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Pemerasan Terhadap Rumah Ibadah

Jarang diketahui oleh masyarakat luas di Indonesia, jika beberapa rumah ibadah (Kelenteng, Vihara dan Bio) harus mengalami nasib yang sangat menyedihkan dibanding dengan rumah2 ibadah lainnya.

Kami di Museum Pustaka Peranakan Tionghoa telah Image
mengunjungi sejumlah rumah2 ibadah dan menemukan beberapa informasi diantaranya (sebagian tak mau mengungkapkan karena khawatir dan takut) mengalami perlakuan tak semestinya.

Kekejaman sistematis terhadap etnis Tionghoa, terjadi begitu hebat kala pemerintahan orde baru berkuasa.
Inpres no.14 tahun 1967 , selain membatasi ruang gerak, orang2 Tionghoa juga dilucuti dari budayanya sendiri, bahkan agama. Tak ketinggalan regulasi tersebut, juga berdampak kepada eksistensi rumah ibadah orang2 Tionghoa.

Walaupun Kelenteng / Vihara / Bio adalah rumah ibadah
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Jemaat vihara membersihkan patung di Vihara Kwan In Thang, Pondok Cabe, Tangerang Selatan, Banten, Rabu (30/1/2019). Ritual pencucian patung dewa serta bersih-bersih ini dilakukan dalam rangka perayaan tahun baru China atau Imlek tahun 2570. - ANTARA/Muhammad Iqbal Image
PSI Janji Berantas Praktik Pemerasan Rumah Ibadah Vihara dan Kelenteng

Partai Solidaritas Indonesia (PSI) menemukan berbagai praktik pemerasan terhadap rumah ibadah Vihara dan Klenteng di berbagai tempat di Indonesia., JAKARTA —
Partai Solidaritas Indonesia (PSI) mengaku menemukan berbagai praktik pemerasan terhadap rumah ibadah vihara dan klenteng di berbagai tempat di Indonesia.

Artikel ini telah tayang di dengan judul "PSI Janji Berantas Praktik Pemerasan Rumah Ibadah Vihara
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Special & continuous #Thread

Buddha and Bodhisattva with Janeu debunking left hand theory that #Buddhism is not #Hindutva

This 9th-century plaque depicts the Buddha asking the earth to witness his enlightenment

#Archaeology #Janeu
Khasarpaṇa Avalokiteśvara,
circa early 11th century, found spot: Mahākalī, Vikrampur, Dhaka district. National Museum of Bangladesh, Dhaka

#Archaeology #Hindutva #Janeu;view=fulltext
Buddha (Enlightenment)
circa 6th century, Sarnath, buff sandstone,
senior monk Vandhugupta,
ASI Site Museum, Sarnath

#Archaeology #Hindutva #Janeu
Earth goddess (left), Aparājitā (right), with monastic donor, Vandhugupta (middle left), Lower part of the stele
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#VesakDay Thread
Some pics of Buddha/Buddhist sites clicked by yours truly...

1. Gandhara Sculpture (2nd - 3rd century AD, National Museum, Delhi) Image
No... That's not head of some Greek god, it is Indo Greek head sculpture of

2. Crowned Buddha ( Gandhara Art, 2nd century AD, National Museum, Delhi)
#vesakday Image
Probably the most famous Buddhist painting of all time...

3. Padampani Bodhisattva (1st Cave Ajanta, 2nd - 1st century BCE)
#BuddhaPurnima #Buddha Image
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What was the key to Buddha's enlightenment? He obviously tried all the methods that we know about. What was his secret that seemingly no one else had tried before (at least that we know of)?
#enlightenment #Buddha Image
Siddhartha felt cheated in the name of enlightenment.

When his master said, “You have to move on. I am only a teacher, not a master. I was pretending and I am very sorry!”. Buddha was totally shattered and tired.
#enlightenment #Buddha Image
He went to take a bath in a nearby river, Niranjana. It is a very small river; in the summer it is not even one foot deep. And he was taking a bath, but he was so weak that he could not cross that small current.
#enlightenment #Buddha Image
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Did you know Babasaheb's personal library "Rajgirh" consisted of more than 50,000 books and it was the world's largest private library.
Some glorious facts about World's most intellect person.
#Thread +
#BabasahebAmbedkar is the only Indian who tops the world's 1st talented person, according to Cambridge University, England 2011.
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was a master in 64 subjects. He had knowledge of 9 languages like Hindi, Pali, Sanskrit, English, French, German, Marathi, Persian, and Gujarati. Apart from this, he studied all the religions of the world in a comparative way for almost 21 years.
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#Trams were once the backbone of #Seoul's #publictransit system. The 1st launched on #Buddha's Bday in 1899 by Gojung, & the last ran Nov 30, 1968. The network was greatly expanded in the colonial era, & recently track laid in 1927 was uncovered in front of #Gyeongbukgung Palace ImageImageImageImage
This track was in use till ‘66 & buried during the construction of a pedestrian underpass at Sejongro. Seoul’s bulldozer’ Mayor Kim Hyon-ok was responsible for the trams’ demise. The cars were outdated, replacement + track repair was too costly, & the system disrupted traffic. ImageImageImageImage
Track was laid in the middle of the road, which made boarding a nuisance and forced all traffic to a standstill. In its final year, #tram ridership also dropped significantly even as the gov’t barred operators from increasing fares to maintain affordable service 4 passengers ImageImageImageImage
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🙏The Passing Away of Buddha – Swami Vivekananda🔻

