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21. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey,Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria

#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstChildren #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1 to 20. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria 😉👇🏼
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🗣️‼️I advise all my followers to watch the videoSyria deception ‼️
By @dancohen3000
Most outright ignore al-Sarout’s allegiance to ISIS, but here @hxhassan downplays it as a mere“flaw”.As long as you’re fighting against the official enemies of the US Govt, you’ll be labeled a hero, even if you’re loyal to the Middle East’s equivalent of nazis.
By @Tamerishe
Syria and War Propaganda: Robert Stuart vs the BBC 21stcenturywire.com/2019/06/07/syr…
By @MintPressNews
By whitewashing the role of Idlib mercenaries & extremist groups, Western press acts as de facto protection racketeers for the very forces exploiting civilians as human shields & preventing their exodus via the humanitarian corridors.
By @southfronteng
Syrian Army Repels Terrorists' Attack On Jalmeh In Northern Hama (Map) southfront.org/syrian-army-re…
By @r_u_vid
Yet another "moderate" head-chopper in Northern Hama with ISIS patch
By @r_u_vid
Jihadi footballer and his American fan
By @MrK00001
"Mass media outlets are mourning the death of a well-known Jaysh al-Izza fighter named Abdel-Basset al-Sarout with grief-stricken beatifications not seen since the death of war criminal John McCain"

