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In the beginning was the logos, the Big Bang, the primordial OM. Image
Big Bang Theory says that the physical universe spiralled out of an unimaginably hot and dense single point called a ‘singularity’ billions of times smaller than the head of a pin.

It does not say why? Or how? Image
The more mysterious something is, the more we take for granted that we understand it. Image
It was thought that eventually gravity would either slow the expansion or contract the universe in a Big Crunch. Image
However, images from the Hubble space telescope show that the universe's expansion seems to be actually accelerating expanding faster and faster as it grows out of the Big Bang. Image
Somehow there is more mass in the universe than #physics predicted. Image
To account for the missing mass physicists now say that the universe consists of only 4% atomic matter or what we consider normal matter, 23% of the universe is dark matter and 73% is dark energy what we previously thought of as empty space. Image
It is like an invisible nervous system that runs throughout the universe connecting all things. Image
The ancient Vedic teachers taught NADA BRAMHA – the universe is vibration.

The vibratory field is at the root of all true spiritual experience in scientific investigation. Image
It is the same field of energy that Saints, Buddhas, Yogis, Mystics, Priests, Shamans and Seers have observed by looking within themselves. Image
It has been called Akasha, the primordial OM, Indra’s net of jewels, the music of the spheres and a thousand other names throughout history. Image
It is the common root of all religions. ImageImageImageImage
It is the link between our inner worlds and our outer worlds. Image
In #Mahayana #Buddhism in the third century they described a #cosmology not unlike the most advanced #physics of modern day. Image
Indra’s net of jewels is a metaphor used to describe a much older Vedic teaching which illustrates the way the fabric of the universe is woven together.

Indra the king of the gods gave birth to the #Sun and moves the winds and the waters. ImageImageImage
Imagine a spider web that extends into all dimensions. Image
The web is made up of dew drops and every drop contains the reflection of all the other water drops and in each reflected dew drop you will find the reflections of all the other droplets, the entire web in that reflection and so on to infinity. Image
Indra’s web could be described as a holographic universe where even the smallest stream of light contains the complete pattern of the whole. Image
The Serbian American scientist Nikolai #Tesla is sometimes referred to as the man who invented the 20th century.

Tesla was responsible for discovering alternating current electricity and many other creations that are now part of everyday life Image
Because of his interest in the ancient Vedic traditions, #Tesla was in a unique position to understand science through both an eastern and western model. Image
Like all great scientists #Tesla looked deeply into the mysteries of the outer world but he also looked deeply within himself. Image
Like the ancient Yogis, #Tesla used the term Akasha to describe the etheric field that extends throughout all things. Image
#Tesla studied with Swami #Vivekananda, a #yogi who brought the ancient teachings of India to the West. Image
In the Vedic teachings Akasha is space itself.

The space that the other elements fill which exists simultaneously with vibration.

The two are inseparable. Image
Akasha is yin to prAna's yang. Image
A modern concept that can help us to conceptualise Akasha or the primary substance is the idea of fractals.

It wasn't until the 1980s that advances in computers allowed us to actually visualise and reproduce mathematically the patterns in nature.
The term fractal was coined in 1980 by mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot who studied certain simple mathematical equations that when they are repeated produce an unending array of changing mathematical or geometrical forms within a limited framework. Image
Mandelbrot’s fractals have been called the thumbprint of God.

You are seeing artwork generated by nature itself. Image
If you turn the Mandelbrot’s figure in a certain way it looks sort of like a #Hindu deity or #Buddha. Image
This figure is being termed the Buddha brow figure. ImageImage
If you look at some forms of ancient art and architecture you will see that humans have long associated beauty and the sacred with #fractal patterns. ImageImageImage
Infinitely complex yet every part contains the seed to recreate the whole.
Fractals have changed mathematicians’ views of the universe and how it operates with each new level of magnification there are differences from the original. ImageImageImageImage
Constant change and transformation occur as we traverse from one level of fractal detail to another.

This transformation is the cosmic spiral.