Those last dying words of his always thrilled through my heart. He was old, he was suffering, he was near his death, and then came the despised outcaste—he lives on carrion, dead animals; the Hindus would not allow them to come…… Image
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"Whisper of Love" (ภาพกระซิบรักบันลือโลก), > 150 Jahre altes #Mural, ein Wahrzeichen von #Nan. Zu finden im im Wat Phumin, dem berühmtesten Tempel der Stadt im Norden Thailands.
#Thailand #น่าน #WhatsHappeningInThailand
Glück soll es bringen, wenn sich Paare vor dem berühmten #Kunstwerk ebenfalls etwas zuflüstern. Fotos werden natürlich auch gern gemacht dort ...
Es gibt noch andere interessante Wandmalereien im Wat Phumin zu sehen. Und wer genau hinschaut, findet auch noch weitere Szenen, in denen es um #Flüstern und #Flirten geht ...
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Uresian Brahmins Are Occupying Buddha's Birth Place Lumbini Nepal, Not Gonna Tolerate Any Kind Of Brahmanisation Anymore.

Be ready for Today’s sharp at 10am
twitter trend
#Buddha's #BirthPlace #Brahmanisation #BIN #Agitation
#RSS #BJP #Congress #Lumbini #Nepal #Uresian #Brahmins

Be ready for big agitation, Associates.

🎯 *बुद्ध जन्म स्थल पर यूरेशियन विदेशी ब्राह्मणो द्वारा कब्जा किया जा रहा है| इसके विरोध मे नेपाल मे और भारत मे आंदोलन शुरू हो गया है|*

*ब्राह्मणवादी मोरारी
बापू को लुम्बिनी भेजकर RSS के सरसंघचालक मोहन भागवत षड्यंत्र कर रहा है|*

*भारत और नेपाल के ब्राह्मण यूरेशियन विदेशी है, नेपाल मे ब्राह्मण नेपाल छोडो आंदोलन शुरू हो गया है|*

*BIN बुद्धिस्ट इंटरनेशनल नेटवर्क ने भी आरएसएस,भाजपा के ब्राह्मणो का जाहिर धिक्कार किया है|*

*आज ट्विटर
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𝐁𝐮𝐝𝐝𝐡𝐢𝐬𝐭 𝐌𝐨𝐧𝐮𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐭 𝐒𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐡𝐢
The site of Sanchi comprises a group of Buddhist monuments dating back to the 2nd and 1st centuries B.C. It is the oldest Buddhist sanctuary in existence and was a major Buddhist centre in India until the 12th century A.D. ImageImageImageImage
The reign of Mauryan emperor Aśoka in 3rd century BCE is considered instrumental in spread of Buddhism in Indian subcontinent. With the establishment of monolithic Aśoka Stambha (pillar) bearing a highly elaborate capital, Aśoka distinguished Sanchi as a site of great importance. ImageImageImageImage
Since Aśokan times, subsequent powerful empires reigned over this region – such as the Sunga, Kushana, Kshatrapa & finally Gupta dynasties – continued to contribute to expansion of Sanchi with the construction of hypostyle, apsidal, temples, shrines, smaller stupas & viharas. ImageImageImageImage
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By #SNGoenka to eradicate suffering

It is a method of Mental Purification which allows one to face life's tensions & problems in a calm, balanced way. ―Open to all… Although #Vipassana was developed as a technique by the #Buddha, its practice is not …2/
2/… limited to Buddhists. No question of conversion. All human beings share the same problems & all can eradicate them…👍People from many religious denominations have experienced the benefits of #VipassanaMeditation, and have found no conflict with their profession of faith🙏 Image
#Dasuttara Sutta
…an Arahant’s Path
#DhammaTalk by #AjahnBrahm

