Jeremy Corbyn: "Supporting the deal today would merely fire the starting pistol on a race, a race to the bottom on standards."
Follows up by asking if Boris Johnson can confirm that, if a deal isn't reached by December 2020, the UK (ex NI) will fall onto WTO terms (i.e. no deal).

Not sure why the question, since that's the only logical outcome of A50 and transition. Perhaps he needs public confirmation?
Boris Johnson fires back by attacking Corbyn's tone. If you can't play the ball, play the player.
BJ: "The overwhelming view of business is that there are great opportunities from Brexit."

Completely untrue. But nobody is allowed to point out it's a lie. Commons procedure, and all that.
Ken Clarke knocks back Boris Johnson's comments about federalism and an EU super-state.
Boris Johnson now banging on about "the elites who run the EU". Much jeering.
Boris Johnson talking about wanting a trade deal with "zero tariffs", showing no sign whatsoever of acknowledging that once we leave the SM+CU there will be huge non-tariff barriers facing businesses. Oh, and services will be stuffed.
Ian Blackford said the SNP would support any Brexit deal that kept us in the EU's SM+CU, or in the EU, but never a Brexit deal like Boris Johnson's. No surprise there. (But he's absolutely right in his convictions.)
IB makes an interesting point: NI gets special and much better treatment. Why not Scotland?
"Wales is getting what it voted for. England is getting what it voted for. NI is getting a special deal. But Scotland is being ignored." Good summary.
(Worth noting at this point that *if* the deal passes, it will be thanks to Labour votes. It can't without them. So if they see it done, we're looking at the very last day of Labour as a credible main party.)
Boris Johnson going on about the benefits of Brexit for Scottish fishing. But Brexit will make the situation worse not better. (I have a whole section debunking the argument around fishing in my book.)
Iain Duncan-Smith calls on Letwin to withdraw his amendment. Hopefully that won't sway Letwin.
Jo Swinson: "The Prime Minister's deal removes protections on workers' rights. It puts a border down the Irish Sea. And according to the Government's own analysis will damage our economy on a scale greater than the financial crash." All correct.
Boris Johnson: "I'm afraid the RH lady is not correct in what she says. The new deal does nothing to remove protections." (This is a lie. May's deal used to enshrine EU standards in the legally binding WA. BJ's terrible deal moves them to the non-binding PD.)
David Davis. Gah gah gah. Sorry, can't transcribe as my brain just died a bit.
Nigel Dodds rubbishing the deal. Reminds BJ that he once promised he'd never do anything to create a border down the Irish Sea. Boris Johnson looks at his feet.
BJ bigging up his success in getting the EU to move on NI. But that's because he ripped up a red line. It's not because the EU gave ground. They moved forward, not back.
BJ wrapping the cloak of populism tightly around himself: "The people of this country have taken a great decision."
Hilary Benn: "This agreement will maintain friction-free access to the EU market for NI. Could the PM explain why he's so determined to remove that same access from the rest of the UK?"
BJ: Witter watter wotter. No attempt to answer the specific question.
Adam Boulton kindly talking over Bill Cash on Sky, saving my brain from further damage. And now they've cut away, so it's over to the BBC I go.
Angela Eagle reminding Commons that May and BJ have both made commitments in the past not to put a border down the Irish Sea. May's face! Any milk within half a mile will now be curdled.
Boris Johnson misexplaining the NI arrangement, I think. It's a super-size word salad, large enough to feed a hungry family, so it's hard to tell.
(This is such a daft debate. It's like watching chimps debate neurosurgeons about the best way to deal with a brain tumour.)
(Chimps, I might add, who keep lying about where they hid the banana.)
585 page legal text was only revealed to MPs today.

BJ's answer: "Perhaps the RT Hon lady had made up her mind before she scrutinised every word of the text."
Kate Hoey: "Will the protocol on NI automatically be changed when the UK gets a free trade deal?"
BJ: Lies lies lies. It's another massive word salad, but doesn't seem to match the reality of what was agreed for NI.
BJ: "We can have, for example, a free port in Belfast." Is that a naked bribe winging its way across the Commons to the DUP?
Chris Leslie: "Honourable members are obviously going to be promised everything by this PM. Speaks volumes that no impact assessment was produced of this deal."
Boris Johnson just rubbished last year's impact assessment, without giving any clue as to what he thinks the real figure is. Lots of MPs look miffed.
[Quick note: if you're on the march (good on you - thank you - hope it's going splendidly) I'm trying to live tweet parts of the Commons debate and will keep everything in this thread. #PeoplesVoteMarch ]
Justine Greening: "Does the PM recognise that dismissing concerns about other nations in the UK (gestures towards SNP) does nothing to bring us back together."
BJ: "It was not my intent blah blah blah. Bring the country together by delivering Brexit blah blah blah." Justine Greening shakes her head, a despairing expression on her face.
Barry Sheerman calls for a second referendum, followed by a GE.