By @ahmadalissa
#SYRIA🇸🇾: If you are, wherever you are, genuinely against #terrorism, you must stand with #Syria. If you are against Syria, you are, knowingly or unknowingly, supporting terrorism. Wake up before it is too late. Thank you!
"The terrorists recently beheaded a Syrian Army soldier that was wounded in an undisclosed area in northwestern Hama. In the📹,the terrorists film themselves beheading the soldier, who was still believed to have been alive prior to the gruesome execution." aml.ink/heD8M
🤬@realDonaldTrump @theresa_may @EmmanuelMacron @AngelaMerkeICDU @Jeremy_Hunt @NikkyHaley @RTErdogan I accuse you of complicity in this terrible death, because it was you who created &/or financed terrorists in🇸🇾
🤬You all should be arrested for WarCrimes
"The Syrian Army has launched a major counter-offensive in northwestern Hama this morning after being on the defensive for much of Saturday. Fierce clashes are now taking place at the western axis of Tal Malah as the SAA pushes to recapture this hilltop." aml.ink/t64Jh
"The🇸🇾Army repelled an attack from Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) terrorist group in northwest Hama. HTS terroristss launched an attack on SAA positions near Hama. The SAA responded w destroying militants’ equipment & military vehicles & killing 120 of them." aml.ink/gMo3I
"Clashes between the Syrian Army & joint militant forces led by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) continued in N Hama on June 9. The villages of Jalma & Tal Malah remaind the main area of clashes."southfront.org/fierce-clashes…
Russia’s Middle East Brinkmanship vs. Acquiescence to Trump’s Greater Israel Plan southfront.org/russias-middle…
"At least 102 militants have been killed in the ongoing large-scale attack on the Govt-held areas in the N Hama countryside.
42 of the eliminated militants were members of terrorist groups, such as Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) & its ally Jaysh al-Izza." shar.es/a0YlgI
"The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) deployed additional forces in the northern Hama countryside on June 8 and 9 in order to repel the ongoing attack by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) terrorist group & its allies on the region." shar.es/a0Yls5
"The video shows clashes between the Syrian Army & terrorist groups (Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra), other al-Qaeda-affilated groups & Turkish-backed factions) near the village of Tal Meleh in N Hama."
"Militants of the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation & the al-Qaeda-affiliated “Wa Harid al-Muminin” operations room launched a joint attack on Syrian Army positions along the Turkish border in northern Lattakia on June 9."
"The Syrian Army killed an infamous TOW anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) operator of the National Front for Liberation.
Ahmed Qutaish was trying to target SAA vehicles in N Hama when army units hit his position, killing him & destroying his TOW launcher."
"...the only SaneResponse would have been for the public to loudly & AggressivelyDemand that all Govts involved to take immediate action to completely rectify all damage done by this unforgivable WarCrime at AnyCost & for there to be WarCrimes tribunals.." shar.es/a0YZ10
"More than 240 thousand students on Sunday started to take their Secondary Education (high school) final exams in all Secondary School branches , including the scientific, literary, Sharia (Islamic Education) & vocational for the year 2018-2019." sana.sy/en/?p=167131
Alexander Efimov: "Russia stands in face of all attempts of some countries ,which have lost the battlefield in Syria, to employ diplomatic & financial means in order to deny the Syrian peoples’ right in protecting their Sovereignty & territorial integrity"
"To help prepare for their return to their city Tadmur (Palmyra) which had been liberated by the Syrian Army & in which basic services have BeenRestored,Homs Gov provided buses for transporting the residents of Tadmur who had been displaced to their city." sana.sy/en/?p=167187
"Syrian Army units expanded operations against fortifications & supply routes of terrorist organizations in Tal Mileh, Jubain, Kafr Zita, al-Nuqair & Arinba in countryside of Idlib & Hama, inflicting heavy losses upon them in the personnel & equipment." sana.sy/en/?p=167172
For me @BarackObama will always be remembered as the war criminal he created together with @HillaryClinton ,@SenJohnMcCain & @CIA the ISIS terrorist group in Iraq & Syria that massacred thousands of innocent victims.
"Turkey and Russia have failed to reach an agreement on a ceasefire inside the Idlib Governorate of northwestern Syria, the Syria-based Al-Watan newspaper reported on Monday morning."
"The HTS terrorist Group launched a powerful attack on Sunday to expel the Syrian Army from the SW region of the Idlib Governorate. Despite a brief infiltration into Qasabiyah, the terrorists were unable to score any significant advance at this front." aml.ink/-VA-d
"Once the🇸🇾Army withdrew from W Tal Malah,the🇸🇾&🇷🇺air forces unleashed a massive assault on the large hilltop in a bid to weaken the terrorists resolve.The🇸🇾&🇷🇺air forces launched well over 20 airstrikes on Tal Malah,killing & wounding many HTS terrorists" aml.ink/NLG1P
"The🇷🇺Air Force has unleashed a heavy assault across NW Syria on Monday, targeting several areas under the control of terrorist groups Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham & the Turkestan Islamic Party." aml.ink/PT6fM
