...#Positivity is in each & everyone of us. Let it flow more often, makes a better day. #SirLRO
...#Positivity ~none said it was easy, all you have to do is one step at a time. I know you can, keep going. #SirLRO
~ #Positivity there is no need for deprecating others with words, when it calls for~there is a need for compassion, it’s in you, #SirLRO
#Positivity when people look at you & pass judgement or you~on them, remember these words; As they are you are, more than your context. Books w/covers have a body of history. #SirLRO
#Positivity ...when you are able to shine proper balanced information & you do not, you are not failing everyone, in-the contrary, share more health as with such clarity stands. #SirLRO
#Positivity ..which do you carry? a gift one must yield wisely, with care, healthy vision & heart. For it’s your life which makes the change, give them your smile. #SirLRO #Elevate
#Positivity to elevate or be elevated is in you, all you have to do is cry. Then smile, you have-been elevated. An awareness of conceptual time. Let’s see that smile... #SirLRO
#Positivity knows better in resolution by,

...listening , processing, learning , weighing & executing.

#Positivity...often the people whom need you the most, will come to you for guidance, all you have to do is listen. #SirLRO
#Positivity... use your words, images, creativity, writing, VOICE wisely for what you do not like & take for granted others appreciate, for the greatest stories do not end in tragedy, they start with LOVE. #SirLRO
#Positivity... need I say more,
~genuine complementing. #SirLRO
#Positivity...saying you will be there when they need you, how many follow thru? Hold on to those friends which are always there for you. These are true. #SirLRO
#Positivity for there are no words to describe hate. Without any doubt there are rainbows 🌈to describe love. #SirLRO
#Positivity resolutions with a vision & direction, require actions towards a goal. Keep going then reward. #SirLRO
#Positivity.. in an era where everything is wrong, Take the Time to Thank, Acknowledge, Praise what’s right, not by judgment but from the heart. #SirLRO
#Positivity ...they bring you smiles, they bring you laughter, they at times bring you your shoes along w/a headache or two, but the one thing they bring you the most is LOVE forever. Your family is your pet, give them extra love for one day they are gone.... #SirLRO
#Positivity as a man walks freely since the day one was born. So should a woman for their gift of life or not, is not to be governed by a federal body which is not her own. Her body her rules under birth of moon or sun. #SirLRO
#Positivity ...the betrayal of kindness is one not to be taken lightly as you learn the true roots. Left holding the bag is not right nor fun, when the Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, any & all are not yours. Walks in justice for your handbag was built from love. #SirLRO
#Positivity in gratitude,


@YouTube Thank You, for making the conscious choice to clean up your media platform by removing endangerment videos.
I salute You‼️👏🏼 #SirLRO
#SocialMedia #BreakingNews
#Positivity in creativity

You’re welcome.

#Positivity in change,

HUG (you’re welcome)

#Positivity in #Knowledge

....till the end, is the understanding we have room to grow.

#Positivity in sight

...Look Forward
(you’re welcome)

#Positivity in wellbeing,

...you have been hugged.

#NationalHuggingDay #NationalHugDay #SirLRO
#Positivity in wellbeing,

...you have been hugged.

#NationalHuggingDay #NationalHugDay #SirLRO
#Positivity in wellbeing,

...you have been hugged.

#NationalHuggingDay #NationalHugDay #SirLRO
#Positivity on Subject

...don’t just ride the band wagon. Where did you get the video, what proof do you have of your thoughts, where do you get your information, ask questions from the start.

#SirLRO #Ask
#Positivity in accomplishing

...in its self rewarding.

#Positivity in Every Day


#SirLRO #Lovely, ...what a smile‼️
#Positivity in Every Day


#SirLRO #Loved, I love you...
#Positivity in Every Day


#SirLRO #Special, I care about you....
#Positivity in Every Day


#SirLRO #Amazing, You make everyday better....
#Positivity in Every Day


#SirLRO #Unique, how wonderful...
#Positivity in Every Day


#SirLRO #Beautiful, I love how you think....
...I’m going to always try to understand (when applied correctly) how other beings think, it’s one way to help make things better. Not to lower the speaker but to comprehend the why, in #SocialMedia interactions. Take the time make the change. #SirLRO
#Positivity in its truest self, we learn social media will allow a vision of subjective view, for as my words are a collaboration of one, says other of your conscious view, you see as you comprehend what you are reading, don’t pass judgment, no need for one also is you. #SirLRO
#Positivity knows, one can simply look away (there is a time for such) not today for when neg-action has been done more than once it continues to grow if not addressed (when applicable),(e.g.)raising children, using a voice or hate-2-hate. Take a second, Advice. #SirLRO
A very warming & special THANK YOU, to every single person whom has created the wonderful GIF (s) I have the honor of sharing on my social media platforms, messages, emails & text. To then, now & tomorrow, always, THANK YOU. #SirLRO
...the elemental aspect of humanity can wear on a being, when you COME FROM PURE HEART
💜 ❤️ ♥️ 💕🖤🧡💛💚💙💝💖 no matter what shape or color, you will shine bright every time, be a beacon for LIGHT. #SirLRO
#Positivity in sharing

…Who would like one? (bocaditos & pastelitos)

#Positivity in vision “ objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”

....getting ready to pull out, WELL I BE DARN THIS IS SOMETHING YOU DONT SEE EVERYDAY‼️😂😊