BJ shuts that line down pronto.
Sheryll Murray asks the PM to guarantee that fishermen will get a better share of fish in UK waters.

BJ confirms they will.

Thing is that's *not* the problem when you look into the detail. Clearly she hasn't.
Caroline Lucas: "How can this House have any confidence in the PM's claim not to want to lower standards when his deal moves the commitment from the binding WA to the non-binding PD."

BJ claims she's misread or misunderstood the agreement. (She hasn't. CL is spot on.)
David Gauke: "The PM said he wanted to leave with a deal. He will be aware that unless we reach a deal in the transition phase, Great Britain will leave the EU arrangement without a deal."

BJ: We want to reach a deal blah blah ambition etc.
BJ: "Yes, 14 months is a blistering pace. But we can get it done." Goes on to big up his success in getting the WA changed, carefully skirting the fact that's because the *UK* moved on its red lines, not the EU.
John Baron: "I wholeheartedly commend my friend for abolishing the anti-democratic backstop." [Drink!]
Luciana Berger points out the Brexit Secretary was on TV this morning saying that no impact assessment of the deal has been carried out. (True. I heard him say it.)
BJ: "The choice for her today is between this deal and no deal."

Another lie:
- This deal
- No deal
- A50 extension
- Revoke

Those are the 4 options.
Peter Bone: "Could the PM say he won't extend transition past Dec 2020?"

BJ: "Blah blah. Certainly would not *want* to extend past the end of next year." Peter Bone looks gloomy. He knows that's not a commitment.
Pat McFadden pointing out the contradictions between the promise of a deregulated future the ERG want and the protections promised Labour - they can't both be true.
BJ: Not correct. There will be very highest standards maintained for workers rights etc.

Another lie. It's in the Political Declaration. No legal standing.
It's clear at this point that Boris Johnson will say anything, protected by the shield of protocol that prevents MPs from calling him a liar.
BJ now making a plea to Letwin to take out his amendment.
Fantastic political statement in choice of attire. 👏👏👏
Boris Johnson is spraying commitments left and right like confetti at a wedding. It's all meaningless if it's not in law, which of course they're not.
Can I very quickly plug my new Brexit book? It's called "Slaying Brexit Unicorns" and is available on Kindle and paperback from Amazon. Debunks two dozen Brexit myths, lays bare the truth of no deal and WTO terms, and reminds us what we're fighting for.…
David TC Davies: "The people of Wales voted to leave, but many didn't want a no deal Brexit. Can I thank the PM for bringing in a deal that protects them?" (it doesn't)

BJ: Yes, ho ho, what a magnificent human I am.
Pattern developing: all SNP contributions get shouted down.
BJ says that "Scotland is part of the UK customs union, which is greatly of benefit to the people of Scotland." Most vacuous statement of the debate so far? There's been a lot of competition.
BJ now going for a GE stump speech about more money for education and the NHS etc.

No recognition that if GDP takes a gut punch from Brexit, there will be less money for anything.
Tulip Siddiq brings up issue of deportation of EU citizens after December 2020.
BJ: "It is vital that all the EU citizens living in this country have the reassurances they need." Did not answer her point at all.
Stephen Crabb claims that there's a huge wave of pent up business investment waiting to be unleashed by Brexit.

Sounds like he's sharing a dream he had last night.
Frank Field accuses some MPs of being "Remainers in Leave clothing". Not sure what he means, but it's meant to be negative to remainers. States he will vote for the deal.
BJ: "If you study the WA, it's clear the UK can give any support it likes" [to businesses etc. hurt by Brexit]. Not sure why they would need support if it's a good deal that will be great for them, but hey ho.
(Aside: I am getting fed up with the number of MPs talking about fishing while clearly not having the first clue about it. They've obviously swallowed several gallons of Kool Aid.)
Sammy Wilson: "He has put a legal and regulatory border between NI and the rest of the UK."

BJ: "What this deal does is protect NI. Physical checks would only affect 1% of the goods coming in." Everyone perks up. First hint of physical checks.
BJ: "There aren't any tariffs on goods going GB-NI or NI-GB". But the question was about goods going to the EU via NI. Dodged it completely.
Sarah Wollaston: "How can the PM possibly reassure our constituents that this is a good deal without an economic assessment?"
BJ: "Many many business groups have already come out in support of this deal." (They haven't; dodges the point.)
Nothing new in any of this. MPs always try to get firm commitments on specific things. BJ always lies. The wheel turns.
Vince Cable: "Anxiety about cliff edge at end of next year."

BJ: "Best thing is to vote for this deal tonight. He says he's opposed to no deal. This is the way to avoid it."
Ok, that's the end of that. Now the debate proper starts.
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