"For the second time in the last 24 hours,the SAA has made an attempt to capture the key hilltop of Tal Malah in NW Hama.Led by the Tiger Forces, the SAA reportedly stormed the W & S axes of Tal Malah in a bid to expel the HTS terrorists from the hilltop." aml.ink/cUieR
"Footage filmed on Saturday shows displaced families returning to their homes in the Syrian city of Palmyra, 2 years after the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) gained control of the city from the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL or DAESH)."
🤬@RTErdogan Syrian Govt & its president Assad have the legal right to go to any part of #Syria.
🇹🇷has nothing to interfere in🇸🇾politics.
Isn’t enough what🇹🇷has done since 2011 to🇸🇾?
🇹🇷was the country that most jihadists allowed to enter🇸🇾.
Enough🤬 aml.ink/Uw0Ns
"A new📹showed the Syrian Army attempting to halt the terrorists advance in NW Hama. The📹which begins on June 7th, shows the Syrian Army engaged in fierce combat with the terrorists..." aml.ink/3W4iR
"Some people among the group of the OPCW’s Western experts wrote the truth about what has happened in Douma. “For example, no one dropped the canisters of chlorine from the air, they were brought to a house & put on the bed.”
“After realizing that this was a staged story,they decided not to wait until the experts’ visit & bomb the facilities on the Syrian territory.& now they want just to distance themselves from any discussion on the evidence that has emerged."
-Sergey Lavrov- aml.ink/aWmDv
"Israeli occupation forces set fire to agricultural lands in the occupied Syrian Golan in the direction of Beer Ajam, Bureqa and al-Qahtaniya in the countryside of Qunietra" sana.sy/en/?p=167243
"Self-proclaimed “Syrian opposition” figures, namely Issam Zeitoun and a number of his cohorts, visited the Israeli occupation entity."
"1 civilian was killed & another was injured when SDF militias, under cover of the🇺🇸-led coalition, attacked the towns of al-Naitel & al-Namlia in Deir Ezzor. The SDF militias attacked the towns because their residents had raised the 🇸🇾Syrian flag." sana.sy/en/?p=167253
"An army unit clashed with terrorist groups, of Daesh remnants, which attacked two army points to the west of the 3rd Station in Palmyra countryside, inflicting them heavy losses."
"In Hama northern countryside, the army units responded to terrorist Jabhat al-Nusra attacks & their breaches of the de-escalation zones agreement.The army operations ended up with the killing of many terrorists & destroying their criminal equipment." sana.sy/en/?p=167281
"Syrian and Russian Coordination bodies on the return of Syrian Refugees affirmed that Washington and its allies are paving the way for feeding the terrorist groups’ presence in Syria and hindering the Syrian-Russian efforts for the return of refugees."
"The🇺🇸US illegitimate presence in Syria hinders efforts to end al-Rukban & al-Houl camps & escalates the suffering of people there.
The best solution to the suffering of citizens in the 2 camps is to end the🇺🇸US occupation which supports the terrorist."
Efimov: Any illegal foreign military presence in Syria should be terminated sana.sy/en/?p=167201
"Locals believe that Qasad militia seeks through setting fires to the agricultural farms to prevent farmers from benefiting from them because they reject to sell their crops to the militia & to force them to join their ranks" sana.sy/en/?p=167212
By @MaTaliano
Welcome Home! Canada’s #Trudeau Government Welcomes Confessed ISIS Terrorist back to Toronto marktaliano.net/welcome-home-c… … via @Mark Taliano
By @wikileaks
Set 10 2018
Hillary Clinton email: Israeli intelligence says collapse of Syria will spark a Sunni-Shiite war that will benefit #Israel wikileaks.org/clinton-emails…#Syria #Iran
By @Cukullen
Israeli and Turkish militaries openly supporting al Qaeda terrorist effort to eliminate Christian populations of NW Syria
By @Muraselon
Graphic+22 : Watch how Syrian army foiled militants offensive in northern Hama
Breaking : Russia, Syria to hand ‘crushing retaliation’ to terror provocations in Idlib - Lavrov
bit.ly/2KLpEYa By @Muraselon
#Russia|n Air Force heavily bombs rebel-held #Morek in northern #Hama. #Syria
By @walid970721
Abdel Baset Sarout leading a chorus of terrorists singing a famous Al-QaedaSong which boasts about destroying the WTC & turning it into a pile of rubble on 9/11 & praises OsamaBinLaden.This is the man who is being hailed as a hero by WMedia
By @HarbiehNadie
Displaced families return to #Palmyra 2 years after #SAA capture
By @HarbiehNadie
The number of civilian #casualties in #Raqqa are much higher than what the #US and its #allies are reporting, according to a new @amnesty investigation #Syria
Continuation -The number of civilian #casualties in #Raqqa are much higher than what the #US and its #allies are reporting, according to a new @amnesty investigation #Syria
By @HarbiehNadie
Dozens of #Syrian #Refugees dismantled their tents, filled trucks with belongings & left a camp they lived in for years in E 🇱🇧on Sunday after local authorities ordered them to evacuate in the aftermath of a brawl w local firefighters.
By @HarbiehNadie
The #Kurdish administration in NE #Syria handed over to 🇫🇷12 orphans who were born in families of #ISIS #terrorists . The Kurdish administration handed over 2 more orphans to the delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the 🇳🇱.
Left image : Jewish Settlers Torch Palestinian Farmlands
Right image : US-Sponsored Kurdish Militia Torch Wheat Fields in #Qamishli
"Use food as a weapon" - Henry Kissinger
Watch Turkish forces setting wheat 🌾fields on fire in NE #Syria while #ISIS is claiming responsibility.
Dez 18 2016
Victims of US State Sponsored Terrorism in #Syria