#SirLRO Cow in the side view mirror. Copyrights of this picture belong to #SirLRO @FaceTheCuban no rights granted w/out written permission.
#Positivity for what we don’t know of each other is what we need to take time & learn from the heart. Everyone has a story some based, some traveled & lived, some so painful they cannot live. It all starts w/an open mind & heart. #SirLRO
#Positivity, in action of care ~one could loose self, when in-doubt, stop & take that break for after all is said, felt & diagnosed, you are human. #SirLRO
For today’s #Positivity

I’m just going to do some shouting... #Better #Confidence #Love #SirLRO Shut out to the people and don’t talk (bleep) of what they have never seen, betterShout out to the confident people the best ones that do not stab backs, confidence.Shout out to love because hate never wins, Love 💕
#Positivity in aging, for yesterday your priorities where not the same as today, different-times call for different measures, as long as you are using the right scale, your distance will always be a better change. #SirLRO
#Positivity in self image imposition is not doing you any-good if you compare yesterday to today, your words are valid in pain, find the new love of you as you are beautiful starting from within in many ways. #SirLRO #Image ( dedicated to @kell868 ) #Positivity in self image imposition is not doing you any-good if you compare yesterday to today, your words are valid in pain, find the new love of you as you are beautiful starting from within in many ways. #SirLRO #Image
#Positivity in inner strength,

...when the will is to break you, I’ll say it with you & I will say it again & again..

...then at times all I do is illuminate you... #SirLRO Lotus flower in bloom.
...in self action we find growth no matter where we are standing, embracing joy or pain.... #SirLRO
... The value of friendship is give & take sometimes we give more than willing sometimes we take less than we deserve, in general friendship lives... #SirLRO #Friendships
...learn from the negative matter as positive results come from those whom give.... we cannot live in the illusion of happiness, be happy we can live. #SirLRO

...after learning more in valid, I write these words to honor, journalists #MarieColvin ... #SirLRO
...I love movies, last night I watched two in particular, in the order below, I was reminded of where I have never (per se) been & where I was never (per se) treated as other; Remember to be thankful for pain, as ~also teaches the moment of your existence. #SirLRO

...always better as best as I can than I found you dear friend.... #SirLRO #Ocean

...breathe light even w/darkness. Calm the two you will find better in you.

#Positive Life, do not create illusions in self; You have to learn to live w/the negative aspects of your self in order to gain the knowledge of the positive moments & there for reinforcing positive only. You must embrace all to be one with you. #SirLRO
Friendships come friendships go, they are like time, they serve a purpose, perhaps for you to know better always of you. In the end as it started it should end in respect. For it grew out of the same. Life changes so does our visions of today for tomorrow. #SirLRO
~pick one & be

...as your spirit lives
...as you give of you
...as free of life
...as free of sorrow
...as you are air in all

...will of man

...regain what you lost, had taken away, universal law of balance. Learn.

...will of man

...don’t fall to get back up,
Stay balanced & keep going, if you do happen to fall, remember even then you will get back up. #SirLRO
...love is a many splendid thing~ Moulin Rouge

Happy hearts 💕 day from me to all of you. #SirLRO
When external is confused w/internal;

Insuring the well being;
~The basic fundamental principles of life are, clean water, fresh air, valid shelter from elements & food. #SirLRO
....Congratulations to the Historic creation knows as #TheSimpsons 30 years is a huge achievement & undertaking... well done to the cartoon family. 💕 #SirLRO
Principals of thought;
...when the student is ready the teacher will come, is based on the interactions of humanity & it’s cycle of time. #SirLRO
....pause & breath

...perhaps some one out there is feeling anger & is reading this, perhaps you read enough to wonder where I am going with this, then I smiled cause I realized, I see you pausing w/your breath... now breath.... in hopes always, #SirLRO 😊
~Life Rise
...emerge from all that troubles you, even for a moment so you may breath & regain freshness in your will to move forward one step at a time, for you whom needed to hear this, I write. In hopes, #SirLRO.
-Fire Ideal
...we are all deserving & wanting, Happiness, Love & Respect... in the end understanding is what grants our desires, after all it’s not about others, it’s about the dialogue, no human knows the true answer of You. #SirLRO
*2 mind
-what’s happening!!
=it’s happening to you or at you
+it’s how you respond to whatever is thrown at you. Learning self discipline in responding takes away from a negative reaction, you are human feel, simply hold the response for betterment of you. #SirLRO #Humanity
...when energy has been amplified,

~spirit runs on empty, when your radiance is pulled to maintain Good Will, Good Vibes, Good Balance, knowing when you must recharge once again in your own balance of will, means simply quietly regain. #SirLRO
Check my x, X my check;

~run faster, walk slower, jump higher, cry more, laugh all you want, it’s so loud, then I remind you all of those & more, when was the last time you stopped to listen to the wind... #SirLRO
...inspirational ways

...every single thing we do has a reaction some immediate some we can’t even see, what we do know is~ to inspire others is a rewarding gift in-itself. Come truly from the heart the rest has no knowing need. In hopes of you to freely give. #SirLRO
...forgotten action

