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7 Simple Life Hacks for You! A twitter thread...

Here are simple tips to improve your #life and feel the difference. Here’s how you can do it: Image
1) Prioritize Your Health

It doesn’t take time to stay #healthy, wealthy, and wise. Unfortunately, we don’t pay much attention to our personal well-being.

You should know that no work is more important than your #health. Whatever you do make sure it doesn’t affect your health.
Here’s what I do:

Every morning, I practice #yoga for my mental and physical well-being. In addition, I always make sure that my daily diet includes leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Because I believe health is wealth.

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🧵 11 tips from experts to enhance your willpower 💪 Image
1️⃣ Believe in yourself, take small steps daily to improve, and keep believing in your potential. 💭💪 #selfbelief #personaldevelopment
2️⃣ Our heart is the critical focus to generate willpower that will self-sustain. Find your true essence free from external influences and let your will free flow. ❤️🧘‍♂️ #heartfocus #patience
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🌞Did you know that gratitude is a superpower for our well-being? Lower blood pressure, less stress, better sleep, and improved mental health are just a few of the benefits! Let's unlock the power of gratitude in our lives! #Gratitude #Positivity
📝 Research shows that a simple gratitude practice can make us more optimistic and happier! Just a few sentences of gratitude each day can bring positive changes. Let's cultivate gratitude with a simple toolkit. #Gratefulness #Toolkit #Optimism
🛠️ Want to cultivate gratitude? Try this toolkit:
1️⃣ Write a thank-you note to express appreciation.
2️⃣ Thank someone mentally.
3️⃣ Keep a gratitude journal.
4️⃣ Count your blessings.
5️⃣ Pray or meditate.
Start small and make gratitude a daily habit for a happier, healthier life!
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📢🧐 How can we improve the quality of our relationships with ourselves and others? This article explores expert advice on relationship management.👥💕…

#relationships #selfimprovement
1/15 Our relationships with others reflect the quality of our relationship with ourselves. Can we change our behavior and chemistry to cultivate more positive relationships?🤔💭

#selfreflection #positivity
2/15 Building and nurturing a relationship requires being available for the other person, clear communication, and meeting your partner where they are.👫💬🤝

#relationshipadvice #communication
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Many clients of mine ask me:

"How can I be resilient? What do I need to do to be resilient?"

Here's a short but massively helpful and efficient guidance for you!

- Thread -

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity and overcome challenges with grace and determination.

It's a skill that can be developed with practice, and it's essential for navigating the ups and downs of life.

Here are some tips on how to be resilient:
1. Cultivate a growth mindset:

A growth mindset is the belief that you can learn and grow from your experiences, even if they're difficult.

It's important to recognise that setbacks and failures are opportunities for growth and learning, rather than reasons to give up.
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📣 Did you know that willpower can be depleted or enhanced depending on certain practices? In this thread, we'll share expert tips on enhancing your willpower! #mentalhealth #willpower
🧘‍♀️ To improve your willpower, maintaining consistency and discipline is crucial for cultivating a positive mindset. Positivity is a choice, and it leads to increased determination and willpower. #positivevibes #mentalhealth
🧘‍♂️ Patience is essential in training your willpower, just like how we train our muscles. Meditation, yoga, and deep breathing can help manage stress levels that may hinder your progress. #mindfulness #stressmanagement
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Many clients of mine ask me:

'What's the best way to give constructive feedback?'

Let me give you an easy yet so effective guidance in 2 minutes!

- Thread -

#constructive #feedback
Giving feedback is an important skill in both personal and professional settings. Whether you are giving feedback to a coworker, a friend, or a family member, it is essential to do so in a constructive and effective manner. Here are some tips on how to give constructive feedback!
1. Start with the positive:

Begin by acknowledging the person's strengths or positive attributes. This will help them feel more open to receiving feedback and show that you value their efforts.

#positive #acknowledge
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Startup founders, are you on a wild emotional rollercoaster?

Try these neuropsychology tips (by @nicolesneuroscience) to self-regulate and stay balanced. #startup #entrepreneur #mentalhealth

Need help regulating emotions? Neuropsychology has tips! When feeling stressed, try breathing using a physiological sigh (receive an inhale, but before you get to the top, take another inhale) #selfcare #mentalhealth
Did anxiety get you down? A walk can help deactivate your amygdala. #exercise #anxietyrelief also good to keep fit
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Since your malicious cyberattack timelines matched cybersecurity’s research to strengthen security for years and now, you hack alone but with a cooperative goal to damage national security. Which Advanced Persistent Threats group/s #APTs are you in, #Animez_UK? Image
Converting traditional crime to cyber-enabled crime and becomes a malicious attacker against the UK, for

