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Roswell, remote viewers, and Edgar Cayce: Where and how do you suppose we got the info from these? Not every person who says they are psychic or a remote viewer is lying. Many do tell the truth. There are sometimes events where the elite got info from ET in one way or another.
It is not just conspiracy theories. One of the reasons why I bring this up is because of some of the very dark prophecies that were made about these end times and what will happen to the US. It has been said that the whole landscape of the US will change, and not for the better.
What you have to remember is that any information that is given to us is pretty well organized and meant for a purpose. Yes sometimes people make up stuff. Other times the bloodlines and the elite mislead us, and other times those given info may get it wrong, but in general,
everything given is for some purpose. That propose is NOT always what is advertised though. The elite are given more disinfo that real info, and the further you go towards top secret, the less you should believe any of it. It is given so that they will drool and follow the
pretty lights. They get mesmerized by the fancy shiny things and like kids, cannot help themselves.

Yes, they do NOT deserve 100% truth. Jealous of what they get now? They get lied to with a bunch of very tempting lies. They are lies though and not something that really does
much other than to lead them where they need to go, for the good of us all. Their fate is not good. Any shiny fun lights or interesting toys they are given does not make their fate any less dire. It just helps in the manipulation.

The plans for the dystopian future of the US
were some bits of information meant for them. They will be in a dystopian world, after the trap is sprung. We will not. The world for us is absolutely not dystopian. It cannot be, because the educational needs require middle class incomes globally to achieve the educational
goals we have. This will not be immediate. I have given a roughly 50 year time frame until world wide middle class can be achieved, but it will happen. Our future is bright.

As for how we get information, there are basically 2 sets of rules. There is the good way to get info
and the way using shortcuts. Basically you can boil it down to the program run by the spirit/angels versus the demon program.

The ONLY way that information is given out in the good program is by following strict rules. 1. You have to want the information. 2. You have to need
the information (as is determined by those giving the information out). 3. You have to meet whatever requirements there are given for you to recieve the information (those vary a lot depending on the info).

Essentially, right now that usually leads to information being given
out very slowly, but in meaningful ways that do help to transform and shape your life in very positive ways.

The demon program is a catch-all name that encompasses many things. Yes, it can include ET, though not all ETs are bad. It does include ghosts and even psychics.
Now I do not want to offend. I know there are dark and light psychics. This area of the law gets tricky.

Since our society does have a lot of rules, and things are very difficult to get approved, there are a lot of things that get pushed through under the demon program that
otherwise would have a hard time getting approved. Take the case of a good psychic who seeks only the light and good energy. Well technically, that still is under the demon program, because they are getting information through means that do use shortcuts. Though in many cases,
the person who is a psychic never asked for what they get, and they do try to use it for good. In this case, they also can get good information that is given under the rules for good knowledge dissemination.

They play a role that is needed sometimes. Being a technical part
of the demon program, they are eligible to skirt privacy laws that would apply to any other situation. They also are eligible to receive disinformation as well. Now I know that many do not want disinformation, but sometimes it does come in handy.

I personally do not give out
disinfo, as my words need to be trusted, but there are times when it comes in handy even for people generally trying to do good. (Info about reincarnation for example can help some even if it is not true).

So to make a long story short, information is not given magically in
large amounts to anyone for any reason, except as explained above. The elites are getting information of no real worth to them long term.

Do not trust the many apocalyptic visions you may have heard of.

Do not take shortcuts to get knowledge. Efficiency can be good, but no
shortcuts. There are those called to be light or good psychics, but do not in general try to be one, unless it is very clearly something you have been called to do. Do try to pray, ponder, study, and get info the normal ways.

Note, reading up on those like Cayce is not always
bad. Just remember that as with getting info from anywhere, it will be filled with some good and some wrong information. There is no ultimate source of truth right now except the spirit, so like it or not, demon program or angel program, you do have to use your own discernment.
Study what feels right and avoid what does not. Keep love and treating others well as the foundation, and studies will generally work out well.

Sorry, I ramble a bit, but this is a complex, confusing topic. There is no way around using tons of discernment when getting info.
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