~being ungrateful of is only a side darkness wants most of you.
The most beautiful unconditional thing you can do today, tomorrow even right now is to show appreciation, it cost nothing to say, Thank You. Both have meaning, which shall be you? #SirLRO
-careful oh such beauty, careful as it protects itself from those whom try & harm them, for the blood shed reaches the thorn of its hearts kindness... #SirLRO
...singular (Day2)

~my beauty is only seen by you in the garden of flowers, for I am the same here with all others around me, which will you choose me to be, not a thorn we carry, but your flower. #SirLRO
...Springing (Day3)

~the wind blows, the sun warms my petals, the clouds are so white, no rain in sight, just a beautiful day, enjoying how I bloom in the garden of life. #SirLRO
...speaking (Day4)

~it’s funny, I simply listen to the secrets I’m told, I sit here with my friends in my garden of flowers, swaying to the ever wonder, the sound of Inner & outer whimsical ponders. #SirLRO
... androecium (Day5)

~I’m seamlessly naked as you see me in the garden of flowers, as weatherly open are my leaves, petals adorning my body, protecting my naked stem. Assertively feeling so gifted. I’m free to the elements & wonders. #SirLRO
...corolla (Day6)

~I’m so wet, darn it al this water all over me. Complains the insects in my garden, I’m simply happy & dancing w/the wind in the rain, I love getting my body wet. Rain is adored by my besotted roots. #SirLRO
... space (Day 7)

~ Adorning nidus on this pale blue dot, in my garden, a flower as I has no shelter, for the sun beams & everything around me is what makes me blossom ever growing viewing into night stars, in the meantime knowing, today is the moment of my cycle. #SirLRO
... gametophyte (Day8)

~precocious little ones around me in my garden of flowers, so many colors are they as we/I are. For flowers as us can deny a start, no chemicals for us. We bloom in this naturally enriched soil of liveliness. #SirLRO
...vision (Day9)

~as delicate as we are he handles us w/care, two of us in the garden of flowers have moved to new homes. Giving space for more to grow. The 🐝(s), we swear love him more than they do us, pollination by proclamation of exploration towards growth. #SirLRO
...cut (Day10)

~the saying goes, “a tree w/no roots is just another piece of wood”. For us flowers in the garden, having no roots is how we know we show one final love to you. #SirLRO
...sunburn (Day11)

...it’s a matter of you being you, me being me. For I sit in this garden of flowers, allow my self as a blooming flower to receive your sun rays & nurturing you with ecological fruits of passion. #SirLRO
...known (Day12)

~on this blue planet 🌎 every single color you can imagine I come. For as a flower in the garden, no matter what name you give me, a kaleidoscope of harmony am I. You name the rainbow, as I. #SirLRO
...pick (Day13)

~we do not argue, we do not fight, we are about loving the moment & time. We are the peace keepers the balance on every special occasion & just because. We are the flowers in the garden you seek us most. #SirLRO
... departure (Day14)

~air born from here to there we are rushed, as flowers in the garden no time to stand still for us, cut ~rush ~rush ~rush. Arriving right in the middle of it all. We slow down swiftly to see your smile. #SirLRO
...ouch (Day15)

~imperfectly perfect, from your views, flawless in the garden of flowers are we. Protected by prickly thorns in every direction, it’s hard for you to touch our beautifully seen imperfections, as we grow to be. #SirLRO
....tomorrow (Day16)

~flowers in the garden as I, the girls Laughter, the guys opening their eyes, look at all of us flowers dancing in the dark of life light.... #SirLRO
...St. Patrick’s (Day17)

~”it’s not easy being green”~ @KermitTheFrog

In the garden of flowers we have so much green as flowers, not your greed not your envy but your earthly 🌎 eco friendly power of love. #SirLRO
...captions (Day18)

~for us the flowers in the garden, thinking of the times we see all of you smile, making forever the journeys of our lives worth once, twice & for a wile. #SirLRO

~for the blood waters we shed are the moments we see, not too far off to be a flower in the garden, of the ever so beautiful love we have for you & all. Pause & Breath. #SirLRO
....water (Day20)

~the heavy rains have saturated our leaves & stems, we are collectively soaked flowers in the garden. The soil is happy as it’s oxygen flows for we are to be stronger once & for all. Flower power. #SirLRO
...seconds (Day21)

~what a turn time takes when we blossom live & die, in those mere moments we know we have loved & our beauty survived. For a flower in the garden as I, only has limited time. Make the best of every moment, shine. #SirLRO
...missing (Day22)

~for without us there is no garden of flowers, you enjoy such. Care more, plant more, grow more save the earth we call home. One flower as I, at a time. Nothing like the present moment, for us. #SirLRO
... Cosmopolitan (Day23)

~ fashionable are we the flowers in the garden as I, for there is one type of many for you to choose, each offering its unique in-vogue design. A flower for you as I. Preferring the one that catches your eye. Sounds of life as we rise. #SirLRO
...eat (Day24)

~Culinary gift, the flowers in the garden, as I. Used as herbs broth garnish & edible are we. Ever present on your dates, we just might be more than the gift, on your dinner plate. Such a funny flower am I. #SirLRO
...shade (Day25)

~Life being right or wrong is mostly reserved for those whom are really not knowing of growth. For a flower in the garden as I knows, it’s the balance of life we give most. Don’t be lost. Don’t be found. Be the blooming of amorphous-growth. #SirLRO
...ultra (Day26)