1- financial income,
2- #sexual desire and #harassment with #pornography sent to #women,
3- attacks for #politics against the UKGOV.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
1st stage- early life:
-Experienced #exclusion/#discrimination.
-Didn’t learn to communicate with #women.
-favours #authoritarianism.
-enjoys #control targeted women & whom against his will.
- Expresses hidden #hatred & #violence on through cyberattacks.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
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#SpeciallyAbledChild #Mentalhealth Writing this thread against the backdrop of a very tragic event where a dentist mom threw her specially abled child from the 4th floor and the child died. My sympathies to the entire family. We don't know what made her take that extreme step.
Let me share a life experience from the other end of the spectrum and it's a tribute to them. My father-in-law's cousin gave birth to a daughter, who on account of various reasons, was born where she needed help with her daily activities. She can't stand and her hands are bent.
Both the parents, especially the mother, took it as a challenge and treated the daughter as a normal one. From a small age, this girl could move only in a wheelchair. This girl also took on the challenge gamely. #optimism #positivity #Grateful
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We must cut out toxic people from our lives, if we want to live a happy life.

- Who are toxic people?
- Why is it so difficult to cut them out?
- What to do about it?

Having dealt with many, a thread on learnings

Please retweet for maximum reach to help others
Kinds of #toxic people:

1. Judge: You always feel judged in their presence. You can never live up to their standards no matter what you do. They make you feel non-valued

2. Critic: They always poke holes in your actions and make you feel inadequate

2/11 #positivity
3. Victim: Its never their fault. They won't take responsibility. They make you feel guilty for the situation they are in

4. Manipulator: They want to control your thoughts, words and actions. They make you see the world from their eyes. You depend on them & feel helpless
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Having fun with cyberstalking #UKGOV, attacking organisations, universities & individuals connected to the justice system, UK #military against #NCSC, treating #intelligence & #GCHQ as jokes to your 15- 20 yrs malicious #hacking for #China & #Russia inside #Britain, @Animez_UK?01
Converting #traditional crime to cyber-enabled crime and becomes a malicious #cyberattacker against the UK, for

1- #financial income,
2- #sexual desire and #harassment with #pornography sent to #women,
3- attacks for #politics against the #UKGOV.

@Animez_UK @NCSC

02 Image
1st stage- early life:
-Experienced #exclusion/#discrimination.
-Didn’t learned to communicate with #women.
-favours #authoritarianism.
-enjoys to #control targeted women & whom against his will.
- Expresses hidden #hatred & #violence on through cyberattacks.

@Animez_UK @NCSC Image
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RSS News and Updates - News across the country - 15-05-2021, Saturday

#Positivity Unlimited - Day 4
Source: YouTube

RSS, social, religious bodies discusses current COVID situation in J&K UT
Read how RSS volunteers turned a defunct, British-era hospital, lying unused for over 2 decades, into a 200-bed COVID-19 facility

2 new isolation centres set up in one day by RSS's Sewabharati at UP's Gaziabad
''Sewa Bharati has started many COVID care centres across country''
Source:Outlook India
Public ‘intellectuals’ who spread vaccine hesitancy, misinformation and yet escape accountability – Part II
Source: Hindu Post
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Most efficient @narendramodi goberment (since 1947), that does lots of things in the name of reforms and public benefits (though nothing jells) wants us NOT to spread NEGATIVITY but to join it's Supporters in spreading POSITIVITY. 1/7
POSITIVITY in this nightmarish situation means the following DOs and DONTs :

1. DON'T talk about #Covid19 Talk about other things as though there is nothing like #COVID19India
2. DON'T see or let others see images of human misery. Don't share, for instance, pictures of burning pyres, woman wailing, patients gasping, etc.

3. DON'T count the dead.

4. DON'T talk about rallies and religious gatherings. These were unavoidable.
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Some #positivity for the day !! :))

#COVID19 hasn't stopped the Family Trust activities even in 2021.

Financial Assistance in Education of 170 needy students amounting to ₹16lakhs was provided , thanks to donors.🙏

Pending applicants will be helped as need arises. ImageImage
Updates from different Shiksha angans

*Notebooks & Stationeries for students were arranged.
*A Computer with a good table was provided .WiFi will be installed shortly.
*Books , Eatables & Carrom Board given.
*Girls learning Mehendi well.

More events Post #VaccinationDrive. ImageImageImageImage
Guides & Question Banks were distributed to needy students from parts of Wada, Mokhada, Pen ,Raigad etc residing in nearby Govt hostel .

Hundreds of Soap Bars & Masks have been distributed to the underprivileged +taught wearing mask & handwashing PROPERLY.