The embedded intelligence of the matrix of time-space.
Fractals are inherently chaotic full of noise and order.

When our minds recognise or define a pattern, we focus on it as if it is a thing.

We try to find the patterns we see as beautiful but in order to hold the pattern in our minds we must push away the rest of the fractal. Image
To comprehend a fractal with the senses is to limit its movement. Image
All energy in the universe is neutral timeless dimensionless.

Our own creativity and capacity for pattern recognition is the link between the microcosm and macrocosm. Image
The timeless world of waves and the solid world of things. Image
Observation is an act of creation through limitations inherent in thinking.

We are creating the illusion of solidity of things by labelling, by naming. Image
The philosopher Søren Kierkegaard said,
By giving me a name, a label, you negate all the other things I could possibly be.

You lock the particle into being a thing by pinning it down, naming it, but at the same time you are creating it, defining it to exist. Image
Creativity is our highest nature. Image
With the creation of things comes time which is what creates the illusion of solidity. Image
#Einstein was the first scientist to realize that what we think of as empty space is not nothing, it has properties, and intrinsic to the nature of space is nearly unfathomable amounts of energy. Image
The renowned physicist Richard #Feynman once said, “There is enough energy in a single cubic meter of space to boil all the oceans in the world.” Image
Advanced meditators know that in the stillness lies the greatest power. Image
The #Buddha had yet another term for the primary substance what he termed ‘Kalāpas’ which are like tiny particles or wavelets that are arising and passing away trillions of times per second.
In Buddhist phenomenology, Kalāpa are defined as the smallest units of physical matter.

Kalāpa or rupa-kalapa (from #Sanskrit rūpa "form, phenomenon" and kalāpa "bundle") Image
Kalāpa are described as tiny units of materiality, “tens of thousands of times smaller than a particle of dust,” coming into existence and disappearing in as little as a billionth of a second or a trillionth of the blink of an eye. Image
Reality is in this sense like a series of frames in a holographic film camera moving quickly so as to create the illusion of continuity. Image
When #consciousness becomes perfectly still, the illusion is understood because it is consciousness itself that drives the illusion. Image
In the ancient traditions of the East it has been understood for thousands of years that all is vibration, “Nada #Brahma” - the universe is sound. Image
The word ‘nada’ means sound or vibration and #Brahma is the name for God.

Brahma simultaneously IS the universe and IS the creator.

The artist and the art are inseparable. Image
In the Upanishads, #Sanskrit: उपनिषद् Upaniṣad, one of the oldest human records from ancient #India, it is said #Brahma the Creator sitting on a lotus, opens his eyes and a world comes into being.

Brahma closes his eyes and a world goes out of being. Image
Ancient mystics, #Yogi’s and seers have maintained that there is a field at the root level of #consciousness, the Akashic field or the Akashic records, where all information all experienced past present and future exists now and always. Image
It is this field or matrix from which all things arise. Image
From subatomic particles to galaxies, stars, planets and all life. Image
You never see anything in its totality because it is made up of layer upon layer of vibration and it is constantly changing, exchanging information with #Akasha. Image
A tree is drinking in the #Sun, the air, the rain, the earth. Image
A world of energy moves in and out of this thing we call a tree. Image
When the thinking mind is still, then you see reality as it is.

All aspects together. Image
The tree and the sky and the Earth, the rain and the stars are not separate.

Life and death, self and other are not separate.

Just as the mountain and the valley are inseparable. Image
In the #NativeAmerican and other indigenous traditions, it is said that everything has spirit which is simply another way of saying everything is connected to the one vibratory source. Image
There is one #consciousness, one field, one force that moves through all.

This field is not happening around you it is happening THROUGH you and happening AS you.

You are the ‘U’ (you) in #UNIVERSE.

You are the eyes through which creation sees itself. Image
When you wake from a dream you realise that everything in the dream was you.

You were creating it.

So called real life is no different.

Everyone everything is you. Image
The one #consciousness looking out of every eye, under every rock, within every particle. Image
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