~what light shines upon us as the month draws to a near. What words can we offer as flowers in the garden, as I have non more than colors beauty as some speak w/fragrance of passion. Choose us wisely to adore. #SirLRO
...visionary (Day27)

~for our live in the garden of flowers, one as I realized a granule of sand is not even the spec of how I once came to life, elemental happenings which brought me to a onetime hello & goodbye, enduring the test of time. #SirLRO
...wisely (Day28)

~the greater of being one in the more of, as a flower in the gardens, is spacing us just right for growth. To place us into a pool w/no space when there is so, roots the problems of tomorrow. Let us grow, for your love. #SirLRO
...touch (Day29)

-as the month approaches to a close; I hope you have enjoyed the flowers in the garden as I, new start for endless are the gifts offered; When we come from the heart... light of life,

...as you, as I ~

... humanity (Day30)

~see, before time, the flowers in the garden of earth as I, for we came to cultivate the gifts you received yesterday, receiving today. We ask one favor always remember to leave us healthy soil for tomorrow. For we have many to feed in light. #SirLRO
...listen (Day31)

...flowers in the garden one more post for all time, we are in greatness of your actions. For if you cut us to enjoy, you missed the meaning of why ~we are flowers in the garden, as I. A pleasure, #SirLRO

...the flowers of March come to shed light in an April wonderland, for joy is found in the smallest of images of yesterday growing today, for time. #SirLRO #Flowers #Garden #Life
...well I never ( #Aprils Thread 🧵 coming up) 😉

(Looks in his closet & comes to terms (for a wile now) with the Fact, he has no “official” t-shirts of,

@BetteMidler or
@GloriaEstefan &

(a little help here ladies, size M incase #JustSaying) 😊 #SirLRO
...YES there is a PO BOX 📦 available upon request 😂
~of you (Day 6)

~be silly & crack up, we often see different levels of behavior & information being shared by the humans behind the devices. Sometimes it can be sad, disparaging, most are joys, wishes & dreams.
After all is said & done
~life is a lesson for the living. #SirLRO
...you can (Day7)

~Inspirational ways of thinking are gifts of gratitude for our lives & to achieve the best possible way of sharing your thoughts & warm wishes. Be a thinker & a doer be an amazing day.... #SirLRO
.. your spectrum (Day8)

~when you look at the big picture, it all started somewhere somehow at some time. So needless to say someone knows the answers to all the questions in the end
~that is the beginning. #SirLRO
~your heart (Day10)

...but for love is only a shadow of your heart.
...by love is only the space of your heart.
...yes to love is the acceptance of you at heart.
...to be love you must love your heart. #SirLRO
~Recording of I (Day11)

...for the devices live & reign in glorified lifestyles,
...for the devices record sadness & every smile,
...for the devices capture humanity & it’s ways,
...WAKE UP, the devices will LIVE ON,
~one only hopes so will the HUMAN race.
~u view (Day12)

Knowing evils of others is at bay, I read your comments here & there.

Drawing a picture in my mind, many I say.
Grasping thought out of the air every way.

Wondering of your goodwills & your good ways;

Consolation is your heart w/out judgment day. #SirLRO
.... simple words

..... as she ages I am thankful for these moments.....

Dear #Humanity...

My hope;

MAY IT RAIN‼️ 🌧 🙏🏻

... #BreakingNews of hope,

....stunning photo captures the moment by photographer, @nazreen28 #NotreDame NotreDame, Paris Photo property & Curtesy of Photographer @nazreen28
...u know (Day15)

~1person does not know it all, 1person does know most of some & knows where to go for other of all, in order to understand information via factual communication is a rule of thumb. Learning is a historically charming prospective action 2me of, Fun‼️ #SirLRO
~a lot of salutational happenings, I rather have than rudely.

~quickly, swiftly, expeditiously, frenetically, dramatically, ambitiously, physically, directly, paternally , maternally, beautifully...

Spelling corrected by the people of #SocialMedia,

Thanks iPhone, #SirLRO

...life is in the little daily task details, I may add.

....you have/are always a pleasure.

Sincerely yours, #SirLRO

(My flowers 🐝) #Flowers #Bees #Vinca
..defragmenter (Day18)

...we make strides by cutting down to size spaces in our minds. The same way one cleans their areas, the same way one should open up the doors of the mind. Always be polite, for one is you & I, I will say this twice, DO YOUR BEST, always be polite. #SirLRO
... #TGIF (Day19)
“an extra ordinary evening of wonder & tradition is @ShenYun Beautiful Artistry” ~#SirLRO
...historically (Day20)

~”I’m never afraid of the road less traveled, learning more ~such way....” ~ #SirLRO

...earth (Day21)

.... Happy Easter 🐣

🐇 #SirLRO 😂
...planetary (Day22)


#EarthDay should be everyday‼️💕 #SirLRO

Throw back Monday 😂

... #SirLRO
...last one STICKING TO YOU LIKE GLUE, the irony of this one... 😂

everyday is, #EarthDay 💕 #SirLRO

...a twitter exclusive first to my “last one”, ~everything in life has an exception (al) to the rule, as far as I am concerned that’s called creation, in my book. W/this said, let’s FACE (😉) #EarthDay w/ @pink one more time. 💕 #SirLRO
...the worst part of walking up to refrigeration which hold egg🥚(s) is having to face the amount of styrofoam looking back at you. The prices have gone up, yet they continue to put them in styrofoam. Which I find perplexing. Less Foam & Plastic; Recycled paper more‼️ #SirLRO

THE HEAVENS Shattered with lightning response....
😘 #SirLRO
... & the thunder clapped back ( @cher ) .... a response.... #SirLRO 💕

... & heavens clouds #SirLRO
responded to w/open sky one more time, @cher ‼️

... oh @cyndilauper it’s absolutely simply beautiful... it really is.... 🦋#SirLRO

#TheNewYorkPops #CarnegieHall ( @kathygriffin )
.... @cyndilauper I would think this is how #LouisICart would have depicted you.