#HelpingHands ImageImage
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U-15 #cycling trial sets to go down in @oyostategovt.
Date: 6th February, 2021
Time: 8am
Distance: 60km
Venue: Ologuneru Road, Eleyele, Ibadan.
To spot talents and prepare for the National Youths Games.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Thomas Tuchel
#grassrootsports Image
The U-15 Cycling trial event in @oyostategovt on Saturday.
Cross section of the cyclist s and officials.
The Weeknd
Tom Brady
Messi and Ronaldo ImageImageImageImage
Executives of the @oyostategovt Sports Council Mr Gboyega Makinde (M), Director of Organization Mr Kehinde Ojelowo (L) and Director of coaching and training Mr Popoola Olatunde (R).
The Weeknd
Tom Brady
Congratulations Queen
Channels TV ImageImageImageImage
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This feature of @JessicaCalarco 's work on #PandemicParenting was all over my feed yesterday, rightly so. It’s the most accurate & validating take I’ve read yet. Read it, because... 1/… makes for an important contrast w/ work like this:…

Yes, #womeninSTEM are underrepresented & #COVID childcare demands are pushing them out.

Yes, increased funds, RA support & teaching/service releases are much needed. 2/
But what about folks like me? I’m a quantitative social scientist. My work is entirely secondary data analysis. I’m not conducting experiments, running a lab, or engaged in any regular tasks of bench science. 3/
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* #Gratitude*
I keep a "memory jar" for each year wherein I write in brief the best moments of my life & lessons learnt. Even a small event which taught me something goes in it .
I strongly believe in " No regrets, only lessons learnt ".
( That's handpainted by me! :) )
Occasionally when I have a rough day or when I am elated , I go through the chits one by one savouring the lessons learnt . It keeps me grounded. Makes me realise I am blessed to have had so many #memories & grown as a person and that life is beautiful !! 😇
Things that happen to us, just happen. It is we who perceive it to be good or bad as per our emotions at play. It is then that practising gratitude becomes of utmost importance for we need to realign our thoughts towards #positivity& #contentment & steer away from negativity.
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After acute #COVID19 illness,recovered patients may continue to report wide variety of signs n symptoms including fatigue, bodyache, cough,sorethroat, difficulty in breathing, etc

A thread on dos n don'ts for the #Covid recovered patients👇summarised

Dekh lena kuch kaam aye to!
1.Continue #COVID appropriate behaviour (use of #mask, hand & #respiratory_hygiene,

2.Drink adequate amount of luke warm water

3. Take #immunity_promoting_medicine after consulting ur physician...any #ayush_practitioner might help u out in this.
4.If health permits, regular household work to be done. Professional work to be resumed in graded manner.

5.Practice of #Yogasana, #Pranayama and Meditation, as much as health permits ,#Breathing_exercises as prescribed by physician,morning or evening walk.
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🎥Watch/📟Listen to the recap of "Motivation Time-out with Damilola Abodunrin."

Theme for September:
The People's Currency.
Quotes O'Clock 3.
📻Listen via audio podcast on anchor:…

📺Watch on Instagram:…
Background music:
* Count on me by Bruno Mars @BrunoMars .
* Pray for me by Picazo ft Olamide @Picazo_rhap ft @Olamide
* Shine by Johny Drille @Johnnydrille

Thanks to my awesome team:
Content developing and harmonizing : God Almighty, @F_Feyikemi
Music selection: @POlorunwa
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What currency are you spending to the people with your solution?
🎥Watch/📟Listen to the recap of "Motivation Time-out with Damilola Abodunrin."

Theme for September:
The People's Currency.
Episode 1.

* Value people
* Understand people
* Make emotional deposits into people's bank account
* Select relationships carefully & deliberately

📻Listen via audio podcast on anchor:….

📺Watch on Instagram:…
Background music:
* The light that never fails by Andra Day.

* What doesn't kill you by Kelly Clarkson @kellyclarkson
* The greatest by Sia @SiaMusic

Thanks to my awesome team:
Content developing and harmonizing: God Almighty, Feyikemi Fawunmi @F_Feyikemi
Music selection: Abodunrin Olorunwa Pelumi @POlorunwa

#tuesday #lifestyle

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"Growth begins with challenging who you are. Until your better becomes best. The goal is to daily self improve."
📟Listen to the recap of "Motivation Time-out with Damilola Abodunrin."

Theme for August:
Times & Season.
Episode 10

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Anybody's opinion is only an opinion until you believe & accept it. How well do you know you?

🎥Watch/📟Listen to the full of "Motivation Time-out with Damilola Abodunrin."

Theme for August:
Time and Season.Episode 7.

📺Watch on YouTube:

📻Listen via audio podcast on anchor:… .
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