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I was 21 when I lost my job that I had spent 3 years of my life at. I didn't have health insurance, and I made about 10 an hour. Nearing the end of the winter months, our store started cutting hours. When this happened, I was already just scraping by
And I just couldn't afford my rent. When this happened, I went homeless, but I was still working at least 32 hours a week. When I was on the streets, it was still very cold out, and I had gotten sick. When this happened, I needed to call out from work, but due to some
Complications, I was having a hard time calling out the way my company wanted. I tried to come into the store and tell them what was happening, but the management just avoided me. After this, I was let go, and told that I self terminated. This was very depressing for me, and I
Did not know what to do. I stayed on the streets with another freind of mine who had also recently went homeless. For the most part, we slept in his car when he was with me. I wasn't sure what else to do, so I moved back in with my mother, who was already struggling taking care
Of a couple of her grandchildren and my older sister. I eventually moved in with my ex stepfather, so I could burden my mother less, and help him out while he was suffering from throat cancer. He had cancer a few times, it always went into remission, but this was the last time he
Would have cancer. He was kind enough to take me in, and I would help take care of him. During this time, I got a new job as a manager at a retail store, but I was still only making 9 an hour, so I had to continue staying with my pops. Eventually I left that job to help pops more
I never really even thought about politics before. Growing up, I just thought everyone in office was corrupt, and we are just poor people living in the rich mans world. We had no control over laws, no control over where our money goes, and life is only fair if you're rich & well
Connected. But that year I was with my pops, was the start of the election cycle, and I had caught a few clips of the news here and there. Of course, I only saw people who I've always seen, except Trump was something new. I thought that was interesting, but overall I hadn't pay
It any mind. Then I started to notice political feed on YouTube, and I found @TYT. They kind of spoke to me, and pulled me into this rabbit hole that would just change my entire outlook on things. This is when I heard of @BernieSanders. The most consistent person I've ever seen!
He seemed so kind, so genuine, and he named everything I detested about our political system. Everytime he spoke, it was as if he was in my head reading a script I wrote about how I feel, and what I'd like to see change in our country. What was even crazier, is I noticed so many
People online who shared these feelings with me! The craziest thing of all though, was the mainstream news outlets seemed not to notice any of this. No matter how big his crowds were, no matter how much his policies made sense to average Americans, there was nothing but silence.
I tried to tell my mother & my pops about him, but no matter how much they liked the guy at the time, the media didn't give them any reason too believe he was viable. Then as the election went on, and @realDonaldTrump was working his way to the nomination, with so much media
Coverage, and so little for Bernie, they started to support Trump. A man so different from Bernie, but calling out similar issues with the system, despite his participation in that system.

They never watched alternative media, so they only had the MSM get their information from
And to me, this was very disheartening. A perfectly good candidate to support, lost possible supporters because Trump had more attention.

As the election moved forward, I was excited to see @SenSanders pull into second. But then when the primary came, he lost to Clinton.
I suddenly felt like the system faild again, and just reminded me how much I distrusted American politics. Only this time, instead of wanting to not pay attention to what was going on in the world, I only wanted to be more involved and pay more attention. Even though the guy I
Wanted lost, I only wanted to fight harder! Little did I know that Bernie really did light I fire inside me. I #FeltTheBern and there was no going back from it. With everything going on in my life, and millions of other Americans lives, I knew we needed change in this country.
I wasn't giving up on Bernie, even if I had to wait another 4 years, I knew he has got a vision I can follow with or without him. I'm 26 now, my pops was sadly taken by the cancer, but he got to live long enough to see me find a wife, have 2 kids, and get a job.
My wife and I had an apartment with our little family, and pops was proud of me. Unfortunately there was only so much he could do with a fixed income, but at least he died seeing his kids going down the right path... now my little family moved in with my father in law, to help
Out with each others bills. It was the only affordable option for us all, but that shouldn't have to be the case.

Bernies running again, and my feelings for him haven't changed. I'm going to do all I can to get him elected. I'll be phone banking for him on Wednesday, and I've
Already got several non voters excited and ready to cast a vote for him. If there is one thing I've learned from following Bernie, is he can't do it alone. He won't do it alone. He's made me, and millions of others like me understand we don't elect people to do the work we don't
Want to do, we elect people who can lead the American people to make changes for ourselves and our communities. Out of all the people running, he's the one person I feel is on course to rally the American people, and set us all on a course for change. Even if Bernie loses this
Nomination, he's already won as the leader of the American people. We are primed, we are ready, and we will make change with or without him as our president. This is #MyBernieStory, and the chapter will only continue from here.
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