I ❤️ #Art, #SirLRO 😘
... & I write today’s last one as always from my 💜, a reminder one more time...

... don’t judge what you do not understand, STAN strong w/your goodness always for as you know, a tear is a lesson learned in hope of love.

~smile the beauty is in core of
Always, #SirLRO 🦋❌
~for you (Day26)
Dthing is I care more than u the person reading this, the person looking this way, the person whom finds me interesting I do the same of u. All actions do not need an answer to a question, thus simply are the uniqueness of the universal wings, u are, I’m. #SirLRO
... listen.... smile....

just incase no one has told you here is a little reminder.... #SirLRO 🦋

.... see, you got this‼️😊
.... it’s ok, be silly (but don’t hurt anyone, animal or thing)

Have a beautiful wkend. #SirLRO #LOL
... last one (for now, till then)

I LOVE MUSIC ~say it with me, I believe every single human ({inset whatever you wish to call/be yourself} yes even in silence there is music) has a song they simply love & makes them smile.

That was a music moment. #SirLRO #Music
#Hurts2BHuman, as everyday we must find the courage to change @pink reminds us. I add a will most granted from inner piece we offer. Taking baby steps is a path to success. Make the Change. Thank you for ballads, @pink supreme on my music list, 💕 #SirLRO
~Mortal (Day28)
they don’t want to learn, they want to argue shout insult degrade demean ~you.
The thing is I love to learn, I’m a perpetual student of life & its wonderous teachings. I travel the world of learning not afraid of making an error but, EXTÁTICO 4its lesson. #SirLRO
~My iPhone updated a section of my photos. I started a search yesterday looking for “Lady in White”, so I could show @cher, today it brings in the Circus 🎪 in the most @Pink way possible.. 😂 #SirLRO #Hurts2BHuman Lucille Ball & I (Location actual recording studio of I❤️LUCY‼️LOL @Pink
💕💕LADY PLEASE‼️💕💕💕💕💕🐞 💕💕💕💕

JUST RELEASED 30k #Ladybugs 🐞 to help my gardens & all near by gardens. (My gardens are in danger of dying due to aphids, I’ve been very sad about this, as eco I use NO CHEMICALS‼️)
Coco plums w/honey near water as they awake, 💕#SirLRO They are asleep ready to be awaken... #LadybugsThis pouch of #Ladybugs is opened differently and in an different area. #LadybugsThe awakened #Ladybugs enjoying fresh water, coco plums from the land & honey.
... @Pink

.... #Hurts2BHuman
.... smile & take a breath once again ... thank you, for your gifts to humanity. 💕 #SirLRO

As a chameleon, I’m not afraid of self-humor, nor creating unique magic by changing my looks, life is so marvelous. #SirLRO

#Be #You #Everyone #Else #is #Taken #InspirationalQuotes
#Pond As a chameleon, I’m not afraid of self-humor, nor creating unique magic by changing my looks, life is so marvelous. #SirLRO

#Be #You #Everyone #Else #is #Taken #InspirationalQuotes

As a chameleon, I’m not afraid of self-humor, nor creating unique magic by changing my looks, life is so marvelous. #SirLRO

#Be #You #Everyone #Else #is #Taken #InspirationalQuotes
#Listen, this is a very #important #universally granted #message from the colors of
💕@cyndilauper 💕

#Tear #Apart #Hate

...all I ask is that you read the words & listen. 💕#SirLRO 🦋
...{only the person whom did (action @YouTube ) will understand these words. As it #Hurts2BHuman Message received. 💕( @Pink )}

~ THANK YO💜‼️ #SirLRO 🦋💕
@Pink, how does one answer the questions, when I have died three times & I am still here on earth 🌍, how does one share thru the pain, #Hurts2BHuman in so many ways, when you have been gifted life as purple & with the vail of grace💕#SirLRO 🦋1/3
( @pink)
Caul~I never new till then.
~out of all the leaves which could have landed on me today, this one came my way, it made me pause & once again be reminded of the gifts & life on 🌍. Whomever says #trees ( #plants ) do not love or feel, here is my #Leaf 💕 #SirLRO 🦋 2/3 A heart 💜 Leaf as a reminder of life on earth. 100% REAL‼️ Trees feel love.
( @pink )
....“a heart makes”, the answer is, I simply hope the last song I ever hear on this 🌍 is one of Love, Hope, Grace, Freedom (from human pain), even if it #Hurts2BHuman I hope the last one my heart does not break...a reminder we #Live past the pain. 💕#SirLRO 🦋
@pink, the world asks a lot of you ~comes w/your platform this you know...

~Thank you for whichever questions you answer & thank you for you. Hope everyone feels the Love.

