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Dear honest people who've experienced or heard/read about "toxic" #BernieBros & in good faith think they're unique to Sanders or over-represented by his base. All candidates have abusive fans but they're not documented by media. Sanders is the only 1 to condemn his but (1/?)
Warren, Biden, Pete all have toxic supporters refused to condemn or even acknowledge. The media won't cover them. A journalist who spoke to me while writing a piece on #BernieBro narrative never ran it. But others have documented the hate here… (2/?)
And I asked for some examples here . Just this weekend, Biden critics blamed him for the neo-Nazi showing up with a swastika at his rally. What's really scary is that it's not just online randos doing this but "important people," like Tom Watson (3/?)
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Hey here's #MyBernieStory going into tomorrow's big day, and why I switched from #WarrenToBernie, and I think you should join #NotMeUs too.

(TW: baby health issues)

This is a picture of my gorgeous massive baby boy. 👇 1/?
My wife is a lawyer. Through her we have *excellent* health insurance - if anyone should be the family who wants to "keep our plan" it's us.

Then, boom, baby pops out. The next week was the worst week of our lives. 2/?
When we were in the hospital, he kept making this cute little sighing sound. All through the night. They said he was clearing amniotic fluid from his lungs. Well, a day later and it isn't getting better- it's getting worse. And his blood oxygen is dropping. Something's wrong. 3/?
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It sure crept up fast, but today is the 50th episode of my podcast @bzlistening!

From now until the March 17th #OHPrimary, I'll be devoting the show to @BernieSanders and the #NotMeUs movement here in Cleveland.

Today, my journey into canvassing.

Initially, I thought I’d make this episode all about #MyBernieStory, how I first became aware of him, and what his platform means to me.

Instead, I decided I’d kick things off by talking about the my first weekend canvassing.

I am aiming to dispel a dirty line of attack that calls us cult-like, or even Trumpian. I want to do a little myth-busting thing here, which I think will be a regular part of any discussion about Sanders in the days to come.

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I want to share #MyBernieStory
This thread is LONG so if you don’t have patience you may want to keep scrolling...
In December our network of grassroots community organizations @CPDAction voted to endorse @SenSanders for President. Bernie won 75% of the vote.
I have said many times that I would’ve been honored to work with our members to help nominate and elect ANY of our final 3 choices. I meant that then, and I still mean it today. We would be lucky to have Bernie, Warren or Castro as our Presiden
When they chose to make an endorsement, our members who are mostly black and brown folks who are overwhelmingly no income, fixed income, and working class spoke loudly & clearly.
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From @michelleinbklyn's today:

"Attacking another candidates’ supporters rather than her record is kind of obnoxious."

By this logic, HRC was attacking Bernie's 2016 supporters by pointing out his demographics skewed white. Now that the roles are reversed, it's a "attack."
@michelleinbklyn This campaign would NEVER attack supporters. The script, which was not directed by the campaign, pointed out that Bernie is more successful at putting together the broad, diverse, working class coalition necessary to beat Trump. This is about the candidate & is true. From WaPo:
@michelleinbklyn It is disheartening to see a campaign cynically weaponize the identities of voters in this way in service of white candidate , and smear the more diverse, less college educated, more working class movement. We must ask: who benefits from this?
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It’s 100 days to the Iowa caucus! In honor of this occasion, gonna share 100 ways to help @BernieSanders win...let’s go.

1. The most important thing right now: help us make 2 million calls to early state voters by Halloween! Start:

THREAD for 99 more ✊
2. Make calls to voters in Spanish
3. Make calls in Mandarin or Cantonese
4. Make calls in Vietnamese

(Yes bilingual resources available at ☎️
5. Attend a phonebank near you! Find one:

6. HOST a phonebank! Multiply your impact 💥

7. Text 3 friends & ask them to make calls 🙌

8. If you’re not in an early state, spread the word that this is THE most important thing to do
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Feeling nostalgic lately about all the coverage the #Bernie2020 campaign has received from the MSM this year. Their integrity and in depth reporting has been inspirational to watch as the year has unfolded🙃

Join me as I reflect on some of the greatest #BernieSlanders of 2019 📸
No better place to start than with the reputable Washington Post and their #1 fact checker Glenn Kessler slamming Bernie for his claim that 3 families own more than the bottom 1/2 of the US combined. To be fair, he spoke for the WRONG 1/2, as THEY are "not especially meaningful"
Luckily, Glen's supporters were there to back him up 🤣
Thanks Gary, Glen, and the Washington Post for staying strong in your support for Team #BernieSlanders

