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#UniverseOrigins (#OriginsoftheUniverse)

@gkarani1 @TTawonga

The Universe consists of 3 types of substance: normal matter, 'dark matter' & 'dark energy'. Normal matter consists of the atoms that make up stars, planets, human beings & every other visible object in th Universe.
@gkarani1 @TTawonga In the currently scientific understanding of the Universe, 70% is dark energy, 25% dark matter and 5% normal matter.
@gkarani1 @TTawonga 3/ Hydrogen is the most common element found in the universe, followed by helium; together, they make up nearly all normal or ordinary matter.

After defining what a universe is, lets move to how it all started.
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@godless_mom Heaven is just a fairy story for those afraid of the LIGHT
#TheoreticalPhysicists prefer to believe in the heavenly fairy tales they can concoct themselves.
#cosmology #Heaven #GOD #Truth #StephenHawking #NeildeGrasseTyson
@godless_mom Don’t know if they buried #StephenHawking in a black hole, like most people, but he said: "If you feel you are in a black hole, don’t give up. There’s a way out."… #Hawking #BlackHoles #MythMath #cosmology #NeildeGrasseTyson #atheist
@godless_mom Imagine there’s no #BlackHole heaven.
#StephenHawking didn't know what to believe about the NOTHING of #BlackHoles.… #atheists #cosmology
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Here we go, time for my first thread about a new paper, out today on your local arXiv server! #sciencetwitter #physics #hepph #darkmatter #cosmology #earlyuniverse #plasma…
1/ Backstory: we've been looking for dark matter for a long, long time and we haven't found it. We're pretty sure it's a particle based on the concordance of evidence from a wide variety of astrophysical environments, but we're not sure what kind of particle it is.
2/ Since we've been looking pretty hard in a couple of particle mass ranges (most notably we've been looking for dark matter particles that are heavier than a proton) and since we haven't found it, folks are starting to wonder if other dark matter masses are possible/interesting
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I'm really excited to tell you about a new paper I've completed here @UniofOxford @OxfordeResearch and @RUastro. The paper has been published with @AandA_journal. It describes a theory that could possibly unify #DarkEnergy and #DarkMatter. A thread… 1/17
First of all, you can find the paper here: Let me tell you a bit more about it! #NewPaper #PeerReviewed 2/17
Dark energy & Dark matter are normally considered as two separate problems. Dark energy causes the expansion of the Universe to accelerate,while Dark matter modifies the rotation of galaxies. The nature of these two unknown “Dark” components generally appear to be unrelated. 3/17
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New @Planck results out today. Everybody get reading!!… #cosmology #CMB #astrotastic
@Planck This paper gives a comparison between likelihoods for the data - generally in agreement although for some parameters there is a systematic difference of 0.5sigma between likelihoods on the same data.
@Planck Which is also shown in this figure, comparing the ’15 results to the ’18 ones (the systematic likelihood shift is the worst for the baryon density, and therefore the shift between different releases).
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Expanding the #HertzsprungRussell diagram courtesy of @xkcdComic

#Physics #Astronomy #Cosmology

Step 1: Take an HR Diagram
Expanding the #HertzsprungRussell diagram courtesy of @xkcdComic

#Physics #Astronomy #Cosmology

Step 2: Add a Scale
Expanding the #HertzsprungRussell diagram courtesy of @xkcdComic

#Physics #Astronomy #Cosmology

Step 3: Expand the Diagram
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