7⃣-Dhammas Hard to Penetrate Cont…
That’s why you should practice Meditation
«Enlightenment is not something you wish for. …2/
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Those who criticize conversion of #Hindus_to_Buddhism at a mass scale in India should read what Dr. #Ambedkar, the author of Dhamma Pravartan, has to say about it. His reply to Mr. G.T. Madkholkar, Editor of the #RSS mouthpiece, local daily ‘Tarun Bharat’ on 15 October 1956. 1/n
‘You #Hindus, you inflicted damage on yourselves by allowing #Islam and #Christianity to enter into this land; not only that you let it spread, so much that eventually this country had to be divided.' 2/n
'On the other hand, the most noble and rational religion that #Buddha established in this very land was driven away. I could bring back our own religion to its homeland; and I am proud of that!' 3/n
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बुद्ध मत में भविष्यवाणी ओर भाग्यवाद सम्बंधित पाखंड :-

उपरोक्त चित्र लाफिंग बुद्ध का है ,,जिसे ये बुद्ध लोग ये मानते है कि घर में रखने से सुख समर्धि और शांति प्राप्त होती है …अब भला बिना पुरुषार्थ के एक जड़ से सुख शांति कैसे मिल सकती है
#नमोबुद्धाय #जयभीम #Buddha #Buddhism Image
ये बात तो यही बुद्ध जानते होंगे

… इनता ही नही ये बुद्ध किसी भी व्यक्ति की भविष्यवाणी भी कर देते थे ..पुब्बकम्मपिलोतिक बुद्ध अपदान में बुद्ध ओर उनसे पूर्व के २४ और साथ के ३ और आगे आने वाले बुद्ध के बारे में ..उनके जीवन परिचय के बारे में है …

#नमोबुद्धाय #जयभीम #Buddha
इसी के बुद्धपकिण्णक कण्ड के अनुसार गौतम बुद्ध आने वाले बुद्ध मेतेर्य बुद्ध की भविष्यवाणी करते है .. (१) सरुची नाम के तपस्वी के लिए पनोमदस्सी भगवान ने भविष्य वाणी की कि यह अपने अंतिम जीवन में सारिया नाम की ब्राह्मणी की कोख से पैदा होकर सारीपुत्त नाम वाला होकर
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बुद्ध मत में अन्धविश्वास

अक्सर बुद्ध मत के समर्थक ओर नास्तिक अम्बेडकरवादी सनातन धर्म पर अंधविश्वास का आरोप लगाते है ,ओर खुद को अंधविश्वास रहित बताते बताते नही थकते है ..लेकिन हद तो तब कर देते है जब वेदों पर भी अंधविश्वास का आरोप लगाते है
#नमोबुद्धाय #जयभीम #Buddha #Buddhism
1/15 Image
..यहाँ हम बुद्ध मत में वर्णित विभिन्न तरह के अंधविश्वास ,काल्पनिक बातें और आडम्बर के बारे में बतायेंगे ..बुद्धो में हीनयान,महायान ,सिध्यान ,वज्रयान नाम के कई सम्प्रदाय है इन सभी में अंधविश्वास आपको मिल जायेगा … बुद्धो में भूत ,पिशाच के बारे में अंध विश्वास :-

एक समय की बात है कि मुर्रा नाम की एक भूतनी ने भेष बदल कर बुद्ध से प्रेम का इकरार किया लेकिन बुद्ध ने मना कर दिया ,,उसने नृत्य ,श्रृंगार ,रूप आदि से बुद्ध को लुभाने की खूब कोसिस की लेकिन बुद्ध ने उसकी एक न मानी ..तब क्रोधित मुर्रा भूतनी ने बुद्ध पर आक्रमण किया

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#वर्षावास #Buddha
1. संपूर्ण जग दुःखात आहे, दुःखमुक्ती हीच अध्यात्माची खरी गरज त्यापेक्षा गरजेचं मनुष्यासाठी काहीच नाही बुद्धाइतकं अचूक हे कुणीच ओळखलं नाही म्हणून बुद्ध इतकं धर्मसंस्थापका पैकी खूप वेगळा ठरतो।

बुद्ध आणि त्याच्या धम्माचे भवितव्य यावर बाबासाहेबांचा एक लेख
2. प्रकाशित झाला त्यात बुद्ध कसा वेगळा यावर बाबासाहेब बुद्धा ची तुलना इतर धर्मसंस्थापका सोबत करतात।

ख्रिश्चन धर्मसंस्थापक येशू ने देवा चं अस्तित्व मान्य करून मी देवाचा एकुलता एक आणि शेवटचा पुत्र असं जाहीर करून टाकलं।

मुस्लिम धर्मात पैगंबर म्हणतात देव(अल्ला) आहे आणि मी अल्ला चा
3. शेवटचा दूत।

हिंदू धर्माच मुळात असं कुणी संस्थापक नाही जात आधारीत ती एक शोषण व्यवस्था आहे कृष्ण त्यात महत्त्वाच पात्र त्याने तर ह्या सगळ्यांच्या पुढे जाऊन देवाधिदेव मीच आहे असं म्हणलंय

बुद्ध म्हणतो तुमच्या दुःखमुक्ति साठी कुणी देव नाही तुम्ही सर्वस्वी तुमच्या कर्माचे जबाबदार
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" Both Jainism and Buddhism were breakaways from the Vedic religion and its offshoots, though in a sense they had grown out of it. They deny the authority of the Vedas and, most fundamental of all matters, they deny or say nothing about the existence of a first cause.

