature shows that the high growth rate of CH4 in 2020 is explained half by decreased OH removal & half by more wetland emissions @ShushiPeng @CEA_Officiel @gcarbonproject @IPSL_outreach … 🧶… Image
We expected in 2020 less anthropogenic emissions from #COVID but in fact the #CH4 growth rate was record high at 15.1 ppt y-1 (@NOAA data ) Image
The #CH4 growth rate results from an imbalance between emissions ( natural and anthropogenic ) and the OH sink in the atmosphere @gcarbonproject Image
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While diplomats in Egypt were negotiating the #COP27 agreement last month to help poor nations cope with the crippling impact of a warmer planet, one of the biggest US climate disasters in recent years was unfolding in a rural corner of #Pennsylvania: 1/11…

A leak from a 1 5/8-inch vent on a natural gas storage well operated by @EquitransMid was discovered on Nov. 6 and lasted for 13 days, during which more than 1 billion cubic feet of the fossil fuel escaped. 2/11
The primary component of natural gas is #methane, which has a devastating impact on the climate if released directly into the atmosphere where it has more than 80 times the warming power of carbon dioxide in its first two decades. 3/11
Read 11 tweets CLIMATE CRISIS ACT NOW MAGISTRATES AND JUDGES WORLDWIDE wherever corrupting criminal justice systems exist. CLIMATE WARRIORS 🐺🐺🐺🌍🌎🌏🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦❤️❤️❤️ Free climate activists who are 'protesting because a corrupt criminal justice system has refused to protect them, their families and others from the greatest act of genocide in history.'
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🧵All COPs are disappointing; they never do enough to slow warming to keep the planet and its people safe. Year after year, COPs show the power of the fossil fuel industry and its cruel indifference to the planetary suffering it is causing & the climate chaos it will soon unleash
But if you look hard enough, it’s possible to see several positive outcomes from #COP27 . This COP made important progress on several key fronts, inc holding the line on 1.5°C & noting tipping points incl in the cryosphere.…
#COP27 also made progress on #methane, mostly outside the COP: 150 countries plus the EU are now part of the #GlobalMethanePledge, including vulnerable islands & other states
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Let's get into one of the most far reaching pieces of regulatory action from @EPA. 3 areas stand out:

1) Comprehensive - every possible #methane source is covered, no loopholes
2) Embraces tech innovation even under uncertainty
3) Acknowledges & corrects for EPA blind spots
All O&G #methane sources are covered, including low producing sites & often owned by small, independent companies. Research has show these type of sites can be a significant source of emission, and until recently, was exempted from all regs.

Not anymore.…
Changing definitions: This may be in the weeds but a huge shift in accounting for #methane. Policy stringency now depends on physical number of equipment on facilities and not arbitrary baseline emissions.

This significantly improves policy effectiveness & compliance monitoring.
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This year's UN climate conference runs from November 6-18, bringing together leaders to take action toward global climate goals.

Today, we explore how livestock lobby groups like @GRSBeef and @USDairyExporter work to undermine efforts to reduce methane emissions at #COP27. 1/11
Livestock lobbyists are showing up with unprecedented visibility at #COP27.

@FawcettAtkinson reports on @GRSBeef, @CanCattle and @dfc_plc working to convince COP27 attendees that meat can be a climate solution via @NatObserver. 2/11…
The @GRSBeef is a multi-stakeholder initiative developed "to advance continuous improvement in sustainability of the global beef value chain."

Its members include:

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The #COP27 Leaders Summit has officially started!

Major areas @E3G are looking out for
➡️Willingness for a deal on #LossAndDamage
➡️Plans to tackle emission reduction gap
➡️Action on global financial architecture revamp #Bridgetown #JETP

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UNSG @antonioguterres called for a historic Climate Solidarity Pact between developed and developing countries 🌍
"We are on a highway to climate hell with our foot on the accelerator. Humanity is faced with a choice: cooperate or perish. Those who give up are sure to lose."
UAE 🇦🇪 President Mohammed Bin Zayed pledged to carry forward UNFCCC agenda at next year's #COP28 with the first #GlobalStocktake and ensure inclusion & representation of everyone, especially women and youth
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Last month, @WMO reported that methane emissions are rising faster than ever.

Today, we explore how governments fail to tackle methane emissions from animal agriculture—and why we need to slash methane emissions now to tackle #GlobalWarming and ensure a livable future. 1/13 Image
2020 and 2021 saw the largest increases in methane emissions since records began, according to @WMO.

Their data indicates that biological sources, such as agriculture, are responsible, rather than #methane from gas leaks. @ConservationOrg reports. 2/13…
Animal agriculture contributes to global warming through GHG emissions, including methane and nitrous oxide.

Millions of ruminant animals raised for food globally, such as cows and sheep, emit #methane through a process called enteric fermentation. 3/13…
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‼️SUBMISSIONS DUE BY 5PM - tips in 🧵

The NSW EPA has the power to make reducing #coal mine #methane a priority in its new climate plan. Even a super short submission makes a difference:

#GlobalMethanePledge #MoveBeyondCoal
Ask the EPA to use its authority to take quick action to:

1. Reduce NSW coal mine methane at least 75% by 2030, the amount the IEA says is required for Net Zero by 2050.

2. Recommend no new coal mines or expansions be approved.
3. Require coal companies to cut their methane emissions using all available technology.