US armed WORST TYPE OF TERRORISTS who brought with them Satanic forms to torture #Syrians
By @Ibra_Joudeh
#SAA soldiers singing for captured #HTS fighter in northern #Hama

Soldiers singing: Syria worth our souls, how shameful Syria get hurts by its sons who conspire against it with our enemies.
By @r_u_vid
Battles for Syria | June 9th 2019 | Jihadists attack Al Qasabiyah, South...
By @ShinnerPreside1
I've never witnessed yourself or @EvaKBartlett having to dress in full wahabbi style clothing while reporting in Syria, is there something Crawford is not telling the public ?
By @Sohayb_Masri1
video for entering the #SAA heroes to Jalma town in #Hama northern CS after liberating it from #Nusra terrorists.

#Syria #Idlib #Idleb
By @Ibra_Joudeh
Another rebels Turkish-supplied Panthera F9 destroyed by #SAA near Jelmah in northern #Hama
“We are now in Hama N countryside, at Kafr Hood village. You can see the advance towards Tal Meleh, we are advancing in order to recapture Tal Meleh & Jibeen, confront the violations, & restore the situation in Hama N countryside as it was before..."
"The Russian Air Force targeted several sites along the Hama-Idlib axis, hitting a number of sites belonging to the terrorists of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham & their allies.
The primary focus of the airstrikes was on the terrorists supply line..."
"The heavy losses suffered by terrorists Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham and their allies from Jaysh Al-Izza over the last six weeks have forced them to call for help from their Turkish allies." 🤬🇹🇷🗯️MF🗯️supports terrorism in #Syria
🗣️‼️Syrian Army 🇸🇾& allies🇮🇷🇷🇺🇵🇸🇮🇶, as long as the US🇺🇸& allies🇬🇧🇫🇷🇧🇪🇩🇪🇹🇷🇸🇦 is not forced to leave #Syria, you will continue to be attacked by "ISIS" because🤬they protect those damned terrorists‼️
"The🇸🇾Army has begun raining missiles on the key town of Kabani in the NE countryside of the Latakia Governorate this morning. Using their Golan-1000 launcher, the🇸🇾Army’s 4th Armored Division has been heavily targeting the defenses of terrorists HTS & TIP"aml.ink/Vl81i
"The🇺🇸military reportedly sent dozens of trucks filled w equipment to Syria’s Deir Ezzor Governorate this week. Hundreds of trucks carrying military & logistical equipment were transported to Deir Ezzor Governorate."
🤬🇺🇸🗯️MF🗯️Terrorist army. 🇺🇸OUT OF🇸🇾NOW
"The clashes between the🇸🇾Army & the Turkish-backed terrorists in NW Syria have been halted. The clashes were halted after the🇷🇺&🇹🇷armed forces renewed their ceasefire talks. A temporary ceasefire in NW Syria to allow civilians to be safely evacuated.." aml.ink/qF0ky
"The Syrian Air Force (SyAAF) has resumed their airstrikes over NW Hama & SW Idlib, hitting several sites under the control of terrorists Jaysh Al-Izza & Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham."
"The chief commander of the Tiger Forces, Major General Suheil Al-Hassan, was recently pictured alongside the Russian special forces in the Hama Governorate."👌🏼👏🏼✌🏼💗🇸🇾🇷🇺💗🥰
"Locals of Hama N countryside villages continue their works undaunted by the terrorist attacks which target their towns..& they affirm their confidence in the 🇸🇾Army which has defeated terrorism & their standing by it till liberating every inch of 🇸🇾.." sana.sy/en/?p=167331
"Fires erupted in agricultural fields in Khattab town in Hama northwestern countryside due to rockets fired by terrorist groups which fell on the area, a source at Hama Police Command said Tuesday." sana.sy/en/?p=167344
"Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reaffirmed the importance of eliminating terrorist organizations in Idleb province, adding that the Turkish regime should adhere to its commitments according to Sochi agreement."
"Sochi agreement affirms the importance of continuing to combat all forms of terrorism in Syria & it is a part of previous agreements on the de-escalation zones..." sana.sy/en/?p=167341
"...which resulted from Astana track since the beginning of the year2017 which are mainly based on adhering to Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity & liberating all of its territories from terrorism & from any illegitimate foreign presence." sana.sy/en/?p=167341
By @maytham956
An 11-year-old kid, Abu Bakr al-Sinjari, was killed fighting in the ranks of terrorist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in the northern #Hama countryside.
Terrorists are using child soldiers.
By @maytham956
Kurdish Muppets burnt almost all of the Syrian peoples wheat to force more sufferings against Syrian people.
By @VanessaBeeley
The Albanian Sniper Squad in Syria and their Weapons - "Xhemati Alban is a small Sunni jihadi militant group operating in #Idlib Governorate/North Aleppo, who are ethnically Albanians, though originating from #Kosovo." calibreobscura.com/the-xhemati-al…
By @VanessaBeeley
"From Kosovo Protection Corps in the Balkans to the White Helmets of Syria, a group of well- connected people w the fundings of govts & elite billionaires have sought to wage a war on public opinion & have recently exploited Jo Cox’s death to do so."
By @VanessaBeeley
From the Balkans to #Syria - the blueprint for regime change began in Former Yugoslavia & was then apparently modified for Syria by many of the same players, including James Le Mesurier #WhiteHelmets mintpressnews.com/inside-the-hum…
By @HarbiehNadie
Clashes continued around #TalMeleh on Sunday, as the #SAA is trying to recapture the strategic hill that overlooks the road between #Hama and #Mhardeh, in northern #Syria .
By @HarbiehNadie
Document confirming that #Turkey with #US were involved in preparation of terrorists for #Syria infiltration
By @HarbiehNadie
Destroyed with #ATGM #SAA in the province of #Hama #Turkish -made #Panthera F9 terrorists' armored vehicles
By @Ibra_Joudeh
Mystery crop fires continue to scorch thousands of acres in Syria, this time in Hasakah and Qamishli provinces.