Both lay emphasis on non-violence, and build up organizations of celibate monks and priests. There is a certain realism and rationalism in their approach, though inevitably this does not carry us very far in our dealings with the invisible world.

One of the fundamental doctrines of Jainism is that truth is relative to our standpoints. It is a rigorous ethical and non-transcendental system, laying a special emphasis on the ascetic aspect of life and thought.

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While #science thought us that we can even cut and paste #genes with #CRISPR technology…even with that we only influence 3% to 5% of #chronicillness. The rest depends on #how you #live your #life!!! So how do we #SelfRegulate our #body?
1. Good #sleep is more important than most think! What happens during sleep? The fluctuation of consciousness…that we call the waking state. But in many wisdom traditions of the world, the waking state is merely a lucid dream that consciousness is having…
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The "Integrated country strategy" with #SriLanka will likely be our template for #BharatVarsh as a union of #Indic civilization.
Interesting to note that instead of imposing ourselves we've let the #SriLanka govt outline the details of the integration process on their terms.
A detailed description of what they're looking at below . In essence seems to be much like a federation of union of states .Better for the people of both nations .
Russia went straight to Dand .
We try to stay between Saam & Daam use Bhedh if necessary as a measure of Dand .
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In March 2019, I went on a 10-day #vipassana course. It concluded on Holi, the Phalguni moon that was in the sky when the Buddha attained his enlightenment. The journey since then has been path altering. Do read about my bumbling foray as a novice here.…
By the time the pandemic hit, I was, as Tenzin Palmo put it, in a boat pulling people out of the water.
#Anitya is a work that applies counselling with the lens of the #Buddha's Four Noble Truths. It tells you how to use the changes you have to face.
I retrained as a counsellor because I found alot of people heading to vipassana were not ready for the internal dialogue. it can get overwhelming. I recommend therapy first / alongside deep meditation. Both in combination are a powerfully transformative instrument
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🧵Three by @ChawlaSwati

1/ On Tibetan Buddhist Nuns in Exile:

#OnThisDay @DalaiLama was awarded #NobelPeacePrize, the only #Buddhist religious leader thus honored (#MLK nominated @thichnhathanh in '67).

Many associate #Tibet w/ him+ other monks in red robes--

What about nuns? Celebrations at Majnu Ka Ti...
2/ "Some feminists from the West cud accuse me by saying, ‘The #DalaiLama is the authority but he doesn’t help the nuns.’"

Yes, @DalaiLama has often faced the accusation that the #TibetanBuddhist tradition doesn't give nuns the same rights as monks.…

3/ 🚨🚨🚨 Of the 8 reps of #TibetanBuddhism in the current Parliament in Exile– two each from Gelug, Kagyu, Sakya, Nyigma sects– **all** are monks; so are the two members from pre-Buddhist Bon religion.

(Though ~1/3 of MPs from provinces U-Tsang, Dhotoe+ Dhomey are women.)

~SC Image
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🧵One by @ChawlaSwati

On the @DalaiLama & India:
1/ Many of us know that the 14th @DalaiLama has been living in #exile in #Himalayan town of #Dharamsala in northern India since 31 Mar 1959.

Why India?
Was he blazing a trail w/ his escape?

Map from @TIME (1959)
2/ Second question first: No, he wasn't.

In coming to India, the @DalaiLama trod the path of many #Tibetans before him-- traders+ aristocrats, monastics+ laity, and his predecessor, the 13th #DalaiLama, Thupten Gyatso, who had lived in exile in British India from 1910-12.

3/ Aristocratic families in #Tibet were closely tied in networks of monastic patronage, intermarriage +trade w/ eastern #Himalayan kingdoms of #Bhutan+ #Sikkim. The British Political Officer in Sikkim kept close watch on these alliances. Here he is w/ the 13th #DalaiLama👇.

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This is a Buddhist object. It might not look that way to you at first. Can you guess how it is Buddhist? Twenty panels of fabric, with various floral designs, arrang
It doesn't LOOK Buddhist according to how we imagine Buddhist things should look. They should show some Asian aesthetic, such as Tibetan art styles. They should depict grand buddhas or wise monks, or be tools for meditation or mantra practice. They should be traditional (ancient)
But Buddhistness arises not from inherent properties in things themselves--it arises from use and context. What was the context and purpose of this object, therefore?
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