You have revealed a lot of truths this past year, in your own unique way...
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Okay, here's #MyBernieStory:
I went to college because you HAD to have a degree to make it in the world. $80k later, I have to live with my Mom, because my $1,200 rent payment is going to my loans instead. I can't default because my Mom co-signed. I WILL NOT destroy her credit!(1
...Plus it's impossible to declare bancruptcy anyways. I've worked for a non-profit for ~8 years hoping to get some of my loans forgiven. Turns out 99% who try that fail. So, with interest rates at 14% and ALWAYS rising, I will NEVER pay them off. (2
And that's not for lack of trying. I work a full time job on weekdays, cater as a 2nd on weekends and housesit for all my coworkers and friends consistently for extra cash in my "spare time." I am using my grandparents old car (blessed) & would be completely HOSED without it. (3
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I was 21 when I lost my job that I had spent 3 years of my life at. I didn't have health insurance, and I made about 10 an hour. Nearing the end of the winter months, our store started cutting hours. When this happened, I was already just scraping by
And I just couldn't afford my rent. When this happened, I went homeless, but I was still working at least 32 hours a week. When I was on the streets, it was still very cold out, and I had gotten sick. When this happened, I needed to call out from work, but due to some
Complications, I was having a hard time calling out the way my company wanted. I tried to come into the store and tell them what was happening, but the management just avoided me. After this, I was let go, and told that I self terminated. This was very depressing for me, and I
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#MyBernieStory, since it's trending.

(1/3) I caucused for Bernie in 2016 in WA state. Our delegation met in a gym and we were split up into tables to debate and cast our votes. Things were leaning Bernie's way until a load of last-second absentee ballots rolled in for HRC.
(2/3) Bernie still won in a squeaker, but we called shenanigans. I backed him all the way until he rolled over for HRC. I can only imagine what happened behind the scenes when the Clintons are involved. He looked defeated at the Democratic convention.
(3/3) I ended up voting for Jill Stein in the general (HRC was an automatic winner in WA anyway). I felt burned by the whole experience and was never comfortable with Bernie's foreign policy anyway. Fool me once, shame on you...
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Bernie Sanders is a fraud, who didn't hold a stable job until he became mayor of Burlington at 39, supported communist regimes during the Cold War, and now pushes policies that would destroy the middle class and blue-collar workers he claims to champion. #MyBernieStory THREAD 1/8
"Medicare-For-All" would take away your private health insurance, ruin the quality of your care, and force the middle class to pay 60% tax rates just like it does in the nordic countries. #MyBernieStory 2/8
"$15 minimum wage" would increase operating costs for small businesses, immediately cut workers' hours, and automate over 1.5 million blue-collar jobs. #MyBernieStory 3/8
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It was May 2016. I flew from Los Angeles to Chicago to meet Hillary Clinton in her home town of Park Ridge. Many of us got a photo with her. Her speech was disrupted twice by two sets of screaming hecklers. I started a "HILLARY" chant to drown them out.

1 / #MyBernieStory
Meeting Hillary Clinton was one of the greatest moments of my life. We were so hopeful, so eager; there was a sense of unity and purpose.

After her speech, two Bernie fans were there to taunt her motorcade with "FEEL THE BERN" signs and a Facebook Live video.

2 / #MyBernieStory
I asked the girl why she wasn't elsewhere promoting her candidate, rather than harass Hillary and her supporters.

Bernie had already been mathematically eliminated. She insisted, however, that he would sweep California and "take the fight to the convention."

3 / #MyBernieStory
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Curt Weldon was always a Russia Expert - but when he went to Yugoslavia in the summer of 1999, he appears to have turned, as is confirmed by many communications with Russia experts and Talking heads confirms. Bernie went on the major trip. #MyBernieStory…
Weldon organized trips to Russia and Yugoslavia to try and negotiate peace — and the Clinton administration completely undermined him. The Weldon lead delegations met with the Serbian Karic brothers and Victor Chernomyrdin.
In Spring of 99, Weldon was calling Russian antics "Acts of War"
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Although I think the sycophancy displayed by some on their #MyBernieStory tweets is weird, I don't get the value of the vitriol against them either. Fact is, this in-fighting will destroy us if we let it. I'm not a Bernie fan, personally, even tho I support most of his ideas..
2/ But I'll sure as shit vote for him to end Trump & Trumpism if it comes to that, and so should anyone else who calls themselves progressive... just as his supporters should vote for some other Dem if Bernie doesn't get the nomination...there's too much at stake...
3/ Just one thing I'd ask of those who support him: don't be silly & say things like 'w/Bernie we get Medicare for all!' No u don't unless you elect equally prog folk to the Senate. Good luck w/that...I want M4A too but I know how this system works, so be prepared for compromise
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1: I'm 58 and watched with sadness & disgust over the last 4 decades at this country failing the common people. I watched the ones who supposedly represented us sell their souls to the highest bidder while they sold us out.

2: I've known & know people who have lost everything or are close to, from medical bills and we are one of those. I know people who are rationing or just stopped taking the medications they need to stay healthy & alive.

3: People are drowning in student debt. People are facing a bleak future because of climate change. This country has failed them, the politicians have failed them.

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Check out the #MyBernieStory hashtag today! We’re launching a new program to ask Bernie supporters to share their stories and ask their friends to let them know if they’re in for Bernie too.
#MyBernieStory started trending less than 30 minutes after launch! Now we're up to #3 and rising. Let's keep it going! Download the app and share your Bernie story. Image
Annnd we're #1!! Shout-out to @YongJungC, @emily_isaac_, @cjmab28, @petermarks, @sukhadaaaa, @ericbroder, Hannah Bauman, @basilisaalonso, and every volunteer on our friend to friend support team for their work launching this exciting program!🔥🙌This is is how we're going to win. Image
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