God help the people of the lands ☹️
By @ahmadalissa
#SYRIA: #Turkey🇹🇷is launching a real war against #Syria🇸🇾:Most of the terrorists in #Hama & #Idlib provinces came through #Turkey🇹🇷,are armed by Turkey🇹🇷& sent daily reinforcements by Turkey🇹🇷.Their drones & anti-aircraft weapons are also from Turkey🇹🇷.
🤬@RTErdogan It is sad to see Turkey on the wrong side, on the side of terrorists,those who cause suffering, death to the Syrian people. This is criminal, a crime, which can provoke the hunger of the wretched farmers who have cultivated their fields.🤬STOP
In the Western Media Narrative, SAA-Targeted Underground Bunkers and Terrorist-Run Prisons Become “Hospitals” mintpressnews.com/white-helmets-…
Media Paints Jihadist Commander Who Pledged Allegiance to ISIS as a Soccer Star With the Voice of an Angel mintpressnews.com/abdel-basset-a…
By @dancohen3000
War propaganda overdrive: Former Bush administration official/CIA operative Peter Brookes baselessly speculates that Syrian government will develop nuclear weapons and calls on word powers to prevent it nationalinterest.org/feature/syrian…
By @Alaa_Ebrahim_tv
Another mass #fire in a series of dozens near #Qamishli in northeastern #Syria. Destroying thousands of acres of ready to harvest wheat hence denying farmers what was expected to be one of the best seasons in nearly two decades.
By @suegrant54321
“Ruins of Liberation” multimedia site unveils #US -led coalition systematic destruction of #Raqqa – Syrian Arab News Agency ⁦@SANAEnOfficial
#Syria sana.sy/en/?p=167257
"The Syrian Army was able to advance at the southern axis of Kabani after peppering theterrorists w missiles for several hours on Tuesday. Intense clashes are ongoing between the Syrian Army’s 4th Armored Division & HTS Terrorists at the S axis of Kabani." aml.ink/fghCA
"Fires erupted in agricultural fields in the surroundings of Khattab town in Hama’s northwestern countryside due to rockets fired by terrorist groups in a new breach of the de-escalation zone agreement."
“The Ankara regime is delaying the solution of this issue based on its own interests where it has been backing many of those armed groups in Idleb which Russia considers them purely terrorist groups.”
"Units of the Syrian army Tuesday shot down a drone loaded with bombs for the terrorist organizations and eliminated members of a terrorist group in Hama and Idleb countryside in response to their attacks on safe areas."
"Lavrov underlined the necessity of implementing Sochi agreement on Idleb and eliminating terrorist organizations, calling upon the Turkish regime to implement its commitments according to the agreement."
By @southfronteng
Witness Testimonies Reveal Gorgon Face Of White Helmets 'Humanitarian Activities' southfront.org/witness-testim…
By @southfronteng
Army Troops Push To Regain Control Of Tal Malah And Jubain From Militants (Map Update) southfront.org/army-troops-pu…
By @southfronteng
Military Situation In Syria On June 10, 2019 (Map Update) southfront.org/military-situa…
By @southfronteng
Syrian War Report – June 10, 2019: Militants Suffer Large Casualties In Clashes In Northern Hama
By @southfronteng
US Creates Conditions At Refugee Camps Enabling Terrorists’ Return To Syria southfront.org/us-creates-con…
By @southfronteng
Military Situation In Syria On June 11, 2019 (Map Update) southfront.org/military-situa…
By @southfronteng
Syrian Army Repelled Attack By ISIS Cells East Of Palmyra southfront.org/syrian-army-re…
By @southfronteng
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - White Helmets, “Bana al-Abed” And Killing “Evil Russians”
By @ShehabiFares
Syrian MP Fares Shehabi: Idlib Rebels Attacking Christian Towns+Cities!
By @smmsyria
Humanitarian situation in #Syrian refugee camps rapidly worsens
By @smmsyria
Agricultural land located near al Qahtaniyah (Tirbespi) town of Northeastern #Hasakah is on huge fire
By @smmsyria
Residents of al Qahtaniyah (Tirbespi) town and its surrounding villages of Northeastern #Hasakah are being evacuated
By @smmsyria
Firemen are unable to control the situation near al Qahtaniyah (Tirbespi) town of Northeastern #Hasakah. Fire reportedly reached oil and gas fields
By @smmsyria
According to the @nordicmonitor, #Turkish military secretly trained #Syrian rebels in IEDs, sabotage, infiltration, explosives in #Syria
bit.ly/2WBmg9r @nordicmonitor
By @smmsyria
The leaked paper describes 117 militants were trained in“Unconventional Operations”(Konvansiyonel Olmayan Harekat),a specialized term used in the 🇹🇷military for asymmetrical warfare,sabotage,infiltration,improvised explosive devices,explosives & guerrilla tactics
By @smmsyria
📷#Exclusive: #SDF fighters smuggle oil to areas held by #TSK-backed militants. The photos demonstrate a convoy spotted near #Aleppo's #Manbij city
🤬@RTErdogan🇹🇷goes from bad to worse
By @afrinactivists
Pro-Turkish factions abducted the citizen "Ahmed Malla Naasan". He is 28 years old from Kowanda village of Rajo. He was led to an unlearned destination.
The factions asked his famliy for a ransom of 3000 $ for his release.
By @PressTV
A few kilometers away from clashes in #Hama, #Idlib students take higher education #exams