~on @instagram #SirLRO
That was fun Thank you, no worries about doing better you always do. Thank you everyone which made it possible. GRACIAS. 💕#SirLRO 🦋
.. & so a new month starts.


... #SirLRO POETRY OF LIFE 🦋. (This months thread will focus on vision w/out identification of precision, enjoy #Art #Humor #Life )
~what are we but a mere creation craving to do well. To teach well. To grow strong. To manifest good will. To endure. All of it & more. We have a roll you & I. The patch we feel we are missing is just so, get your needle & thread ready, mending what’s wrong. #SirLRO #Poetry 1/2
2/2 (what you see infront of you is my creation via #digital #art. It is set to help you calm & meditate, it is to manifest the unseen in life... see yet you cannot see... #SirLRO #SocialMedia #Gif)

I’ve titled this one:

~Gif of Gifs
(ALL UP 2DATE) @Twitter @TwitterSupport
Ever since latest update via @Apple iOS 1again & has been a long time since it happened last, the loading of gifs as a response which is my favorite action in the platform has taken a buffering back seat. #SirLRO twitter.com/facethecuban/s
I am more than a numbers game...
I am more than passing by...
I am here to learn & teach...
Helping my self to stay alive. #SirLRO #Poetry
(Swap the word woman w/man, if you please)
... just feelings, they will pass. I hope, they do.... for you, for me. #SirLRO
( @sia )
I love you keep going...


⚠️ ONLY AN ESTIMATED 97,000 THOUSAND #GIRAFFES 🦒 (in the wild) #Animals, #Planet #SirLRO ⚠️
(Don’t tell me #TrophyHunting helps a village when what is being killed is hurting also. You will see me go digital on anyone speaking that way. #SirLRO )

What about them, #Giraffes4Life‼️

...I often speak of colors I often speak of you & me, I see the world in color thru the glasses (w/& w/out) we all live with. If we are to better in change, we must start with our words, draw colors from wisdoms w/out pain. So shall be the words. #SirLRO #Poetry of #You
@TwitterSupport the buffering is driving me mad, it’s only happening w/this app. HELP‼️😂 Thank you‼️(yes it’s official only happens if I try to add a link gif or attachment to a tweet. 😱 🤬😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱x2 😂
....my heart breaks, poetry of love, about 5000 more to go, all by hand a labor of love, each one tenderly being cut, as last hope of saving them once & for all. If not each one must be extracted, trying to cleanse H2O & O, ecological demise if I cannot, #HOPE. #SirLRO #Poetry
.......what’s worse than a paper cut or a splinter w/an open cut, WELL FRESH LEMON 🍋 ON EITHER Of course‼️😂
What the double LL hokey sticks‼️😂😱 (yeah sure, look very carefully) no seriously read & look 👀 😂
Spoken (Day6)

...in a blink of an eye 👁.
...in your eyes 👁 I see.
...in the eye 👁 of light.
...a warranted guardian as far as the eye 👁 can see.
...don’t close that eyelid 👁.
...have more vision w/the eye 👁 in me.
...w/the same eye 👁 now you see. #SirLRO #Poetry #Eye

.... I love you too,

.... I am making a proclamation, anyone heading to a meeting which has an effect on #HUMANITY must first listen to @Pink (s) #Hurts2BHuman first. Says I‼️ #08 #SirLRO
...what’s in your 1940’s suitcase? #Art #Suitcase #SirLRO
~It Knows (Day7)
...I sit there in the center for most👃🏻.
...I give you entrenched oxygen you need so👃🏻.
...I adorn your silly Face👃🏻.
...I do other things like hold up your glasses & at times point the-way 👃🏻.
Don’t pick on me (use a tissue). #SirLRO #Poetry #Nose 👃🏻
...could we talk about this #photo by @CarltonWard for @NatGeo , I mean #SERIOUSLY #STUNNING
What we learn about patience is 2stop the eagerness 2be right or wrong. Lesson~Like a bullet in a gun, intrepidly ready to fly for the hurting so. Bullseye is a targeted goal. Please don’t be so WRONG OR RIGHT, not as becoming as the point of LIFE is so. #SirLRO #Poetry
... an official announcement has been made by the @USFWS launching an investigation if #giraffes should be placed on the endangered species list. #SirLRO
(I promise I’m not doing one of my catchy phrase things again, & yes I promised on my promise before)

Welcome to today’s class on #SocialMedia

Question: Can you spot the real pic? A B C?
(So If all of you are so eager to say “America first”)

Question: When was the last time you drove up to a school, went to the office & paid off cafeteria owed/over due, random lunch accounts? #FeedAmerica #SchoolLunches #Children #SirLRO
...Earth Visitor (Day11)

~they are called glimpses of whom ( @FaceTheCuban ) I am, a bit more to the tweets you See & Love. Once again if you blink you missed them, it’s ok their will be more one day to tell you the story of #UniversalWings, a #Poetry which is #SirLRO.
...if you do one thing today, do me a favor #read this article... ( @NatGeo )

I adore ( #LOVE ) these little moments of #life when my beautiful Latina ( @GloriaEstefan ) reminds us all, about well a little more than #Samba 😉 😘 #PBSGershwin #Award #Recipient for #Popular #Song
... Feliz Día de Las Madres

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in the world. Here & Gone.. Every Day, Give an extra hug to the woman whom makes/made you feel always Love. #Gratitude #HappyMothersDay2019
(👀 (s) around the room)

Patiently hopefully secretly hoping @AnnieLennox shares the amazing writing she came up w/for #MothersDay... & opppppps did I just drop something?

