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These are the #stories of #math that we celebrate, amplify and make central to the idea of #maths as a #objective #neutral #culture-free subject. #Math can do no #harm, and the #logical “pure math” thinking of #Mathematicians is worthy of emulation. But... 1/x
2/x ... "What about pure mathematics and mathematicians who merely prove theorems? Is there any #ethical component comparable to what you find in other fields of #science?" - R. Hersh in Experiencing #Mathematics
3/x One point of view: "there's no need for #mathematicians to have a code of #ethics, because what we do matters so little that we can do whatever we like."
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Day #12 of Jones’ & Okun’s “Characteristics of #WhiteSupremacyCulture”.

Today’s featured characteristic is #Objectivity.

A hallmark of #WhiteSupremacyCulture is that there is such a thing as being #objective.

“❌ the belief that emotions are inherently destructive, irrational, and should not play a role in decision-making or group process

❌invalidating people who show emotion”/2


“❌ requiring people to think in a linear fashion and ignoring or invalidating those who think in other ways

❌impatience with any thinking that does not appear logical to those with power”/3

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Justice B.N. #Srikrishna believes that the #law has to declare an #objective. Whatever procedure is declared are non-arbitrary. It leads us to a state where you or the state can look at everything we do and have access to everything we have.
#sflcin #data #pdpb
Justice B.N. #Srikrishna on whether the Government has neglected the work of the #SrikrishnaCommittee, "It is too complicated to answer; the right thing was to get a special committee to debate on the Bill, and thankfully the #JPC was made."
#sflcin #data #pdp
Ms @ramavshree on the #PersonalDataProtectionBill2019 says that the current format of the bill doesn't give comfort and ease to businesses and the users.
#Srikrishna @saikatd @ashutoshchadha @Shshk
#sflcin #data #pdpb
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i’m thinking, with all the advanced mathematics available, we should be able to calculate the distance to the Core of Everything #CoE

input data:
the Sun’s attrition rate
the Earth’s radius & rotation rate
the distance from the galaxy core
galaxy core radius & rotation rate; etc
the lock(smith) comes though, which is the key really, and it’s the time that doesn’t exist, to measure the distance to CoE -
- all time measurements in singularity science are inaccurate..

we may estimate the distance towards a core, but it may not be the Core of Everything..
where there’s no matter, time doesn’t exist - the linked causality events are separated by voids, breaks, gaps..
(it eliminates absolutes)

within human neurodiversity the gaps occur between different neurotypes disabling communication..
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this is how my #OR or Operating Room looks like
next from my Operating Room..

~ what really causes #climatechange
~ why chemotherapy & radiation kill you faster
~ why singularity science esp. the gene theory are dangerous to mankind

are we going to stop it?

all in the next decade..
you may believe in singularity’s empty signifiers but it’s not what’s going to save you..

#objective science will save human lives
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neurotypical mind is absent of empathy, the program is a routine replication of the mundane social rules & regulations, checks & balances;

i’m tired tweeting about their mouse focused singularity science
let’s compare #neurodiverse functioning to Photoshop

#predatoryNT has only two functional tools: copy & paste, and erase
#neurotypicalNT has all the 2D functional tools to organize images
#empathicNT has additional 3D tools to view images in three dimensions
the #empathic mind is the latest nature’s high tech fine-refined phosphate-nitrate nucleic vine program, equipped with mirror neuron technology, enabling the human being to see reality in its deepest depth at the finest resolution..
allowing us to finally self-reflect..
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1/8 My favorite #quote by #JosephStalin, which explains the scientific, #DialecticalMaterialist explanation of true freedom in material reality, not just as an abstract ideal. #StalinIsBack #StalinLives #JVStalin #Stalin #StalinQuote #StalinQuotes #Truth #MELS #MarxismLeninism
2/8 Having an #objective, #rational, #ScientificSocialist, #Dialectical, & #Materialist viewpoint allows us to accurately see & evaluate & analyze #Truth & #Reality as they truly materially exist in this universe.
3/8 An idealistic, dogmatic viewpoint, which capitalists have, however, makes one irrational enough to 'see' freedom where freedom stays trapped on a piece of paper while people are oppressed in their actual lived lives.
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