By @PressTV
Western #media eulogize pro-Daesh dead #Syrian footballer
Leaked documents from the OPCW that were analyzed by MIT Prof. Theodore Postol about the 2018 chemical attack in Douma, Syria, contradict the official UN report
New Evidence Suggests 2018 Chemical Attack in Douma, Syria Was Staged
By @PresstvJustIn
Report: #Syrian army intercepts several #Israeli missiles in Western Dara’a.
By @ahmadalissa
#SYRIA: The #Syrian air defences intercept and shoot down, in #Tal_alHarrah south of the country, several missiles fired by #Israel. No casualties reported.
Report: #Syrian army intercepts several #Israeli missiles in Western Dara’a.
By @ahmadalissa
#SYRIA: After the failed missile attack, #Israel starts an electronic attack trying to jam the Syrian radars.
By @Ibra_Joudeh
New🇮🇱missiles strike is ongoing in southern Syria.

Sources said that Israel has targeted Tall al-Harrah in north-western Daraa countryside.

Syrian air defense systems are seen launching several missiles in attempt to intercept the Israeli missiles.
By @maytham956
Several local websites published this video showing YPG Kurdish Muppets setting fire in the lands next to the crops and wheat fields in Eastern Syria
By @Souria4Syrians
Turkey-backed TFSA jihadists in Afrin and Al Bab arrest random civilians (mainly Kurds), accuse them of working for YPG or SAA, torture them to get a confession, force them to sign away their property, then execute them.

Same story repeats every week
By @ShehabiFares
When CNN Crew Blew Up the Oil Pipeline in Homs..! Watch Arwa "Demon" in action..! syrianews.cc/cnn-crew-blew-…
By @SputnikInt
BREAKING: Syrian air defenses initiated in response to Israeli missiles – reports sptnkne.ws/mCUq #Syria #Israel
By @SputnikInt
DETAILS: Israeli missiles targeting the mountain of Tell Al-Harrah in northwestern Daraa Governorate Al-Masdar in Syria were engaged by Syrian air defenses, Al-Masdar News reports sptnkne.ws/mCUq
By @SputnikInt
MORE: Multiple missiles confirmed targeting of Tel-AlHara in southern #Syria, a mountaintop which gives a commanding view of the region as far as the Golan Heights and the Hauran. sptnkne.ws/mCUq #Israel
Syria repels ‘Israeli missile strike’ as IDF tries to suppress radars – state TV — RT World News rt.com/news/461645-sy…
Syrian Air Defenses Down 'Several' Israeli Missile Strikes in Daraa Governorate (VIDEO): sputniknews.com/middleeast/201…
By @O_Rich_
Another Israeli raid, another chance for the Syrian Arab Army to test and improve its capabilities.

There is only one loser here, and it’s not Damascus.
"The Syrian air defenses at about 02:00 am confronted an Israeli aggression with missiles on Tal al-Harra in the S region & downed a number of missiles. The aggression only caused material damage, and no fatalities were reported in Tal al-Haraa."
"After its aggression with a number of missiles, the Israeli enemy started an electronic war as the radars were exposed to jamming."

