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That time I said “No”, when I really wanted to say “Yes.”

#FlashbackFriday #Thread
It was my first semester, 1st Year at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun state. I had just met this guy who had a car, that automatically signified some sort of privileged lifestyle, we shall call him Ama.

Ama was a good lad but I had an abroad boyfriend.
Ama wasn’t particularly good looking according to my standards but he was tall, stylish, funny and laughed with his eyes. The first day I met Ama, he did not hesitate to tell me, “I’ll take over from your London boyfriend, out of sight must be out of mind.”

He meant every word.
Ama was a sharp guy, he did what every boy in that school who had sense would do when they needed to date a girl: He picked me up from school every day!

If you didn’t attend Olabisi Onabanjo University, you may not understand how much of a sacrifice that was.
Ama studied Law, and I, English which meant we were both on different campuses. Ama was at the mini-campus, I was at the permanent site campus (PS).

PS was a problematic site for many reasons:

It wasn’t tarred. This meant that the dust rose to welcome you and bid you farewell,
your slay intentions were immediately destroyed as soon as you stepped into the campus. You dare not wear heels, you would end up walking like a Kangaroo trying to go past a lion unnoticed.

When the majestic sun stayed put in the sky, it got so hot,
it softened the heart of the most hardened cultists, little wonder there were rarely any cult clashes on campus.

And when it rained? If you didn’t have a car, be prepared to walk into class looking like the stepchild who is being maltreated by a wicked stepmother.
No, don’t picture cinderella, picture the movie, “gods must be crazy.”

As if these weren’t bad enough, the walking distance from the school gate to the lecture halls was almost a 30-minute journey. At the end of the day’s lecture,
picture us like the Israelites making their way out of Egypt, grumbling and hating Moses for his oversabi.

You got it? Yea!

Listen, God help you if there was a scarcity of fuel and/or taxis, you would have to walk under the scorching sun to your house.

The worse part,
OOU had no school hostels so we lived off-campus. Depending on where you lived, your real journey would then begin after 30minutes of walk.

Times were hard in school so having someone pick you up everyday, especially from another campus, saving you from looking like a refugee,
was a BIG DEAL.

Anyway, I had an abroad boyfriend but he wasn’t in school to pick me up and drop me off so yea, Ama was given all the attention I would give a boyfriend except that I refused to date him.

After the first semester, I broke up with my London boyfriend,
because Ife ko f’oshi!

I made up my mind to go into a full blown relationship with Ama as soon as we resumed second semester. The guy had tried, what more could a girl want?

When we resumed, Ama reported immediately to mine. This time, I was warmer,
more touchy-feely and even asked him what he’d like to eat! As he was about to leave, my roommates pulled me aside and asked me to chill and not sell myself cheap, they said it would be too easy if I said “yes” to him that day. I agreed with them,
a girl had to have some pride, no?

As we sat in the car to enjoy a little privacy, Ama asked me, “Ife will you go out with me? I really want you and I to be boyfriend and girlfriend.” I knew what I wanted but my roommates were seniors in man matter, I had to take their advice.
“No,” I said, turning back to look at him after looking out the window as though I was giving it some thought, “Let me continue to think about it. Don’t worry, soon, I’ll decide.”

Ama then said, “It’s okay. I have spent the whole of last semester sitting at your house,
you still can’t decide if you want to date me? It's okay. Good bye Ife.” He reached over to my side and opened the car door. I had no choice but to get out of the car.

I didn’t hear from Ama for a week. I went to the call centre to call his landlady,
she said she'd pass along my message as he wasn't available at that moment. I didn’t know his house, his was a whole house filled with club boys and I vowed never to visit for fear of being manhandled. I called again after two days, Ama was still not available.
Almost two weeks later, I was at the Admin building when I saw Ama’s car at the car park. He wasn’t in the car so I waited for him. I wondered if I should act angry or just let him know I missed him. Truth is, I was ready to say “yes” at that moment, I had really missed him.
I sat on the boot of his car, hoping he would see me as a nice surprise.

When he finally showed up, he wasn’t happy to see me. “Ife, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in class?” He was right, I should have been in class...
“I was waiting for you now,” I smiled at him but he didn't smile back.

“Why?” He asked me, looking genuinely confused

“Because I’ve not seen you in days now, I even wanted to tell you something.”

“I have a girlfriend now Ife, she’s right behind you.” He sounded detached.
I wanted to tell him to stop playing but his gaze had shifted to the back of my head.I turned around and saw this lady dressed in black and white,obviously a Law student. Before I could form thoughts, Ama said, “See you later Ife.”

I didn’t move but both lovers did and till now,
I have no recollection of how or when they drove off.

WAWU!!! So a whole Law student like Ama who was supposed to be able to read different meanings into a word chose to take my “NO” literally? Someone can not even play with this one?
So small “NO” now he went and got himself a girlfriend in two weeks?

I later heard from Ama’s friend that the girl had liked him for so long but he was busy pursuing me and practically spending his free time with me. When I decided I wasn’t going to date him,
he got tired of the games and moved to her.

Can you believe that? What an impatient boy. Didn’t he listen to the elders when they said: “A patient dog eats the fattest bone.”?


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