I mean seriously I know it’s #MothersDay & I am not complaining in the least‼️💕😘
As a child I do not have solid memories (but very very little) of the land I was born in, this performance by @Emily_Estefan daughter @GloriaEstefan actually made me 💕.
I don’t mind stopping parts of my life 2take a moment & simple listen, part of being present, the digital world is such if you think of clearly, you LIVE & LISTEN. All it takes is your HEART the rest is obvious, when in MIND 2B #UniversalWings #Poetry of #SirLRO 🦋
The following #poetry can be read five ways,

1/Only read the left side,
2/Only Read the right side,
Next*My personal favorite
3/Read in a Circle ⭕️
4/Read Backwards
5/Read Center 2words

I wrote this just now, for I have no other reason than I am a visitor on #Earth #SirLRO
~I write, for US (Day13)

~I’m quite now, A path
~I’m lost, Sit next to me
~I’m in pain, U Can
~I can, I will listen
~Tell me different, Are the same.
~I’m better, I’m your equal
~I’m stronger, Defend me
~I’m smarter,You bend
~I’m Here, I am
©️~#SirLRO #Poetry 😉
@EmilioEstefanJr 1man I’d sit & have a cup of café with... ☕️

#Embrace the life u have been given, for the gifts u have, I’m forever grateful we are so lucky u share, @GloriaEstefan & now the talented, @Emily_Estefan w/us. Sincerely grateful, #SirLRO
In #Life it is so painfully beautiful to walk w/your heart when you apply to everything the golden rule , do not hurt others.
I will leave it up-to you to take it from there, I hope I continue to help #Humanity if one #People at a time. #SirLRO
Gosh I #LOVE

.... let me here you @GloriaEstefan

O é o é 👂🏻👀👂🏻

Ooooo Goodness.

Follow up: even tho I am very successful in having them stay. (Mastered how) I will be even more successful as in today’s University/direct class on the matter, Release the Lady bugs at #Night... I had no idea. #BreakingNews
I’M #Looking

... A #picture is worth #Infinite words.... #SirLRO ( #Bird #Color #Look #Eye) #Bird
It’s been a wile so I write to you today, we the people in the ambiance of life walk hand in hand to make a better day. Use your resources wisely & w/out crisis. For your tomorrow is their future today. Be most aware of your use & ways. #SirLRO #Earth #Planet #Motivation
... if you think for a minute you get results bigger than.... thinking is an underrated action when technology’s your guide. Think more.... 😉 #SirLRO
You know now,

#Coconuts can float 9-12 days in salt water.

You’re welcome, #SirLRO 😂
I created this one out of an old classic, says it all... then again I fast forward to make it better. Tweeting more solutions on #SocialMedia #SirLRO
....you are special
....you are kind
....you are love
....you make the world a better place
Close your eyes, pause

...art is all around you, open your eyes. #SirLRO
Close your eyes, pause

...look up to the sky, open your eyes. #SirLRO
Close your eyes, pause

...feel the water at your finger tips, open your eyes. #SirLRO

.... I come in peace as a visitor of #Earth, pause

.... I will leave with closed eyes... always knowing

OPEN YOUR EYES. #UniversalWings #Poetry which is #SirLRO
... We each posses a special gift one which no other can do as such.
...We are each worthy of all that is most harmonious for our soul, I wrote these words as I hope you hear me whisper them into the winds, someone is We as all... #SirLRO #Poetry.

Whomever is releasing them on @YouTube, Dear @GloriaEstefan THANK YOU SO MUCH “for coming out of the dark in so many ways” they are hitting my heart 💜 when I truly need them so. I am Grateful, & it is important for me you hear such. 💗 #SirLRO

Time for some @Twitter positivity injections,


2/Listen some more
3/Listen to what you are listening to w/ OPEN HEART
4/Now Listen some more
5/Learn to ask questions W/OPEN HEART
6/Now Listen Some BIG TIME‼️

Having to describe how I feel today, one word


( Side note to:) @Nrvna6_Rico I enjoyed very much what you had to say & I also share most of the #consensus, I hope you will find d tweet below as a gift from me of your #Avatar which I fail in #Art to recognize. Sincerely #SirLRO (enjoy your gift)
Written this second on the spot
#Poetry is a misting garden of light one resound by its beauty from the heart, ever so green in glow these words for you I write, no loss in comparison ever you understanding their flight, as always comes illuminating poetic deep virtuous glance.
By #SirLRO 🦋
Thank you, for the past present & future we might have differences in other, yet I will not sway from the respect all of you & service animals deserve. #HappyMemorialDay2019 in service & #Vets . Sincerely grateful #SirLRO
....oooooooooooh how Beautiful. The story line of a true love story, when we hear something which will sadden (hurt) our hearts. All in all , the forgiveness of Love prevails... (my English rendition 😊) #SirLRO

Now could we do a little happy dance 💃

~As in life we come full circle, perhaps one day it will be moved again, in the mean time from those six figures pay out, I hope #Banksy was presented w/a curtesy check. #Artist often give & few remember even a Thank You or dollar as a reward. #SirLRO

~for doing right for you, I KNOW BALANCE
~for I find the words of #SocialMedia jump of the edge, I PROMOTE GOOD

(read my words make as you will for the entire posting is a #poetry, including your/our #thoughts which I show #respect) #SirLRO
Welcome to this months thread 🧵,

.... The word #Pride Encompasses ➡️Achievements, Gratitude, Care, Productive Results, Actions, Balance, Respect, History, Roots, Colors, #HUMANITY much MORE (of) to come.