Syrian air defenses confront Israeli missile aggression on Tal al-Harra in southern region, down a number of missiles sana.sy/en/?p=167370
Russian Parliamentarian: Terrorists will be definitely eliminated in Idleb sana.sy/en/?p=167377
By @southfronteng
Israeli Missile Strike Hits Southern Syria (Video) southfront.org/israeli-missil…
Moscow Calls New US Sanctions on Syria a Tool to Exert Pressure on Assad: sputniknews.com/middleeast/201…
"The Authorities on Wednesday found huge amounts of highly-explosive C4 material & explosive devices left behind by terrorists in Bhairan valley in the surroundings of Beit Jin village."
"The🇸🇾Army sent the reinforcements to the front-lines in the NW Hama, w a large concentration of the soldiers deployed to Tal Malah front. The Syrian Army are preparing to make another attempt to recapture the key hilltop of Tal Malah from the terrorists". aml.ink/hYzwv
"Tens of displaced families arrived in Jlaighim corridor coming from al-Rukban camp in Homs eastern countryside where they were held by the US occupation forces and their terrorist mercenaries in al-Tanf area."
By @Partisangirl
Remember when @realDonaldTrump retweeted @Jaydabf about the video of a "muslim man breaking a statue of mary" ?

Well that man was a US backed rebel from #idlib.
And now Trump openly supports those same AlQaeda rebels in Idlib.
By @Cukullen
🇮🇱Sigal P. Mandelker a lawyer & govmt official currently serving as Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism & Financial Intelligence. This position has been under🇮🇱control since its creation.
see Niqnaq at link:
By @LandDestroyer
US Propaganda Blitz Ahead of #Idlib’s Liberation


By @RealAlexRubi
My latest for @MintPressNews: Media Paints Jihadist Commander Who Pledged Allegiance to ISIS as a Soccer Star With the Voice of an Angel mintpressnews.com/abdel-basset-a…
By @VanessaBeeley
SYRIA: Kurdish Contras accused of crop-fires by civilians in Qamishli and countryside patreon.com/posts/syria-ku…
By @southfronteng
Militant Armed Drone Shot Down By Syrian Army In Northern Hama southfront.org/militant-armed…
By @southfronteng
Pro-Government Sources Announce Another Ceasefire In Northern Hama southfront.org/pro-government…
"A 72-hour-long ceasefire has been announced in NW🇸🇾this afternoon, following talks between the🇷🇺&🇹🇷armed forces. One of the ceasefire conditions is to open a humanitarian crossing so that civilians trapped in the war zone can be evacuated to safety."
By @PressTVPrograms
The #US and its allies are caught once again providing weapons to militants seeking to destabilize #Syria. #PressRelease
"The Syrian Arab Army has captured approximately 200 square kilometers of territory between NW Hama and SW Idlib. Among the areas captured by the Syrian Arab Army since early May are the towns of Kafr Naboudeh, Al-Qasabiyah, and Qal’at Al-Madiq."
"Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham has formally rejected the ceasefire that was announced earlier today in the NW region of Syria
Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham is one of the largest rebel groups in Syria;they make up a large portion of the🇹🇷-backed National Liberation Front."
"Despite Ahrar Al-Sham’s rejection, the 🇸🇾Army has not launched an attack in NW Syria today. The 🇸🇾military has also halted their airstrikes over the Idlib & Hama governorates in order to adhere to the ceasefire that was brokered by the 🇷🇺Armed Forces."
"Several Syrian displaced families returned on Wednesday from al-Azrak camp in Jordan to their villages & towns liberated from terrorism. The number of refugees who returned with temporary permit cards reached at nearly 20,893 until today,"
"Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov slammed Washington’s continuation to impose more unilateral coercive measures on Syria in an attempt to block the efforts exerted by its legitimate government to restore stability to the country."
By @southfronteng
Syrian War Report – June 12, 2019: Israeli Military Continues Strikes On Syria
By @southfronteng
HTS And Its Allies Violate New Ceasefire, Attack Army Positions In Hama, Idlib southfront.org/hts-and-its-al…
By @suegrant54321
Israel Criminally Bombs Tal al Harah Syria; Many Missiles Intercepted
#Syria #TalalHarah@miriwood⁩ for ⁦@syria_updates⁩ ⁦@3arabiSouri@VanessaBeeley@EvaKBartlett⁩ ⁦@WissamSlimanSysyrianews.cc/israel-crimina…
By @Jonathan_K_Cook
OPCW director general as good as admits both that his organisation concealed findings in Douma that risked upsetting the western powers & that those findings pointed to the jihadists, not Assad, being responsible for the chemical attack
By @ClarkeMicah
Further confirmation from Chemical Weapons watchdog OPCW - that recent leak of material casting doubt on Syrian responsibility for alleged gas attack Douma is genuine. Why have so many Western media not covered this major development?
By @Cukullen
Israel and Turkey are cooperating closely, using their jihadist/takfiri proxies against Syria
By @Arefkrez
The Syrian army fighters are Syrians of all sects & ethnicities who defend their country...The allies are fighting alongside the Syrian army. They entered Syria legally. The jihadists are the agenda of al-Qaeda & mercenaries working for money.
By @Cukullen
the truce is over. a large scale jihadist attack is under way against numerous Syrian army positions in north Hama
By @Cukullen
Turk @ObaidaHitto reporter for @trtworld claims that Syrian government bombed a church in Ghassaniya that was destroyed by Turkey-sponsored Jihadis in 2013