4. Require companies to actually measure and transparently report their emissions.
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1. Tuesday 🧵PART 2. Before we talk about #ClimateChange, we might have a look at what happens to all the #Carbon coming off the bogs and into the rivers and lakes, i.e. the transport of terrestrials stores of Carbon to the sea. This is a great infographic from the @c_cascades Infographic showing how car...
2. Current estimates put this at about 5.1 Pg of C per year, although most people expect this to rise, considering the high uncertainty, ongoing anthropogenic impacts, and continual refinement of the science…
3. One of the parts of this carbon is Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) which is the brown colour that you see in bog streams – those of you with water supplies coming off bogs will be familiar with this kind of change
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🗓️ The deadline for @Europarl_EN amendments to the @EU_Commission #methane regulation proposal is this Wednesday!🗓️

MEPs have outspokenly supported strong methane action, and policymakers can help strengthen the proposal. Some of the main amendments we'll be looking for 👇
1. Step up methane monitoring + reporting.
Europe must monitor methane emissions based on direct measurement and in line with OGMP 2.0 standards.

Innovations like @MethaneSAT will support these efforts and boost climate transparency and accountability.
2. Plug methane leaks.

Many methane emissions from oil and gas stem from persistent leaks. To #CutMethaneEU, Europe needs to enforce leak detection and repair requirements in line with best international practice.
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"Our imagination does´nt has any scenario left in which this could not be a targeted attack" @Tagesspiegel quotes a person involved in the assessment of the German gov regarding the incidents at the #Nordstream #pipelines in the #Balticsea

A first thread ⚠️ #Druckabfall
Yesterday, authorities acknowledged a decrease in pressure in both pipelines; first in NS2, later also in NS1. The 3(!) leakages are to be found in the East of Danish Bornholm (NS2), and also two leaks in the Northeast of the Island (NS1)
Two leaks are within the Danish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), one is in the Swedish EEZ. Sea depth in the region is around 50m.
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1/ What the average observer of the #Ethereum merge to Proof of Stake needs to know when considering all the headlines & fanfare about “reduced energy consumption” and then asking “why doesn’t #Bitcoin do this too?”, is that #ETH and $BTC are fundamentally different assets/tools.
2/ #Bitcoin and #Ethereum are not like “Coca Cola and Pepsi”. They are not interchangeable brands of the same type. They are designed and have evolved to achieve very different things. Their context and needs are different, and how we asses them needs to be guided by this.
3/ #Ethereum has evolved and aspires to be a base technological layer for development of creative assets like NFTs, and to enable venture capitalists and others a way to financialize, exchange, and bet on these within the structures of our current monetary & financial systems.
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Le RACG ça n'est pas que des formations pour politiques souhaitant assurer financièrement leur carrière.

C'est aussi l'un des services de Relation Presse les plus efficients du monde.

Exemple aux 🇳🇱 où notre challenge est de faire accepter le #charbon en dénigrant le #gaz ⤵️
C'est notre agence qui s'était occupée de faire passer l'idée depuis 20 ans que le gaz est une merveilleuse énergie de #transition🌻 de fait on sait parfaitement détricoter notre propre argumentaire pour désormais pousser le charbon. Le soutien des partis écolos est sans faille🤝
1⃣ Dire que ça nous fera gagner de l'argent

--Rallumer les centrales à charbon permet d'économiser de l'argent, les installations étant déjà présentes, argent économisé qu'on pourra ensuite investir dans les #EnR--

"is het een stap vooruit" = c'est un pas en avant.
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Here are #methane details:

- $850M to EPA for methane monitoring/mitigation
- Fee at $900/t in 2024 going up to $1500/t in 2026.
- EPA methane regs compliant facilities exempt if equivalence can be demonstrated
- EPA required to update inventory estimates in 2 years
Here's the thing:

$900/t CH4 in 2024 is ~$17/mcf of gas, roughly 2x current Henry Hub price. That's a strong incentive for #methane reductions.

$1500/t CH4 is ~$29/mcf. These high prices will incentivize operational changes (e.g., switch gas engines to electric drive motors).
Fees applied to emissions intensities over:
- Production: 0.2% of gas, 10 mt/mbbl of oil
- Transmission: 0.11%
- LNG & other facilities: 0.05%

Only facilities reporting to EPA (>25000 mt CO2e/year emissions) will be subject to #methane fees.
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Mountains of garbage near #SouthAsia megacities are contributing to some of the world’s strongest and most persistent #methane clouds observed by satellite, highlighting a major challenge in the global climate fight. A 🧵 on my latest for @climate… 1/10
Waste sites generate the potent greenhouse gas when organic material like food scraps or cardboard breaks down in the absence of oxygen. 2/10
Failing to curb releases from the waste sector, which is responsible for about 20% of all methane generated from human activity, could derail global climate goals. A good overview on this issue from @RockyMtnInst here:… 3/10
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