I’M A PROUD #LGBTQunite #CITIZEN (👽) of #Earth

I’M #SirLRO 🏳️‍🌈
#Pride   #PrideMonth #History

➡️ELEVATING your UNDERSTANDING of what it took to get here. Courtesy of @Wikipedia (all rights reserved & present)

#SirLRO 🏳️‍🌈

en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gay_pride Definition of gay #PrideHistory of gay #Pride
My religion,

I see the unseen in you

... for in my silence, I hear the flowers, I fly thru the ocean, I swim in the clouds, I learn the mountain,, I hug a tree.. #SirLRO

#Poetry for #Pain #EraseTheHate
Talks is

➡️an infusion presented goodwill of genuine self-awareness for the care of. For the color azul, exudes the humanity in you. Be a social butterfly as I now watch you.... #SirLRO

#Poetry of #You
Ooooo THANK YOU SO MUCH @cyndilauper, so nice of you to do for us. I feel appreciated today. #Pride

I’m 🦋 just going to put 🦋 this little 🦋 love 🦋 note right here on my months 🦋 thread 🧵 because it means 🦋 the world 🦋 to me. 💫THANK YOU 💕@AnnieLennox 🐝 🦋 #Love🦋 #SirLRO🏳️‍🌈🦋
Debuts as #2 @billboardcharts #NewAge charts. (Link)
🦋lnk.to/Lepidoptera🦋 https://lnk.to/Lepidoptera
#WorldEnvironmentDay is for all. 🦋💕🏳️‍🌈‼️ #SirLRO🏳️‍🌈

~Dalai Lama~ It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we live Dalai Lama
Warning your heart will break~Mandatory reading, or/yet listen & look to the video...

#Humanity, This is a cat walk‼️ 🚰 #SirLRO

Along w/ #PrideMonth  we share #ImmigrantHeritageMonth

I’m simply trying to educate, we are not bad people. We care & we have reasons. Even as children~choices. U often here me say I’m a visitor (👽) of Earth. I care so much to leave better than I found it, 💕#SirLRO 🏳️‍🌈
Poetry for YOU/us
The most
painful phone call I CAN make to a
➡️LOVE one, is when they’re in stages of Alzheimer’s
i HOLD IT TOGETHER, as we/I reminisce the memories
➡️ i LISTEN LAUGH BREATH as present, for LEARNING all even in pain is now, the MOST BEAUTIFUL LOVE ~#SirLRO
Why my social media accounts are ORANGE‼️

Current status~ #WearOrange #SirLRO
( @BetteMidler respecting)

Gift me a word....

(Go ahead I’ll wait ...

in the mean time mines will be;

Things I never say on twitter, I am available for a first date leading to marriage. 😉
#Dreamy #Music

Believe me when I tell you I follow you also. 🦋 👀

Wow, I’ve been reading my followers tweets & responses, some are very upset, some are very right, some make me laugh to the max. Which some are you? Because:

.... LOVE THIS ONE. #Gif
I hear you knocking.

👉🏼What you are looking for is right in-front of you👈🏼

....here I am. #SirLRO
She ( @kathygriffin ) says it all the time.

Now I have to say it this way,

All the good ones are Gay 😉 or in this case married. Am I right or am I right. 😂 @andygrammer

Hey @katyperry

Or for that kimono 👘 @Madonna
👉🏼 I’m not giving up on #MadameX

...or anyone wishing to send a card,

Did you need my address to sent it to?

c/o #SirLRO
PO BOX 102
FortLauderdale FL 33302-0102

I’ll wait, go ahead write it down.
1/I love to gift people, I love to donate clothing to batter shelters for women so they can restart their lives, I love helping everyone no matter what Political view, a person in need should be attended to. Anything sent here will be directed to a good cause. WATCH ME‼️#SirLRO
2/I donate to real shelters, I collect & gather what is needed for shelters that help cats & dog, birds, 🐢 and more.... that are real... Watch Me‼️#SirRO
3/I donate to underprivileged schools tons of pencils ✏️ & Pens 🖊 also to the @USPS every-time I pick up mail, I leave behind 10-20 pens for people that need a pen.
4/I take large quantities of things like, computer plastic paper rollers, or paper tubes (like 🚽 paper & paper towel 🧻) cylinder inserts to shelters for rabbits 🐇 or to schools for projects. Bet you did not know that u could. WATCH ME‼️ #SirLRO
5/ I do what u have READ here & more, I simply stay too quiete sometimes about these things, I am Public.
👉🏼I am also private in modesty. I WILL GIVE CREDIT TO YOUR DONATIONS (include your tag/handle & platform)
6/ a #Thread


Tell me what u want done w/your donation & I will do it‼️(no bad things allowed)

Did you need my address to sent it to?

c/o #SirLRO
PO BOX 102
FortLauderdale FL 33302-0102

I’ll wait...
#Unroll please. Thank you..

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