By @TheAngrySyrian
🇺🇸backed Qasad terrorist militias are burning farmland & wheat fields in Hasakeh Province,NE 🇸🇾as local farmers have(as always)sold their products through the🇸🇾Govt
On top of the sanctions affecting Syrians, you have bastards like these.
By @cjsienna55
Very sad. We will continue his legacy and expose Genocide.
"The Syrian Army on Wednesday conducted military operations against fortifications of the terrorist organizations & their supply routes in different areas in Idleb S countryside,..., destroying their positions & rocket launching pads."
"Meanwhile, army units engaged in fierce clashes with terrorist groups in Hama countryside in retaliation to their breaches of the de-escalation zone agreement (attacked military posts in the direction of al-Hamamyat in Hama N countryside)."
SAA conducted ConcentratedBombardments since down on fortifications & positions of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist & the affiliated & their SupplyRoutes on outskirts of al-Habit town which is considered a basis for terrorists from which they launch their attacks
Huge amounts of C4, explosive devices left by terrorists found in Damascus Countryside sana.sy/en/?p=167437
Several families return from al-Azrak camp in Jordan through Nassib center (video) sana.sy/en/?p=167434
"The maintenance workshops affiliated to the Electricity Ministry were able to repair & rehabilitate Palmyra power plant after 6-year hiatus as it has been put into service again"-Director of Electricity Transmission General Establishment Fawwaz al-Zaher- sana.sy/en/?p=167440
"The terrorists launched a heavy assault in SW Idlib last night, targeting the Syrian Army’s positions in the Jabal Al-Zawiya region. The terrorists began their attack by storming the Syrian Army’s defenses at the town of Qasabiyah."
"The Syrian Army was able to beat back the terrorists, forcing the latter to retreat to nearby Abedin.The terrorist assault on Qasabiyah came shortly after Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham announced their formal rejection of the ceasefire that was brokered by the🇷🇺🇹🇷"aml.ink/EvRjX
"The ceasefire was expected to last for 72 hours & pave the way for a humanitarian crossing so that civilians could flee from the war zone. However, the terrorists have used these agreements to launch new attacks against the Syrian Arab Army in NW Syria."
"A Free Syrian Army (FSA) sleeper cell attacked a Syrian intelligence post in northern Daraa, today, killing at least two officers."
🤬Free Syrian Army = Terrorist Group
🤬Turkey 🇹🇷was unable to implement the Sochi agreement: "to establish a 15-20 km demilitarized zone on the front lines of the SAA & -backed rebels.
Now, Turkey 🇹🇷sends more troops to defend its terrorist allies😡🗯️MF.
"Despite this ceasefire announcement, the terrorists & their🇹🇷-backed allies launched a heavy attack on the Syrian Army’s positions in the SW countryside of Idlib.The Syrian Army managed to repel the attack on SW Idlib after several terrorists were killed"
"The Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) has resumed their airstrikes over the Idlib Governorate, today, after a brief hiatus due to the ceasefire (that was brokered by the Russian & Turkish armed forces), after being attacked by terrorists."
"Last night, Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham & their Turkish-backed allies launched a heavy assault on the Syrian Arab Army’s positions inside the town of Qasabiyah; this attack resulted in a fierce battle that ended with the withdrawal of the militants."
"A source from the Syrian military said that the Turkish Armed Forces have not responded to the shelling, as it was a mistaken attack on the observation post in Sheir Magher." aml.ink/IbMkL
"The Syrian Army was able to repel the jihadist attack, while also killing & wounding several militants in the process. The Syrian Arab Army then secured the area around Qasabiyah in order to prevent another attack from being carried out later that night."
"The Syrian Arab Army has recently resumed their field operations around the key town of Kabani in northeast Latakia."
Do you remember this?🤔😔🧐😲😉😏🤨🤬
🤬This is a LIE!🤥
🤬Report FABRICATED Entirely in UK🇬🇧!
Amnesty International admits Syria's 'torture prison' report fabricated entirely in UK -- Puppet Masters -- Sott.net sott.net/article/342113…
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